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Dodds next to go as women fall to Starmer’s desperation to divert blame for election catastrophe

Labour sources say Dodds also on way out after sacking of Rayner

Cicero Group, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After the sacking of deputy leader Angela Rayner as party chair and the reported removal of Lisa Nandy as Shadow Foreign Secretary, Keir Starmer is now set to sack Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds, according to Labour sources.

Skwawkbox view:

Dodds has previously been lined up to take the fall for Starmer’s disasters, but was reprieved after anger from women MPs. This time, it appears Starmer’s need to divert blame for his electoral catastrophe trumps his fear of women MPs and the opinions of women voters.

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    1. Shunting of Dodds was FIRMLY intended at least a month ago. Intended to post that then. Will be replaced by Reeves. Think Nandy or Rayner will go to Cabinet office or wherever Reeves was. Though Keith may have thought Nandy was plotting behind his back to replace him. He may have misheard “Mandy” … but he can’t do anything about the one who put Labour in decline in Scotland and ran the campaign for Milband or one of the other Tories … name slips me. Alas the multitude of facts to demolish the myths were never repeated to the public. Eg the only reversal of vote share in Hartlepool since 1997 was at the 2017 election. Bewilderingly, such hard facts necessary to counter myths right here at home are almost NEVER mentioned by ANY on the Left to the GENERAL public, DESPITE having public platforms.

      1. And what ‘public platforms’ are those signpost?

        I see yur straight back into yur left-bashing after yer vacation!

    1. Andrew i agree with you. Let it die. At every opportunity we must vote them out. They are pests⛔️⛔️⛔️

  1. It looks as if he has a severe problem around women. This will finish him in the eyes of many. His biggest fan (the Guardian) will be incandescent.

      1. He will be moving the Shadow Cabinet massively to the right, and it will have a far more “Laddish” character- Keir clearly thinks he needs to make the party less feminist, less anti-racist- he clearly never REALLY cared about AS, he just helped smear Corbyn as a means of anathemising the man- sterner, colder, more judgmental of anybody not in a “traditional family”.

        This is all about making Labour a party even nastier than the Tories.

        He hasn’t noticed that nastiness and moving to the right were the cause of all the Labour losses on Thursday.

      2. kenburch –“the right were the cause of all the Labour losses on Thursday.”
        I guess that ‘explains’ why so many voted Tory.

      3. steveh “the right were the cause of all the Labour losses on Thursday.”
        I guess that ‘explains’ why so many voted Tory.

        It would hardly be news-worthy even if every single reprobate MP on the hard right of the Labour party actually crossed the floor an joined the Conservatives, so the fact that many of them vote for Tory is not a surprise. (Rumour has it that it’s a requirment to be considered as a Co-operative Party PPC)

        Peter Mandelson and the trlateral billionaires are reportedly “very relaxed”about it.

        Labour is dead. Long live a future Labour party.

      4. qwertboi – You are welcome to try setting one up. Did you note the election results for the various alternative parties of ‘the left’. Didn’t they do well?

      5. “You are welcome to try setting one up. …”

        There’s the rub: It has to be set up by a currently affiliated Trade Union or else it would just be a new political party – a bit like Chucka’s bookclub – except it would probably last longer…

      6. qwertboi – You’re right, but doesn’t the lack of support and the absence of a credible leader tell you something?

      7. Keep distancing yourself from Starmer,Steve H..IT might work for now.Remember you are on probation though and you are not allowed to fall off the wagon again.Keep repeating “Broad church means no Church” and that should keep you on the straight and narrow(no inferance).

      8. >>You’re right, but doesn’t the lack of support and the absence of a credible leader tell you something?

        Yup. That Starmer is panicking, has no clue, no plans and no future. But this cult of new Labour 2.0 like a cancer has devoured Labour good people are struggling to keep the name alive despite the insane leadership.

        But go down in flames take the once great Labour party with you and maybe just maybe the party that emerges from the ashes will learn that the right wing cfan never be trusted! That slick liars that tell you they are socialistas one minuet and then will be more Tory than the Torys are liars. That you can’t run a party being controlled by the PLP it has to be controlled by the membership with full ability to kick any MP, officer etc that is sabotaging, lying etc to the damn curb with a simple vote.

        But keep on supporting the cult demonstrate your way is so superior? Oh that’s right what was it were be 20 points ahead without a socialist in a socialist party! SO after a year why is the membership down, why is the vote down if this cult you worship is so wonderful in a f’ing pandemic being mishandled like crazy you can’t get votes!!!

