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Breaking: Lansman backs Turner for Unite

Momentum founder claims he is ‘the right person’ for the job

Former Momentum boss Jon Lansman has come out in favour of Steve Turner to be the next general secretary of Unite, the biggest affiliate among Labour-linked unions.

Lansman stepped down from his Momentum role to allow allies to run as the ‘Momentum Renewal’slate, which was heavily defeated by the ‘Forward Momentum’ change group.

Lansman has come out in support of Steve Turner in the Unite contest in a tweet this evening:

Turner has also been backed by right-wing Labour MP Jack Dromey and members of Keir Starmer’s front bench are even said to be pressing disgraced right-winger Gerard Coyne to step down from the contest so that he won’t draw votes away from Turner.

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  1. Well there you go then all the more reason to back Beckett, I wonder how long before Lansman’s little bitch Jones starts dishing out the lies and BS in ‘The Sun in Lambswool’!

      1. And that Nasty Blair Witch Regress Purple,………
        …………., before The Campbell/Mandelson Spin Machine Turned Progress Full On Crimson Banner in Hand in your face “””Socialist””” Red!
        One can almost hear their Corporate Blah, Blah, Blah “out of the box thinking”!
        Yeah, yeah we’ll make the WORD: VOTE ‘Tory Blue’ to trigger the Tories in the Red Wall, but well also show the “power” of Thatcher’s Neolabour with that Blair Witch ‘Regress Purple’.
        Then we throw tiny junks of red in “join team” Steve for the pesky “working class”!
        Then we Paint Blair Witch Regress Totally Red, we have to fool those “stupid” [of course don’t forget Thatcherite Neoliberals are Supremacist, so they’ll naturally believe that they are above all, and don’t we just know all about THAT!]
        Yeah, Yeah! Awesome, Splendid! Let’s go show Lady Thatcher Ugh! I mean Our Dear Leader Tony!

  2. Lansman again interfering….. He should know better, ie not to. Unite members need to go e a clear message to Stammer and co, including Lansman, that they will not appoint a yesman. Howard, in my view, is the only candidate who will represent his members as best as he can.

  3. It’s getting clearer by the day – ‘For the Many, no the Few’. HOWARD BECKETT.

    and when Steve Turner’s GS chances are subjected to post-mortem, they’ll find a massive malignancy called ‘support for (and from) Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. specially-appointed Promoter of the trilateral Few,

    1. He and Dromey have helped clarify things? Let’s see who else throws their weight behind chosen candidates.

  4. When Dromey and Lansman support Steve Turner, they think they’re actually helping him? Gayvedik mamzers – as my grannie would have called them.

  5. I think a clever political game is being played out to discredit a life long socialist and the unite left nominated candidate Steve favour of a descredited officially Howard Beckett the man from nowhere with a Lawyers knowledge and instinct to “work” the vote.What Howard should be aware of his that there are those in the left wing socialist movement in NIreland who know how the game works because weve seen it on the street of Belfast and Derry(Londonderry)to mr Beckett whos involvement in the land of his birth is “sanitised” along with his slight descretion in ripping off the miners compensation fund along with his Lawyer pals.How dumb do you think Steve Turner is and hopefully he will realise that his good work for the movement is being taken apart by the establishment to insert another millionaire Lawyer to finally win,Game set and match for the establishment.

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