Video: pub landlord claims assault by Starmer’s minders for saying he didn’t want Labour leader in his pub

A pub landlord in Bath has accused one of Keir Starmer’s minders of assault after being manhandled when he tried to demand that the Labour leader leave his pub:

The man, apparently a former longtime Labour voter who believed Starmer had failed him in his lack of opposition to Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic, was trying to tell Starmer to leave because he disagreed with Starmer’s support for lockdown and for masks in schools – bizarrely, since Starmer long demanded schools re-open and sided with the Tories to fight teaching unions who were asking for facemasks in classrooms.

Starmer had earlier told the man, “I don’t need lectures from the likes of you”.

The use of significant physical force to prevent a man entering his own establishment is unlikely to endear Keir Starmer to the right-wing voters he seems to be trying to court.

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  1. I hope he sues as a result of being assaulted and the attempt to prevent entry to his own property!

    1. The landlord said –

      “‘I think he has utterly failed us as the leader of the Opposition, he has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?”

      I agree with the landlord on that.

      1. Exactly, that reaction is far more than Masks/No Masks!
        That is because we have Thatcher’s Neolabour Pestilence Occupying The People’s Party AGAIN!
        The People now face This Dangerous Tory or That Dangerous Tory, after loosing 2019, and we must Unite, Plan and Get The Bastards Out!
        Even if we end up with a tiny, but LOUDER & PROUDER UK Labour Party fighting for the People. Better 10/20/30 UK LP MPs Fighting and Standing up for The People than ~180 Standing up for themselves and The Establishment!

      2. NVLA

        Tim Perry, who runs the pub with Humphris, later said the anti-lockdown views expressed do not reflect the pub’s position.”

      3. Steveh “Tim Perry, who runs the pub with Humphris, later said the anti-lockdown views expressed do not reflect the pub’s position.”

        Tim Perry’s probably doing what the entire SME parts of the economy and many NHS staff are doing in never criticising the official narrative – protecting their livelihoods.

        Credit though to Humphis from me.

      4. qwertboi – That comes as no surprise from you,birds of a feather flock together. It was made clear on BBC R4 PM that the visit to the pub had been pre arranged with the prize idiot landlord’s business partner.

      5. SH it should be obvious even to u that none should believe everything they hear on the BBC especially PM.

        When Mandela visited London, he was “interviewed” on R4 World at One. The BBC “interviews” are as u may know planned in detail to get the view that serves their slant. The scheme / story board / script is plotted ie ask Q, if response is x then ask y. If z ask … etc ANYWAY, the interviewer badgered Mandela with “Do you have a message for the black community?” Each time she repeated the question, Mandela replied clearly “I have come with a message for ALL.” This went on for a few minutes it seemed. The planned script failed.

        On BBC R4 PM that very day, and on all the BBC news bulletins till then, it was reported that “Mandela came with a message for the black community”.


        Since then, i have never trusted BBC for truths re “the news”.

        ☢️ps, i grew up on the BBC. p.s. BBC news production, ie scripts / schemes / plans are EXEMPT from Freedom of Information compliance. F.O.I.☢️

        Spin on that

      6. Regardless of how much you wish it would denying the facts won’t make them go away,

      7. steveh: IF – as you say “It was made clear on BBC R4 PM that the visit to the pub had been pre arranged with the prize idiot landlord’s business partner” then it probably wan’t (pre arranged with the prize idiot landlord’s business partner).

        AFTER 14 MONTHS of the BBC panic-stirring everyone about a pandemic that has not raised the rate of (usual) death outside the average for the last 20 years, you believe anything they report?

        In fact 2020 had the LOWEST number of deaths (all causes) for any year since 2001.

      8. “‘I think he has utterly failed us as the leader of the Opposition, he has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?”

        How sad but telling that that didn’t come from, say, Richard Burgon or ANYONE on the Labour left, who are too busy demanding we submit to the semi-permanent lockdown state beloved of Zero Covid authoritarians

    2. There is quite a bit going on on that video that is not allowed!
      He is like a psychopath!
      You’d expect him to be in bed at 22:00 with coco, paisley’s, and out again 03:00 doing things psychopaths do! He just has that constant conflict of good/innocent but evil about him!
      Nah, that is one very dangerous chap!

