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Turner publicly welcomes Lansman endorsement

Unite GS hopeful responds to backing of Momentum founder

On Thursday evening, former Momentum boss Jon Lansman came out for Steve Turner to be the next general secretary of the giant – and crucial to the Labour movement – Unite union. Lansman, who last year stepped down from his Momentum role to allow allies to run, ultimately unsuccessfully, as the ‘Momentum Renewal’ slate, tweeted his support for Turner’s bid.

Later on Thursday Steve Turner responded, also on Twitter, to welcome Lansman’s endorsement:

Former Labour NEC member Lansman did not stand for re-election to Labour’s ruling committee earlier this year. In early 2020, while he still headed Momentum, the group was accused of delaying and then splitting the left slate for NEC by-elections triggered by the election of former NEC members to Parliament. The divided slate allowed right-wingers to win NEC seats previously held by the left.

Steve Turner has also been publicly backed by right-wing Labour MP Jack Dromey. According to the BBC’s Iain Watson, members of Keir Starmer’s front bench are even said to be pressuring disgraced right-winger Gerard Coyne to step down from the contest for fear that he will draw votes away from Turner.

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  1. I do hope that this is enough to convince regulars here that Turner is a “Wrong un”. Apart from our resident troll of course, he is unreachable with anything but filthy lucre.

    1. Steve Turner is not a “wrong un” and hes shown over his life long support for socialist working class people and first cut his teeth as a mamber of militant and the Labour party.Hes a good man with a background that is easily verified…a ex bus driver with years of shop floor experience and the Unite left backing and unusually the backing of the Communist party of Britain endorsed by the morning star the voice of the working-class movement and socialism.Now we see a ambitious descredited millionaire Lawyer mounting a challenge despite agreements,but john if you want to back another Lawyer do so but careful what you wish for,.though and just try checking out Beckett from that rich seam of activism in NIreland and hit a wall about the life and times of Howard Beckett through the Troubles?.Such a prominent figure from NIreland and “Nothing to see here” move along?I suppose you think that the five thousand pounds fine for the miners compensation fund was just a oversight??..You are usually spot on john on this you are so very wrong.We are voting for a union man with a good track record…whats Howard Beckett got other than fine words over the last two years.?And what about the sanatised part of his life in NIreland,

      1. Joseph, why do you think the Labour Right a backing Turner, including that Zionist snake Lansman?

      2. john You clearly could say that the communist party of Britain endorsing Steve Turner are in cahoots with the power crazed lansman using that lodjic,and also unite union left who nominated Turner.Now john and anybody else interested take a good look at Beckett and his background and wonder what Howard Beckett was doing in NIreland when the working-class needed help and a virtual revolution was taking place around him.?You might also want to research Howard Beckett through the internet and wonder?Steve Turner will continue to do a great job for the union members and fight for good wages and conditions.Maybe Howard Beckett would be better suited to the House of commons were his personal ambitions and lack of background will be ignored.He could do very well in the PLP they love millionaire Lawyers.

      3. Joseph
        He needs to step up and stake out his ground
        Something on JC and AS Scam would be a good start and clear the air
        At the moment his supporters dont pass the smell test

  2. I just came across an ‘article’ on the CAAs website from a couple of days ago with the following headline:


    It then begins by saying the following:

    A Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) official once labelled an “antisemitism denier” chaired a Labour disciplinary panel on antisemitism last week. JVL is an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. Stephen Marks chaired a panel…..

    Needless to say, JVL does NOT ‘deny’ there is antisemitism in the LP, but that it has been massively exaggerated and, unlike the CAA, doesn’t dissemble lies and falsehoods on an almost daily basis (or EVER of course). Anyway, further on in the article it says the following AND links to an article in the Insider (the Business Insider):

    Mr Marks has a history of controversial behaviour. In 2017, he signed a petition in support of Jackie Walker….. In 2018, Mr Marks also reportedly shared a petition in support of David Watson, who was suspended from Labour in 2016…..

    The following are several clips from the Insider ‘article’, published on May 6th, 2016:

    [David] Watson shared articles on Facebook alleging that Daesh has used weapons produced in Israel, and accusing the Jewish state of genocide against the Palestinians. The activist joins a growing list of Labour party members who have been suspended accused of anti-Semitism.

    News of this latest suspension comes on the same day that Ken Livingstone sparked fresh outrage by once again mentioning Adolf Hitler, this time in his latest interview with Sky News. The former London mayor was suspended by the Labour party last week after suggesting the Nazi leader was a Zionist.

