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Video: Sky’s chief politico calls Starmer ‘Keith’ – twice – as ‘centrist’ disaster unfolds

Insult added to self-inflicted injury as even broadcaster’s political expert fails Starmer on name recognition

Feeling blue: ‘Keith’ Starmer

As a disastrous night begins to unfold for Keir Starmer, Sky News chief political correspondent Jon Craig rubbed salt in the wounds of the most disastrous Labour leader in living memory.

As Craig talked to a LibDem peer, he tried to compare the ‘yellow Tories’ excuses with those made by the Labour leader – except Starmer’s lack of recognisability, policy and substance flummoxed even the channel’s politics specialist, who called him ‘Keith’.


With results barely starting to come in, Labour has lost more than a dozen council seats in Sunderland, as well as seats in Northumberland and the West Midlands to huge swings to the Tories – and the word from Hartlepool is that Labour has been ‘slaughtered’.

This is against a party led by a ‘social murderer’ whose policies and sociopathy have led to the deaths of more than 150,000 people – compared to the twenty-six deaths in fellow island nation New Zealand – a party also mired in corruption and barely even trying to hide it.

The video clip is funny. Starmer is not. He has to go.

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    1. A pile of bricks would be an improvement. This is a catastrophic result for which Keith is responsible just like 12.12.20.

      Starmer is a craven wetwipe who should now be finished.

    2. @Centrist Dad

      Anyone but Starmer? We’d be thirty points ahead of the tories by now…

      I can’t help but smile to myself this morning. Because your beloved has managed to leave Labour in an even worse state than Corbyn.

      Shall we discuss about how they differed? I’m thinking about their treatment by the press and the PLP amongst other things.

      Also, I find myself pondering about Mandelson. I wonder if he still believes we have nowhere else to go?

    3. The knight and his misfits set out to change the Labour party and thousands bailed out.,followed by the voters.Simple politics from a simple bunch of parasites fighting for a overcrowded platform.Some are bound to fall off in the scrum and its looking like Labour have bankrupted themselves by voting for a knight to represent a divided broad church shambles.

    4. ONLY ONE WAY!
      The Hard Way!

      Vote them OUT at GE2024 Every last one of the Parasite Filth, Vote them OUT!

      If it is Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory MP/Candidate VOTE IT OUT!

      If they’re a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MP/Candidate VOTE THEM IN!

      A small but Parasite free Party with a Massive Membership, CLP Councillors/Candidates for every seat and Parasite Free Unions, will be far more effective For The PEOPLE than a 95% Neolabour Tory Occupied, Corrupt, Conniving Party for Themselves and The Establishment NOT The PEOPLE!

      1. I see that you haven’t managed to come up with a credible alternative yet

  1. Well done Steven. I saw this @ 10 minutes ago & thought you’d pick up on it. Great speed!

  2. Various people (on the Sky News coverage) are explaining away the poor results by saying that given the result in 2019, Starmer could hardly be expected to turn it around in just one year. But THAT doesn’t square with polling results during the past year, which stood at around 20 points behind the Tories on average when Starmer became leader, and was then down to about 5 points on average in a matter of several months, and by the end of October was neck and neck with the Tories and stayed that way for several months before the gap began to widen again.

    Did a section of potential Labour voters decide that he – Starmer – HAD turned things around as the months went by, and then a few months later decide that he HADN’T after all!

    It doesn’t make sense of course, and selecting a Remainer as a candidate – which no doubt the MSM kept reminding their readers and viewers and listeners about – was hardly going to go down well with Leavers.

    1. Oh I see that Starmer and Co came up with the platitude that ‘Labour have a mountain to climb’ so as to explain away the disasterous result they knew was coming in Hartlepool (and elsewhere)….. It is rather odd though how according to the polls during the past year he climbed up to a point where he was more-or-less at the same level on the mountain as the Tories – and stayed level with them for several months – and then began to slip further and further behind again.

      In other words, it’s a load of bollox!

      1. Perhaps my attempt to develop the ‘mountain’ analogy should have finished….. and then began to slip further and further DOWN again.

  3. Centrism succeeded against the weakest cheap and nasty Tory party in modern history and still managed to lose 5 million votes
    No 9ne wants a choice between two Tory parties
    Now who is going to challenge Corn Beef tin head

  4. Good riddance to the Centrists. What is particularly delightful is for anyone paying attention, quite how ready the MSM to obfuscate for Starmer and co. and try to package their excuses in a way that convinces low information (MSM consuming) Centrists and liberals. Is the a word more apt than “Blatant” for the bias shown the NuNu Labour Party leadership by our glorious Fourth Estate?

    1. Anybody seen the Forde Report? Starmer had it a while back, but he seems to have mislaid it.

      If found, please go straight to publishing it.

  5. That is Hilarious, the poor guy probably mantra’d away ‘Don’t say Keith, Don’t say Keith, Don’t say …..’ just before, I guess Freudian Slip is to blame for that one! I hope he gets a pay rise not the sack but then Strotter’s Mafioso is everywhere! He is probably combing and bending the Law this way and that way to get the poor guy banged up right next his prized achievement Julian Assange!

  6. Let’s be honest, it’s probably just a spelling autocorrect facility in the alleged-journalist’s brain (or computer) and ‘Keir’, being a fine socialist name (despite Rodney Starmer’s ownership of it), is seen as a false word, a spelling mistake.

    Remember, these alleged ‘journalists’ don’t like to think for themselves, and have numerous neoliberal apps to remove any mention of socialism, or indeed any “alternative’ to neoliberalsim – which, of course, as the billionaires tell us, there are none (TINA).

    1. Hartlepool f c are getting promoted this season,I wonder what our wkend footballer Sir keir Rodney Starmer thinks of that?.not everyone is a looser in Hartlepool

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