Video: thousands of club-goers sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ during trial re-opening

Former Labour leader still inspires young people

When clubs re-opened in Liverpool last week in a government trial as part of the lifting of lockdown, it’s unlikely the Tories expected to hear hundreds of young people singing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’. But that’s exactly what happened.

As the iconic White Stripes tune ‘Seven Nation Army’ was played in a huge tent set up in Sefton park to act as a temporary venue, the crowd of around 5,000 mostly young people spontaneously began the famous Corbyn chant:

Video reproduced with the permission of @scousebirdblogs

The footage provoked a strong reaction in Corbyn’s son Tommy, who tweeted:

‘God I wish I was there… I’ll always bloody love Liverpool’

The footage has emerged just as the latest Survation polling in historic Labour stronghold Hartlepool suggests Keir Starmer’s personal popularity has fallen below that of the Labour party and a country mile behind that of murderous Tory PM Boris Johnson.

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  1. To be fair a lot of those kids there probably weren’t from Liverpool. Loads of them had ‘wool’ accents on the ‘vox pops’ news reports…A bit like when they do the vox pops outside the barn on Walton Breck Rd; where you’ll get about one scouse accent in four being interviewed..

    As a yardstick, I’d look to the crowds that turn up at St George’s hall for probably the most accurate reflection of socialism & solidarity from the ‘natives’

  2. It’s wonderful that Corbyn has inspired them to have a sing-song but unfortunately he didn’t manage to inspire people to vote Labour

    1. That had little to do with Corbyn, more the poisonous MSM and state broadcasting PRAVDA service

      1. Pravda meaning ‘Truth’. Not much of that in Western Mainstream Media. Look forward to Murdoch re-naming the Sun’s Hillsborough edition.

    2. No, of course he didn’t. Prior to stammer’s shithousery; and despite other shithouse MPs p plotting against socialism, as well as an oveetly hostile MSM briefing against him Corbyn was something like 2,200 votes from becoming PM.

      How’s stammer getting on? Well, apart from the dullard demonstrating the weight of his political clout on a punching bag (Lord have mercy, but even the punchbag won on points) he’s gonna lose Hartlepool – for starters. Marvellous.

      Thought you said he was miles better than Corbyn? Thought you said people were queueing around the block to sign up to stammerist labour policies (whatever the f**k THEY are?!) ? You said he’d be 20 points ahead (Indeed I could swear I thought you actually said he WAS, at one point.)

      Well all those things you said would happen** just haven’t, have they?

      Not a single one. And who’s fault is that? Corbyn’s?

      ** And thank feck they’re not, an all.

    3. You really are a most tiresome , repetitive, paid troll, Steve H. As you are very well aware, in 2017, before the unprecedented constant , all media outlets, demonisation campaign, of Jeremy had fully kicked in to poison UK democratic politics entirely , Jeremy Corbyn was a figure of widespread approval, even adoration, by even mildly Left-leaning, people of all classes – speaking to vast open public meetings and bringing hope to millions. Which is why in the 2017 General Election, on a radical Left reforming Manifesto, despite the constant divisive sabotage of most Labour MPs , and that daily MSM poison to discredit him, Jeremy and Labour achieved the largest vote increase since 1945.

      Fast forward to 2019, and that constant Right Wing MP sabotage , and the all media and outlets MSM ceaseless character assassination, had undoubtedly done serious damage to Jeremy’s public image . But what REALLY fucked Labour’s chances in 2019, compared to 2017 , was Labour’s adoption of the slippery, dishonest , 2nd Referendum and , in-all-but-name, Remain, policy – which destroyed our vote and seats across our old Heartlands. And it was Starmer, the Labour Right, and the politically witless pseudo-Left, Left Liberal, collaborators in the PLP Socialist Campaign Group, and te middle class member Momentum too , that , with their ignorant unconditional love of the neoliberal EU, finally destroyed Jeremy’s influence and credibility with voters – particularly that vital mass of Leave-supporting, Heartland Labour voters.