        This cult tries to alwase blame everyone and everything else and never can quite work out maybe appeasing the Tory scum at every term, abstaining on everything else. No policies, no hope or really anything to offer and this is why your destroying your selves but hay ho carry on.

        The membership is falling and the socialist you relied on are refusing to help idiots that don’t listen. Your come up with some glib BS and I don’t care because I know what I am. The right wing destroys only, never builds, never learns until that fact is slammed into enought peoples skulls Labour will continue to flat line…

      9. steveh “but doesn’t the lack of support and the absence of a credible leader tell you something?”

        Yes, it’s not the right time yet. Starmer and others on the right have more damage to do before a left-lead phoenix Labour can flourish.

      10. qwertboi – Or to put it more succinctly. You simply don’t have the numbers in the PLP, or the membership, or the voters (plus there isn’t an effective mechanism to change this even if you did have the membership numbers)

      11. Steve. In reply to your r3.49pm post, that’s where we differ. Yours is a fabian, top/down approach and mine is not. I love Labour History, and the creation of the Labour party and its precursors happened primarily by force of people-power, which, I believe, could happen again under late capitalism as the political establishment becomes ever-more authoritarian amd managerial.

        Just as my great, geat gandparents looked every day to “make socialists” and formed an embryonic Labour Movement, people today do not need the material benefit that was their aspiration, but, instead, at 100 seconds to midnight (doomsday clock), they need a geen socialist paradigm change. It’s happening right under our noses (look at Corbyn’s 17 and 19 Election manifestos to see it) and we haven’t yet fully admitted it to ourselves.

    1. An horrible stench around Starmer and he only has himself to blame!!
      Do those who voted for him have anything to be proud of?
      I Fckin doubt it!!
      My belief is.
      He wouldn’t make a socialist PM has long as he has an arsehole!!!
      “Et too Starmer, I came to dig Socialism not bury it”!!
      I could do a better job than both Tory clowns!
      Vote for me I will free you all from the shackles of Conservatism, Austerity, racism and money problems!!
      My manifesto, for when the point of my boot goes up the crack of both their arses!!
      Just had a horrible dream!
      Nobody, voted for me too be the next Premier!!

  2. Don’t know much about her but thought she was one of few who are good at interviews. Starmer cleansing the party for a future leader.

    1. What?

      The Annelise Dodd who point blanked refused to criticise Osborne for starving the NHS of cash?

      1. I don’t see it as any sort of discipline, rather cowardice in the face of the enemy.

    2. I’m sure someone has said this somewhere before, but, this is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the proverbial, isn’t it.

      Promotions for Phillips and Streeting. 🙂

      Connecting Bryant with Wales. Mark Drakeford is, quite obviously, doing far too well. Soon put an end to that.

      I do feel sorry for Dodds. She worked closely with John McDonnell and did well. I always had the sense that she and Starmer never did hit it off. Mind you, who does?

      Ah, well – off to bed. Tomorrows another day of fun.

  3. Labour party is just about finished rumor has it streeting is starmers num 2 now who the fuck would want to vote for these parasites I’d like to no how many people have stopped their membership fees another party is definitely needed

    1. Oh well now! Here’s you, Howard, taking a pop at wee stevens very same post as I did.

      Tell us.. WHY have YOU defended the “shill” signpost Ion another thread, then decided to call me a shill for doing the EXACT same thing as you did?

      What a self-own. But still, any excuse to label someone a shill, eh?

      I’m afraid YOUR credibility is at zero, dear boy.

    2. An estimate 50 000 grassroot members left Labour since Starmerfuhrer took office. Mostly driven out by bogus claims by him and his cohort. Hodge first and foremost in the false allegations scheme with 200 retracted claims/allegations that were facing court challenges.

  4. What’s left of the Labour Party is now imploding under the ‘Leadership’ of Starmer. When he brings back the likes of Luciana Berger and her confederates in the Israel Lobby as replacements for the amateur Zionists such as Rayner, the destruction will have been complete. Starmer is intent on replicating the performance of Blair but he fails to understand that after Blair, Socialists will be less inclined to be fooled again.

    What Starmer cannot grasp, which should have been obvious from the increase in membership when Jeremy Corbyn became Leader, is that the Labour Party is a Socialist Party or it’s nothing. Why offer the electorate ‘Tory lite’ when they can have the real thing under Bozo?

