Anderson becomes Labour’s Liverpool mayoral candidate with just 1,800 votes from c 7,000 members

Joanne Anderson is the Labour candidate to become mayor of Liverpool in May. According to Labour insiders, she was selected by just 1,833 votes to 921, meaning a turn-out of only 38% among the city’s roughly 7,000 party members.

Anderson faced controversy after the fact was revealed that she has been declared bankrupt twice. Locals say that copies of her most recent bankruptcy notice are already being circulated by political opponents.

At least one independent candidate has declared his candidacy. Charity founder Stephen Yip, who quit Labour over the Iraq war, has said that he does “not feel that the Labour party in Liverpool is able or willing to make the changes required to address the problems that this city faces” and that the city faces “a battle to safeguard our democracy”. The disenchantment of locals with the recent conduct of the party, in particular the deselection without explanation of the first three women councillors shortlisted, means that Anderson may face a bigger challenge than usual in what has been until now a staunch Labour city.

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  1. Okay, what else do we know about her?

    Bankrupt twice? How and why? Sometimes, bankruptcy happens and it’s not necessarily the person’s fault… sometimes it is.

    What else?

    1. Ben
      Its more a case of irresponsible lending, change of circumstances or fraud
      Either way it all comes out in process, so unless she has been sanctioned then its a no fault bankruptcy, its been accepted that she had no chance of repaying the debt over a reasonable period of time ( 6 years)

      1. Oh I know how bankruptcy works. That’s why the circumstances matter. Let’s say one has a business and depends on contracts from a main client who themselves went bust, leading you to being incapable of paying back loans… Tough luck, but it happens through no fault of anyone. It’s not the same as someone loading their credit cards on shoes and then not being able to repay it back.

        In her case, which is which?

  2. Good news appears to be 20% of the members are Red Tories, bodes well for challenge to Temporary Embarrassment

  3. Stephen Yip’s words above, cited in article, are key. Labour is not willing or able to make the changes necessary to address the problems that Liverpool faces. He knows that Liverpool Labour is part of the problem, not its solution. I’ve a lot of time for Stephen Yip. He’s an instictive corbynite and has a lot of relevant insight. Moreover, the second he realised that Liverpool Labour was re-grouping in light of the NW Mafia’s anti-democratic intervention against Anna Rothery, he did the only serious thing anyone with his principles could.

    “Stephen Yip calls for Labour to stand down from mayoral election ahead of bombshell report”

  4. She’s a woman. (tick) She’s Black. (tick) She’s neoliberal. (minus) She’s Southside’s choice. (minus) She’s a bankrupt – twice. (minus) She wasn’t nominated by the Members. (minus)

    1. Well neither were any of the blocked three ‘nominated by the membership’. The Labour party for at least a decade now has used ‘self-nomination’ as the first step – a backward one in my eyes – for any public elected office.

    2. She’s a black woman…And most definitely NOT a PR stunt to irrevocably exonerate stammer’s party of ALL claims of anti-black racism, isn’t that right, wee man?

      Nevermind giving the people of Liverpool a choice – that last anderson didn’t; and THIS anderson’s EXACTLY what Liverpool was crying out for, I’m sure. Becasue keith knows best.

      On another note, I see the potato-headed paedophile protector thinks council taxpayers should foot his legal expenses AGAIN..Worse than the toerags, the enormous fat fuck.

      1. I think it was the feminist Germain Greer who said Margaret Thatcher was “a woman but not a sister”. It seems to me the same could be said of Joanne Anderson.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        Please read Skwawkbox’s article again. If you still don’t understand why I made the comment I did then unfortunately I can’t help you.

  5. We must wash our hands of this infested cancerous party we must get a new start people are incensed with all the corruption!If we don’t start something new the left will be out of power for the next 30 years

  6. Bankruptcy is a personal crisis and congrats to her for bouncing back from that. However if there are more allegations of recent financial impropriety it could be an issue. Very unfortunate backdrop to Liverpool elections with the fraud squad all over the council and its officers. Doesn’t look like the ‘close relationship’ alleged between the Liverpool elected representatives their families and big time property developers has been of any advantage to working class people so we should be 4 square behind the police on this. Indeed the total absence of any left wing criticism makes you wonder why the left in Murkeyside hasn’t been calling out the councillors for years. Are they all at it? We must be told.

    1. Citizen You are a glutton for punishment for using the Murkyside term and it is not restricted to just you.A few years back a representative of Her majestic majesty pulled my sports car in and asked me to show my licence and any other form of ID..Naturally I protested a search of the vehicle and he asked me what a scouser was doing driving round here lonely stretch of moorland inbetween Blackburn and Rossendale grane moor..The cops reason for stopping me I might have been in a raiding party of thieves from Murkyside and my car was carrying Liverpool registered plates and registered to a person with a “Mick” name meaning could be from Liverpool.That word Murkyside and “Mick” was only to be expected from one of her majestic majesty ‘s enablers,but to continue them types of comments on here is very very risky and to be honest its a form of old fashioned racism.I am sure you were only joking but like all forms of racism ,casual racism does the most damage.