      But then you really know all that you tiresome Right Wing pro Starmer troller., Steve H. Your role is just to annoy and distract.

      What IS really tragic about the evident remaining enthusiasm for Jeremy Corbyn on Merseyside in this Skwawkbox item, is that undoubtedly if Jeremy, even now, with little prospect of ever being readmitted to his beloved PLP, would leave Labour, and become the , even figurehead, leader of a new radical Left of Labour insurgent Party, it would potentially have hundreds of thousands of members overnight. At a UK historical juncture when the Labour Party is permanently buggered electorally, and masses of ordinary people could be attracted to break with previous voting patterns to vote for a Party espousing policies just as offered in the 2017 Labour Manifesto. But Jeremy, and none of his Left-faking fellow ‘Left’ Labour MPs in the so-called ‘Socialist Campaign Group’ (certainly not those fakers Trickett or Lavery – or McDonnell or Abbott) , actually will make this break wit the corrupt zombie corpse of social democracy that is Starmer’s Blairite tribute band, NuLabour2 ! Tragic. But all too accurate- because of Jeremy’s deeply flawed Labour Party obsessed politics, and of course his comfortable, risk-free lifestyle AS a tame Leftie Labour MP for decades. .

      As things stand, without a new Left Party to represent the interests of working class people, the UK today is no more than what is termed a ‘facade democracy’ – with the mere pretence of genuine political choice offered to voters . The leaked report detailing the constant internal sabotage of Labour’s chances in 2017 by its full time officials, never mind most of the PLP, for their big business puppeteers, demonstrates that UK democracy is purely nominal ,purely for show, – in practice no better than the similarly fake election processes in the oligarch-run, mafioso facade democracy of Putin’s Russia.

      1. Jpenney, what a synical disingenuous comment. You never supported Corbyn anyway because he was not left wing enough for you. You also know that it was your crowd of Zionists and their smears who did the major damage to destroy Corbyn’s chances of taking the Party further.

      2. Keep taking your meds, Jack T , your constant unhealthy obsession with the ‘zionist bogyman’ has completely unhinged you. Since Jeremy Corbyn (and the PLO) has exactly the same line on Israel as I do, I assume you think he is a ‘zionist stooge’ too ? You never dare to answer that simple point when I bring it up, do you, cretin ? Keep wearing the tinfoil hat, Jack.

      3. Hark at that, penney calling someone else a “troll” and then following it up with “unhinged”! 😂

    4. So what do you think the difference was between the 2017 GE result and the 2019 GE result Steve – ie why he did so well in 2017 but not in 2019?

      Oh, right, so Jeremy inspired people in 2017 but NOT in 2019, and THAT’s it, is it!

      Why do you bother Steve when EVERYONE can see how pathetically disingenuous you are being. I mean you get the same response(s) every single time you try to pin the blame on Jeremy for the 2019 GE result – as you have done on numerous occasions – so WHY do you keep doing it. What purpose does it serve?!

    5. …as opposed to Starmer, who is on track to lead the party to a TWENTY POINT victory on Thursday night, as would ANYONE BUT CORBYN…oh, wait…

    6. Your primitive thinking is astonishing sometimes SteveH!
      When People go to the Ballot Box, do you really believe that they go there to vote for just that one Person, who is The Leader of the Party or do they go to vote for or against the Party as a whole?
      And at the time of GE2019 Labour was standing at:
      UK Labour Party = 20% PLP
      Thatcher’s Neolabour Tory Party = 80% PLP
      So I doubt very much that Jeremy was ever UK Labour Party’s “lack of inspiration”!
      There is not one Politician on this Planet, who saw the 24/7 non stop onslaught of Lies, Smear, Propaganda, Spin, Coups, Harassment, Internal Undermining, MSM Leaks & Sabotage, International Government Interfering, His own Nation’s Secret Services and Special Assignments Interfering, All of the MSM & MSSM, Just about every TV type, every single day of his entire leadership and achieved what he did, to inspire so many millions and most specially the Future Leaders if this World.
      Corbynism was Red Rose Seeds and Jeremy Corbyn the Gardener, his work is done and The Roses are Budding!
      Jeremy Corbyn and the 20% Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party did not lose GE2019, but Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories Most certainly did and The upcoming Local Elections and GE2024 will show you EXACTLY who the REAL Losers of GE2019 were!

