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Breaking: Rayner sacked

Deputy leader made scapegoat for impact of Starmer’s disastrous leadership – when blaming Corbyn doesn’t work, Starmer makes a woman take the fall

Keir Starmer has sacked Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner as party chair.

The move is clearly designed to scapegoat her for the party’s disastrous performance in this week’s elections, but will fool few – Starmer’s drab leadership and lack of substance is matched only by the anonymity and emptiness of his front bench and his supporters. So much for Starmer’s ‘no excuses’ claim that he’d take responsibility.

Typical Labour right: when things go wrong, blame Corbyn – and when that falls flat, let a woman take the fall.

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  1. Great news. He can’t sack her as deputy so he’s now got an enemy who will seek to undermine him like Watson did to Corbyn.

    1. Lundiel, maybe or maybe no. I see Rayners as more cunning that Watson for once. I don’t believe she is willing to give up her political career that is the price that Watson paid. Hence, she will time herself.
      But, I agree with you that Starmer has made an enemy. This isn’t going to be the first time that Starmer fails to win an election. Hence, a better strategy for Rayners is to keep quiet for the time being, do nothing to openly undermine Starmer and the next time that Starmer fails to deliver, she would be in a position to challenge him for the leadership.

      1. More Cunning For Sure!
        She has more faces than Madame Tussauds wax museum!
        Mind you all ~190 of The Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories do!
        So hopefully they will connive themselves out on their Ear!

      2. The intention of the Starmer, Evans & co and the PLP carrying out the instructions of theirs masters and mistresses, is to purge ALL who are not totally committed to being the Tory B side. Despite what some still seem to believe, a true Labour Party win is NOT their aim. The aim is to maintain the accustomed swing from FULL FAT Tory in a blue trough to FULL FAT Tory in a red trough.

        We had our chance but “did everything to make them love… but they did not love … back”.

        For some strange reason the love and support of MILLIONS of the MANY had less appeal than “unifying with”, “working around” those who made it clear that they have no wish to “unify” with us.

        QUESTION – How many years are necessary to learn that❓❓❓

      3. In fairness to him. The whole idea of members choosing the deputy is wrong. You often end up with people who can’t work together.

    2. In 2019 I wrote here on, that immediately after the 2019 GE results came in, the rightwing infesters were all over the MSM stating that it would take perhaps two general elections before they could “undo the damage caused by Corbyn”. They may have been managing expectations but I sensed that the Labour Party in power was NOT their concern. I have also posted that funding is of zero concern. MILLIONS were squandered on the “People’s Vote” attempt to reverse the referendum. Not a squeak has ever been uttered re the vast sums spent. Despite that many still seem convinced that their dues are of concern to the one percent. That conviction in itself is evidence that many will never learn.

      With all the much trumpeted omnipotent power of the MSM and the “Zionist”, the trumpeting still goes on by many DESPITE Trump taken out of office and now the decimation of Labour in England by Starmer. Yet i won’t be surprised to hear many lamenting Keith’s sacking of Angela Rayner as a response to the Labour wreckage they both pursue. He as sub tool. She as sub sub under deputy one percent tool.

      NOTHING has been learnt by those of us who need to learn. ⚠️🔺⚠️🔺⚠️🔺

      1. ps and a few swift to offer advice to Rayner as if one can spin silk out of bull turd. Some will never learn, because they have never stopped to think they need learn anything.

        Labour the label however abused have some who seem to sit at their kitchen table trying to think of “WHAT WILL WORK” even with parasites in charge. How weird is that? STILL some present in seriousness that we should choose X or Y person as a “leader” because X or Y may not be attacked by the MSM = run our selections past those we despise, for their approval? Where’s the integrity and worth in that? ⁉️⁉️⁉️

      2. The only Damage done to “Labour” 2015 to 2020 was the Conniving, Sabotage, Undermining, Interfering, Internal leaks to MSM, International Corbyn Hate Mobs and Governments, Lies, Smear, Spin, Propaganda, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, from the 80% Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories!
        Their BIGGEST PROBLEM for them is that we Democratic Socialists are still here!
        We are still Angry!
        We are taking Vengeance, AND we are doing it from outside of their Putrid Culture of Fear!
        We have no choice!
        GE2019 we had a choice, they destroyed it!
        GE2024 We have Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES or Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
        NO CHOICE!
        Well perhaps that Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES are nowhere near as Dangerous as Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
        Julian Assange will be sent to his death in the USA!
        Palestine will be gone!
        Lebanon will be gone!
        All citizens will face Strotter’s beloved 10 Year sentence for so much as Farting near any landmarks or being in a group of more than 3 people!
        No but really, that party needs out of our Party ASAP!
        Vile Corrupt Pretentious Bastards!


