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Trickett tables Early Day Motion against Tories’ disastrous NHS White Paper – tell your MP to sign

Back bench MP continues to show party leader what opposition looks like

Labour MP Jon Trickett has again shown Labour ‘leader’ Keir Starmer what opposition looks like. While front-benchers have said little about – or even welcomed – the Tories’ plans to complete the privatisation of the NHS, the Yorkshire back-bencher has tabled an Early Day Motion highlighting the damage the ‘NHS White Paper’ will do and demanding a u-turn. The motion reads:

That this House expresses dismay at the Government’s White Paper, The Future of Health and Care, published on 11 February 2021 which rubber stamps the US care models for the UK; notes that the Bill is a Trojan horse for deregulated privatisation and that language on integrated care championed by private health corporations is really about incentivising a reduction away from comprehensive universal provision, the NHS’ very founding principles; further notes the Bill’s only purpose is to expand private healthcare and that £113 billion has already been handed to non-NHS providers since 2010, mostly to profiteers; believes that removing competition regulation will worsen the cronyism that has taken place during the covid-19 outbreak and further hastens NHS privatisation by removing the requirement to open tender, allowing integrated care organisations to make unregulated mergers, closures and acquisitions as in the US; is concerned that the Bill will lead to the erosion of the NHS, fuelling the growth of a private health insurance industry, thus creating a two-tiered system which will accelerate health inequality; recognises that anything less than complete healthcare renationalisation is unacceptable; and welcomes the work of grassroots campaigners to raise awareness of such threats to the NHS.

So far, only seven MPs have signed – six Labour and Alba MP Kenny MacAskill. Use this form to tell your MP to sign – and don’t let them ignore it.

At least one Labour MP – along with five colleagues so far – is pointing out what the Tories are doing. Make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

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  1. If you want to understand why the bulk of the utterly corrupt, careerist. neoliberal majority of Labour MPs won’t lift a finger to keep our beloved NHS out of private sector hands just read this illuminating quote from an article by the ghastly ex Tory MP, and Tigger founder member, Anna Soubry, in today’s Independent Online :-

    “…2019 and I was with one of Labour’s best MPs* (ie *some Rightwing Blairite scumbag. ) discussing why we weren’t in the same political party given how much we agreed upon. I was arguing for the new party I was now a member of. The two main parties were in the grip of the extremes, and I urged him to have the courage of a handful of his colleagues, leave the Labour Party and join us in creating something new and radical that better represented the values and aspirations of the people we sought to serve and lead.

    He shook his head: “No, no, no. We have to lose and lose badly.” His view, shared by many other Labour MPs, was that a heavy defeat at the ballot box would see off Corbyn and his acolytes, leaving the Brownites the Blairites and the other “ites” to simply and swiftly pick up the pieces, stick their party back together and all would be well.”

    The entire article itself makes one want to vomit, with its self-serving, history-mangling, nonsense – but the point well made by Soubry is that there is NO ideological difference between most Labour MPs and most Tories – Soubry’s main beef with the Johnson claque is that they enabled Brexit. Otherwise, rabid EU-loving, Soubry’s, actual record is that of a viciously Far Right Wing Tory.

    The Labour Party, from the Blair era onwards is just as complicit as the Tories in implementing the multi-stage stealth privatisation of the NHS – from a careful , crafty, long-term, plan hatched by Tory grandees, Oliver Letwin and John Redwood, those VERY influential Tory ideologues , way back in Margaret Thatcher’s time – after she was blocked from pursuing NHS privatisation then by her own Cabinet (who correctly understood that the UK public would never accept a blatant, obvious, privatisation programme) . !

    Yet the likes of Trickett desperately want to stay inside the utterly corrupt Labour Party and the PLP regardless ! Take their radical rhetoric , and useless posturing Early Day Motions, with a pinch of salt – they are very comfortable in their well-paid Labour MP jobs, thank you very much !