    7. SteveH
      Red Tories including Temporary Embarrassment, War Criminal and Mushy peas leave and form a GE winning machine party, will you promise to go with them
      Methinks that might be enough for some on here to RaV

  3. I truly believe we are still a nation in mourning, that horrible confused dreamy aware and unaware stage, usually followed by anger/rage.
    It’s not even about Jeremy so much as it is The UK Labour Party now Occupied by 90/95% Neolabour Tory PLP! Jeremy came and did the work the rest was up to us.
    Now we have two TORY Parties and The Dead Skin of the UK Labour Party Squirming with Parasites and a Profound level of Political Homelessness!

    1. There is only ONE possibility of the Labour Party regaining it’s previous support. It’s for Jeremy Corbyn to come back wiser as Leader and reinstate the majority, particularly Jews, who were kicked out of the Party by the witch hunters (Zionists).

      1. Jack T, as much as I would like for Corbyn to come back as leader. I don’t believe it is going to happen. For once, I don’t believe Corbyn ever wanted to be leader in the first place.
        Seriously doubt it, he will stand for Labour in Islington North at the next General Election. I believe he would most likely follow the example of Kelvin Hopkins and stand down when the time comes. A pity truly, but it is what it is.

      2. Jack I share much of your feelings/thoughts but I believe Jeremy did his Job and he did his Job better than anyone else that I can possibly imagine, under the Pressure and 24/7 Onslaught that he faced, he will be studied in years to come, let the mockers mock, they know it’s true., unless they had their head in the sand 2015 to 2020!
        He brought us Hope and He brought us “Corbynism”. He brought us TWO, ‘Once in a Lifetime Opportunities’, to end 41 of Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Hell! His entire 2019 Campaign was based on NHS, Starving Homeless Children and People, Justice, Equality, Workers Rights, Human Rights, Disabled/Elderly Care, Regenerating the Forgotten Places with the Green Revolution, Minimum Living Wage, Free Broadband, Better Education etc, etc, etc!
        However when it came to vote Apparently Boris Johnson Hollering Get Brexit Done, like the Buffoon that he is, was more important than all the above and much, much more!
        I Say this as a Brexit supporter, but I firmly believe that whatever anyone who did not vote Labour in GE19’s reason for doing so was, it will never be as important as all that above + more and Ending 41 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Hell!
        Once we had a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Government we could sort out whatever needed sorting out! Even the Brexit Confirmatory Vote! (I wonder how many of those who caused this Government are crying longing tears for that Confirmatory Vote just now!)
        How anyone could possibly imagine that a Conservative Party Tory or indeed a Neolabour Party Tory Brexit could in any way be better than a UK Labour Party Brexit is madness, they were no Comrades of Mine!
        Anyway yes Of Course Jeremy Back but not as Leader, he has worked way too hard and he would now be an ideal candidate to develop and guide a Young Zarah, Apsana, Bel, Laura P, Laura S, etc Women with Fire in their Bellies! Women who will not tolerate any Fuckaboutery, Women who will be first to Dive into the Gutter Fighters’, Gutters if they dared come for the Party/Members/etc!
        I also still firmly believe a campaign to vote EVERY Neolabour Tory MP/Candidate OUT and EVERY Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MP/Candidate IN, and with a small party for one Term with the Largest Member/CLP/Union Base and with Strictly Democratic Socialist Candidates READY for EVERY Seat. non stop community working and supporting as though they are already the MP like Laura P and Laura S.
        Condemnation of Zionism and Israel as Nationalist, Apartheid and Terrorist thereby banning all related groups actions and activities, EDM after EDM to recall Apartheid Ambassador and yes of course bring back all our Jewish Friends and Comrades and anyone affected by the Israeli/Zionist Anti/Socialist Campaign against the UK Labour Party 2015 to 2020, we will stand a damn good chance to take the following GE and with only external Sabotage and Propaganda!