      Yep, he disappeared from these pages for a while, but he’s back repeating the same bollox he’s repeated on literally hundreds and hundreds of occasions since he started posting on skwawkbox a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE! In his initial post at 7.41pm (which consists of two paragraphs), he finishes the first paragraph with:

      ‘That conviction in itself is evidence that many will never learn.’

      And the second (the last line of his post that is) with:

      ‘NOTHING has been learnt by those of us who need to learn.’

      He then posts a PS to that post shortly after in which he says:

      ‘Some will never learn, because they have never stopped to think they need learn anything.’

      He then posts another comment (a reply) shortly after that which he finishes by saying:

      QUESTION – How many years are necessary to learn that???

      Repetition is a black propaganda technique used to literally brainwash your target audience. So if and when a poster keeps endlessly repeating something, you can be absolutely certain they are a shill/propagandist.

      1. ps. do your trousers up and go back to bed💊💊💊

      2. I just checked further down the comments to see if the signpost shill has posted any more ‘comments’, and in a ‘reply’ to Nemtona at 9.01pm he says the following:

        ‘Precisely Nemtona. But guess what there are many on the “Left” WILL weep. They never learn. They never pause to observe and learn.’

        Repetition is the name of his game! Yep, and he repeats it TWICE in one post! I’m sure many people who follow skwawkbox will recall that Trump used to do that ALL the time – repeat a line twice in succession.

      3. Here’s Big Black Propaganda Lie that signpost concocted so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison:

        i’m no fan of the potter woman as she did not support jeremy. she had the means and great ability but declined. anyway, she is providing lots of money to help the excellent marvellous glorious Mr Lees to pursue legal case against cummings. this is the sort of ACTION we needed and need. ROBUST ACTION. Clear robust thought. ZERO APPEASEMENT. It has never worked. It has not worked. It will never work.

        Party funds should have be used to pursue every single slander in court……

        And when I questioned signpost about it in a thread a couple of days later – ie his claim that Robin Lees (the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown) was pursuing a legal case against Cummings – he not only DENIED that he’d said that, but then accused ME of making it up. Yep, signpost is a lying little Nazi shill piece of shite!

      4. stop playing with your self White Flag Man lest u lose even more of your mind 💊💊💊

      5. I’m just checking through the ‘comments’ SP posted in the ‘Cummings’ thread (that I linked to above – ie the post in which SP dissembled his Big Lie about Robin Lees) and in his first comment listed in the Comments section he says the following:

        ‘No one who after all of this we see, still can’t grasp that, will never learn.’

        And in another really long rambling post further down the page he says:

        ‘To live many decades, have close up experience, fail to learn…..’

        And in the very next sentence he finishes the sentence by saying:

        ‘…. and STILL no sign of ANYTHING learnt.’

        And then a bit further on in the post he says:

        ‘The last people ANY successful enterprise needs are those who refuse to learn.’

        And then a bit further on in the post he says:

        ‘They fail to learn from us. We fail to learn from them.’

        And in the post in which he dissembles the Big Lie about Robin Lees he says:

        ‘ I will not indulge adults who stubbornly fail to learn and worse yet in my opinion showed ZERO intention of learning…..’

        Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! But THAT is what black propagandist shills are paid to DO – ie brainwash their ‘audience’ with falsehoods! He of course poses as a left-wing JC supporter, and does so so that he can dissemble his falsehoods about Jeremy and the left-wing membership on a daily basis, so as to discredit them in the minds of subscribers to this blog.

      6. Allan – I’m no fan of windchimes but it is evident that no one else gives a fuck about your rather weird obsession..

      7. Says ONE shill in defence of another shill! So when did calling out a lying little shill who endlessly repeats their lies become an ‘obsession’ Steve?

