Burnham on course for ‘landslide’ in Manchester as Starmer’s party implodes

Burnham set to buck trend according to insiders

Andy Burnham challenging Tory malignancy during lockdown last year

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham is on course to win a ‘landslide’ in his bid for re-election – in stark contrast to the disaster unfolding for Keir Starmer’s Labour across the country – according to Labour members on the scene.

Labour campaigners in Manchester report that they have never seen anything like the level of support Burnham has been receiving from locals – and the early word from the count has insiders using the word ‘landslide’.

Burnham, of course, stood out by standing up to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak when their malignant policies and callousness punished Manchester workers and businesses during lockdown last year – and against the Tories’ dithering and wilful disregard for scientific advice on schools.

And that is in stark contrast to Keir Starmer’s weakness, cowardice and abstention-addiction as Labour ‘leader’ – despite facing a murderous Tory regime.

The public gets behind people who stand for something – and stand up for it. Who’d have guessed, eh ‘Keith‘?

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  1. I predict that, if Keir DOES find some pretext to stay on as leader-we can already tell that this will be a worse local election result than any that ever occurred on Corbyn’s watch- he and Evans will make sure Burnham is blocked from any shortlist for any by-election.

    1. Kenburch, I don’t think Andrew Burham would be in the least interested to return to Westminster politics. I for once don’t blame him.
      Well done Andy, way to go?

      1. Sorry I mean Well done Andy, way to go !! exclamation marks rather than the interrogation “?”

  2. Probably to do with Burnham’s public transport pledge(s).

    Something else stammer promised but binned immediately after the gullible, thick gobshites elected him.

      1. Listen softshite, when I posted a link to the official labour website that said (in as many words) “labour respects the referendum result, and Britain is leaving the EU” you replied that is was from” An obscure website nobody visits”

        You’re quite capable of listing all sorts of links when YOU want to demonstrate something so look for something about it yourself.

        Infantile arsewipe.

      2. Stop accusing people of making things up, SteveH. Nobody here deserves that from you.

    1. https://keirstarmer.com/plans/10-pledges/

      Arguably, pledges 3 and 5 could be construed as a labour-style commitment to regulate the shareholder value exploiters that much of our transport for profit and treasury funding.

      OBVIOUSLY though, trilateral billionaires lackey Starmer is not a trustworthy or traditional Labour leader. His “ten pledges” are obviously not clear statements of his policies or values – most MSM ‘journlaists’ view Sir Keir’s 10 pledges as little more than clever smoke-and-mirror advertising copy to trick votes out of Labour members in the leadership election a couple of years ago.

      1. pah – typo-central here, I omitted key word above..

        “Arguably, pledges 3 and 5 could be construed as a labour-style commitment to regulate the shareholder value exploiters that RUN much of our transport for profit and treasury funding…”

    2. Andy Burnham might spiel a good game when it suits him, but he is a slippery neoliberal opportunist in reality. Personally responsible for the start of Labour’s introduction of contracting out entire hospitals to the private sector under the last Labour government. He is simply a ‘Left’ Blairite – who has a slight flair for the Left-sounding phrase, and a more effective manner with the MSM than the majority of the Starmeroid Shadow Cabinet. Slippery Andy undoubtedly (as with Johnson as Mayor of London) sees the Manchester Mayor job as his stepping stone back to Leadership of Labour. But his ‘business friendly’ past shows he is just another careerist scumbag. and of course the citizens of Manchester had the entire, Blaire inspired, US-style, ‘elected Mayor’ nonsense imposed on them – after they had specifically voted against having one !

  3. Burnham is interesting, he is not really seen locally as a ‘party political’ figure but his image is that he cares and is competent. The mayoralty of Greater Manchester doesn’t actually have much to do but he doesn’t go around making up policies and opining on everything. His fight with Boris over Covid was a godsend to him and made him a national figure. If he can be arsed he will get back into the Commons and could lead a swing back to labour but he is competent not full of crackpot policies so no help to the legions of lost Corbynites.

    1. Plain Citizen, do me a favour mate, could you possibly elucidate on these crack pot policies, which were hardly crack pot, indeed, given the environmental economic carnage coming our way, many of Corbyn’s & McDonnell’s policies were rather tame. And, strange is it not, many are now openly discussing free broadband in the wake of the Covid Crisis and how to teach kids when they can’t physically attend school. What a funny old world.

      1. “And, strange is it not, many are now openly discussing free broadband in the wake of the Covid Crisis and how to teach kids when they can’t physically attend school”

        IIRC that was ‘Sheer communism’ when Corbyn bandied the idea.

  4. Once more open the bleach, ex-comrades, once more;
    And piss up the wall up with our ‘Southside’ dead.
    In loss there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As arrogant stillness and stupidity:

    There see us drown like lemmings on ballot slips,
    Struggling before we start. The game’s now lost:
    Follow my spirit, and upon this cheer
    Cry ‘Sod off Starmer, England, doesn’t need Sir KEIR!’

  5. When Andy Burnham confronted Boris Johnson about inadequate Covid support for his city region he became more of a leader-figure than Sir Keir, the actual aleged-leader, who, it seems, doesn’t like to confront the Conservatives on anything for fear of upsetting his trilateral billionaire backers or a floating Conservative voter or two who read the Daily Telegraph (other billionaires press outlets are available and ubiquitous). This is the trilateral Labour strategy for Power.

    Starmer’s problem is that he doesn’t disagree with the Conservatives or very many issues. Burnham’s validity is that he does.

    The Labour party needs rid of Keir Rodney Starmer as leader rather urgently.

  6. Why would Andy Burnham a reformed man wish to be leader of the bankrupt Labour party.Hes quite canny and not stupid enough to swop a home in the North West for a carnival atmosphere of the PLP.Andys on probation and settling in well…with a good job with prospects in Manchester.y

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