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Beckett ‘on 40 nominations’ after at least SEVENTEEN branches support in one day – several unanimously

Beckett reaches 40 nominations in less than first week of campaign

Unite leadership candidate Howard Beckett’s storming start to the election’s nominations phase went up several gears on Wednesday, taking the total nominations in his favour to around 40 after less than a week of the campaign.

Beckett received at least seventeen new branch nominations across the UK, including workplace, Unite Community, geographical and UCATT branches, of which some are shown below:

At least five branches voted unanimously in Beckett’s favour:

Some branches who have nominated have not been shown above as the branch secretary’s reporting process has not yet been completed. Others may have nominated that are not included in the total known to Skwawkbox. If your branch has nominated Howard Beckett, send details to

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    1. I’m now picturing Peter O’Toole in a cheap fake beard playing Starmer.

  1. And Boris Johnson apologised unreservedly for the murder of ten innocent civilians in the Ballymurphy massacre by the parachute regiment who a matter of weeks later commited the bloody Sunday massacre of more innocent civilians.The hands of the British Empire in the last co
    Boris Johnson apologised unreservedly for the massacre of innocent civilians in Ballymurphy massacre nearly half a century ago by crown forces of the parachute regiment who not more than a few weeks later went on another massacre of innocent civilians in the bloody Sunday massacre.This was a time of collussion of muder inside of Britain’s oldest colony Ireland and the legacy of hate and the Hunger of Britain’s collusion has been played out for far too long and it must be stopped.Half a century and the hands of religious and class Hate are still dripping in blood of the “innocent” .

    1. Joseph
      The same fuckers who invented Concentration camps and Castrated men who challenged them

  2. IT looks like rambling,but the “reply box has given me real problems for a number of months.I am unable to see my replys properly or check for my apalling spelling and grammar ,punctuation and capitals which makes my replys difficult to say the least.I understand that I am off message in the Beckett saga ,but with Squaekbox support I am sure my interruption of the narrative can be forgiven I hope.On the technology of the reply box its…HELP…!

    1. I wonder Oh Wise One!
      Do you complain, in the, Comment Sections of all your Fake Posh “Communist” ‘Rebellious Phase’ Kids Blogs/Alt-Media, about only reporting on Steve Turner, “Turner again…!OH can someone rid me of this turbulent Priest.”.”?,?
      “Half a century and the hands of religious and class Hate are still dripping in blood of the “innocent””, because People are so easily divided!
      “IT looks like rambling” It usually is Oh, Wise One 😉
      “the “reply box has given me real problems for a number of months.” Could be your settings/Adblocker, FWIW WordPress Commenting is Shit!
      “properly or check for my apalling spelling and grammar ,punctuation and capitals which makes my replys difficult to say the least.” More than likely your Browser or Operating System, try updating both. If people can’t understand what you say they can ask, never feel intimidated by the Grammar Police! Think of it like this, you give them something to do, they really must have nothing going on in their lives, you’re being kind by making mistakes!
      “I understand that I am off message in the Beckett saga” No Saga, You and the Fake Posh “Communist” ‘Rebellious Phase’ Kids Blogs/Alt-Media Support Turner We don’t, We support Beckett, No reason to fall out, it is a CHOICE!
      On the technology of the reply box its…HELP…! Try Above, also if you are on Firefox, right click inside the Comment Box and ensure Check Spelling is ticked.

      1. Skelly your careless reply to the massacre of innocent civilians is alarming because it would suggest the same position as the British government over the centuries of blame the victims of empire.Really?are you serious about that comment of “because the people are so easily divided” ..Absolutely obscene reply on the day victims relatives get a small measure of relief for the obscenity committed by the British Empire.!on the residents of Ballymurphy.I

      2. I hope my advice helped to fix you computing issues!

        “because THE PEOPLE are so easily divided” if not exactly for this, what makes one man hate another man!?
        People are divided by their gods, bad politics, governments, colours, gender, sexual identity, borders, MSM, MSSM, stupidity, The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT/MACHINE to the point of killing each other ‘and it is my comment that is, obscene, careless, alarming, victim blaming, a problem’!?