        Needless to say, being a fascist paid Establishment shill yourself, you will of course – as you have done on a number of occasions – try to discredit the person who is calling out a shill whose purpose is to discredit the left every-which-way they can, albeit FALSELY discrediting them. And who endlessly repeat the falsehoods!

        Yep, the shills on here ALWAYS ‘send in’ one or two or three of their number to attack me whenever I call out the signpost shill. Needless to say, if they were genuine people/posters, they themselves would call out signpost for the shill that he obviously is! But the only person on here that I’m aware of who HAS called signpost out – and done so on a couple of occasions – is Smartboy. And THAT says just about EVERYTHING you need to know about this blog – ie it’s literally infested with shills, or to be precise, infested with shills who have a primary ‘persona’ who posts every day in practically every thread, and then a number of secondary ‘personas’ that they use occasionally.

        PS And who but shills give Likes to a lying little shill like signpost!

      8. Allan – My apologies but I couldn’t be bothered to read your drivel. You do have an unfortunate habit of going on & on & on…….

      9. Needless to say, giving a lying shill a number of Likes is designed to have readers of this blog believe that there is a consensus of agreement with what he says by readers. But don’t be fooled, cos the Integrity Initiative paid shills are taking you for a big ride, and being black propagandists, as they ARE, they know every trick in the book about how to manipulate what people think and believe. And I have no doubt that their hero is Joseph Goebbels!! And in MY book, ALL black propagandists – whether in the MSM or on social media platforms or left-wing news blogs such as skwawkbox – are Nazi scum. And needless to say, I totally despise them, and have nothing but the utmost contempt for them.

      10. And no genuine poster on this planet posts six, seven, eight hundred comments a month, as SteveH does, and as signpost was doing prior to his ‘vacation’, month after month after month! Only paid black propagandists do THAT, precisely because they ARE paid black propagandist shills.

        PS No doubt SteveH will post ANOTHER dismissive, condescending comment shortly in response, the objective of which is to belittle me so as to (try to) negate what I’m saying in the minds of readers of skwawkbox!

      11. Allan – “PS No doubt SteveH will post ANOTHER dismissive, condescending comment shortly in response, the objective of which is to belittle me so as to (try to) negate what I’m saying in the minds of readers of skwawkbox!”

        It’s not very hard to do

        ps:- What’s the going rate for a “paid black propagandist shill.”?

      12. Oh, how amusing! I’ve just come across a post that SteveH posted in reply to signpost (in another thread) in which he says the following:

        windchimes – What are you getting all excited about, I’ve simply pointed out that your original premise is wrong. It’s not my fault that you repeatedly make stuff up. You should resist the temptation [to] be either lazy or disingenuous, it does nothing for your credibility.

        Shills – in this case SteveH – just make it up as they go along and, as such, there is no consistency in what they say! So he rebukes signpost for making things up when HE is in conflict with signpost, but belittles and ridicules ME when *I* call signpost out for making stuff up and lying.

        And he posted it just shortly after the first of his ‘replies’ to me above! Says it all really!!

      13. Allan – I’m not the one repeatedly posting the same obsession for how many months is it now?

      14. SteveH, being the shill that he is, pretends not to know why I call out signpost, when he knows damn well that the reason I did so earlier is because signpost ‘reappeared’ on skwawkbox again today spouting his lies and falsehoods straight off the bat. And THAT of course is why I posted a number of comments to draw readers attention to the fact that not only does he lie and fabricate all the time, but he endlessly REPEATS his lies and falsehoods, all of which are concocted and designed to discredit the left, including Jeremy Corbyn on numerous occasions, and ALSO the left-wing members of his alleged CLP, but he won’t divulge which CLP it is of course because he’s lying through his nasty little fascist teeth!

      15. In the days after Jeremy said he would be standing down (as he DID in the early hours of the morning on December 13th), signpost posted a number of comments saying that Jeremy ‘MUST stay’ on as leader, and yet in a matter of a few months he was repeatedly accusing Jeremy of ‘jellied weakness’ for not standing up to the people who were falsely accusing him of A/S – ie who HAD been falsely accusing him of A/S when he was leader, that is. He knew of course that once any leader of a party announces they are standing down, they cannot and do not change their minds, and signpost – along with one or two OTHER im-posters who were saying the same thing – was just having a laugh at readers expence.