    3. Richard – “I hope he sues”
      Will the landlord keep his job is perhaps a more pertinent question. Starmer was there with the prior approval of the pubs owners.

      1. “Will the landlord keep his job/”

        He’ll keep his job (altough he is actually part-owner, I believe) AND GET A RISE!!

        Takings and footfall are sure to rise. Starmer is thoroughly unlikeable. Thoroughly! Even Angela the Quaker over the way told me that Starmer’s face made her want to punch it. Hard!

  2. Certainly looks like an aggravated trespass with an assault if the landlord’s made clear he wants them off the premises.

    As for the goon, a knee to the clockweights or a thumb in the eye slows ANYONE down. And the landlord would’ve been well within his rights, too.

    Stammer’s piss-poor attempt at a beer hall ‘putsch’.

    1. The landlord also said – “‘He walked into my pub without asking and I threw him out. Or at least, I did my best to throw him out – his security got in the way.’”

      If it were my pub, then i would have thrown Starmer out too.


      1. windchime – You might have a point if the landlords business partner hadn’t already invited Keir into the pub.

    2. And talking of aggravated trespass….That police bill that stammer suopports will make trespass a criminal offence. it wasn’t before.

      Also, is there no drinking/admittance indoors of alehouses, unless it for the khazi?

      What’s stammer playing at, thinking he can just waltz in willy-nilly?

      1. “What’s stammer playing at,….”
        Nothing, he’s just a Tory, they’re all entitled like that!

      2. arrogance, greed & entitlement. that is starmer & co. that is all.

        arrogance, greed and entitlement. ZERO opposition necessary. His turn to sink his snout in the troughs. WON’t upset his masters and mistresses, or when he is turfed out, they will slam the revolving door in his eager snout. Thus Starmer goes through his fraudulent fake charade of opposition leader.

        Vote him and his lot out. It’s the only way.

      3. 100% Agree, It is when I hear the Fire in the Belly of Zarah, Apsana, Bel, Cleaudia, that I know even if we end up with only those 4 Democratic Socialists UK Labour Party MPs, in the HoC,, The Voice of The People will be heard VERY LOUD & VERY CLEAR!
        If we take back some seats lost in 2019 ie Laura P & Laura S, bring Jeremy back, we will stand to have a Truly Democratic Socialist Government in NO TIME!
        Of course we will continue to be faced with all the same Lie/Smear attacks of 2015 to 2020, if not much worse, but our Attackers will no longer be inside our Community, it will all be External attacks! BLISS!

    1. Indeed “an honourable man” who knows Starmer is “a fake when he sees” Starmer. Starmer drips fakery and fraudulence. He can’t help it. It’s his nature.

      The Raven in Bath. Fine City and i expect a fine pub. Obviously a superb landlord serving the good people of Bath said –

      “‘You have failed me. I have been a Labour voter my entire life, you have failed to be the opposition”.

      Well said Mr Rod Humphris. As predictable and predicted, SIR Keith Starmer, the concentrated parasitic fraud, fails you, me, true Labour, Bath, and the whole country.

      Starmer was always bad news. He is bad news. He will remain rolling bad news EVEN after he is turfed out as “Leader of the Opposition”.

      1. He must be, to The People, anyway, the most dangerous Politician in Parliament, not even Johnson or Patel can beat “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!” as ONE example of his Pure Evil and hatred for Equality, Humanity, The People’s Justice, Freedom of Speech and Human Rights!

  3. I would love to see that happen to all those Starmer has chosen to be in his gang.

    1. Shame a Gang of Milkshakers weren’t waiting outside!
      I think his Stasi would’ve opened fire though, they look gangster dangerous!

  4. I can’t hear whispering or cacophony unless I see mouths, but it sounds a bit like mocking the victim going on in the walk away? Can anyone hear?

  5. WTF?

    Starmer had earlier told the man, “I don’t need lectures from the likes of you”.