        With that reply, Oh Wise One, may I suggest, in your spare time, you consider giving Lectures in Luntzspeak & Blair/Campbell/Mandelson Spinonomics, it’s almost masterful!

      3. I replied to you already if you are still misinterpreting my post, that is your problem.
        I most certainly will not apologise or grovel over something that is in your head!
        I am not one for playing the Luntzspeak game, did plenty enough of that to last me a lifetime 2015 to 2020!

      4. Skelly nelly …..Dont make casual comments about NIreland or the people who you know bugger all about.ITs real lifes and deaths.Mrs Connelly was shot in the eye and was allowed to bleed out for nearly six hours,whilst British paratroopers used sniper fire to kill anyone trying to retrieve her for medical treatment.The Catholic priest was shot dead waving a white handkerchief to attend the dying and wounded.The month before mrs Connelly and her family were serving tea and sandwiches to the army for saving them from protestant ethnic cleansing.We shall never in,know why the civilian population were murdered or why a few weeks later civilians were gunned down in bloody Sunday massacre,but your childish bigoted comments are the type of comments I would expect from a Tory or orangman.You really should keep your trap shut about Ireland and the brits that invaded it for the British Empire….Now go hide your head in shame.

      5. Look Joseph! You cannot just throw blame about where there is no blame, just who do you think you are to Judge, Try and Sentence me for what ever the hell is going on in your head! You do not get to judge me what I commented on and you most certainly do not get to judge me on what I do and don’t know about.
        If you did not understand what I said ASK! Yet you fling insults and accusations, I still replied in good faith with an explanation and you are reacting even WORSE!
        If you think I will crawl on my belly down the mall to apologise to you for something you misinterpreted, you can Fuck Right Off!
        I could not bear more than your first sentence of Text Diarrhoea and what I could see of the last, but from that if you think I will hang my head in shame or anything else because you are acting like a Stupid Reactionary Old Fart, you can Fuck Off Once More!
        Now Quit being an Arsehole! It does not become you!
        PS. I assume the Computer Hacks didn’t work for you!?

      6. Skelly nelly …I do get to judge your comments and interpret some of your foul language that is fairly typical of somone who mouth runs before brain engages.You are wrong to apply the slaughter of the innocent civilians as “because they don’t get on” Would you put that opinion of “because the people are divided” in Palestine or write it off as religious intolerance.?.Dont you understand that the History of Ireland is about Catholics driven off the land and denied the right to vote,work own property and furthur back the right to read even.Murder is never explained by “The people are so easily divided” …blaming innocent civilians for the division and land grab of the British Empire.?You are part of the problem Skelly with your sarcastic put down of innocent civilians and murdered majority who live in the island of Ireland.You might do yourself a favour and get some History lessons and also attend your local CLP to gain knowledge of the History of the formation of the Labour party came together with What you would probably describe as communists or far left whilst most would see people like me just plain old fashioned left wing socialist of the international community..I have relatives in the communist party and don’t appreciate the piss taking of good quality left wing Socialists.good morning skelly nelly and dont hide behind your name ?

      7. Has anyone seen the Raid!?
        There seems to be a Fly in here!

  3. It looks like Black Lives Matter to ‘Western’ MSM but not in Yemen nor Palestine.

    1. Absolutely the best reply I have witnessed from anyone since Bernadette Devlin mp punched the Home Secretary in the mouth after the bloody Sunday massacre ..ITs alarming that so little response of anger we get from other political commentators to the system of oppression and murder that the Israeli government get away with on a daily basis.IT was also enlightening on the size and nuclear threat of the Israeli military war machine.Thanks Jack for that !

      1. BIDEN – “And one of the things that I have seen thus far is that there has not been a significant overreaction,’ he said. ‘The question is how we get to a point – they get to a point –where there is a significant reduction in the attacks, particularly the rocket attacks”

        I may have posted here that with Biden & co taking office, we can expect more overt wars and invasions – as we are seeing now against the Palestinians.


