Exclusive: Labour front-bencher Gill breaks ranks to back right-winger Coyne under pressure from W Mids ‘usual suspects’

Boss Starmer wants Coyne to step down in case he pulls votes away from Turner

Front-bench Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill

Birmingham Edgbaston MP Preet Kaur Gill has emailed local members to back right-winger Gerard Coyne in the contest to become Unite’s next general secretary – despite the reported preference of Keir Starmer and his allies for Steve Turner.

The disgraced Coyne, who admitted data breaches in the 2017 Unite election and suffered a series of humiliating defeats when he tried to challenge Len McCluskey’s win, is said to be under pressure from Starmer’s allies to step down from the race in case he pulls votes away from Steve Turner, whom Starmer prefers to the ‘nightmare scenario’ of a win for left-winger Howard Beckett.

Ms Gill emailed members to plead for volunteers to phone-bank in the Hartlepool by-election, which Starmer’s allies fear will be lost to the Tories for the first time in the constituency’s history – but added a ‘PS’ urging them to back Coyne:

Local insiders believe that Gill has backed Coyne despite her boss’s wishes, under pressure from a group of West Midlands ‘usual suspects’ – MPs and others closely aligned with the ‘Labour First’ faction that backed Coyne in 2017.

Meanwhile, Howard Beckett’s launch event on Sunday, which had to be moved from Zoom because of demand, was watched by more than 50,000 people across various social media platforms in its first 24 hours online, with thousands signed up to help his campaign.

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Skwawkbox is backing Beckett for the Unite leadership.


  1. Yes keep banging the drum for Howard Beckett the millionaire Lawyer from Belfast and thats your choice Squawky.But dont damage your good reputation at the expense of Steve Turner the unite left wing nominated choice for the union.,and of course a real track record in activism in militant,and has the endorsement of the Communist party of Britain and the socialist newspaper the morning star.You are trying to make innuendos about Steve Turner will not wash especially amongst the left wing.

    1. Joseph just ask yourself why is Starmer so keen on having Turner as UNITE GF? So Keen, he is prepared to take out A True Right Wing Champion Coyne to get Turner in. Don’t get too hung up by wealth and profession, The People are diverse, your question should be: “Who will take and raise the Crimson Standard from my hand when I have fallen!?” Personally I would not form allegiance with anyone who forms an alliances with Starmer and the Starmertruppen!
      Also being the GS for UNITE and knowing the Law, is indeed not a bad thing!?

      1. Yep, that the right want coyne (No surprise there) but stammer (Leader of the right) chooses a supposedly left candidate in order to appear ‘middle of the road’ or perhaps he feels turner is ‘best of a bad bunch’ (Now then, where have we heard THAT one before, hmmm?) should be tripping all sorts of alarms from those on the left.

        I’m now convinced Beckett should get the gig; and while I can’t vote,I can endorse (Before the other gobshite throws his [counterfeit] tuppeny’s worth in)

      2. I don’t see it as the Left/Right of the same Party, Thatcherite Neoliberalism is wholly opposed to and the polar opposite of Democratic Socialism.
        Thatcher’s Neoliberalism is neither Liberal nor MSM created “Centrism”, they are Tory in every aspect.
        The Neolabour Party Tories are the Parasite Party, infesting The Host Party The UK Labour Party and committing all their Tory deeds under The ‘Corporate Brand Labour’, but no matter how much neon and LED they slap on that flashing red logo signage, they can and will NEVER be Labour! Even if they 100% Occupy our Democratic Socialist Party.
        I have also stopped using Class, we are too diverse now and it is an Elites/Establishment/Machine created tool to keep us divided.
        We are The People, The People who will Fly the Crimson Banner High and fight the fight for Justice and Equality against The Oppressors The Elites/Establishment/Machine and then there are The People who Sabotage the fight against the Elites/Establishment/Machine, even if it will brings them suffering, almost like they see that suffering as a badge of honour to lick their masters’ the Elites/Establishment/Machine’s arses!
        Sorry for putting my tuppence worth in there I just feel so passionate about us The People removing all the Elites/Establishment/Machine created obstacles and blurred lines so that we can Unite As One again, just as we did in 2015 to 2017.
        Yep, you are right why does Starmer take out a ‘Right Winger’ for the benefit of a ‘”Left” Winger’ but it seems the Turner/Starmer love and lies have history!

  2. Fancy going against your worse-than-useless boss in order to back a horrendously crap candidate because your utterly idiotic neighbours want you to.

    It’s like being told by a dog💩 to choose horse💩 over cow💩. What a 💩 MP. What a 💩show.

  3. For a stupid moment, after reading my email notification, which read front bencher breaks ranks, I thought someone on Labours front bench was having second thoughts about New New Labour. I should have had more sense. To

    1. Yeah, it’s more a ‘who shal we get to reposition the deckchairs ” on the Titanic than admit their cruel dastardly plan.
      Dastards do a dastards are….

  4. West Midlands Labour are a law unto themselves. Unfortunately, right wing tendencies are nothing new, especially in Birmingham. Preet is my MP, we supported her to get into Parliament and she rewards us by throwing all her constituents under a bus on CHIS abstention and now support for Gerrard Coyne, talk about being in touch with her constituents, she’ll not do well next time around. I certainly won’t vote or campaign for her again!

    1. Yes, it makes no sense whatsoever to campaign for someone who is not worth supporting.

  5. “Ms Gill emailed members to plead for volunteers to phone-bank in the Hartlepool by-election, which Starmer’s allies fear will be lost to the Tories for the first time in the constituency’s history – but added a ‘PS’ urging them to back Coyne”

    Yes, a successor to The Hartlepools constituency which elected a Conservative MP in 1959.

    1. Technically, the 1959 one’s not the same constituency as it is now.

      Liverpool was, more-or-less a staunchly conservative city until the late 50s/early 60’s. Not many people (especially of my generation) would’ve thought so, and could be forgiven that it’s always been a labour citadel. The rags haven’t returned a councillor for something like 25 years and as for an MP I think the last one they had went back in 1983.

      Hartlepool going blue would be no less a disaster than a liverpool seat going the same way; regardless of the last time a ‘rag held any part of the respective town(s)

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