    April 1992. Major and his gang, invaded The Dog and Bone, in Huntingdon. Ten, maybe fifteen, of them.

    Collars and ties had never, ever, been seen in that establishment before, in its history.

    They walked in – the locals walked out, leaving Major and his cronies to take as many PR piccies, of him pulling pints, as they liked. Splashed all over The Huntingdon Post, next edition.

    Haw, haw, haw, eh!?

    Don’t know what made me think of that story.

    1. George Peel, thanks for that re John Major. Note a Tory trait exhibited by Starmer. The landlord said –

      ☢️”He walked straight past me into the pub”☢️

      “He ASSUMED he was welcome and he wasn’t”.

      ‘I feel utterly let down by that man. He’s failed to do the job of the opposition leader – failed to challenge the government and speak up for poor and vulnerable and failed to question the facts.”

      Expect the parasites to try to twist and spin. But facts are, Rod Humphris is clearly a decent honourable man. We need not agree on everything but we must agree on decency, honour integrity and facts. Straightforward facts and straightforwardness. The fog of the past has failed. We are enduring the results of “ambiguities”. Ambiguity is never “constructive” when clear aims are needed eg in every other area of human endeavour.

      Rod is straightforward and expects an opposition leader to extract facts from the government. Starmer has failed to do that by choice. Why? Because Starmer is one and the same with the Tories on the government benches.

      The only option is to end the persistent swing from Blue to Red Tories. That has been the trap, snare which works by people being afraid. People feel trapped. They are trapped only by fear. The only way is to break the pattern. Vote ALL Red Tories out. They will go through the revolving door. We will rebuild from that. It’s the only logical way.

      It is pathetic to remain afraid. It is illogical to repeat failed attitudes. There is zero integrity in unifying with and enabling Starmer and the rest of the verminous cabal.

      Break the cycle. 🆘🆘🆘

      1. IIRC The last time stammer was in a boozer for a photo op it took him two or three attempts to pull a proper pint – So it’s no surprise the landlord didn’t want the fooker further hitting his already dwindled income.

  6. When Bozo the Dangerous Clown ponces around pubs or factories the workers should arrange a similar welcoming for him. Or have those events deliberately been kept off our screens?

    1. When Johnson hid in the freezer, it was all over the radio. Alas it was not taken up by our lot and amplified.📻📻📻

      1. It was covered on BBC R4 PM where it was made quite clear that this was a pre arranged visit that had been agreed with the idiots business partner.

      2. SH it may help u if u go in search of facts rather than worshiping your BBC.

      3. He’s not an idiot centrist dad. He asked pertinent questions that have never been debated because the government hid behind their tame ‘experts’. Rod Humphris said “I think he has utterly failed us as the leader of the opposition. He has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?

        “Why have we just accepted lockdown? Why have we just accepted the loss of all our freedoms?”

      4. Small matter of NHS being completely overwhelmed from day one, the trade off was the cost of lockdown which will be greater than Covid19
        They simply stopped functioning, the numbers are stratospheric
        No surprise considering cheap and nasties visceral hatred of the NHS, they spend every waking moment running it into the ground
        So the question is valid who decides if lockdown was justified

      5. “It was covered on BBC R4 PM where it was made quite clear that this was a pre arranged visit that had been agreed with the idiots business partner.” – Who is this business partner of Starmer?
        P.S. Punctuation – idiot’s

  7. What the heck was going on? Hospitality venues are only open to customers who are to be served outside. Regulations were broken by all Starmer’s group. The one who was manhandling the publican clearly broke the law – common assault. It doesn’t matter what the publican’s politics are. There are certainly ground for reporting this incident to the police for investigation.

    1. exactly goldbach. Starmer and thugs broke the law by trespassing indoors plus contravening Covid-19 laws Starmer himself was fanboy.☢️☢️☢️

      1. Don’t be silly, this was a pre-arranged visit agreed with the co-owner of the business.

      2. So you keep saying, to what end? One partner invited him there, the other three him out. His previous request was withdrawn and he was ignominiously booted out.