        As for Jeremy being weak (for not refuting the A/S lies), signpost knew damn well that if Jeremy did so, he would just be hammered by his enemies in the party along with the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and the CAA and the BoD et al for being in denial, exactly as he WAS when he said in a statement (the day the EHRC published its fraudulent report) that the scale of the problem (of A/S in the party) ‘has been dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media’, and then got suspended for doing so – ie got suspended for stating the actuality. And it was the very same individuals and groups and organisations who had been dramatically overstating the scale of the problem for years that all piled in to condemn and vilify him for saying that, as many of them do in the following Sun article, which is ALSO full of falsehoods, including the following:

        Ally Chris Williamson, a former Labour MP, backed him too.

        And he said: “The Labour Party is dead as a vehicle for progressive change in this country.”

        In an interview with Times Radio this evening he also referred to Jewish MP Margaret Hodge – who left Labour after arguing with the then boss – as living on “planet zog” – a familiar Jewish trope.

        Needless to say, Hodge did NOT leave the party, and neither is the term ‘living on planet zog’ a Jewish trope, let alone a ‘familiar one’: But the fascists at the Sun just lurve concocting stuff and duping their several million readers:

        PS By the time of the 2019 GE, Jeremy’s approval rating was minus 50 (although given that it was a yougov poll it was probably closer to minus 40), and in a survey conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour, respondents believed, on average, that a third of LP members had been reported ((to the party) for anti-semitism. and both Jeremy’s negative approval rating and the belief that a third of members had been reported for A/S is solely down to the MSM and the Jewish newspapers, who gave a platform to the smearers AND colluded and conspired with them to ‘transform’ Jeremy and his supporters and allies into anti-semites. But according to signpost, we shouldn’t pay them any mind!!!

        My apologies to the posters below for so many posts, but signpost the arch smearer (on this blog) – ie arch smearer of the left – is back in town!

      16. I also came across the following ‘article’ when I did a search for the above article (so that I could post a link to it), and it begins with a massive big black lie, and almost definitely TWO:

        JEREMY Corbyn’s staff directly ordered party officials not to investigate the Labour leader for anti-Semitism.

        The cover-up after he praised a mural attacking Jews was highlighted in a damning report yesterday.

        Jeremy did NOT praise the mural of course, and all he did was post a comment asking Mear One why the council were going to remove it. And I very much doubt that staff ordered party officials not to investigate etc AND that there was no plan to do so in the first place, so THAT is probably a Big Lie too, and if it IS, then there was no cover up, which would make it THREE Big Lies in the space of two sentences:

      17. Update: I didn’t get beyond the first two sentences in the above Sun article before, but have now read the whole thing, and it says the following:

        The EHRC said that in an email to the party’s legal unit responsible for complaints, Mr Corbyn’s aides said the complaint should be dismissed. The email read: “The complaint itself seems to fall well below the threshold required for investigation and if so surely the decision to dismiss it can be taken now.”

        So much for Jeremy’s aids ‘ORDERING’ party officials ‘not to investigate the Labour leader for anti-Semitism’ or saying the complaint ‘should be dismissed’ and, as such, it’s tantamount to a Big Lie. And given that THAT’s the case, then there was no cover up of course, and THAT is just an additional falsehood by the Sun.

        Needless to say, the person who made the complaint – i think it was Luciana Berger (it was her that somehow magically and oh-so fortuitously just happened to come across Jeremy’s facebook post from six years earlier anyway) – didn’t report Jeremy to the police for anti-semitism, who would have no doubt laughed in their face had they done so. But it isn’t just that the person who made the complaint didn’t report Jeremy to the police, neither did anyone else who was accusing him of anti-semitism in relation to the mural and his facebook post – ie John Mann, Ian Austin, Ruth Smeeth, Margaret Hodge……. the JLM, the CAA, the BoD etc, etc, etc!

        And the fact that none of them DID says it all!

        Apologies again down below!

  2. Starmer has made a huge mistake. Rayners has better credentials with the Trade Unions that Starmer does. Plus, she has a better understanding of the communities on the so call Red Wall that has crumble further towards the blue that Starmer does.
    Starmer is clearly signing going further to the right. It would be interesting to see how Angela Rayners respond.