      1. The illuminating (and sick inducing)nAnna Soubry article is her, Paul Smith:

        If I WAS Jon Trickett I would be Jon Trickett of course, with all his limitations ,, ie, a very long term , very comfy in my seat, tame , but, ‘radical in verbiage’ marginalised from power, Leftie Labour MP , Allan Howard. I would in practice, if not personal intent, be doing what all Leftie Labour MPs have done throughout the life of the always pro British imperialism, status quo-supporting, Labour Party, ie, providing a radical sheen to a pro capitalist turd of a Party – to draw in hosts of sincere socialist activists to do all the grunt work at local level – and keep them away from revolutionary politics, and help convince the working class voter that Labour is anti capitalist and for change.

        Yep, I WAS indeed saying the same thing during the Blair years – even resigning my then membership of the Labour Party in Edinburgh because Blairite Labour was quite obviously veering off into the far reaches of privatising neoliberalism – and Iraq was the last straw. . What difference did the posturing of the PLP ‘Left’ make to any of that ? Really, be honest ? Nothing at all.

        Today, the Labour Party, unlike in the Blair era, is a broken Party electorally – so there isn’t even really the excuse for Leftie MPs that a Labour government could at least implement SOME good things (as even Blair did on the margins) , and protect workers from the worst of Toryism. Starmer and co, , like Blair, ARE really Tories, and Right Wing Tories to boot. There is now no route to government for them. The Labour Party has reached its ‘PASOK’ moment. The Socialist Campaign Group should have resigned the Whip en masse when Jeremy was denied it – and established a bridgehead, ‘Independent Socialist ‘ grouping at Westminster – AND worked outside to build a new Left Party. With Jeremy as figurehead such a Party could have had 200,000 members in no time. But the PLP comfy Lefties will still be in their beloved NuLabour2 Party, and personal gravy train, when it is wound up., bankrupt and voteless

        And as you prepare to scream, ‘Nazi, Tory, Troll, in response, Allan Howard – take a calming tablet or two, and chill out man !

    1. So what would YOU do if you were Jon Trickett jpenny?!

      Were you saying the same about Jeremy Corbyn and Dennis Skinner and Diane Abbot and John McDonnell and the other left-wing MPs during the years after Blair was elected leader of the LP and when he was PM?

    2. Exactly j penny,moving the deck chairs around and posturing motions decades after Blair decided that we keep the market system within our whole social security system including the NHS and anything with a pulse privatize.These Shy so called socialist working class Labour mps sing the song but don’t or won’t understand the tune..!And thats the Labour party today.and yesterdays.

      1. Very shy . Like to keep their socialism to themselves. Safer that way, you know, keep your powder dry.

      2. alexadrscotish…I get your point but somtimes keeping the powder dry can be self defeating especially when the humidity is high and the shooter is a coward.Motions…Motions and fight using the membership in the old fashioned way of direct confrontation .The PLP made the Monday evening mtgs a nightmare for Jeremy Corbyn with the mob mps jeering and insulting him in a trial every time he turned up.We should turn the tables and use the membership in direct confrontation in their own backyards and homes.Turn up the heat and watch the enemy burn 🔥.

    3. Just to deal with your final ‘point’ for now, as I have things to do:

      WHO have I called a Nazi jpenny? Yep, the lying little piece of shit who goes by the user-name of signpost! And given that you’ve obviously read one or other of the posts in which I call him such – and given that I’ve posted a link to the comment in which signpost dissembles his Big Lie about Robin Lees etc on here on a number of occasions – what do you think about him doing so? And not only concocting the falsehood about Robin Lees pursuing a ‘legal case’ against Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, but THEN, when I questioned signpost about it in another thread a couple of days later, he lied yet AGAIN and denied that he’d said that, and THEN lied again and accused me of making it up. And as you no doubt know, he then finished his ‘reply’ by saying repeatedly, that I should seek help.

      So can you please tell me what you think of someone who did THAT. What are they if not a paid Establishment shill. And as I’ve pointed out on a number of occasions, no ordinary legitimate person posts six, seven, eight hundred posts a month, month after month after month, as signpost has, many of them gynormous long posts, AND, on literally HUNDREDS of occasions, gets a comment in first or near the top of the comments – ie posts a ‘reply’ to the person who posted a comment first. And just in case you didn’t see it, here’s my post from a couple of days ago (and in a couple more a bit further down the page)in which I list what he’s done since he reappeared on here on Friday evening – ie how he got comments in near or at the top of the comments section in every thread since he reappeared:

      PS And what do you think of the likes of Okeefe and SteveH and John Thatcher (and several other posters on occasion) who come to his defence by attacking me each and every time I bring signpost’s Big Lie to the attention of readers?