  8. Can you imagine if that had been Jeremy Cobyn? The BBC would have interrupted programmes withn a special news report every ten minutes . and it would be first item in the on-the-hour radio news all day..

    Starmer’s humiliation probably won’t even get a mention. The bourgeois looking -after their class interest.

    1. Just a few words about it on BBC news, right at the end. Mealy mouthed Starmer gave the usual politicians response saying “the NHS have” etc.

    2. qwertboi – don’t know about BBC but it featured lots on Talkradio. Plus Rod Humphris was interviewed at length by Mark Dolan. Also it was the only subject of the political panel when an odd man who boasted about getting a Christmas card from Iraq Blair, was defending Starmer as SH is attempting above.

      Also the story was promptly on the Metro, Standard, Telegraph, Mail and Express before appearing here on

      1. Apologies qwertboi, no tv and listened to zero BBC. Lots on Talkradio since it happened though. Sad to report that James Mills about 1hr ago was putting up a great defence of indefensible Starmer. I have no recollection of him defending Jeremy.
        Quite sick making.
        Heard no discussion on LBC. It only featured in their news bulletins which emphasised Keith’s response.
        Unless something major happens i expect it will be well covered on Talkradio tomorrow.
        ps Since Mandela’s visit and Iraq, BBC is the last source of news for me. Odd really as i was glued to BBC and Voice of America since around 8 years old 😂 It is still the daily diet of the parents though.
        They are horrified by just the mention of Talksport😂 Now Talkradio, thank goodness.

        Johnson’s sis is standing in on LBC. To my surprise her entire prog was on the football palavar. Could be ss Johnson had his own embarrassment today in Gloucestershire. He had no idea of the Tory he was supporting there. That was covered in the press but not a mention on Talkradio nor LBC.

  9. When is someone in the Gutless fucking labour left going to call for an emergency AGM!!!? Because You won’t have a party soon!!!

  10. There was such a move/resolutions. It requires the NEC to endorse it but they chose not to call an emergency general meeting. That was such a surprise.

    1. and Evans is making sure that CLPs are as good as silenced on any matter to do with his and Starmer’s inept and antidemocratic leadersdhip

  11. Starmer had earlier told the man ” I don’t need lectures from the likes of you”

    That’s how to win over the voters !

    Typical Tory think tank think.

    Looks like kieth will get a good lecturing via the ballot box come May & Hartlepool

      1. Keir was there at the invitation of the pub’s owner, he left when requested to do so.

    1. Spot on! Starmer spouted his don’t need lectures tosh, straight to the man’s face. Starmer was also doing his usual record about his wife in the NHS etc etc like Javid “son of bus driver”, May “daughter of vicar”, etc . Always be on guard when people try to hide behind masks they think will deceive the public.

      Starmer’s relative in the NHS is not an useful answer to any of Rod Humphris’ questions, nor any of mine. It is an irrelevance trotted out to distract and deceive.

  12. I’m speechless. Even though I cannot agree with the landlord on masks and vaccines… the fact that Starmer and his very visible goons forced their way inside the pub when not welcome is a complete calamity. The term “clusterfuck” was coined for something like that: so many wrongs from so many point of view.

  13. On another note,CH4 news had that gormless twat Greg dyke (looking every bit like a clown without the makeup) going on about this split by the so-called ‘big 6 ‘ clubs to form a European super League.

    This is the same dyke that moved the FA Cup final to 5pm and refused to put it back to 3pm, making it a bastard for fans of any clubs north of Watford to get home at a reasonable hour on public transport.

    ….Did he ever give that £16k watch back he got from the Brazilian FA??

  14. Can’t understand all this banging on about Starmer being “invited” by the business partner. Regardless of whether Starmer was “invited” or not, it was against the current regulations for him to go into the pub. He should have stayed outside. Doesn’t matter whether the man who told him to leave is a saint or a lunatic, he was right that Starmer and his group shouldn’t have been in the pub. The “business partner” was an idiot for inviting him in and Starmer was an idiot for going in. Not being silly at all you see, my friend!

