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Exclusive: Coyne set to fail nominations threshold to enter Unite contest; right-wingers pivot to Turner as least threatening option

Right-winger Gerard Coyne, who in January announced his intention to stand for election as Unite’s general secretary next year despite his shocking record and data breaches in his last bid in 2017, looks set to fail to achieve the required number of branch nominations to enter the contest, according to Unite insiders.

The ICO found Coyne in breach of data laws, just one of the facets of an appalling campaign

If Coyne fails to qualify to stand, the Labour party and union right will be forced to choose a new ‘horse’ to back among the candidates likely to qualify – and early signs are that they view Steve Turner as the option least threatening to right-wing interests:

Dromey was not only an avid supporter of Coyne during his 2017 bid to take over Unite, but also directly linked to Coyne’s campaign. A year earlier, he was a vocal supporter of right-winger Owen Smith’s attempt to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Yet now we see him gushing about Steve Turner in what appears to be a sign that the Labour right – of which Dromey is a senior figure – views Turner as the one least likely to upset their apple cart.

By chance or design, Turner is pictured standing in front of a banner showcasing the union’s victory in the Birmingham bin strike in 2017 – but Howard Beckett, Turner’s rival for the general secretary position, was the architect and engine of the bin strike victories both in 2017 and 2019, as the evidence makes clear, with Beckett meeting bin workers to get their view on the 2019 deal and testimonials (as shown in the video above) from the workers about his tirelessness and solidarity in the disputes:

While Beckett has won victories for Unite members against right-wing Labour councils and has relentlessly challenged Keir Starmer and others on the many occasions when they have failed to stand alongside workers and the vulnerable. Steve Turner, by contrast, has made overtures toward a rapprochement with Starmer (again referencing a dispute in which Beckett played a leading role):

And now Dromey’s backing is a bad look for Steve Turner – and a signpost to Unite members that if they want the leader who will defend their interests the most, they need to back Beckett.

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  1. Backed by Dromey?! It’s like boasting that you’ve got toothache or hemorrhoids. A definite pain in the arse.

  2. On a day like this I’ll take any news that cheers me up – even a little bit.

    1. Apologies for pushing in near the top of the comments, but I just tried to go on to Craig Murray’s blog and came across the following message:

      Maintenance mode

      Temporary Blog Closure
      March 24, 2021 in Uncategorized by craig

      In view of our understanding that the High Court has found some articles on this blog to be in contempt of court, and in view of the fact that the Crown Office had sought to censor such a large range of articles, this blog has no choice but to go dark from 15.00 today until some time after tomorrow’s court hearing, when it will be specified to us precisely how much of the truth we have to expunge before we can bring the blog back up.

      This is a dark day for the entire team here. We will be looking to appeal this to the Supreme Court and if required (though we very much doubt it will be) to the European Court of Human Rights.

      1. A classic example of what happens when you play against Liz…

      2. This might give the background here (copied and pasted from behind a paywall) “A former diplomat broke the law by publishing information which could identify four of the women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Alex Salmond.

        Craig Murray, 62, a former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, breached a strict court order which was passed to protect women who gave evidence at the former first minister’s high court trial last year.

        During a virtual hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh today, judges Lady Dorrian, Lord Menzies and Lord Pentland found Murray in contempt of court and the sentence was deferred for the court to obtain reports.

        Murray will be sentenced on May 7 2021.”

    2. Well George, I was cheered up a tiny bit by the results coming in about Tuesday’s election in Israel.

      The shameless destroyers of peaceful coexistence in Israel, Likud , and its right-wing block have won 58 seats against the centrte left’s 55. Three short of a majority. Benjamin Netanyahu is, therefore, a step nearer the jail cell that a three-times corrupt politician deserves.

      And he best bit (esp for a left wing unobservant Jew that does irony and sardonic)? Another right-wing party, Yisrael Beiteinu, has seven seats to do a DUP-fleece on Netanyahu to keep him out of jail.

      But it won’t. Yes, it’s a centre-right party of Russian speaking Jews, but it has refused point-blank to support the Likud party because of Benjamin Netanyahu’s lack of integrity.