    1. ps. Anyone ever heard Starmer mention Grenfell cladding including other flats affected by flammable cladding? or SERCO, Ranox, G4S, Post Office IT tragic convictions of innocent post masters??? …

      Me neither. So don’t expect him to mention that the Queen’s cousin The Prince Michael of Kent, the husband of The Princess Pushy of Kent, has been recorded at a do where wealthy Russians could hire him for £10,000 per day to intercede on their behalf to Vkadimir Putin and or his closest associates ALLEGEDLY. But i want SIR Starmer to use his Parliamentary Privilege to ask question of Johnson to confirm what actions he will take on this alleged scandal and corruption st the heart of the British Establishment.

      ALSO – I want SIR Starmer to ask, when will The Sordid Duke of York be extradited to the USA to assist the authorities with their investigations re the trans continental – industrial pedophile trafficker Epstein and The Duke of York’s other “friends” and “business partners”.

      Methinks these are just a few URGENT matters a true “Leader of the Opposition” would pursue rather than give full support to Johnson.

      1. windchimes – There is non so blind as those that don’t want to see.

        “The Commons has passed – with 263 MPs voting in favour and none against as Tories abstained – a Labour motion calling on the government to protect leaseholders across the country living in homes with unsafe cladding.

      2. SH, the Tory cabal who “worked night and day to undermine Jeremy” with unsubstantiated claims of AS, were lying night and day for ALL of the last approx five years. They were on every single day. THAT is the sort of commitment the should have devoted to urgent matters like flammable cladding. “A Labour motion”… REPEAT “A” is nothing compared to the hours your lot put in to sabotage what could have been a massive TRUE Labour win in 2017 and 2019 without SIR Keith Starmer’s REMAIN / People’s Vote grenade. 🛑📛🛑📛🛑📛

      3. windchimes – What are you getting all excited about, I’ve simply pointed out that your original premise is wrong. It’s not my fault that you repeatedly make stuff up. You should resist the temptation be either lazy or disingenuous, it does nothing for your credibility.

      4. “It’s not my fault”


        “You repeatedly make stuff up.”

        What a lying, hypocritical victim you are. Gonna elaborate on what windchimes has supposedly “made up” are you?

        No? Then shut your cryarsing and then fuck off and die.

      5. Toffee – Oh dear, is that really the best you could come up with. You are becoming a boring parody of your own act.

      6. Again – all bluster and deflection while offering nothing to back up your assertions.

        And the same flogging the dead horse ripostes. We ought to set up a steve h answer bingo.

        It’s not my fault

        Is that that the best you can do?

        You are, of course, entitled to your opinion

        Oh dearie me

        Love you too

        Wait and see

        Plus many, many more. You are one torpid, monotonous imbecile, with zero social skills or self awareness. You are the only person I’m aware of could make that godawful zombie zuckerberg sound and look positively vivacious.

        You could at least TRY to add a bit of variety instead of relying on your ad nauseam default answer pile.

        No wonder people are turned off the labour party if you’re representative of it. Jesus! But people’s lives are trying enough that they just don’t require the ennui that is your only offering.

      7. Toffee – If there’s anything else that you’d like to add whilst I make a cup of tea.

      8. Shush Windchimes..IF the News of big “Winnings” gets out every snout will want to get in on the act. “Money 💰 is too tight to mention” in the Labour party .,,yure going to start a Stampede to get their snouts in the trough.?

      9. Toffee, why are you defending a lying little Nazi shill piece of shite – ie signpost?!

        In the following example signpost concocts a lie so as to discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, and then – when I question him about it a couple of days later in another thread – he lies AGAIN and claims he DIDN’T say what he said, and then lies yet AGAIN and accuses *me* of making it up. And yur defending a piece of Nazi propagandist scum like THAT! FFS!! Your credibility just plummeted to absolute ZERO!

      10. Listen here, howard, you total crank, I’m not defending anybody.

        I asked wee steven what was wrong about the claims signpost made about Corbyn being undermined at every turn by the a/s claims. He said signpost was “getting excited” and said his “premise was wrong” but once again refused to elaborate, when challenged to do so, such is the weirdo’s m.o

        So get your head out of your paranoiac arse and refrain from making your “shill” accusations. You’re as obsessed with doing that as the even weirder one is with stammerism.

