BBC omits name of uni lecturer investigated over vile Rosen/Corbyn tweet – and that he’s LAAS director

Newbon’s tweet caused outrage, but spineless BBC avoids naming him or his organisation – yet other ‘MSM’ are ignoring it entirely

The BBC has published an article advising readers that Northumbria University is ‘urgently’ investigating a vile tweet by a Northumbria University lecturer’s tweet after an ‘online uproar’ in response to it. The broadcaster included a copy of the image the tweet contained – a picture of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reading Michael Rosen’s famous book, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to a group of children, in which the proper book had been edited out and replaced by the grossly antisemitic and fictitious ‘Protocols of Zion’.

The tweet also included a corrupted form of the words in Rosen’s book.

But although the BBC included that image and his place of employment and despite the fact that his name is circulating in the public domain, it did not name the lecturer who posted the tweet.

Nor did it mention that the academic, Dr Pete Newbon, is listed as a director of ‘Labour against antisemitism’ (LAAS), the group that spent much of Corbyn’s tenure attacking him and his supporters as antisemitic.

Michael Rosen tweeted in response to Newbon’s original post:

Rosen, who is Jewish, also said that Newbon is the third director of LAAS to abuse him:

Rosen also ‘tagged’ a wide array of ‘mainstream’ news publications in his tweets on the matter, including a ‘retweet’ of Northumbria University’s statement on the matter. Despite this, the BBC appears to be the only outlet to give the matter even partial coverage at the time of writing.

Dr Newbon responded to Skwawkbox’s enquiry:

This is in the hands of my lawyers. I have been advised not to respond in detail save to point out that I do not accept the distortion that has been invented.

He has been asked to clarify which ‘distortion’ he considers has been ‘invented’.

Anger continues among Michael Rosen’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s many supporters. Below are a few examples of comments published in response to Newbon’s tweet and to the BBC’s decision not to name him in its article:

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