Breaking: first Rayner sacked, now Nandy set to be scapegoated too

Labour sources say leadership lashing out at front-bench women and hoping to distract from dire leadership

On her way out? Lisa Nandy

Minutes ago, news broke that Keir Starmer had sacked Angela Rayner as Labour chair, as he seeks a scapegoat for his disaster in this week’s elections.

But now, Labour sources say that Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy is also in line to be sacked or moved to a lesser job.

Starmer’s flailing as he tries to divert blame and attention from his unelectability – and his first targets appear to be senior women on his front bench.

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    1. That is the plan. I.E. purge ALL of those not fullest strength one percent tools. Even the SLIGHTEST hint of not being TOTALLY committed to the status quo will be purged.

      That’s the plan. ⚠️🔺⚠️🔺⚠️🔺

  1. Every socialist knows the reason why Labour failed. Yet it will be the socialists and not Neolabour that will be held responsible. MSM scapegoated Jeremy Corbyn the last time and odds on it will be socialists that will take MSM flak now…for not voting Labour.

      1. I am of course talking in general terms. I would not cross the road to piss on the centrists or right wingers if they were on fire. Time will tell if my ire is correct but going on what has happened since Mr Corbyn was thrown to the gutter I am looking to the same to happen to the grassroots…as always. My membership card is in the bin. I am no longer grassroots.

      2. She’s considered “soft left”- Starmer already made the Shadow Cabinet a left-winger free one when he exiled RLB over a false accusation that she was AS- Nandy and Dodds are the closest to non-Tories in Keir’s current Shadow Cabinet- nobody who’s in it now could ever have fairly been called a socialist or even an egalitarian or a small-d democrat. Nandy was among the least-nasty, that’s pretty much it.

        At this point, no case for keeping Starmer as leader still exists- the Thursday results prove Labour can never gain seats by moving to the right and by treating Corbyn’s supporters as the enemy. Labour lost where it lost because most people think it no longer stands for anything, and that is the impression that Keir has gone out of his way to create.

        It’s time to admit that the Starmer’s war against socialists and socialism has done nothing but damage. He either has to stop treating the Left as the enemy or go.

      3. . I would not cross the road to piss on the centrists or right wingers if they were on fire.

        Nor me…even if I could piss paraffin, or they were allergic to piss.

  2. You’d think he’d have sacked Jenny Chapman who convinced him that the remain supporting doctor bloke was a good idea for Hartlepool.

      1. Hmmm. Hearing now that Jenny was doing a bit more than just advising him. Bet he slept on the couch last night.

  3. Keir, first sacked Long Bailey from the shadow cabinet and now if rumours are true, he is going after Nandy,. Hence, he is getting ride off of the two women candidates that stood against him for the leadership.
    This spells electoral disaster down the line.

    1. Aaaaaand who do we quite possibly have entering Starmer’s dimwitted Shadow Cabinet very shortly ? Already trailed by the MSM … Can that be the ‘Big Political Beasts’ beloved of the MSM , ie, Yvette Cooper and Hillary Benn ? It could very well be . And then the Austerity -supporting, flag-waving , pro privatising, pro NATO and Nukes, reality of Starmer’s grand plan will surely be clear to even the dimmest Leftie who voted for him on the basis of his cynical ‘Ten Pledges’. And of course that tiresome , stuck in a 1990’s UK timewarp, puppetmaster, Peter Mandelson, will be at Starmer’s side, whispering his bogus ‘electoral magic’, and masterminding Labour’s move to the totally unelectable far neoliberal Right .

      Labour is just soooo finished as a electable party , never mind a potential party of Left advance. Good though to see that opportunist turncoat , Angela Rainer, avid witch hunter of the Left, get her due ‘reward’ from Starmer.

      On the bright side, very soon surely even the dimmest socialist will at last grasp that Nulabour2 isn’t the party for them . Not the Socialist Campaign Group though – they’ll keep taking thir huge MP salaries as long as their seats are there – even as NuLabour tips over that metaphorical electoral waterfall into electoral oblivion, PASOK- style. .

      1. But…but…Keir wrote for a socialist magazine THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO. That’s ALL THAT MATTERS. THAT’S why socialists should back him NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES.

      2. Did the SCG print a joint analysis of the results? Did they offer advice on the way forward?

    2. What hasn’t stammer done to prevent electoral Armageddon? He hasn’t finished yet, not by a long chalk.

      1. The grand plan continues. Good night for the knight.

    3. And, if he brings Jess Phillips in, he’ll destroy any chances she might have for the leadership through association with him.

      1. At least that would be one service he could do for the party.

      2. Indeed. Or “Yay”, as they’ll be voting north of the Tweed in a couple of years.

    1. And when you have rejoiced, rejoice again. Let them eat themselves

      1. The tapeworms have devoured the host. They’ll feast on one another. There will have to be a new party. It’s not too late but look around and it’s close. I have endured years of abuse for even talking about changes that are taking place. Now they’re emailing me. Stay safe and secure.

    1. Chris – It looks like Nandy may not be getting ‘demoted’.

      Lisa Nandy
      Starmer will be desperate to show working class voters he is listening and may look to boost the role of Wigan MP and shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy.
      Her policy work on reviving the party’s offer to towns is highly rated and sources say he is keen for her to be seen on broadcast media more often.
      A sideways move to the Home Office role, replacing Nick Thomas-Symonds, to shadow Priti Patel may be on the cards.
      It would see Nandy front and centre of efforts to make the party credible on issues like crime and immigration, something vital to securing support in the red wall.

      1. I am reliably informed by a friend and neighbour with roots still in Wigan, that Nandy’s “offer on towns” shows absolutely no marks on the ground whatsoever in her own constituency. One would have thought that it would be the ideal place to try ideas and strategies out. But the local party appears to be virtually moribund from the activity point of view. Her majority is slowly whittling down, with only 2017 – the election that apparently never happened according to the right wing – showing an upswing. Just as it did in the constituency results of virtually all of Corbyn’s PLP opponents.

      2. Ludus57 – Nandy’s “offer on towns” shows absolutely no marks on the ground whatsoever in her own constituency. .
        It may have escaped your notice but the Tories are in charge with an 80 seat majority which rather limits the options for her and/or Labour to implement this or any other policy.

      3. Doesn’t mean Labour can’t put proposals and ideas out there. There’s no way the “say nothing and KEEP saying nothing” strategy can ever work- Labour didn’t lose in ’19 for not being vague and non-committal enough, ffs.

      4. kenburch – I’m guessing that’s why he announced a policy review a few weeks ago.

    1. I watched some Laurel and Hardy yesterday.
      At the moment, Starmer and his crew could learn better strategies from Stan and Ollie.

  4. Anything that scabby Nandy does goes dawn the shithole same as when she was owen smiths adviser in JC second leadership challenge im sure she will be scheming to get rid of starmer ;labour is a fucking joke party now

  5. The knight has ripped out the engine of the Labour party the activists who are mainly left wing socialist working class.Hes chased out the membership on trumped up charges and disillusioned those that stay and fight?.Can anyone be shocked to see a monster of their own creation turn on its own right wing and continue the destruction of the establishment Labour party.

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