      11. Yeah toffo, what a genuine poster you are. NOT, you Nazi fucking apologist! Funny, isn’t it, how you avoided oh-so subtly saying anything in respect of signpost’s Big fucking Nazi Lie. So do I take it that had SteveH mentioned it and, as such, provided you with evidence that signpost is a lying piece of shite, that you would have then apologised to him. Yes?!

        The reality is that you KNOW signpost is a lying fascist shill who has posted literally hundreds and hundreds of posts concocted and designed to discredit the left, and I KNOW that you have undoubtedly seen the post in which he concocts the Big Lie about Robin Lees BEFORE, given that I’ve posted it on here at least a dozen times in the past year precisely so as to expose him for the Nazi piece of shill-shit that he is to readers of this blog. So Nazi lying shill good, eh, and poster who calls out Nazi shite bad, eh. Yeah toffo, you just exposed yourself big time for the fucking im-poster you are and, as I said earlier, your credibility as a genuine poster has now plummeted to absolute ZERO. People who defend Nazi fucking black propagandists who get paid handsomely to lie and fabricate so as to manipulate what people think and believe and dupe them are as bad as them, and total scum as such.

        Have a nice Nazi day toffo.

      12. PS And you are of course being totally disingenuous toffo in your ‘reply’ to me when you fraudulently claim that you were asking SteveH to provide proof of something specific signpost made up. No you didn’t you lying piece of shite, and THIS is what you said of course,first quoting what steveh said to signpost:

        “You repeatedly make stuff up.”

        What a lying, hypocritical victim you are. Gonna elaborate on what windchimes has supposedly “made up” are you?

        You did NOT ask ‘wee steven what was wrong about the claims signpost made about Corbyn being undermined at every turn by the a/s claims’, and you are just lying through your teeth as such.

        And the fact that you have nothing whatsoever to say in respect of signpost concocting a lie about Robin Lees pursuing legal action against Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison (who he was OBVIOUSLY alluding to) says absolutely REAMS about who and what you really are toffo, let alone the fact that YOU yourself then make out you said something you didn’t in response to SteveH so as to avoid having to comment about signposts Big fucking Nazi Lie. Jeeze man, you think yur so fucking clever, and yet yur so fucking transparent it’s a joke!

      13. Well now! Talk about being the exuberance of your own verbosity, Allan…

        You should change your handle to Phil E Bluster.

    1. And if the rumours of are true and he wants to replace Rayner with Wes Streeting that’ll go down like a tonne of shit with red wall voters……an openly gay remainer.

      1. Screeching? Burger me! Frank Sidebottom head’s balls are still to drop. The shadow cabinet will look like a who’s who of fucked-up Tussauds waxworks

        He’s not fit to be in charge of the crayons ffs.

        But they’re welcome to him.

      1. Luke Akehurst is still a member of the NEC.
        It is worth noting that he was elected by the membership in the first round with far more votes than any other candidate. Somebody must love him.

      2. His mum, perhaps- the next NEC elections will not be a victory for the hard right, after the disaster the hard right caused this Thursday.

      3. That was the past, SteveH. You can’t assume Akehurst is still supported by those who voted for him for the NEC after the result on Thursday- a result that was caused solely by the Labour Right.

        And SteveH, before you defend Luke any further, you should know that he actually supports what the U.S. did to Vietnam- why would you ever ally yourself with anyone like that?

      4. “Beaten by a Green”. Well of course that’s what happens when there isn’t a Labour candidate in the contest.

    2. A small joy, but joy nevertheless, the creature for hire should not be let anywhere near a party of the Left.

    3. Lundiel, in the words of Pablo Iglesias founder of the PSOE in the late 19thC “Today can be a great day” The news that Akehurst has lost his Councillor seat and that Starmer is promoting Wes Streeting to Party’s Chair is worth celebrating.
      I am not going to be surprised if things don’t chance soon, that in a possible GE in 2023 (it would be silly for Johnson no to take advantage) the Labour Party could easily lose 30 seats or more.
      We need to concentrate our efforts in protecting the seats presently held by members of the Socialist Campaign Group both as MPs and Cllrs. Then we can reclaim our Party back with less right wing parasites on our ranks.

    4. lundiel – 0942 – he was on Twitter, yesterday, trying to take some credit for Welsh Labour’s – and Mark Drakeford’s stunning success.