      1. About ten years ago I was driving my car full of ‘scousers’ 4 mates on the M6 early on a Saturday morning. We were pulled over by a police car who asked where we were going. One of the lads explained that we were on our way to Grimsby to watch Bristol Rovers. The Mancunian cops appeared to doubt us & told us to get out of the car while they ran a ‘police check’. After over an hour we were allowed to sit back in the car as it had started to rain & after 2 hours we were allowed to continue our journey. We missed kick off.
        Who would make up such a story; 2 Evertonians; 2 Liverpool supporters & me driving to Grimsby? Those Mancunian cops!

  7. Andrew I think it’s been that way for decades,very corrupt and incompetent.The only difference now is they don’t even bother or need to hide it The Labour party is effectively out of the political arena and is more a employment agency for the disaffected carreerists whos only loyalty is to perpetuate the establishment system on the backs of the working class. Everybody with half a brain realises its beyond redemption,but like all addictions its difficult to break the habbit…Withdraw your help and your funding.and walk 🚶away with your head and reputation held high.

    1. “beyond redemption”

      It pains me to admit that you’re probably right, but that is not a blanket reason for all good socialists to leave the Labour party.

      Arguably, it MIGHT be a reason for members of Liverpool CLPs to leave (and I hope they do and pre-empt the establishment of an off-shoot growth of a new, extra-Southside/exta StarmerrRaynerEvans Independent Labour Party)

    2. ” . . . employment agency for disaffected careerists whose only loyalty is to perpetuate the establishment system on the backs of the working class.” Brilliantly put if I may say so Joseph, brilliantly put.
      Going back to your comment about casual racism, I remember a remark by a member of Greater Manchester Police telling me 50 years ago they were against the construction of the M62 and later M56 motorways as it would allow scousers access to high value properties in Manchester and Cheshire and more easily allow them to escape with their ill gotten gains after committing robberies and burglaries. If you recall the police were against people being freely allowed to use mobile phones as it would allow criminality in certain areas to thrive.

  8. Plain citizen my Brothers Civil engineering companies and half of my neices and nephews owe their livelihoods to high value propertys because of the M62and M56 and other routes down to London including the M25and they owe everything to the decissions made by unknown ministers who didnt mind a few micks and Scousers having permanent living in high value propertys.And of course the police dont mind collecting sponsorship moneys from high quality micks living in high value property’s.I can remember as a kid going round to collect rents from the English who would often say them micks must have stole their money…gypos all of em..and my grandma would laugh and off to mass we would go….She liked to get the money in before Mass on Sunday so we could all have a good drink in the Catholic club.and a good laugh sunday afternoon whilst the local “prods” were studying their bible.

    1. Joseph okeefe
      The incessant joke of when people found out you were from Liverpool…oh watch your hubcaps with these scousers around. Only to find out years later that a well known more respected northern city had far higher car crime than Liverpool.

  9. “According to Labour insiders, she was selected by just 1,800 votes to 900, meaning a turn-out of only 38% among the city’s roughly 7,000 party members.”

    The turnout for the actual 2016 mayoral election was only 30.9%. What was the turnout of Labour members when Joe Anderson was selected as Labour’s candidate for the 2012 election?

    1. Are you sayin that the total turnout was 2,700 out of 7,000? If so, yes, it’s surprisingly low – but possibly, the way turnout in the May elections is likely to be historically low too? Of course, Starmer, Rayner and Evans ae alread citing the nominal (yes, “existing in name only”) pandemic as an excuse to minimise the likely low turnout.

      Personally, I’d go farther and say that the bllionaire-friendly “new management” disinclines people to vote Labour and also disinclines turnout, but, of course, I cannot say that with scientific certainty Perhaps the Starmer-Rayner-Evans focus groups might suggest it though.

      1. qwertboi – I would have thought it was obvious that I was simply looking for some comparative figures so that we can put the turnout figures into some sort of perspective.

      2. “I would have thought it was obvious that I was simply looking for some comparative figures ” – Yes, and I’d agree with your reason too. Was selection vote turnout similar/higher/lower last time? The answer would serve as a litmus test on the new management and indicate a hell of a lot about the two key questions EVERYONE is wondering about (but not admitting).

    2. SteveH30/03/2021 AT 2:13 PM
      qwertboi – I would have thought it was obvious that I was simply looking for some comparative figures so that we can put the turnout figures into some sort of perspective.

