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‘Mafia’ figures use NW Unite connections to attempt revenge for exposure by Skwawkbox

Two figures exposed recently by Skwawkbox seek payback – but manage only to prove accuracy of original exposé

Two figures mentioned in Skwawkbox’s recent analysis of the so-called ‘north-west Mafia’ have attempted to use their influence on the Unite union’s north-west regional structure to seek revenge for articles revealing the ‘mafia’s machine politics and tactics.

In the process, they spoke in defence of people who tried to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, who was one of Corbyn’s staunchest allies during Corbyn’s leadership, showing that they are not friends of the left or of socialism.

In their attempt, they therefore managed only to demonstrate the accuracy of Skwawkbox’s revelations and analysis – and will no doubt be far from happy that news of their latest manoeuvres reached Skwawkbox and has now been revealed to its readers.

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    1. Well, as you know SteveH, the mainstream press and media are tying their best not to cover Sir Keir’s failings, inadequacies and deficiencies- so probably never.

      1. qwertboi – When can we expect to see further revelations and/or details on (happy now?)

    2. Steve H centrist Dad…you need to leave this to the grownups now and toddle off to bot sentinel were your right wing ramblings are appreciated.anyway good morning 🌞Sunshine…

      1. Joseph – Could you explain what is RW about my above comment.

    3. Go read today’s guardian live update.

      Could swear you wrote the top recommended post…

      1. NVLA – Absolutely nothing to do with me. Whilst I agree with the writer that some Brexiteers have been catastrophically stupid in voting against their own best interests and I am also really pissed off that I have been robbed of my EU citizenship I wouldn’t dream of poking fun at the misfortune of others in this way.

  1. “Len McCluskey, who was one of Corbyn’s staunchest allies during Corbyn’s leadership,” – except when the going got tough!

    1. Very unfair comment Jack T. Len McCluskey was always loyal to Jeremy Corbyn and always had the guts to say so. He is a genuine Socialist and is Trade Union giant and will be sadly missed when he retires

      1. Smart boy + White Flag Man:
        McCluskey supported adoption of the IHRA definition which became one of the greatest threats to Corbyn and all LP members. He also scuppered Open Selection which could have allowed us to get rid of the loathesome Margaret Hodge and others. In addition, he had a stand up row with Chris Williamson, HE was arguably Corbyn’s strongest supporter. It’s actions which count, not just words.

      2. Jack – Whilst I share your distaste for MH you shouldn’t forget that a RW faction very kindly gifted Hodge’s detractors the opportunity to get rid of her by winning a trigger ballot against her on a different issue. Astonishingly either the LW failed to get their act together for the OMOV ballot or they just didn’t have the numbers.

      3. McCluskey also said Labour hadn’t apologised enough for it’s antiSemitism. He blamed Corbyn’s “London mind set” for Labour’s election defeat and said Labour needed a new Leader who understands the communities.

      4. Jack, forgive me for saying so, but you are talking out of your arse! LP members and councillors etc were being accused of A/S (more often than not falsely, like Ken Livingstone, for example) and suspended LONG before the IHRA definition was adopted, and in the final analysis it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference. The false claims and allegations would have continued just the same if it HADN’T been adopted, or if it had never existed in the first place. ‘one of the greatest threats’, my foot! Oh, right, but you have to grossly exaggerate it so as to give your false and phony point some legitimacy!

        I have little doubt that Len realised early on that the dark forces ranged against Jeremy would just keep on attacking Jeremy until the definition and all the examples WERE adopted – ie he accepted the inevitable – and there was no point in letting the whole affair just drag on and on, with the MSM et al firing off about it on an almost daily basis for several months. As for a ‘stand-up row, with Chris Williamson, Chris himself said the following:

        Mr Williamson told PoliticsHome: “I wouldn’t describe it as a clash – we had a conversation, that was all.

        So how about THIS Jack (yeah, sometimes people disagree Jack and sometimes THEY agree….. it’s called reality ffs!):

        A ‘handful of malcontents’ determined to do down Labour, Chris Williamson charges
        MP backs Unite leader Len McCluskey’s condemnation of MPs who smear their leader

      5. ‘McCluskey also said Labour hadn’t apologised enough for it’s antiSemitism’

        When did he say that jack. Link please. Cheers

      6. Steve, be real ffs. The RW faction you mention who triggered Hodge would never have done so unless they KNEW they had the numbers to win. Gifted the left, what a joke! Yeah, they thought to themselves how about we trigger Margaret and give left-wing members the opportunity to get rid of her! As I’m sure you know, it was all a set-up so that Hodge could then falsely blame left-wing members of trying to get rid of her for standing up to Jeremy Corbyn about the A?S problem blah, blah, blah.

        Yeah, ‘astonishingly’ the left-wing didn’t have the numbers, as if you didn’t know and worked it out at the time!