    1. I suppose that would depend on whether he was going in as a customer or to have a socially distanced chat with the owner.

      1. Government website – current regulations say “You must not meet indoors with anybody you do not live with, unless you have formed a support bubble with them (if you are eligible), or another legal exemption applies.”
        Social chat with the owner won’t wash.

      2. I think you’ll find that the regulations are different for business premises.

      3. Clearly Steve H realises that the West country is not the place for “masked thugs to cause” alarm and distress “at the very least and possibly dependent on evidence physical assault.Did these thugs not understand that you cannot treat our good friends in the “west country” as if it was a CLP meeting.Really Steve Hall centrist Dad how would you like to have been manhandled by a bunch of South London Bover boys in your former Bristol house in the Wild West.This really isnt the way to treat innocent landlords as if they were common everyday mugs…sorry.. “Members” of Labour party.I think Steve H you need to tell your leader to lay off the scrumpy before he and the heavy mob do any more Pub crawls..Its not Oxted in Surrey you know..!

      1. Brown’s “that stupid woman” and Starmer’s “people like you” are the( non-Labour) Labour-right showing their contempt for uppity people daring to have opinions. Reminds me of George Peel:’post a while back

        “Which, recent, Labour Leader do you have most respect for?
        Gordon Brown 7.8%
        Ed Miliband 4.7%
        Jeremy Corbyn 84.9%
        Keir Starmer 2.6%
        192 votes· Final results”

      2. qwertboi – The guy is an anti-lockdown & anti-mask f’ wit.

  15. No. The regulations for business premises provide for employees to be able to enter, where adequate measures are in place. For certain business premises (shops, hairdressers etc. ) customers can enter, where adequate measures are in place. For hospitality, customers must stay outside unless they are using toilet facilities. I can find no exceptions for politicians visiting pubs. If you can find regulations that support your view please post a link, showing which page and paragraph is relevant, and I will readily admit my error. If you can’t do so it would be churlish of you not to accept your error.

    1. goldbach, don’t hold your breath.
      sh, it is obvious, has no “support” to his “view”. in fact, his “view” is just shameless spin for starmer & co. their aim is to grind you down so you give up and allow their spin to take root. SH knows full well that entitled starmer and his blue brigade should have conducted their pr parade outdoors in the air that was fresh until they turned up.

      starmer always is desperate to hide from the public, scrutiny and sunlight. today’s glorious sunlight was too much disinfectant for starmer’s doings 🌞☢️🌞☢️🌞☢️

    2. Recent clips of various politicians visiting business premises would seem to indicate that you are wrong.

      1. “I think you’ll find that the regulations are different for business premises.”
        Show me where to find this or go and have a cocoa.

      2. goldbach – if you’ve watched the news over the last week or so then you’ll have seen the evidence with your own eyes.

    3. For the likes of Starmer and Johnson, there are no regulations just like all those robots mourning Philip Windsor outside Buck house. Regulations are only there for us little people. Seen any unmade up celebrities with grown out hairstyles on TV? No, me neither.

  16. Good job Starmer did not have Assaf Kaplan the Israeli spy with him to whisper to the landlord “you have a nice pub and a healthy pair of kneecaps, wouldn’t like anything to happen to them, know what I mean Guvnor”

    1. That chap would have been better employed checking out the landlord’s social media account before Starmer was stupid enough to show up.

  17. Hmm, Steve H sounds unusually rattled, this evening.

    On the main point, he keeps repeating ad nauseum, perhaps, the owners of the pub need to brush up on their communication skills.

    Seems to be a dying art, these days.

    1. perhaps the landlord needs to brush up on his anger management and conflict management skills.

      1. Looks like you can’t find the regulations that back up your view then.
        Cocoa time.

      2. The credit is Keir Rodney Starmer’s. He even makes my CND, vegan, Quaker neighbour want to “punch his lights out”.

      3. Typical shithouse copper style attitude….blame the complainant.

        Nevermind the landlord has every right UNDER THE LAW to eject the slimy bastard.

        Par for the course for the hypocritical know-nothing pro-establishment reptile.