      One person connects Netanyahu’s delightful discomfort to Sir Keir: Sir Trevor Chinn, one of Neanyahu’s strongest supporters in Britiain – and financier of $62,000 sponsorship money to Keir R Starmer(Sir), whch wasn’t admitted to until the leadership polls closed.

      Netanyahu – Chinn – Starmer. Birds of a feather flock together… and, in their case, NOT “For the Many, not the Few”.

      1. Maybe not so good. According to AP news “An alliance of far-right groups including openly racist and homophobic candidates appears poised to enter Israel’s parliament, possibly as an indispensable member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, according to exit polls Tuesday.

        The Religious Zionist Party includes a new incarnation of the Kahanist movement, a Jewish extremist group outlawed as terrorists by Israel, the United States and other Western countries decades ago over its incitement to violence against Arabs.

        Exit polls by Israel’s three main television channels projected the Religious Zionist Party will win six to seven seats, the best-ever showing by an extreme right-wing party. With Netanyahu and his opponents deadlocked after four elections in two years, he will likely need the group if he succeeds in assembling a narrow majority in the 120-member Knesset, Israel’s parliament.”

      2. Jonathan Cook……

        Five lessons from Israel’s election

        But Netanyahu may still struggle to cobble together a government, given personal rivalries on the far-right. He appears to have failed once again to muster enough seats among parties loyal to him to pass the 60-seat threshold.

        Nonetheless, Likud’s massive lead will make it nigh impossible for any other leader, including Yair Lapid of the “center-right” Yesh Atid, to make a plausible case for forming an alternative government.

        Netanyahu will have to engage once again in complex bargaining to forge a tenuous governing coalition. He must entice Naftali Bennett, the leader of Yamina, a far-right settler party, into his fold despite long-simmering tensions between the pair.

        But Netanyahu may still need a seat or two more, and that will probably require breaking apart another right-wing party. Or he may have another trick up his sleeve (see the entry on the Palestinian minority below).

        If not, Israel is heading towards a fifth election later this summer, with Netanyahu again remaining in charge as caretaker prime minister.

      3. LundieL, the 58/55 split I mentioned already includes the 7 seats the racist and homophobic Religious Zionists won.

        To get from 58 to 61 or more (to frm a government) the Likudniks need support from Yisrael Beiteinu, the party led by Avigdor Lieberman, who says it will back a bill planned by Kahol Lavan to bar someone indicted for a crime to be tasked with forming a coalition. This would block Netanayahu, indicted in three corruption cases, from having a chance to form a coalition. Will Starmer’s-backer’s guy, Netanyahu, who incited the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, be able to pick-of enough of the Yisrael Beiteinus to save his neck? Allan Howard’s post is spot on.

        Interesting times.

      4. The weirdest thing about this election result is that Netanyahu COULD be kept in office by including a right-wing Israeli Arab party, the United Arab List, in his coalition.

        That party’s views on social issues are essentially identical to Hamas’.

      5. Not at all surprised at the thread that runs through corrupt politics, qwertboi.

        I caught up with the Israeli election results, last night. Like here in the UK, there – is – a real opposition that we hear very little about, thanks to our MSM.

        The more we dig into politics, the murkier it becomes. It’s no longer straightforward – even Scotland – which I thought was a relative, shining light of political integrity. We know, now, it’s not. Scotland has it’s, dark underside, as well.

        Scotland, Israel, Liverpool, Hartlepool, the EU – and many more. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to make sense of it all.

      6. Wow, the Russian emigres distrust Bibi’s integrity. Is it because he got sussed and that’s a no no?

  3. An important statement by Jeremy Corbyn about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW):

    Jeremy Corbyn MP, Vice-President of CND:

    “The majority of British people understand that nuclear weapons are both a threat to the future of humanity and a grotesque waste of money that could be used wisely to provide real security.
    We must all step up our campaigning efforts to force the British Government to sign the ban treaty. And we must step up our campaigning for an end to Trident, with defence diversification and job security.”