      1. I had a feeling you wouldn’t be responding to my above post jpenny. Hmm….

        Anyway – just for the record – here’s a direct link to the post in which signpost denies that he said what he said, and here’s what he said at the end of his denial:

        Skwawkbox readers can find my accurate words. No decent nor “well balanced” person would slander as you do. You do EXACTLY as the slanderers of Jeremy did. They are not unwell in the mind. They know what they do. While they were forever crying theatrically and saying with more amateur dramatics, how frightened they were etc, you appear in need of professional help. Seek it.

        The waiting lists are very long, but phone your GP. They will call back and put you in the right direction. Be honest with them. There is no shame in finding these four years crushing. Plus I get the impression you may have been in the political battle for many decades.

        But please seek help – WHILE STILL FREE. Other phone services Mind and Sane can be helpful. Accept you need help AH, and many will try to help, even during Covid-19 Tory horrors

      2. Oh, and when I scrolled down the comments just now, I couldn’t help but notice that you posted a comment – a reply to someone – at 7.55pm jpenny, which just confirms that you are deliberately avoiding responding to my post in which I ask you what you think of signpost for doing what he did. Now why would you avoid doing so I wonder??

      3. Sorry Allan Howard, but I simply can’t understand your ongoing obsession with the regular poster, signpostnotwindchimes, at all. Some of his posts you react so viciously to seem perfecty valid from a Left perspective. So I’d rather not intervene in what seems to an outsider to be a one-sided spat . Sometimes one just has to let trivial social media spats go and move on – or onlookers will think you unbalanced.

      4. Intervene! Is that the best you could come up with so as avoid commenting on what signpost did. Yes, it’s perfectly legitimate to concoct something so that you can then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, and then deny that you said it, and then accuse the person who pulled you up about it of making it up. Yeah, sure jpenny! And it’s perfectly normal for someone to spend all day long every single day posting comments on here week after week, for months and months and months on end.

        Any legitimate left-wing JC supporter on the planet would condemn signpost for the glaringly obvious right-wing fascist black propagandist that he is, and the fact that you don’t AND fraudulently defend him says everything one needs to know!

        Tell me something jpenny, what do think of the people in the MSM and elsewhere who ‘transformed’ life-long anti-racists like Jeremy and Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson and the left-wing membership into ‘anti-semites’ in the minds of millions of people with their lies and falsehoods, causing concern and consternation amongst many British Jews, and subverting democracy. To my mind they are fascists, because only fascist could be involved in doing such a thing. Agreed?

        It’s very odd – to say the LEAST – that a left-wing JC supporting blog should have so many posters on it forever denigrating and smearing Jeremy and the left! Very odd INDEED!

      5. Allan Howard…youve got to stop this persnalised disruption caused by your own personal problems.Your attacks all round are becoming a serious problem for you and for those of us who wish to listen.ITs not about “YOU” and your obsessions but about the rapid down turn of any Opposition to the Conservative and unionist party in the UK and the collaboration of the establishment Labour party and other parties such as the lib dems.Youve got a good brain,use it and dont carry on with this insanity any longer.

  2. When I ask my Labour MP to sign an EDM, he sends a robot email that clams “As I am now a Shadow Minister (Tourism & Heritage) I am no longer permitted to sign EDMs.”

    Yet I notice that when leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn continued proposing, seconding and signing EDMs. He appears to have proposed c 60 EDMs (61 I think) during his time as leader of the party.

    I’m perplexed. Can someone explain, is the current EDM (avoidance) policy a post-Corbyn Starmer policy, or did Jeremy Corbyn simply disregard a long-standing Labour party convention?

    1. Sorry to use your reply to make my post about the one above yours.
      “Phone your GP. He will ring you back”. Really, where? They’re a protected species in North Yorkshire. All hands on deck, somewhere else. They’re a disgrace.

  3. I’ve not read this new Care bill but no one who has commented on it has said how we are going to have a US style system. I know the US well and paid Health insurance etc over there but what exactly is in this bill to make that effectively compulsory or limit treatment to none insured people?