        QUESTION – How is it that so many on the “Left” failed to recognise the four years in the lives of many of us, when we the UK and the USA were not involved in INTENSE bombing of the Palestinians❓

        Yes of course there have been proxy deadly military actions in The Yemen and Mali for example. However the thousand plus bombs on the Palestinians this week is indicative eg of Hilary Clinton of who some have said “There was never a war of which she was never knowingly NOT in favour. Hilary Clinton a DEMOCRAT feted by the “Left”. The same could be said of the creature W.M.D Blair. Yet those with influence on tbe TRUE “Left” despite overwhelming evidence grossly and irresponsibly misguide those who look up to them, that Biden, the Clintons, Obama, Bliar, Starmer & Evans should get our support be cause they CALL themselves Democrats or Labour.

        Interestingly, Reeves will be going to meet Biden’s team to see what she can learn.

        Surely, we must find a way to break the repeated swings between two cheeks of the same backside of self-servers. Doing as was always done is “kind and gentle” ONLY to those who have made it plain that they are wicked warmongers. There is ZERO integrity in enabling them. To enable wrongdoers makes one as guilty of their doings.

        It can take time to assess our political state and come up with a FRESH approach. Within months one could make key observations. It should not take FOUR years to try FRESH methods based on observations obvious to anyone.

        Therefore after FIFTY years close political experience, it is inexcusable that after four years of even CLOSER experience that there should be ZERO sign that anything has been learnt and ZERO sign of CHOOSING to change.


  4. Get some, ‘mister ambassador’

    Well in, that lad! Best thing I’ve seen for a long, long time. No doubt the skulking, surreptitious weasels will have marked his particular card, but I’ll bet he doesn’t give a shite if Israel’s on the green light system for holidays.

  5. I see Beckett’s been suspended from the clique party for tweeting that priti patel “should be deported”.

    A throwaway comment that has been deliberately and falsely misinterpreted to damage Beckett’s reputation with claims of a racist element, and one that will no doubt have had plenty of the ‘rags swooning in feigned indignation…

    Bloody stupid thing to do, but he’s given stammer & co the ammunition. Still wouldn’t put me off voting for him, though.

    1. Becketts throw away comment is suprising for a lawyer.ITs not a malicious comment about race just a comment any human being might make in anger at this horrible home Secretary and shows we need more like minded people who speak from the heart ❤.Perhaps he should concentrate on Westminster politics and prop up the shy socialist mps.

    2. The Toffee, quite odd, i posted a reply to u ages ago re Beckett, saying Yes Toffee. Read below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Not visible now.

      The Question is this – Hands up all those surprised that the likes of Starmer, Evans, Mandelson and vile cabal are doing exactly as they have always done and make it PLAIN that they will do as they’ve always done‼️

      NB – Were Jeremy, Dianne Abbot, Beast of Bolsover, Chris Williamson etc EVER given even a minor post since 1997❓

      If even one decided to test “bringing the party together” How many months or YEARS would it take to pause, reflect and ASSES results then change❓❓❓

    3. The Windrush People she and May deported are 2nd/3rd Generation British from ‘Invited to Britain’ Parents.
      Patel is 1st Generation British from Refugee Parents. (btw. the part of her parents fleeing Uganda as refugees, is not on Wikipedia any more and increasingly hard to find).
      Considering that Patel was, merely sacked, by May for Treason with Israel and not imprisoned, as in the real world, Howard could have a very valid Point.
      I wonder how Patel would deal with a Black Refugee daughter/son, 1st Gen Brit, Guilty of Treason!?
      One Day One FINE Day there will be no Borders, no Capital, no Government, no Weapons, no Wars, just Humans living a Humble and Full life Pfffft! Fine Dream! Bah! I will keep Dreaming!
      I really hate that when non/anti racist people say something that can be ripped to shreds, about Actual Racists and “make them out to be the racist”! Geezus! Don’t we all know about that! 2015 to 2020!

  6. Personally, I’d have Patel tried for treason and given life without parole when found guilty. She’d be lucky I didn’t demand the square black cloth to be handed to the judge.

    I couldn’t give less of a f**k if people want to shriek ‘racist’ at me. Nothing to do with race, so those shrieking racist are those giving away their racist mentalities.

    Because had it been de piffle, stammer or any white person – you name them – I’d still want them to pay the penalty for promoting a foreign nation’s interests above our own.

  7. The unsurprising word is that Howard Beckett has been suspended from the Labour Party.

    That Tories allowed to squat in the Labour Party, then enabled to continue doing just as they have always done by us the Left failing to learn and change, was predictable and predicted.