    To support Jeremy Corbyn in this worthy goal, please ask your MP to support the treaty using the lobbying facility below:

    1. Oxymoron, example: “important statement by Jeremy Corbyn’.
      Need I say more?

      1. It is also worth noting that after nearly losing to Coyne, Len changed the nominations criteria from 50 to 150 nominations

      2. I can’t believe anyone “liked” your crass comment!

      3. Do you have any idea of surviving a post nuclear apocalypse?

        Maybe you should read up on the simple task of eating a biscuit or taking a shit (you’re gonna need a lot of Fuller’s earth…)

        Seriously, you want the pray to whatever you actually believe in that you are spared from survival by being close to a warhead target. A 5,000,000 million degrees Celsius checkout is far more desirable than survival, I can assure you

        And that’s before we dig into staying alive when others look at you as a source of nutrition.

        Imagine being barbecued from the feet up, being sliced liked kebab meat. The slow cook/slicing ensures maximum longevity during the eating process…(want that pain?!?!).

        People like you make me laugh, as you’ll be the first to be eaten by those you aspire to be…

      4. NVLA – I was under no illusions in the 70’s when I was stationed in West Germany (as it was then) and I am under no illusion now.
        Never mind though I am sure that someone out there will be impressed by your graphic descriptions.

      5. What were you doing in Germany …centrist dad…spying?…get back to the martinis in your Caribbean bolt hole and let the “grown ups” carry on with a meaningful contribution to political discourse…..Steve H davidh SH whatever your undercover name is today.

      1. Ahh centrist dad… your flag shagging comments are irrelevant.

        I’m sure that you know of some private initiative that can fix our woes…

      2. NVLA – Says the guy who has to resort to trying to associate me with someone I didn’t even know existed until the f’ wits drew my attention to him.

      3. Steve H….centrist Dad…my wife of over fifty years no longer comments on here and washed her hands of the establishment Labour party many years ago.Although she comments to me regarding flogging a dead horse with people like you controlling the Labour party and some unions.Shes always told me to wash my hands to avoid infection…8months ago I washed my hands of the Neo Labour party and joined a union.Unfortunately their infiltration of unions are now being made and are as expected of the right wing quite sophisticated.and devious.

      4. Joseph – I remember advising others to join a union last year. I seem to remember the person concerned (not you) mocked the idea at the time.

      5. Yeah not brown envelopes anymore, parchment and wax seals.

  4. Dangerous asylum proposals from the government tonight. A plan to only take immigrants from refugee camps which would mean asylum would only be granted to those opposing regimes we don’t like meaning loads of potential Islamist terrorists applying.

    1. ‘The official inquiry into the 2017 Manchester bombing has yet to probe the links between the terrorist, Salman Abedi, and UK covert action during the 2011 war in Libya – yet there is no point in the inquiry unless it asks difficult questions the British establishment would rather avoid.’
      ……..’Yet questions abound. Questions which scream out to be asked. Questions which Saunders has so far shown little sign of examining.

      The first concerns Britain’s “open door policy”, which allowed Libyan exiles and British Libyan citizens, most of whom lived in Manchester, to join the 2011 uprising.

      Some of these British Libyans had previously been under control orders, which subjected them to electronic tagging and required them to remain at a registered address for 16 hours a day.

      Control orders are designed for the purpose of “protecting members of the public from a risk of terrorism”.

      Yet in advance of the Libyan intervention, the British government had decided that the Manchester Libyans no longer posed a terrorist threat.’…………

      1. What you are saying is that anti Gadaffi groups based in Manchester, went to Libya in 2011 to help and celebrate his overthrow but were so upset by UK covert action (by definition covert action is designed to not be publicised and leave no evidence) against Gadaffi that they bombed the Manchester arena 6 years later? Are we all missing something here?

      2. It’s only you who’s missing anything citizen. We’ve been covertly supporting Al Qaeda for years when it suits us and assassinating them when it suits us. The Libyan Fighting Group was proscribed in this country and helped in Libya. Our approval of Qatar’s policy allowed the funding and arming of ISIS while KSA funded/armed Al Qaeda. It suited NATO for proxies to fight in Syria. Our friendly terrorists in Manchester and elsewhere are useful in geopolitical fodder who occasionally bite the hand that feeds them.
        We could end terrorism overnight but choose not to for various reasons.

      3. Not forgetting our fellow NATO member and close associate of the EU, Turkey has welcomed Islamist fodder from across the world and infiltrated them into Syria and Libya’s arsenal of weapons was used to start the regime change war in Syria, also funnelled through Turkey.

