Breaking: BBC news site omits Beckett from list of Unite GS candidates

Who does the Establishment fear? Hmmm…

The BBC has published a list of the candidates to replace Len McCluskey as general secretary of Labour’s biggest affiliate union, Unite. There is a glaring omission:

As Andy Williams, who published the screengrab on Facebook, pointed out, the BBC’s ‘Red Book’ page leaves out Howard Beckett – so far seemingly the most widely-supported candidate and by far the most ready to confront both the Tories and the Labour right-wingers, including Keir Starmer, all too eager to give Boris Johnson an easy ride.

The BBC’s Iain Watson, who did write about all those standing, has noted that the Labour right is very, very keen to prevent a Beckett win and is pressuring discredited right-winger Gerard Coyne to quit the contest because they fear he will draw right-wing votes away from Turner.

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  1. Dirty and rotten to the core the Labour right. They are not on the side of working people. They should do us all a favour and leave.

    1. At 95% PLP Strong, I am afraid that job is going to be up to us The Electorate!

      1. Apart from political obscurity what’s stopping the 5% (your figures) leaving the majority and setting up a new ‘Socialist Party’?

      2. “The House of Commons is supposed to be the people’s House, and yet the people are not there.”
        Keir Hardie
        …….and in the same vein ‘The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party is The People’s Party, and yet The People are not there!’
        My personal preference is just that, gei out of that Thatcherite Cesspit, but surely by now you have come to realise The People act as one, bickering and all!
        I guess most feel that we have a score to settle, so we will settle that score and keep our UK Labour Party, Smaller perhaps, but far more effective and powerful.

      3. Steve H – No, thank you.

        I don’t want to leave the Labour Party’s history of, more than, one hundred year struggle, in the hands of an asylum of cuckoos. Not a democratic socialist amongst the right of the PLP.

        Shirley Williams must have died, content in the knowledge, that The Social Democratic Party was, now, HM’s Official Opposition.

      4. George – If only Jeremy hadn’t gone behind the members backs to oust their demands for mandatory reselection and instead impose the half arsed ‘trigger ballots’ you may have stood a chance of getting rid of the ‘cuckoos’

      5. Who decided on Trigger Ballots Corbyn, behind member’s backs? OR was there a Democratic Vote on it? In fact more than one Democratic Vote, all those decisions are based on a Conference Vote, Member and 2015 to 2019, by far Democratic Socialist/”Left” Dominated.

      6. sskellyknelly – Not in the world according to Len McCluskey in an article he wrote and published at the time.

      7. SSteveH – Jeremy Corbyn made such a serious decision undemocratically and with no votes whatsoever? Well! I Never!
        That must have been what he did when he Forced People to vote against The UK Labour Party at GE2019.
        Considering everyone knew there was only one Out Of 2 Possible winners The UK Labour Party or The Conservative Tory Party, that was it! One of those two and nothing else, anyone who did not know this, would probably be 3 years old!
        Perhaps Corbyn is Magic after all, one must be Uber Magic to Turn at least One Third of Labour Voters to Total Imbeciles!
        No matter what Len or anyone else has to say about it.
        Well, For now at least, the playing fields are back to level, reflecting the Blairite years with two equally agreeing Tory Parties, The Conservative Party Tories and Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories.

      8. skellyknelly 16/04/2021 at 1:12 pm
        This is what Len had to say about it at the time.

        …Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.
        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today.

      9. There has been a fair bit of voting and people involved in bringing forward the motion, Jeremy’s Crime in this appears, to me, to be The Leader of a DEMOCRATIC Socialist Party, when this motion was voted for.
        Jeremy was over conscious of Democracy and that could be the only thing he could be blamed for! He did not even sack the Blatantly Sackable on the Spot as many wish he did, and most probably because they were also his fiercest enemies, that to me was his weakness and taking guidance from snakes in the grass! He Trusted Humanity, but Humanity is a Jinn in Disguise!
        Trust NO ONE! NOT EVEN YOURSELF! That is what I learnt form 2015 to 2020!

      10. Steve H – Well, that was disappointing.

        I was looking forward to one of your fifth-form Debating Society retorts, but all I got was a standard kindergarten ‘wot abaht Jeremy Corbyn’, wind and pis*, by way of reply.

        Another indicator as to why you get so much grief, on these threads. But you keep going, chap! There’s no law against making an ar*e of yourself, that I know of.

      11. George – Corbyn’s actions of yesterday will have a detrimental impact on what can be achieved tomorrow. Whether you like it or not my response to you was both relevant and apt.

  2. ‘Nothing at all like’ their Fellow Tories, Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories even have The State Propaganda on speed dial!
    DON’T VOTE BRAND, LABOUR, You’ll only get Tory for Tory and sometimes to get rid of a problem, voting for what you KNOW is better than the shitstorm that you don’t, even as shit as what you know is. Short Term we need to bite the bullet, get them out so that The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party can flourish without Sabotage once again and bring us our HOPE BACK!

  3. Did anyone see News Night last night where professor Jeffrey Sachs wiped the floor with Emma Barnett for the BBC framing the talks between China and the USA as ‘Can America trust China’? He ran through a list of atrocities and agreements around the world which America had defaulted on and /or been guilty of. Barnett was left spluttering “but but but” when trying to interrupt. I doubt if he will be asked back.

    1. Pardon my ignorance, but who’s Jeffrey Sachs? Whoever he is, it’s worth a look on YouTube for the clip!

      1. Tim. Absolutely look him up on Wikipedia you won’t believe that a man could do so much in one life time.

    2. Will utube put it up? I never watch TV news but I wish that I’d seen that bit. Sounds great. All of the greats are getting slapped. What can this all mean?

  4. A good rule of thumb is to see who the Beeb and the Grauniad are pushing, and vote for the other guy.

  5. You can get Newsnight from yesterday on BBC i-player. It is wonderful to see someone ripping into the dreadful Emma Barnett. [After the Islamophobic interview she did with the General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain on Radio4, Barnett seems to have been promoted to Newsnight. That’s about par for the Beeb.]

    1. Thanks. Seen it now. Brilliant the way he didn’t back down and gave it both barrells. Ran down the clock nicely too!

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