      7. Funny how you posted the following clip from a Labourlist article on skwawkbox at the time Steve:

        “What really happened when Barking triggered Margaret Hodge”

        It’s also not a left-wing coup as the media have suggested. There are only about five or six of us lefties who attend CLP meetings. Hardly enough for a ‘takeover’. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story? Why should the press bother speaking to local people to get an accurate picture when they can get away with printing entirely baseless assumptions?

        Read it for yourself, it seems like an honest and straight-forward account to me

        Astonishing eh! Hmm…..

      8. Allan – …..and there was I thinking that when the time comes the left were relying on being able to mobilise the wider membership where the left are ‘in the majority’.
        In my comment above I specifically referring to their inability to mobilise the wider membership (those who don’t normally attend CLP meetings) to vote in the OMOV ballot that follows the trigger ballot and is the vote that actually decided her fate.
        Maybe you are right that the reality is that ‘the left’ make up only a small proportion of the wider Labour Party membership and are therefore unable to influence decisions such as PPC, LA candidates and CLP Officer selections.

      9. I just found the following opinion piece Len McCluskey wrote in the Huffpost (on the 13th of December 2019, the day after the GE), which is where he says the things JackT referred to, but it’s somewhat ironic from Jack’s point of view that it should be headlined as follows:

        Brexit Is The Reason Labour Lost – This Is How It Can Win Again

        And just as Jack no doubt disagrees with Len about the promise of a second referendum being responsible for such a big defeat, *I* disagree with Len about the ‘failure to apologise for anti-Semitism’. Jeremy DID apologise on a number of occasions, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d apologised every single week, his detractors would have still vilified and condemned him of course. Anyway, it’s an interesting piece, and well worth reading:

      10. White Flag Man, after a little more research on your part I see you have been able to confirm my comments about McCluskey. It’s noticable however that you try to distract from your original scepticism by referring to McCluskey’s opinion on Brexit. Since Corbyn was elected Leader and possibly before, you have tried to contend that he could do nothing other than capitulate to the Israel Lobby, no wonder you tried to defend McCluskey.

      11. The point I was making Jack- and you know it! – is that Len McCluskey has his opinions about whatever, and whereas *I* agree with him that the change in policy regarding Brexit was to a large extent responsible for the GE result in 2019 – as does Steve Walker – *I* DON’T agree with him regards apologising for anti-semitism in the party AND gave my reasons for doing so – ie that it wouldn’t have made the slightest bit of difference.

        As for not trusting you, No, I don’t, cos yur ALWAYS discrediting Jeremy – who you claim to support – and have repeated your Big Falsehoods literally scores of times on skwawkbox and JVL (and no doubt elsewhere!) – eg Jeremy throwing ‘good comrades/socialists under the bus’ – and done so knowing damn well that on the one hand Jeremy had no say in the disciplinary process AND, on the other hand, that when Chris WAS reinstated, the MSM and the usual suspects ALL exploded in a fire-storm of false and confected condemnation and outrage. As with your B/S about the IHRA definition being adopted, like I said, it wouldn’t have made the slightest bit of difference if the LP HADN’T adopted it (apart from the fact that Jeremy’s enemies would have been forever denigrating him for not doing so), and the false claims of anti-semitism would have continued unabated. Of course they would, just as they did in the years PRIOR to the definition being adopted.

        And then there’s the Big Lie that you have repeated on numerous occasions about Jeremy appeasing his enemies! But perhaps you could remind me what happened when Jeremy defended his record on combating A/S in the party on the day the EHRC published it’s so-called report! Yep, he was pilloried by all the usual suspects and promptly suspended. The reality is that he has ALWAYS been in a no-win situation because the forces ranged against him have the corrupt MSM on their side and, as such, can dissemble their falsehoods about the ‘A/S problem’ to millions of people, along with many so-called journalists and columnists who work for the MSM.

        As Stalin said, if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth, and THAT of course is the reason why YOU – along with the other shills on here – endlessly repeat your falsehoods and lies.

        PS Apologies to posters underneath for doing a ‘signpost’ on you!

      12. In a post on JVL on March 24th Jack starts by saying the following:

        A couple of points – Once Corbyn started to appease the Israel Lobby all was lost, they just wanted more and more and he obliged by giving it to them and not standing by those such as Chris Williamson who laid their political careers on the line for him.

        Everything Jack says in that one sentence is a falsehood. Jack implies that if Jeremy had ‘fought back’ then his enemies would have stopped their smearing, which is a joke – a falsehood – of course, and Jack knows it. Of COURSE they wouldn’t have! But as we know – as does Jack of course – that whenever Jeremy DID refute the lies – or defend Chris Williams, as he DID – he was just pilloried by the usual suspects and the MSM.