      4. ….and anti to Gaddafi Libyan expats didn’t just go to Libya to “celebrate his overthrow”, they fought in the war to depose him and we allowed them to do so.

    2. We are likely to get a few million assylum seekers from Hong Kong,but they will be staying at the Ritz hotel and are natural Tory voters with a bob or two to throw at the the Tory party.and buy their residency.

      1. Exactly. And they will be useful tools in the hybrid war against China, anyone with Uighur contacts will be especially welcome.

  5. Unions are better off without those rightwing, inept knobs. Why is he applying/standing again??? People did not want him previously so why should they want him now?

    1. The Unions are full of The Neolabour Party infestation, they destroyed The Labour Party and absolutely everything it stands for same for the Unions. We as Democratic Socialists need a new Party, new or select Union and absolutely no Neolabour Party Parasite infestations. We have two Tory Parties already, we don’t need another Tory Party and Tory Unions! Even with Len at the ‘helm’ where is all the outrage!? All the way from Jeremy Corbyn to Non White Racism to Kill the Bill.
      The UK Labour Party is DEAD!
      Long live The UK Labour MOVEMENT!
      At least that is one thing they can’t touch, it is with us and goes where we go. 2015 to 2020 was extraordinarily tough on Democratic Socialists, we are scattered and split by ‘Machine’ churned labels: Leave/Remain, Right/Left, Confirm Deal Vote/No more Voting, etc, etc, etc! As people slowly recuperate and reflect with their heads out of the MSM we will Unite like we did, but as far as the UK Labour Party is concerned it is DEAD, The Neolabour Party Tories killed it with Neoliberalism all that’s left is the dried out skin and gristle throbbing with Neoliberal Neolabour Party Parasites.

      1. I made a similar comment 2015-2020 using ‘Thribbing Girstle’, when I realised how long it’s been! So I dedicated an entire day to beating up my earholes and brain, with Throbbing Gristle, absolutely essential in this day and age of fascist absurdity! 🙂
        Stay Safe!
        Stand Strong!

      2. …and Play Loud! (These slogans always come in threes, don’t they. War is peace/Freedom is slavery/Ignorance is strength and Stay at home/Protect the NHS/Kiss your future goodbye or whatever the fuck it is this week!)

    2. Sabine – I agree with you about Coyne but it would be difficult to describe Turner as RW. His roots are in Militant.

      Turner, who was in the Militant faction of Labour until most of its members marched out to form what became the Socialist Party after the Kinnock purges in the mid-1980s. But Turner, who stayed in Labour, is markedly less publicly confrontational, saying that while “the jury’s out… I do not support in any way… a war of attrition inside our party which is being waged by some other candidates”. Though he has urged the Labour leadership to be “more forceful in exploiting challenges the Tories are leaving wide open for us”, he insists that “it’s our job in the Labour Party to win the argument not impose our will.” While “incredibly proud” of the manifesto on which Corbyn fought the 2019 election, Turner told me: “I didn’t support Keir but Keir won. I’m a democratic centralist. It’s our job to steer and guide and influence the leadership, not to have a public spat with the leader of the Labour Party.”

      1. Stop trying to give Steve Turner the kiss of death by endorsing him.Hes a good experienced union man and a left wing working-class person with bags of experience and a proven track record unlike the millionaire Lawyer from N Ireland whos always being touted has the first honest lawyers to exist in the Labour party…do you really want another Lawyer with no shopfloor experience but talks “nice” .Why don’t you go and endorse the millionaire Lawyer he’s more your style Steve H from Bristol .

      2. Joseph – I agree with your biography on Turner, Unfortunately I no longer have a vote.

      3. There it is in all of it’s guises, Trotskyism.

  6. Sabine – Probably because (wanted or not) he came close to winning last time
    Len McCluskey – 59,067 – 45.5%
    Gerard Coyne – 53,544 41.3%
    Ian Allinson – 17,143 – 13.2%
    Invalid votes 317
    Turnout 130,071 12.2%

    1. I hadn’t noticed how close it was. Interesting. Will Beckett get all McCluskey’s votes? Could be tricky if the mainstream press get into Beckett’s cv. I’m assuming most potential voters in this race aren’t Skwawky readers so may not be swayed by the unquestioning hero worship.