      Get over yerself you whinging little bollocks

      ‘So we can put the turnout figures into some sort of perspective

      Like your previous ‘perspective’ of 48% being bigger than 52? 16.1 million being bigger than 17.4 mil?

      70% of your stammerites being enough to win the last election – and that’s without YOU getting YOUR say on the matter?

      Or maybe you want to count all those non-votes as votes for whatever suits your agenda…As fucking per?

      “I would have thought it was obvious….I was simply….It’s not my fault…I was merely….’ Ad Nauseam, Ad Infinitum.

      You expect everyone to afford you the leeway you afford nobody else. Just get to fuck out of it and desist from treating people as though they’re all below your level of imbecility because that’s just not possible.

      1. Toffee – You must be confusing me with someone else (again).

        “Just get to fuck out of it and desist from treating people as though they’re all below your level of imbecility because that’s just not possible.

        ….and yet you’ve somehow managed to prove yourself wrong.

      2. Another prime example of your formulaic, tedious, puerile M.O’s.

        The infantile retort of: ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ that most kids have grown out of by the time they reach the age of seven.

        But at least they can count better than you. And more improtantly, least they can remember what they said yesterday; to whom they said it and the context they said it in.

        …You’re not even capable of that much.

        And at least they can clarify their stance when asked – all’s anybody ever gets from you is a: Not telling, so there’ because you’re worse than any (problem) child.

        In essence, you couldn’t even reach the ‘heights’ of being merely mundane. You make the likes of toby young and dan hodges look positively perspicacious and effervescent.

        And certainly more likeable. i’ll bet if they knew of you they’d breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’re not quite THE world’s worst gobshites; no matter how close they could run you.

        But as you’re an insipid dullard of zero imagination or self-awareness; you’ll fail to appreciate the gravity of that comparison.

      3. Toffee – It is gratifying to see you expending so much time and effort trying to convince yourself how inconsequential I am. 🤔

      4. Straight from the gob of the gobshite who claims he never takes notice of a word I say.

        Toddle off, weirdo. Away and find some little boys to make friends with.

  10. Almost 26% of the members voted, and one
    Candidate, democracy in action

      1. Well, to be truthful it was more like one and a bit candidates.

  11. All this palaver due to the totally irrational fear of one woman an ignorant loathing for Democratic Socialism and her passion for serving The People, her Community and NOT The Elites/Establishment! It was all in the bag and ready to go!
    The Neolabour Party Tories literally quake in their boots every time their Neoliberal Tory ears hear Democratic Socialism, UK Labour Party or UK Labour Movement. 2015 to 2020 happened and we will settle not today, tomorrow, in 10 years, this is a battle for representation of The People of Great Britain in The HoP, currently there is not one Party for The People only Neoliberal Tory Parties for The Elites/Establishment!

  12. So here is the new Labour 2.,0 candidates whoopie pity about the last 3 were not meant to mention or she has been bankrupt 2 times.

    Vote and ignore the huge issues within Labour currently and this hatred for anything socialist. They believe were such mugs that they will continue just to vote the same..

    Nope, I hope the good people of Liverpool give the cult of new Labour the finger and they choose an independent this whole contest stinks…

    1. Well at a quick calculation Seven thosand members…minus the 2,500 who voted leaving the majority of 4.500 that couldn’t be arsed said Ricky or the majority in fact legged it.and will not be taking a ride on the merrygoround ever again….send your cmments to The Staff Labour party Lotto fund for disabled Israeli settlers WC 1on your Bike Jeremy Corbyn Centre London.

  13. I would have thought that they would have chosen someone who wasn’t called Anderson.

    1. Why not?

      The first Anderson didn’t bother to ask the people to choose whether they wanted a mayor or not. Now the party think they can all but impose another one on them.

      Although I doubt this Anderson will be the shoe-in the pederast-protecting fatness knew that he’d be.

      If the people of the city had any sense, they wouldn’t bother to vote for a mayor – or a PCC. That’d mean around a fiver off their council tax bils for a kick-off…If not, more.

  14. Well, Starmer and SteveH got what they wanted…a Liverpool “Labour” mayoral candidate who is viciously anti-Corbyn(and therefore antisocialist as well as being pro-pointlessness, given that there is no chance that Corbyn would ever seek the leadership again), and also doomed to lose and, in losing guarantee that what SteveH and Starmer care about more than anything else-the removal of Labour values from Labour and the destruction of Labour so it can be replaced by a “Progress Party” only sectarian Blairites would ever vote for and which will never be anything other than a permanent junior partner in a German style “centre-right coalition” government.

    Why did you and Keir WANT to kill the Labour Party, Steve? It never did anything to deserve that from either of you.

    1. kenchurch – As I don’t live in Liverpool I have no skin in the game. You may note that whilst I have commented on the process I have not had much to say about any of the individual candidates.

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