        And Chris did NOT lay his political career on the line for Jeremy! And THAT is just MORE B/S lies from Jack. Jeremy’s enemies could have taken out Chris WHENEVER they wanted to, and I have no doubt whatsoever that they did so when they did because they knew that May would be gone in a matter of months and that Johnson would win any leadership election and become PM, AND that he would call a snap election sooner rather than later (when you are twenty plus points ahead in the polls and would undoubtedly significantly increase your majority, it would be the most obvious thing in the world to do)…..

        They took Chris out when they did and suspended him so that he would be suspended when the inevitable snap GE was called AND he would have to stand as an Independent (or not at all) and would lose his seat as such. As I say, they could have taken him out – ie accused him of A/S – on any number of occasions in the two or three years prior to when they actually did, but they didn’t. And as I say, Jack is just spouting MORE B/S lies – and for the glaringly obvious reason! – when he says that Chris put his political career on the line for Jeremy. Funny thing is (not ha ha) that Chris got taken out (in the end) for in effect criticising Jeremy for apologising too much!

      13. White Flag Man, your attempts to discredit my comments are pathetic. I admired and campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn 100%. Like many people, I joined the Labour Party specifically to help get him elected but you appear to be one of the very few to believe it was pointless for him to fight back against the Israel Lobby. Perhaps you are working for them!

        Your ‘White Flag Man’ moniker is well deserved, you are the last person who could be counted on in a crisis. ‘Run away’ is your constant response.

  2. Combine 1 measure of unscrupulous, self-serving, manipulation with 1 measure of secretive, sinister, underhanded control-freakery. Result: This.

    Well Done Skwawkbox, and thanks.

    It seems that rat-like apparatchiks of a certain type don’t just flee sinking ships – sometimes they are the reason they sink in the first place.

  3. Point of order
    Are they people who will be asked to leave or pushed
    Only game in town at this precise moment is
    Every man women and child should be working on boosting the membership
    Get real folks

    1. Doug, I have not problem with boosting the membership for the purpose of resisting Starmer’s overtures by reinforcing CLP’s presently under left’s control so that they don’t fall under right wingers control.
      Also to take as many as possible of the CLP’s that aren’t under the control of the left by getting new members on them ready to present battle to the right wingers that are in charge and for the left to take on their officers positions.
      Is this what you have in mind?

      1. Vote
        Whatever it takes to get rid of Red Tories
        It’s called the Pantomime Dame conundrum
        My argument is we won the argument in 2017 it’s the party we have to sort out once and for all
        Bring JC back as spiritual leader/chair but elect a hatchet man/women to do the dirty work

    2. Doug I like the CRV….better build and more reliable especially on dirt roads nO dont know what the knight rider drives but I guess a big guzzling SUV for a man with a big ego and and a tiny….

  4. “demonstrate the accuracy of Skwawkbox’s revelations and analysis – and will no doubt be far from happy that news of their latest manoeuvres……… has now been ‘revealed’ to its readers” If that’s a ‘revelation” then I’ve lost the OED meaning of the word entirely. Frankly, I’d put up and if you can’t, shut up.

      1. As that seems to indicate you are aware of the names and details, perhaps you can share if SB can’t or won’t.

    1. ” you are aware of the names and details, perhaps you can share if SB can’t or won’t.”

      First you ask SW to ‘put up’ details, then you repeat the request to john thatcher(above).

      Are you, per chance, trying to get lefties, preferably Steve Williams but, failing that, any of us to make statements that provide unscrupulous centrists with an opportunity to eiter sue us or use your establishment media to twist the discussion here so we are the problem??

      For the benefit of others, the right wing in labour has only TWO things it can use to achieve their ojective, the establishment MSM and lawyers. I’m distrusting you enough to suspect that you’re tying to produce material for the latter.

      Nothing personal David Walsh. Apologies if I’m wrong, but I was born to kvetch, and I know a low life strategem when I stumble upon one.

      1. Ooops – NOT Steve Williams, meant Steve Walker… foggy brain today

      2. I think you are wrong. I’m just trying to understand what the whole point of the article is aboiut. Dificult when we are not told. If this had been dropped on a sub editors desk in a proper newspaper it’d be waste paper basket fodder without such detail.

  5. The following article on JVL is well worth reading if you haven’t done so already:

    The Long Coup

    In an LBC debate in June 2019 hosted by broadcaster Iain Dale, just a few months before the general election, author and Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer said this:

    ‘He wants to open the gates of Auschwitz.’

    There’s of course no uncertainty as to who ‘he’ refers to in this sentence: Jeremy Corbyn, then leader of the UK Labour party.

    The following is an attempt to understand how we arrived at that point.

    Betwen 2016 and the present, a coup was undertaken by the British state. It was conducted, not with troops or tanks or tear gas, but with words, with accusations, with increasingly hyperbolic statements.