      1. Plain Citizen – With such a low turnout Len’s mandate amounted to <6% of Unite's membership.
        Hopefully there will be a better turnout this time.

      2. Len got a bit of a scare and after nearly losing to Coyne he changed the nominations criteria from 50 to 150 nominations.

      3. “Plain Citizen – With such a low turnout Len’s mandate amounted to <6% of Unite's membership."

        Yet, only 3 or 4 weeks ago you couldn't see that 50-something percent of a 62% turnout was thirty something percent.

        Regardless, a year in-post, and MORE THAN 2/3rds of Party members and supporters will certainly want Rid of Sir Keir right now. He'd certainly not get 35% support – especially now we know how much money Likudnik Trevor Chinn gave Starmer's leadership campaign.

      4. qwertboi – In the last poll I looked at Keir Starmer had a positive rating of 75% from Labour voters with only 12% expressing a negative opinion.
        I wonder if those who abstained are happy with the outcome.

      5. Them that are union people will go with a union man with proven shop floor experience and a deep left wing background.Turner.
        ….Millionaire Lawyers with no shop floor experience need not split the vote.but will always put political power first before the workers…..Bus driver turner v. Millionaire lawyer?

      6. Joseph – We’ve actually found something we can agree on.

      7. Steve H “have we found somthing we agree on “..Short answer no.!But Somtimes it takes a man who spent longer down the pit than leader of the miners union the Brilliant tactician Lancashire miners leader Joe Gormly not a left wing firebrand just old Labour with a good working class background and a strong desire to fight for the wages and working conditions of the people he was born amongst.He is the only union leader to break the Conservative and unionist party and destroy a conservative PM and his government.Who can forget the sight of Edward heath the molester stood beside the removal van ourtside downing street.Joe had a strong moral belief in the rights of the workers and the life they lead.I see somthing of that in Steve Turner.a man of his union and his people,.The endorsment of people like dromey or anyone else of the establishment system does Steve Turner no favours but I believe that its not his fault that like joe gormly People liked and trusted him and the unions will be the last bastions of the working-class movement and the last thing we need is a greasy Lawyer whos involment and background are suspicious especially were it comes to profit and trust.

      8. Plain Citizen, I voted for McCluskey and this time I am voting for Turner. Steve Turner is a solid socialist and if the right wing wants to vote for him, so what?
        Perhaps, just perhaps, people like Dromey are engaging in reverse psychologist by endorsing Steve Turner in the believe that automatically socialist members of Unite will vote for Beckett.
        Only one problem for all its fighting talk, how much fight has Beckett, a millionaire lawyer has done? For how long has Beckett, been a Trade Union member? We know from where Turner come from, Turner even before Corbyn becoming leader was pivotal in the formation of the People’s Assembly against Austerity. Where was Beckett at the time?
        From where all Beckett’s money come from? We know he is a millionaire so how much of a socialist Beckett truly is? It isn’t like he inherited the money, so how many paralegals? admin? workers? has Beckett exploited to get his millions?

    2. Querti…ffs don’t piss into the wind by educating wee steven about percentages, proportions and turnouts.

      You’d be better off trying to teach a cat how to use the TV remote control.

      1. Steve H….I never said he was a socialist or a politician joe gormley new how to represent a union and the wages and conditions were second to none whilst he taught the politicians a thing or two..He was a good living family man and came from a large Catholic working-class family in Lancashire and new all about back breaking work in a mine and what his people deserved,the best in wages and working conditions and the respect locally including from my dads family and in the end thats all that really matters for a good union man…Deliver the goods.and respect the membership,….Pity Labour didnt do the same…and as to the title we presumed that he must be going senile,He knew better and it upset many of his family including his brother and a couple of mum and dad included.Still in the end he delivered the goods and not many Lancashire miners would have a bad word said against him.He certainly tought the Yorkshire miners a thing or two about timing a strike and understanding your enemy’s weakness and strenghs.