      4. SteveH19/04/2021 AT 10:26 PM
        perhaps the landlord needs to brush up on his anger management and conflict management skills.

        Says you – the possessor of zero social skills. The landlord needs no lecture from you. (See what I did there?? )

        Ever been to a boozer, wee fella? Bet you didn’t speak to the punters like you do us, eh?
        🐰🐰🐰💬 🤬 🤜 💥 🚓 🚑 🤕

      5. Toffee – Well no, but that’s because I don’t associate with people as uncouth and dumb as you pretend to be..

      6. You don’t ‘associate’ with anybody. Even deaf & blind masochists can’t stomach you.

        You wanna be careful though, if Keith finds out what you’re about he might get an injunction out stopping you from further bollocksing his already worthless public image, and stop you from abusing the interwebs.

  18. There’s no excuse for Starmer and his gang for not checking everything out before they approached the pub. Despite apparently being invited by one landlord local people must have known that the other one had some very strange views. No doubt he regaled everyone with them at every opportunity. He probably even has a social media account that would set all the alarm bells ringing.

    The conduct of Starmer’s heavy was a classic don’t the daft buggers know that everyone carries a camera these days any you will be all over the internet in minutes? They are an utter shambles and they deserve every bit of bad publicity that they will get .

    1. Absolutely Starmer’s people should have spoken with and checked the manager of the pub. Tony Blair’s crew would have. Jeremy’s team would too.

      This fiasco is symptomatic of the farce-politics that the Starmer re-run of Tony Blair and his
      ‘third-way’ is.

      “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” – Karl Marx (It’s good of the Trilateral Billionaires to provide the Farce for us)

      1. Gordon Brown – who was that racist women
        Temporary Embarrassment – who was that Covid19 denier
        Can someone explain why Red Tories pursue their votes
        Whose winning the ‘Race to the bottom’

    2. The ‘heavy’ as you describe him, was it seems, one of the police SB people assigned to party leaders on such occasions.

  19. Strangely ebough, the landlord’s fury with Sir Keir of the Establisment’s pathetic leadership of Labour will DO MORE to YANK alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s chain on this wretched Somali-pirate style Government ‘s WAY OVER THE TOP pandemic management than even his own backbenchers can.

    The Establishment KNOW the pandemic is a SHAM, and alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is realising that more and more of us are onto it.

  20. SteveH19/04/2021 AT 5:42 PM
    It was covered on BBC R4 PM where it was made quite clear that this was a pre arranged visit that had been agreed with the idiots business partner.

    i didn’t know stammer had a businesss partner….What business is that, then?

      1. Tsk! Well over your head, that one, eh, dope?

        Ever been to a boozer, wee fella? Bet you didn’t speak to the punters like you do us, eh?
        🐰🐰🐰💬 🤬 🤜 💥 🚓 🚑 🤕

    1. Have you found the regulation that says it’s OK for politicians to go into pubs despite everyone being told they can’t? Guess you’s forgotten you were going to find it.

    1. Does in the wee man’s maladjusted imagination. And everyone & everything is a product of it.

  21. This has been going in for f7ck8ng ages and its completely corrupt
    The latest gotcha on contracts awarded to cheap and nasty spivs and thieves is defended by the department for health
    It is word for word the Tory party bullshit on the issue, everything above board, nothing to report here, move along, no one died !!!
    On what planet do civil servants toe the party line, what is the civil service code and wtf is it for

  22. Starmer’s rat is being obnoxious even by his previous trolling standards. He is shooting the same line all Starmer’s bought and paid for team have been pushing about the landlord in question. He is not an anti mask anti lockdown etc etc as little stevie and the rest of the lying scum have suggested, he was trying to ask bloody Woodentop why policies that were clearly not working were not opposed by the useless creature. What little stevie is arguing is that the policy pursued by the Tories was ok and Woodentop Starmer was right not to criticise it, and how dare a mere pub landlord question the Great Leader on his performance. That is what is really going on. As for the thuggish special branch goon, or whatever he was, he really should be out of a job.

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