      Have I mentioned – Drakeford upped his personal majority, by 10,000. Despite his pre-occupation with the Welsh COVID-19 Pandemic, he, also, managed to implement large swathes of Jeremy Corbyn’s GE17 and GE19 Manifestos. Democratic Socialism – unfettered – and it paid-off. It’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault! 🙂

      1. Drakeford proves a pandemic is no excuse for not offering policies. If he can offer policies, Keir could have, too- by contrast, everyone knows Keir was never going to even HOLD the previous Labour vote by reducing the offer to “it’s enough that it will be US doing it!”. Thursday proves Labour can never win by NOT saying what it will do if elected, or by holding off offering policies until 2023, when it will be too late for any policies Labour could offer to matter.

  5. Christ!

    The possibility of the fat tongued Orville the duck soundaiike ashworth being promoted increases with every binning of the other useless bleeders.

    The turd polishing guild must be getting double time with a day in lieu!!

    1. Oh, it appears ashworth is being binned… Would NEVER have seen that coming…bet he won’t be being photographed having a drink with Keith ever again… Or will he?

      1. lundiel – Have they kissed and made up, I recall Novaramedia reporting that they had separated.

      2. Toffee, is this payback for Ashworth staying put in the Shadow Cabinet during the “chicken coup” in the summer of 2016?
        Although, openly critical of Corbyn, Ashworth reportedly refused to vote in the vote of confidence against Corbyn and abstained instead and refused to stand down from his Shadow Cabinet position serving under Corbyn until the end of JC’s leadership.
        Contrast, Ashworth’s behaviour with Starmer, that in the vote of confident voted against Corbyn and resigned in 2016 from his position in the Shadow Cabinet.
        It could explain too the sacking of Angela Rayners as she served in all of Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinets post “chicken coup” I wonder if Emily Thornberry would be sacked too.

    1. It will be called “BeLabour 1.0”. It’s weedroots organisation will be known as “Nomentum”.

  6. Starmer, obviously, hasn’t heard of ‘doing the decent thing’.

    Or, perhaps, he has, and he’s nothing more than a coward?

    In which case, he’s a coward and a liar.

    Only seems like yesterday… Ah, well!

    1. lundiel – It would be difficult to avoid MPs who supported remain. The vast majority of the PLP supported remain as did 70% of the membership (Jeremy Corbyn’s estimate).

      1. And who’s doing is it that stammers got less to choose from?

        That’s right numbnuts. We haven’t forgotten you gave your blessing to stammers shithousery despite you not having your say.

  7. If there is a planned reshuffle then it is quite ridiculous to do it straight after such a huge defeat. Gives the impression of sheer panic.
    If it is being done out of sheer panic it gives the impression of sheer panic.
    Headless chicken time. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

      1. Should we wait and see wee fella?

        Change the fucking record, you colossal bore.

      2. Toffee – ….but obviously interesting enough for you to follow me around like a needy saddo..

      3. “decisive leadership” whilst under the influence….

        of trilateral bllionaires and critical Daily Mail articles – and a very poor set of advisers.

        Sir Keir is a deer “caught in the headlights”.

      4. @ Steve H – 2349 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, Stevie boy.

      5. qwertboi – I have to pick you up on one thing. A deer is a majestic creature with keen senses and the leader of the herd is strong in defence of his herd against outsiders. I would have gone for “a rabbit with myxomatosis”.

      6. I’m afraid that sacking people for briefing against one’s personal adviser (who gave the worst possible advice in the circumstances) isn’t ‘decisive’, it’s suicidal. It also appears to signal the end of Starmer’s attempt to win back the red wall. In which case he can only hope to steal the votes of unhappy Conservatives in the South East/South West.

      7. SteveH, “decisive leadership” Starmer would need to be a leader first, he never was leadership material. We are witnessing the chickens coming home to roost.

  8. I see little stevie is hard at work, doing what he is paid to do come to this site and disrupt the debate wherever he can, but he can only do that if you engage with the wretch. Please ignore him and he will go away.

    1. John… He just refuses to get the message

      The moron has spouted that much shite about just how *popular* stammers supposed to have been, and even though stammer’s been unequivocally rejected, problem child persists with his utter bilge, aggravating and alienating further and thereby disproving his own stance ever further.

      It’s a vicious circle with the imbecile.

      He is some sort of idiot savant but without any specifically enhanced skill set a savant has.

      He is the archetypal turd that just will not flush, personified. If the electorate needs an enema, steve h is where you’d insert the tube.