      3. Maria, just out of curiousity, what makes you think that Jeremy never wanted to be leader in the first place? He may not have believed he would actually win the leadership contest, but I have little doubt that once he HAD, he was very proud to be leader – ie very proud to have been elected leader.

      4. The following picture/portrait was the official photo of Jeremy as of becoming leader, and he looks pretty damn proud to me!

        NB Since he stood down as leader it was replaced – on his Parliament UK page and his wikipedia entry – by a similar picture, but it”s definitely a different photo, as in the one I’ve linked to above he was wearing a blue tie, and in the one that replaced it he’s wearing a red tie.

      5. JackT
        Bring JC back as Chair / Spiritual leader
        New Leader needs to challenge on a feral level every trope and all the propaganda dropped on us from a great height by Cockwombles for the last 40 years
        Force people to choose between a history making progressive leader and scumbag cheap and nasties race to the bottom
        Or as posh people call it, appealing to your base, never stop shining a light on who exactly
        is their base
        My candidate
        Dawn Butler

  4. Important to remember that the media have been very easy on Starmer in sharp contrast to their vilification of Corbyn.

  5. Something just occurred to which I hadn’t twigged before. On the wikipedia page/entry re leadership approval ratings, there’s a section towards the bottom of the page re approval ratings of former leaders, and the penny just suddenly dropped that the ONLY former leaders they have listed are Nigel Farage and Jeremy??? Hmm!

    And it’s ALSO interesting to note that in the Johnson v Starmer section – ie ‘Who do you think would make the best PM (regardless of which party you vote for)?’ – that on average about 25% of those polled were ‘Unsure’, and in the polls where there was an option of neither of them – ie ‘None of These’ – it was ALSO getting on for 25%. And generally the ‘Unsures’ and the ‘None of These’ amounted to around 40% combined!

    1. Allan, it is well known that Jeremy only stood for the leadership in 2015 out of duty. I am sure he was proud when he want the leadership.
      But, I will argue he never have an appetite for power for the sake of power. Otherwise, instead of trying to placate the right wingers that were after him from the start he would have withdraw the Labour whip from them and sent them to the wilderness.
      He would only have need to ask the membership for a vote on the suitability of keeping Tom Watson as Deputy Leader, Margaret Hodges, West Streeting et al.
      I know what I would have voted in that scenario and I believe you know it too.

  6. Heart warming. Seems Hope hasn’t quite been extinguished yet..

    Some good post below the line too👏

  7. “It’s wonderful that Corbyn has inspired them to have a sing-song but unfortunately he didn’t manage to inspire people to vote Labour”.
    Quite so? Now just remind me of how many people voted Labour in 2017.

    1. goldbach – 2,608,842 more than voted for Labour in the 19GE when for the first time ever more of the working class voted for the Tories & Boris than voted for Labour & Corbyn (by a substantial 15% margin) and we lost 60 seats to the Tories.

      1. I have a suggestion, SH. You tell us that you voted, twice I think, for Corbyn in leadership elections. That would indicate that you have a perspective on where you would like to see the Labour Party (and the country) going that is at least not right wing. Since I discovered Skwawkbox, I have not seen any indication from you that would give us a clue what your perspective is, just a load of taunting other contributors. So, a couple of questions.
        Do you approve of Starmer as leader, and the Labour Party under his leadership?
        If not then how do you see the way forward for the party?
        If yes, then why?

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