    1. Beware a Woman Scorned?,or is it a coming together of RLB in a sister act to wreak havoc on dumbo the forensic clown from Surrey Sir Rodney stammer

  3. Update, 7.35pm: It is understood that Rayner will be offered another role. A Labour source said: “Keir said he was taking full responsibility for the result of the elections – and he said we need to change.
    “That means change how we run our campaigns in the future. Angela will continue to play a senior role in Keir’s team.”


      1. A useful reminder for those who appear to have forgotten what Rayner is.

    1. “we need to change”
      “WE” are not YOU!
      YOU are Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
      “WE” are Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, the only “CHANGE” WE NEED is YOU out of OUR PARTY!

      “change how we run our campaigns”
      “WE” will continue to campaign as we have, to get YOU out of our Party!
      AND YOU can’t Touch us with YOUR Culture of Fear, because WE are already out of YOUR Toxic Neolabour TORY Party and Campaigning for a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party FOR THE PEOPLE!

    2. She’ll be in charge of making the tea, and that’s it. You can’t seriously argue that things have improved for the party under Starmer, OR that any good came of his vendetta against Corbyn and his supporters.

      The only places Labour did well on Thursday were in Preston- where they stayed left wing, and Wales-where they also stayed left wing. Labour collapsed everywhere the party went centrist. Them’s the electoral facts, Jack.

      1. I agree Kenburch, it would be interesting to know how many Cllrs members of the SCG lost their seats among the 250+ labour Cllrs that lost their seats last Thursday.
        It could very well be that the percentage of SCG Labour Cllrs has increased as a result, or the New Labour Cllrs defeat.

    3. IT reminds me of the Queen a few years back when belt tightning and cutbacks were “in vogue” .The old parasite decided to lay off a couple of servants and cut the wages claiming “we all have to make sacrifices” ..What a bloody hypocrite this bunch of parasites fighting maintain a good living the knight and his misfits are.Still its not long to wait now.Monday morning and face up to a severe cash flow problem and the disappearance of the “cash cow” members after trashing them for the last year..Step up to the block Sir Rodney Knight and take the responsibility like a leader of the Labour party and resign…!

  4. Labour members voted for her to be deputy leader(not me) Does this mean that KS over-riding yet another party decision making process. ‘..thousands and thousands’ of members could be suspended’ oor become surplus to requirements.

    1. SM – No, Angela will remain in post as Deputy Leader (unless she is challenged by 20% of the PLP or she resigns) as did Tom Watson.

      1. She was sacked as party chair. So Keir did do something to her- he blamed for a defeat that was his fault and his alone.

      2. kenchurh – “She was sacked as party chair. So Keir did do something to her

        Did I say otherwise? (please feel free to quote me)
        You really should stop making stuff up.

      3. You imply that Keir hadn’t done anything to Rayner- he did, in ouster her as party chair. It doesn’t MATTER that he couldn’t remove her as deputy leader-ousting her as party is just as much an undeserved humiliation as that would have been so the there was no reason for you to make an issue out of the trivial distinction of which job she lost. It’s essentially the same thing.

      4. kenburch – Don’t be silly, you are embarrassing yourself/

    2. I doubt very much that there are ‘..thousands and thousands’ of members left within the Party, it would be interesting to see some verified numbers! Once, recently member numbers the Pride of the Party!
      Now there are a handful of members all petrified to say boo to a goose!

  5. Confirmation it seems that Rayner is the north west MP who’s been plotting, building a north west power base to replace the Knight. So he’s got his revenge in first.

    She’s got her comeuppance, so I’ll shed no tears.

    1. Precisely Nemtona. But guess what there are many on the “Left” WILL weep. They never learn. They never pause to observe and learn. Even now, you can see in the language, they really believe Labour infested and now controlled by Tories are less evil than the Tory party. That is how the status quo is maintained. Hit them! Bash them!! Abuse them, but please use red barbed baton. And they think they are soooo smart and “pragmatic”. 🛑🛑🛑

      1. Do you really believe that Starmerists and Blairites are Left!?
        Are of the Same Party as Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?
        I am sorry Signposts but that to me is preposterous!
        I don’t think anyone believes that ANY TORY is good, but a TORY in our Party, is a Parasite, and a TORY far worse than a TORY out of the Party, it must be removed, we cannot function with 2 Opposing Parties under one Name: Labour!
        Do you really not see this?