      1. Toffee – Nobody is forcing you to follow me around like a saddo troll.

      2. Toffee – I’m not the one wasting my time writing essays or pretending to get angry.

      3. And nobody’s forcing you to keep posting the repetetive, nonsensical bollocks that you do.

        ..Or are they? Nonetheless, you’re doing every bit as shite a job of attracting support as the other genius (allegedly) leading the party.

      4. Calling you out is being a troll is it?

        From the prick who finds it ‘exhilarating’ knowing he’s gone out of his way to get a ride out of me.

        And you call me a ‘saddo’ !?

      5. Rise… Not ride… Jesus what a revolting thought 😨

        Anyways, I’m back off to me pit, I’ll leave it to Joseph to take ownership of you for the rest of the small hours.

      6. Toffee – I agree the thought is revolting, as is the thought that it may be a Freudian slip on your part. Are you a stalker.

    2. I may be wrong but “centrist Dad” stevie boy 👦is becoming increasingly disillusioned with the knights shadowy misfits and appears at times to lack any real enthusiasm for moving the deckchairs around.on the captains ship.

    1. Am I indeed?

      That’s why your having your arse handed to you by just about everybody, isn’t it?

      Had anything right.. ever?

      You won’t even answer that.. That’s how disjointed I am. You have nothing on me. Not a dicky bird.

      Why? Because it’s you who’s ‘easy’ wee fella. 👍😉

  9. Well its off to Kampot.for a minor celebration of Bolton wanderers promotion to division one.I noticed Hartlepool fc are also in line for promotion as well..I am sure Johnson will take credit for that as well.Now Bolton wanderers story is entirely different with the eviction of the tax dodging Chairman and Tory doner Bolton wanderers have risen from the ashes of bankruptcy and have gained promotion from the first asking.Lessons learnt is that the Captain at the helm and a competent crew are the first requirement on raising the ship from the depths.IT also helps if you have good navigation skills..Thats why the Labour party are doomed with neither a captain or crew that know where they are going.

    1. Toffee – As I said above, I’m not the one wasting my time writing essays.
      Please feel free to ignore me.
      A reply is optional.

      1. As for the bellend, see a few posts previous.

        I’ll leave you with this. Keith did well,didn’t he? Just like you told us all to wait and see…like you do with everything else that he’s bollocksed you on.

        As long as there’s a hole in your arse, you’ll NEVER get it right.

        … Over to you, Joseph. I’m knockin off. The excitement’s become too much 😴

      2. Toffee – As I said earlier, like a moth irresistibly attracted to a flame. Pleasant dreams.

      3. Chin up Steve H the light is darkest just before dawn.But being as this is a round the clock blog your dawn will not arrive.Be content with the Caribbean island sunshine and try to focus on how we all make mistakes and have to live with it.IN your case its had some destructive consequences and for that I am sure you will be sorry.I don’t think you ever intended to destroy the Labour party by voting,supporting and paid propaganda for the right wing destroyers of the Labour party.

    2. Yes. Congratulations to Bolton Wanderers but, when you are celebrating in Kampot, spare a thought for Darlington.
      Incidentally, You may not be the only contributor from the Far East. The subsequent post was sent at 2.59 a.m. UK time so either it was posted from your part of the world or somebody can’t sleep.

      1. Thankyou Goldbach We all get a sense of identity from the support of a local football team and mine is Bolton wanderers despite having left the Town with my near bankrupt parents after the collapse of the cotton industry in the 50and early 60s.I never thought that I could live anywhere else except W.Cork Passage west.Shows what thought did I suppose.I am too old now to see ambitious Socialist revival again,but at least I have got to see the revival of my team Bolton wanderers and maybe one day Bolton Town along with all the other mill towns were Labour took for granted many ignored by our Westminster glitterati of the Labour party PLP and taken for granted and a ride.

  10. What have Bolton Wanderers and the Labour party got in common
    Nobody owns them, you cannot buy a team or a party, they belong to the people

      1. 500,000 members
        14 million supporters in 2017
        We are already Super League, just need change of ownership and a progressive manager

  11. …….& to make matters worser Starmer commits the the unforgivable ‘woke’ crime of misogyny.. I am so sad t seeing Lisa Nandy; Anabelle Dodds & Angela Rayner sacked…….serves them right!

  12. Full support for Starmer from Dodgy Dan Norris now Mayor of the West of England and New Labour to the core; gave full support to the war on Iraq and more. No lessons to be learned for them.

    1. His only course of action now, is to court full on Blairites and disgruntled Tories in the South/South West. No more red wall for Keith.