      1. I didn’t claim it introduced a US style system. Please read my post more carefully. The link you added to Ch 4 was most helpful. Change in the NHS is necessary as society changes. What matters is outcomes so everyone is well looked after. Where the NHS falls down is outcomes. There is higher mortality and morbidity in the UK than many other systems eg Germany adjusted for population age and health spending etc
        irrespective of our vaccine success. Often those systems are hybrid with some elements of insured care for certain types of procedure (cosmetic for example) but A&E and sickness care is universal. I am not so arrogant and blinkered to think we cannot learn from the experiences of others.

      2. Indeed. “Outcomes” are imporant. It all boils down to Tory Underfunding.

        A 2019 BMJ Report concludes:

        “if the NHS wants to achieve comparable health outcomes at a time of growing demographic pressure, it may need to spend more to increase the supply of labour and long term care and reduce the declining trend in social spending to match levels of comparator countries.”

      3. Alexanderscottish “How did ch 4 let that story get through?”

        It’s fom 2011 or 12 – back then they could analyse objectively – and were even respected for doing so.

        Key fact: CIA/NSA/GCHQ public intimidation of theGuardian 2013/4. CIA and the US/UK spy agencies won, Rusbridger conceded to their authority and the MSM realised it had to obey the new American neoliberal/globocapitalist ‘hegemony’. (As a socialistI know that was a class war battle).

        After the CIA victory the MSM has been instructed to promote many “false narratives – most notably, the Corbyn/antisemitism/ Novichock Russian posoning and today, the Covid ‘pandemic’ scam.

        This is a key class war batle – and many (most?) on the left don’t even know it.

    1. We are following the Kaiser Permanente model of healthcare. I suggest you research that model, good and bad, and draw your own conclusions bearing in mind that while Kaiser is “a not for profit” group, they let each part of the corporate run as separate ‘for profit’ entities. In practice, this means buying care from their own hospitals/clinics.
      We will not move to an insurance based model until government can’t afford the costs. In the meantime, expensive chronic care will be given to NHS providers while everything else will be managed by for profit enterprises. This will push up costs and speed up the demise of the NHS.
      I could spend hours enlightening you to the inevitable end of the NHS. Believe me, the Lansley ‘reforms’ crossed the red line. You need to scratch beneath the surface because there are reams of links to the benefits of Kaiser and virtually nothing on the weaknesses. This isn’t only about integrated care, it’s about the whole ‘for profit’ in house model.

    2. “Where the NHS falls down is outcomes. There is higher mortality and morbidity in the UK than many other systems”
      And if you actually in do your research you will discover just how difficult it is to compare outcomes without including many other factors such as education, social strata, housing, employment, cultural beliefs. It’s beyond modelling skills.
      However, you can say with certainty that introducing the market to purchasing healthcare has increased bureaucracy (cost) exponentially.

      1. Determinant factors of outcomes in GB will have changed now that murderous Boris has eliminated so many older people, especially those with underlying medical conditions. The double whammy makes perfect sense for a Tory. When is the investigative Report? Cleanse the system prior to removing Socialism in Action.

    3. These so called socialist Labour mps make “The life of Brian” and the judean popular front look a realistic alternative to shy socislism.The system was done up like a Turkey for Xmass in the first day after the Blair landslide victory that kept the hated trusts in position and resdy for sale..I fought for over half a decade before Blair arrived to stop the Labour flagship the NHS bring privatised and campaigned on this major issue.One day after the landslide victory I was told that the Trusts were retained and would I like a job on the East Surrey Hospital Trust…?We were about to pack the board with our lot and kick off the tory pigs and get our snouts in the trough.The rest is a story of stay and fight till I left the Labour party in disgust at mainly the writing on the wall and my fellow councillors who enthused a job on the trust.

      1. It was not the Judean Popular Front that Blair was responsible for but the Popular Front of Judea!

  4. Point of Order
    War mongrel thinks we need a New New New Red Tory party
    I agree
    Off he must fuck

  5. Just came across the following article which covers the whole totally corrupt trial and prosecution of Craig Murray in some detail:

    ‘Whistleblower Craig Murray Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison Over His Reporting On Former Scottish First Minister’s Trial’

    “We have a very serious problem in Scotland at present”, veteran journalist Mark Hirst told The Dissenter.