    Asked whether his claim that Hitler was a Zionist was ill-advised, he said (emphasis ours): “It is not an unguarded or ill-advised comment to answer a question honestly about historical reality.”

    Yep, the black propaganda fascists are EVERYwhere dissembling their falsehoods! They just lurve distorting and deceiving (and amusing those of their readers who know the actuality!) Here’s a link to the CAA piece (followed by a link to the Insider piece):

      1. I’ve just been trying to find the Sky News interview referred to in the Insider article, and in the process came across a Daily Star article from the 4th of May 2018 with the headline: ‘Ken Livingstone goes on Sky News – starts talking about Hitler AGAIN’, and the sub-headline: ‘KEN Livingstone discussed Adolf Hitler at length in an interview on Sky News today.’

        He DIDN’T start talking about Hitler (AGAIN), he was responding to a question about the episode in 2016 when he said – alluding to The Haavara Agreemnent – that ‘Hitler was supporting Zionism’ etc. Anyway, apart from the headline and sub-headline being deliberately misleading and, as such, Big Lies, the Daily Star put a caption under the video clip which says: ‘Sky host tells Ken Livingstone to ‘stop talking about Hitler”, giving a totally false impression, and concocted and designed to back up their headline. Adam Boulton did NOT tell Ken to stop talking about Hitler, but the caption was contrived to have readers believe that Ken – having brought up Hitler AGAIN – just kept going on and on about him until Adam Boulton finally told Ken to STOP talking about him. Check out the video clip (it’s just 67 seconds):

        Distortion is the name of the game!

      1. Yes, Tony is very knowledgeable about Jewish history etc, but I was just reading through the article you linked to and, at one point, Tony refers to 20,000 Jews (leaving Nazi Germany via The Havaara Agreement), whereas in the wikipedia entry it says it was about 60,000 (it also says that the agreement was finally concluded on August 25th, whereas Tony has it as August 7th):

        Very informative piece never-the-less.

  3. I know of one Momentum member who stood on the official Momentum slate to represent the North West region on Labours National Policy Forum, who was and may still be a member of Progress.

    That’s some conversion from a Blairite, Progress member to the radical left.

    Steve Turner is also a NW representative on the NPF.

    Who would trust Momentum?

    1. “I know of one Momentum member who stood on the official Momentum slate to represent the North West region on Labours National Policy Forum, who was and may still be a member of Progress…..”


      Can you supply details Nemtoma, who are you referring to and of which Momentum offshoot is the accused person possibly still a member?

      Momentum was once seen as a good thing. Clearly, if parts of it have been infiltrated by our opponents, can you help us better understand which parts and who the infiltrators are?

      “Who would trust Momentum?” you ask. Is none of its offshoots unaffected by this?

      1. I could supply you with that information. I could also supply you with a lot more, including collusion with the GLU and NWRO in the Labour witch hunt, this information has been sent to the Forde inquiry, which is currently being buried by Starmer. I can’t think why? It’s also the basis of a detailed, formal complaint about this persons behaviour submitted to the party in 2020, which has so far been ignored. Then there was the involvement of the sabotage in the 2017 GE election. I don’t discard emails.

        How many others? I don’t know, it could just be a one off and I suspect time will tell. But knowing some of the characters in NW momentum and their associates, I am deeply suspicious.

  4. I seem to have a completely backwards view than everyone else on here but when people talk about the differences between 2017 and 2019 GEs, one of the big things that stands out for me is that in 2017 Landsman & Momentum were fully engaged, in 2019 he was out although the reasons aren’t all that clear (although there was clearly a power struggle about who helped set the direction off the party, and he lost).

    I’ll never forget the eagerly and excitement that was generated around TWT events and, personally, I don’t think they will be able to get that back again easily. The Tories were terrified and had no answer to that, look at the hopeless events they tried to organise in response.

    I think it’s a bad thing that Jon is out, he was a good socialist and the left is further from power than ever without him.

    1. Terry hands I worked campaigning up and down the country and they were brilliant and many members still are.Jon Lansman put himself forward to Support Corbyn and helped us to start a socialist revival.Unfortunately Lansman forgot the dog wags the tail and let personal ambitions get ahead of the momentum movment.Nobody can take away the credit for what Momentum did ,but personal ambitions can be extremely dangerous to control,just look at Howard Beckett and see another fiefdom in the making.

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