      2. skellyknelly apologies u misunderstand me. When i say “Left” i most definitely do not refer to Bliar, Mandelson, Starmer, Hodge, Berger, Cooper, Straw, … all that lot. They are all part of the parasitic infestation of the Labour Party.

        By “Left” i mean many of us on like you, too many to name and me.

        But many sincere people on the “Left” will not see eg Rayner’s nor Nandy’s comeuppance as cause for joy. The are suffering with the abuse that even creatures like Bliar are less evil than the other Tories in their own cesspit.

        I agree with you. They are all the excrement of Thatcher. 🌱🌱🌱

      3. ps if u get a chance my previous posts make that clear… i hope. Just shows how easy it is to be misunderstood or not be as clear as one thinks one is being.💐💐💐

    2. I suspect that figure is actually Lisa Nandy, who has form as a serial underminer. Just look at the “Chicken Coup”.

  6. Can’t stand the two faced woman, but REALLY! WTAF!!!
    I hope this leads to a Major Industrial Action!
    That is a hefty bourdon to carry for PURE Scapegoating!

    1. PS and there are people who want THAT as our PM!
      We’re better off with The Inbred Buffoon BoJo!

      1. skellyKnelly – Your propensity for being a Tory enabler was noted some time ago.

      2. Was it now!? I’m okay with that accusation.

        Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories’ propensity for being Conservative Party Tory ENABLERS & COLLABORATORS was also noted quite some time ago.
        So I guess we are on equal footing, because YES! I WILL VOTE CONSERVATIVE TORY TO DESEAT A NEOLABOUR PARTY TORY!
        I HATE Conservative Tories!
        I HATE Neolabour Tories Infinitely MORE!

        They Infested our Party and as far as I can see the only way to get rid of a Parasite Party is to VOTE THEM OUT!
        Then as a SMALL Democratic Socialist Party, with Disinfected Unions, a Massive Rejuvenated Membership, CLPs and Candidates/Counsellors ready to go for every available seat in 650 Constituencies!
        THEN and ONLY THEN Will “Labour” Stand FOR THE PEOPLE again and NOT BE The Neolabour Party Tories’ Corporate Brand!

      3. PS By whom, the Starmerstruppen? Am I going to get Spanked? I quite like that! Rubber Please, no Leather!

      4. Skellyknelly, I don’t rate Rayners as leader of the Labour Party ( I have never rated Starmer either) but, it would be hilarious if she was to challenge Starmer for the leadership at some point.
        Perhaps is what Starmer is hoping for, as if Rayners challenges him for the leadership, she has to resign her position as the Party’s Deputy Leader.

      5. I totally agree Maria,
        Anything that will Disrupt and Destroy that Invasive Parasite Party will make me ever so happy!

  7. Is that the same Rayner who said she would suspend thousands and thousands of members because of so-called anti-semitism?
    Meanwhile her leader,being a zionist presumably supports the eviction in Eastern Jerusalem of a family who have lived there since 1955,so that a settler from god knows where can take over their house.

  8. kellyknelly, she’s probably more botox than many people hot dinners. what a lesson to learn. a starmeroid is merely concerned with securing his own poor rear-end. remember when he sacked Becky?

  9. Now what does the War Mongrel and Mushy peas do, they need to replace Temporary Embarrassment
    Pray God the left is ready to put up a candidate ?

  10. Hahaha, this is amazing to see. Rayner made her bed and thought the swivel eyed loons in the right will save her when she sh*t on the left.

    Silly move by Kieth but entertaining nonetheless.

  11. Oh dear! How sad, never mind.

    I doubt any MP with any sense will touch Rayner with a bargepole now, after she whored herself out to Corbynism, then stammerism.

    The fickle (middle) finger of fate has fecked the fickle female of the party.

    The rats are turning on themselves… Now, where’s that bag of popcorn gone?

  12. This farce reminds me of the time Gordon Brown was on TV saying “I take full responsibility for this, and I’ll take firm action against whoever is found to be responsible.” Deja vu?

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