    In Hirst’s view, the Crown Office is “an institutionally corrupt prosecuting authority” which is “abusing their power and acting in an evidently biased and political manner.”

    Hirst, a longstanding friend of Murray, said he knows through his own discussions “with senior lawyers and serving police officers that there is concern the Crown Office are bringing the entire legal system in Scotland into utter disrepute.”

    “Major reform is needed or we will see other journalists and political activists falling victim to malicious proceedings,” Hirst concluded.

    And the judge – who presided over both Alex Salmond’s trial and Craig Murray’s contempt of court proceedings – is apparently leading the campaign to get rid of juries in the cases of sex offenses in Scotland. I wonder why THAT is! Hmm, and I wonder what would have happened if that had been the case in Alex Salmond’s trial!

    1. Just found the following article:

      ‘Rape trials in Scotland could be heard without a jury – and other proposals to give sex-crime survivors more support’

      A review of how Scottish courts deal with sexual assault cases has suggested that a specialist court is set up for such trials.

      Rape trials in Scotland could be heard without a jury in an overhaul of the country’s courts, as a senior judge said victims end up “retraumatised” by the current system.

      A review into how Scotland’s justice system treats rape cases has made a series of recommendations, including the setting up of a specialist court to deal with all serious sexual offences.

      The review, which also suggests cases could be heard by a single judge and without a jury, is being led by Lord Justice Clerk Lady Dorrian – Scotland’s second most senior judge – as part of a shake-up of the court system.

      Oh I don’t suppose this so-called ‘review’ was anything to do with the jury in Alex Salmond’s trial finding him innocent! Yeah, sociopaths can make false allegations against someone they want taken out, and then the totally corrupt Crown Office sociopaths and judges can do the rest!

      1. Time to be rid of ‘pesky’ ignorant & opinionated jurors who probably voted Brexit. Trust the people? They often can’t be controlled & important decisions should be left to public school educated elites who continue to organise society for their own benefit. Whatever next; Free Julian Assange?

  6. I was wondering how many countries there are that DON’T try sex offence cases with a jury and, interestnigly enough, found this article/opinion piece from August, 2016, in which it says the following:

    New Zealand could be the first country to rid sex crime cases of jurors if one key recommendation from a recently published report by its Law Commission is implemented.

  7. Would I love this to work and stop the Tory scum from finally destroying the NHS YES!!

    Will it work hell no with the right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 being just Tory-lite they won’t help and no way will the Tory scum help so this evil bill will pass!

    People won’t care until the NHS is gone then it will be too late to protest but the apathy is beyond disgusting in this country.

    1. Steve H maybe we should addopt the gimmicky “Centres of excellence” that the Labour party and torys used to close down local hospital provission to make fewer hospitals but more importantly more saleable assets.ITs all Spin in modern politics and the virus is another casualty of the system.

      1. Joseph – I’m struggling to see the relevance of your response to my comment.

      2. I’ll take it that you do on both counts – although you might just be an algorithm ‘bot’ and programmed to be a perfect Keir Starmer bot – have no opinion on anything ever.

        This is why Blair was and Starmer is – as ‘centrists’ – brain dead. Centrism is intellectually parasitic, preferring triangulation to developing its own ideas.

    2. Thanks Steveh, depressingly relevant I’m afraid to say. Outsourcing – which leads to precarious emplyment, job insecurity and reduced wages – is undertaken too often by too many NHS players. This practice started under, and was facilitated by the triangulating boil on Labour’s bum called ‘newlabour’.

      I take it, you disapprove of such outsourcing and other moves towards full privatisation of NHS and so will be asking your MP, if it’s Labour. to sign Trickett’s EDM?

      1. 21 signing in a day is par for the course steveh. Par for the course. If you supported/ concurred with Ttickett’s motion, I’m sure you’d request the MPs signature – whether it increased the efficacy of said EDM or not. So perhaps you favour full NHS privatisation.