    1. lundiel
      I’ve just had the most satisfying shit I’ve had in a long time
      Could not be prouder, the fucker is a danger to shipping

  13. SteveH
    You promised to leave this site if Labour lost Hartlepool, came 3rd in Scotland and lost hundreds of Councillors
    I want you to stay, for simple reason you support my theory that Red Tories have not got a single progressive thought in their heads
    Just the choice between cheap and nasties and an ersatz version

    1. Oh ffs Dougal! 🙄

      You were doing really well until: “I want you to stay…”

  14. Labour’s loss of control in Sheffield (with the Greens winning 6 seats) owes much to its PFI deal on road maintenance which led to the unnecessary cutting down of trees and intimidation of protesters.

    Young people and the professional classes now have somewhere to go other than Labour or the Liberals. Starmer and New Labour 2 are failing in their own terms.

  15. The tittle tattle will soon forgotten. What used to be ‘smoke filled rooms’ has been relocated to fragrant drawing rooms where éminence grises dwell and where real party direction and discipline is advised and wishfully observed. Not wasting time with arguments, lawmaking and politics that you can’t affect. The present situation is the ideal for the corporatist resurgence which needs time to embed itself again and the grown ups take charge. As observed, the working class have nowhere else to go.

  16. Getting back to Sir Keir the vote destoyer for a moment and particulary Hartlepool, as the Morning Star pinted out:

    The failure came after a poll commissioned by the CWU in Hartlepool showed overwhelming backing for policies such as a proper pay rise for NHS workers, free broadband and a renationalised Royal Mail.

    Unions say Labour was warned about a lack of vision for the campaign, which has also seen a number of key gains for the Tories at council level.

    CWU general secretary Dave Ward said: “Instead of embracing the findings and offering a positive vision for the future of the country, the right wing of the Labour Party went into denial mode and decided to attack our union rather than the government.

    “This approach leaves Labour on the brink of irrelevance.

    “With every passing day, the Tories are strengthening their support in previous Labour heartlands. Despite their misgivings, voters are staying with the Tories because they don’t know what Labour stands for.”

    Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said the loss was “staggering and worrying” and clear evidence that the strategy of the last year had not worked.

    “Disconnection from our heartland communities will only deepen unless they can look at Labour and see a party with clear, bold policies that understands and speaks for them,” he said.

    Momentum co-chairman Andrew Scattergood said the result was a “disaster,” calling for a left-wing vision for the party.

    He said: “A transformative socialist message has won in Hartlepool before and it would have won again.

    “Starmer’s strategy of isolating the left and replacing meaningful policy with empty buzzwords has comprehensively failed. If he doesn’t change direction, not only will he be out of a job — but the Labour Party may be out of government forever.”

    Yet shadow communities secretary Steve Reed said the Hartlepool result was “absolutely shattering” but insisted there is no going back on the strategy set out by Sir Keir.

    “I’m very comfortable that we now have a leader that the country could see as an alternative prime minister — the problem is the Labour Party itself,” he told the BBC, seeking to blame ordinary members.

    “What this shows is that, although we have started to change since the cataclysm of the last general election, that change has clearly not gone far enough in order to win back the trust of the voters.”

    Lord Peter Mandelson went further, blaming Labour’s shift left beginning with Ed Miliband since 2010 and claiming to have been told on the doorstep that it had then picked “the wrong brother” 11 years ago.”

    1. The lies they, MSM/Murdoch tell us which are then regurgitated as gospel for years after. ‘The wrong brother’ was never explained as policy difference, it was the unsaid implication of how photogenic David was compared to Ed, who couldn’t eat a bacon sandwich properly….and what was he doing eating bacon anyway? Everything is spin and lies.

      1. Yes, very true – just like “a HIV virus (which, like SARS-CoV-2, has never been isolated in the biochemical sense of the word) causes AIDS”.

        The oligarchs have secured control of information, virology, allopathic medicine and so much else and as somebody (George Orwell?) said “History is written by winners”.

  17. A Huffington Post journalist said yesterday on the BBC that the only way forward for the Labour Party is to have a ‘woman’ as leader.

    Can I recommend Margaret Hodge as Leader, with Jess Phillips as Deputy? (apologies for the thought Comrades)

  18. ……& offer an apology for the spelling in a previous post of Annaleise Dodds’ name; I couldn’t be bothered checking but now I’m ashamed.

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