    It is illogical, and after several decades of close experience, disgraceful to believe that the Right Wing Tories using Labour can be “worked with”, “worked around” according to McDonnell, and “unified with for a Labour government”.

    What exactly is a “Labour” government❓ How can Tories committing Tory acts be thought of as a “Labour government”❓
    Where exactly is the integrity in ignoring the support and enthusiastic hope of over half million members and more millions of the general electorate, “to do everything to make them” … “THEM” being those whose latest act is to suspend Beckett… how exactly is it decent to CRAVE the approval of “THEM” who have not tried to hide their Tory aims and DETERMINATION … how exactly does that respect and encourage millions DESPERATE to change the status quo❓❓❓

    Until we reflect and accept REALITY that it is the definition of ridiculous to feed and encourage the parasites in the party, things will never be reversed. It is ridiculous and perverse. It is self satisfied, comfortable arrogance. The URGENCY and DESPERATION of the many is talked about but ZERO meaningful actions are taken to address the urgency and desperation.

    Anyone can talk about “bringing people together”. Which party is more “together” now? The one with a fraction of our membership. The one that we have NEVER heard repeating that mantra. The one that recognises that it is impossible to make all people in a whole country think the same. Neither is it desirable that we ie a whole country agree on anything. That is utterly ridiculous irresponsible fanciful fog.

    Even more irresponsible is the encouragement and imposition of that fog on the many who expected their hopes their choice to be respected.

    We do not ask, “tea or coffee”?, then when sixty percent say tea and forty say coffee, mix both together to compromise. That pleases no one. We do not ask, where shall we holiday, Land’s End ir John O’Groats, then after the arguments and decision, say that to bring people together, we’ll go to Birmingham.

    Self indulgent, self-satisfied fog has led to where we are. The remarkable thing is that we are here due to the fog of those older and more experienced than we are. They regard silence as “reflection”, then after flat infinite silence… with infrequent mumbling noises, do just as they’ve always done, say what they’ve always said, get the same results, same fog, same drift, the unwitting guards instep with the status quo.

    The many pay the price:


    1. The simple fact is as per Einstein – It is insanity to repeat the same errors yet expect a different result.

      How can adults with decades of experience REFUSE to reflect and change? GROUP THINK. Eg new people join an office / group / political party, they observe and listen in silence for ages, then having absorbed the group script, repeat in essence exactly the dead fog they have absorbed, so as not to “offend”… to be “comradely” only say nice things.

  8. And I doubt Beckett will be having his suspension lifted to help push through an important vote, or to regain control of a local council (In more than instance, IIRC)

    …Isn’t that right, any of you hypocritical tory twunt(s) reading this and pretending you’re incensed?

  9. The Labour party are becoming a exclusive club for a dwindling membership.The only action we see is a witchunt against the members and associated with the Labour party like Beckett.The Opposition party as disappeared from the working-class struggle.The future looks grim and its no suprise to see the frustration coming through amongst real socialists.

  10. Beckett’s just been on Sky news. Dodged a few elephant trap questions but honestly, Howard, you IDIOT! Just the excuse the right needed to kick you off the ballot. Fucking D’oh!

  11. Many will be disappointed to hear that Wes Streeting will be absent from the political scene for a while due to ill health

    Streeting tweeted this earlier today
    I want to share some personal news.
    From the end of next week, I’m going to be away from work for a little while as I’m about to undergo treatment for kidney cancer in the safe hands of the NHS.
    Personal statement:
    — Wes Streeting MP (@wesstreeting) May 14, 2021

  12. Well I wish him well with the operation,but he might like to contemplate that in a privatised NHS that him and his right wing misfits have achieved by destroying the last chance for socialism in the Labour party Corbyn then he shouldn’t be suprised when he looses his job along with the rest of the PLP and finds out that under the existing healthcare of the near future existing problems such as Cancer etc will not be covered on the insurance policy.He might not be talented enough to get a Top job with a insurance policy?.He might like nearly forty percent of the US have no policy or only limited treatment up to 2000dollers for the whole family.Well done mr streeting you may end up having a hard lesson on what your right wing agenda will be gifted to the people of Britain.

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