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Yet another Beckett win over Coyne shows he’s the one route to defeating the right

West Midlands supposedly right-winger’s one stronghold, but Beckett takes huge win in Coventry while others fail to get close

As the nominations phase of the Unite union’s general secretary election enters its second half, a clear pattern is emerging.

Today, left candidate Howard Beckett again parked his metaphorical heavy vehicles on the right wing’s lawn – in fact, pretty much right on the front lawn of Gerard Coyne the right’s principal (though not only) hope of turning Unite into another poodle union that won’t trouble their drive to sell the labour movement out.

Beckett won the nomination of the Coventry and Warwickshire WM6050 ‘Tom Mann’ branch – in the West Midlands where Coyne’s supporters expected to have nominations sewn up.

Unlike last night’s emphatic win in the giant London EMS branch, today’s result was close – at least between Beckett and the right-winger:

Howard Beckett – 23
Gerard Coyne – 21
Sharon Graham – 4
Steve Turner – 1

But the closeness of this result shows even more clearly the pattern emerging that – where right-winger Coyne is beaten in his back yard – the one beating him is Howard Beckett. Coyne’s camp has been boasting about the number of nominations they think they have sewn up – and the candidate disrupting their plans is Beckett.

Similar results have played out in other West Midlands branches and others where Coyne’s campaign hoped for easy wins.

Beckett responded to his Tom Mann win with a message to members:

Tom Mann believed trade unionism must overthrow capitalism. As your general secretary I’ll make sure there’s a statue to him in Coventry. Thank you for the nomination.

Gerard Coyne came within five percent of winning the 2017 contest against Len McCluskey in a low turnout – after a campaign full of data breaches and ‘improper’ conduct, much of which was exclusively revealed by Skwawkbox and confirmed when he foolishly spent months and a fortune challenging the result, yet are being ignored now by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

The unfolding results in the current phase of the 2021 contest show that the best chance of making sure he fails again – either by preventing him achieving the branch nominations he needs to get onto the full ballot – or defeating him if he manages to get over that line – rests with Howard Beckett.

Skwawkbox has backed Beckett to be Unite’s next general secretary.

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