      2. So you support full NHS privatisation and think EDMs are merely virtue signalling of no practical value?

      3. qwertboi – Not at all. I just can’t be arsed with playing your childish games.

  8. On another note:

    The idea that bringing back Mandelson means bringing back New Labour’s ‘winning’ streak shows the naivety at the heart of Starmer’s team. Labour can’t rewind the past. Even Neil Kinnock, who first gave Mandelson a big role in politics, now thinks he is a ‘caricature of himself’.

    Instead of a Machiavelli who can help them win, Labour has brought corporate lobbying right into the heart of its political operation—right at the moment it most wants to foreground Tory ‘sleaze.’ Unfortunately, it’s likely Labour will see plenty of its own under this new management.

    Peter Mandelson: Lobbyist for Union-Busters, Big Banks and Oligarchs by Solomon Hughes

    1. Great link article. PW ! It doesn’t tell us anything that Private Eye hasn’t already covered about the crooked opportunist, Mandelson , for years , but it brings the whole disgraceful career record together in a simple to follow package. The article doesn’t though cover Mandelson’s dodgy role , as EU Commissioner, responsible for allocation of import duty policy on aluminium , in reducing aluminium import duties , and then turning up on a Russian aluminium gangster oligarch’s yacht – with George Osborne !

      Backhanders anyone ?

      Strange that such a blatant crook like Mandelson (and Tony Blair too of course) is always treated with great , unprobing, respect on the MSM whenever he regularly turns up to spout his reactionary nonsense ! No , Jeremy Corbyn interview-style, “do you regret your dodgy relationship with Russian oligarchs , Lord Mandelson ?” interjection into every interview for Peter Mandelson !

      1. Indeed, the billionaires press looks after its own (and their lackeys).

      2. Perhaps Mandy and his MSM chums go to the same ‘social events’?

      3. Peter Mandelson had an association with Jeffrey Epstein lundiel?

      4. PS. He had 10 numbers listed in Epstein’s black book. Epstein was also a member of the Trilateral Commission. Small world eh!

    2. There really was no ‘winning streak’. Blair won on the back of the hugely popular John Smith and 18 years of stifling Tory government. He was assisted by the television producer Mandleson who grew his public image. Blair did a few good things like recruiting, training and providing bursaries and housing for 50,000 nurses, Good Friday agreement and many hugely damaging things like PFIs, BOE independence Iraq etc. Ever since we’ve been led to believe that these were the glory years when in fact they brought about our poor response to the crash of 2008 and the following decade of austerity and slaved our foreign policy to that of an America.

      1. Not only would the banking crisis not have happened had the Brown/Blair Team (in tandem with Clinton) not de-regulate financial capitalism to an extent no socialist (or social democrat) could stomach, you could also argue that the recent establishment authoritarianism only occurs because newlabour brought about mass indisciminate surveillance, failed to regulate the press and failed to neuter Thatcher’s vicious aniti-Unions legislation. In short, newlabour didn’t just enable a “third way” it strategized to enure that Capital would win the class war.

      2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but unfortunately like many other Socialist people ,I wasted a good part of my life in fighting the hated torys,when I should have been concentrating on watching my back inside the Labour party.But nievity is a problem mainly of Youth.Now I am old I am a little bit more cynical about the Labour party and the whole stinking swamp culture of our system.Unfortunately age and the ability to do little more than “comment” instead of direct action physically are somthing from the past.

    3. Boyo has never had a sense of irony. Too important for such matters.

  9. Whatever the question is, the answer is
    Because the Conservative Party has a visceral hatred of the NHS

    1. Not just the conservatives party Doug,three parties have contributed to privatizing and getting the NHS “Oven ready” and for sale.I detailed that the battle to save the NHS has been fought since the early ninteen eightys and the co-op of the Opposition parties in the final destruction.I chaired the NHS defence campaign and stood side by side with the unions and risked sanctions against myself as a Labour councillor for doing so.The public Conservative or Labour have always supported a strong public owned NHS and thats why we have always swam against our masters in the Labour party to retain the NHS and other public services that the majority of voters want to retain.We have reached a position where even the public realise that whoever they vote for the idea of a public service sector of Health,welfare and direct services by local authorities is a service too far for our lazy greedy and corrupt representatives in government national and local.

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