      1. alex – The turnout was 12.2%, you must have missed the figures in my comment

  7. As an Ian Allinson voter last time (he was the candidate I most agreed with), I would have voted for McCluskey if I thought he was in danger of being beaten by Coyne. Looking at Allinson’s election address at the time (he was left of McCluskey), I can’t imagine any of the 13% of Allinson voters voting for Coyne if Allinson had not stood, more likely they would have voted McCluskey.
    Thanks for the info Skwark, My vote will be for Becket.
    When Becket was being criticized for splitting the left earlier he gave an interview with Novara Media in which he assured viewers there would be no right wing candidate. Seems he knew something we didn’t.

    1. Carlene – Len fixed that in 2019 when he changed the nominations threshold from 50 to 150 nominations.
      Whatever your politics it is difficult to see how denying the membership the opportunity to vote for the person they support in this way is fair.

      1. Something along the lines of “piss off Steve Scum”???

        I prefer centrist dad bellend, but that’s me…

      2. Has Len ever explained the logic of that change? Or is he one of those that loves to ‘manage democracy’ to help people make the ‘right choices’? As in his heroes of the former Warsaw Pact states who eventually had to build walls around their socialist paradises to stop their happy and contented populations trying to escape.

      3. I am suitably impressed by Never voting Labour again and he did very well in Outing mr Steve Hall centrist Dad and we all have a good chuckle at the dirge and propoganda you Steve H regurgitate on the poor sods of bot sentinel…ITs a shame you can’t have your score for lies deceit and propoganda updated on the site.I T should be classified as extreme caution may damage your health.

    2. Novara have proven track record of douchebaggery. They are _not_ your friend…

      If you need a hint, look at Cohen from the guardian

      1. Smug, self serving and vain. Oh sorry thought you meant Spiked. Mmm.. still works with NM.

    3. I think you need to reaearch the millionaire Lawyer from Belfast a little bit more and note that when it comes to profit he behaves like a millionaire Lawyer with a very difficult background to research unless you look at the mess he and his cohorts made in robbing the miners compensation fund..Hes clearly like the knight lawyer a well covered background into his early life and that takes money and assets to do that.Do you want another Lawyer running one of the biggest unions in europe ,weve already got one in the Labour party and had them before in Tony Blair.Still Howard Beckett talks the talk but does he walk the walk…?

      1. Toffee – Here’s a lawyers defence to being sued for telling porkies.

        “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact,” argued lawyers for Powell, a former federal prosecutor from Texas ….
        Powell falsely stated on television and in legal briefs that Dominion machines ran on technology that could switch votes away from Trump, technology she said had been invented in Venezuela to help steal elections for the late Hugo Chávez.

      2. Joseph – Sorry I’ve no idea why I addressed the above to Toffee it was intended for your attention.


        Not for the first time has the wee fella incirrectky addressed his feeble responses to me in a debate where someone else is schooling him.

        This time it’s Joseph, but the wee fella’s so used to getting roundly trounced by me that he now thinks it’s me all the time.

        And he claims he never takes notice of the things I (and everyone else) own him in (everything).

        Carry on, little fella.. here, have an emoji as well 🤭

  8. Steve H….I presume that they are saying that “telling porkies “is all in a days work for any good lawyer.I totally agree and that can never be ignored,its a shame you did and many others in the Labour party when you dumped the Labour party with the unacceptable face of Capitilism Sir Keir Rodney Starmer……

  9. Becket has zero chance and they know it, however many scary looking blokes on Youtube keep saying Turned is ‘problematic’.

  10. not going to stop the working-class people voting for Steve Turner and scary blokes wont worry Steve Turner,hes cut his teeth on Scary blokes with big money trying to frighten him off. But thanks for the info its always welcome Terry hands….Whos behind it?

  11. To add to my short comment on Scottish politics, this morning :

    ‘Craig Murray


    So my verdict was delayed exactly eight weeks from the hearing until today, instantly after the Holyrood and Hamilton inquiries were completed and Scots Parliament adjourned.

    My sentencing is set for 7 May the day after the Parliamentary elections.

    Total coincidence of course.’

    In a Hollywood film, this might be called a ‘stitch-up’.

    He was going to be a List Candidate, on May the 6th, advocating Scottish Independence, but not with the SNP.

    Now, he’s not.

  12. I think we should REALLY Piss on The Fuehrer’s Batteries!!! And Gang together to Campaign hard for Coyne, let’s get him past the Post if he’s not going to do it himself! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    This is so bloody blatant that it’s Pitiful!

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