    Many interesting comments also…..

    1. Thak you Allan Howard. I had no idea that JVL had reprinted McGinn’s article – a MUST read for democratic socialists everywhere. Thanks again.

  6. Off message,but deadly important.British ex pats trapped by isis fighters in palma Mozambique.Times running out quickly for expats and relief workers who are already in the hands of Islamic fanatics isis.British embassy in the capital Maputo relying on the South African defence force to rescue the ex pats trapped in a Hotel and sorounded.This is a pontential old fashioned “blood bath” with a comotose British embassy and a inept poorly trained SDF soldiers on their way.?.Never as it been more important for our flag waiving and sabre rattling PM to intervene with British Special forces already based in southern Africa and onboard British war vessals patrolling that part of the Indian ocean.One phone ☎ call is all it takes to show real patriotism and evacuate up to to one hundred expats and family’s who otherwise be the liberal use of the favourite sword of fear and horror the African panga..I think isis are infiltrating from other countries to grab the oil gas and diamond industry of this small former Portuguese colony.from the frelimo government… Why are we just watching whilst voluntary NGOs already captured and forgotten and soon to be slaughtered British familys.Step up mr Johnson and mr knight of the realm your people need you to lift that phone ☎for people who have only hours to live.

    1. Joseph, I’ve read elsewhere that some are already dead. Gas workers at the port if I’m not mistaken.

      But I have very little sympathy if I’m honest. A forgetten part of Mozambique which has pandered (more likely plundered by) to Western countries.

      One example is a dam built there for foreign mining companies. The local used to pan for precious stones in between subsistence farming. All now flooded and lost. Wonderful fodder for inspiring revolution. And now it’s here.

      If you turn up at someone else’s place and assist with plundering, you should expect resentment at the very least.

      1. NVL The NGOs many from British Real charitys like cafod and the equivalent from france are ordinary skilled working-class people motivated to help a war torn country thats still recovering from war and famine .Must nearly all of us risk our lives and familys to provide the skills and experience we have.I know Mozambique very well and remember the days many years ago of the Bombers flying over from Swartkops air base off loading bombs to stop the frelimo rebels…I didnt go there ito exploit anyone and its the same today ..just ordinary working-class skilled tradesmen and women.Yes big oil are there but I believe the socialist \communist government invited them in.The workers for these companys are not execs but workers with familys who dont come with guns and bombs like the former SDF to kill and slaughter on behalf of the Apartheid regime in Pretoria.I think you might change your mind if youve ever seen the aftermath of a family slaughtered by butchers and the women raped My friend Garry von Rooyan had his house invaded and that site remains with me today of clearing the bodys or whats left and bagged up to burn .This is Afrika,not a street in Bolton or oxted and the law of the jungle still rules in most of Afrika.Famine,desease and brutal justice and criminality but non of them expats deserve to die in the way of Afrika and especially at the hands of religious fanatics of isis…..

      2. Is there any such thing as a real charity? Maybe I’m overly cynical.

        Having read about certain charity’s sexually activities with the locals and places like Haiti, I have deep cynicism.

        If the hostages are genuine aid workers then my sympathy increases dramatically.

        I’ve seen slaughter. The choke point at the Kuwaiti border leading to the Iraqi MSR during Desert Storm will never leave me.

        I’ve not a lot of knowledge of Mozambique, other than this is an extremely poor area of the country and that mining companies are making a killing…

      3. Following a members ballot Labour has announced that Joanne Anderson is Labour’s new candidate for the Liverpool mayoral election

  7. John Spellar MP. Has Lord Tebbit inadvertently put right wing Labour MP, John Spellar (through a zoom meeting, for heaven’s sake) in the firing line for possible providing left wing trade unionists’ names to Thatcher for thoroughly illegal blacklist purposes??

    I don’t know, but Spellar was intensely anti-Tony Benn in the 1980s, and, of course, appropriately rewarded with ministerial appointments by Tony Blair.

    The rot in Labour is probably more extensive than any of us would like to consider.

    1. This is what a private education does for you,John Speller classic example of the system and a nasty piece of work …and once again a friend of Israeli government and a special branch clone.whos operated inside the EPTU to provide left wing targets for Her majestic services.Bit of a oldy nowadays but hes pure poison and a paid informer especially in his Labour N Ireland days were he was known amongst the boyos as a man who spent a lot of time briefing Paisley and the UDF in collusion with British crown forces…There could never have been a settlement with the good Friday agreement if he had still been a minister…..I had forgotten about old John but even Tony Blair new what he was and Mo Mowlem wouldn’t have him in the same room as herself which tells you a lot about him.His hands are soaked in innocent civilians blood…I am surprised Spellar can sleep at night,I certainly wouldn’t leave the window open if I was him?

  8. Re: the substance of the piece. I’m afraid I agree with David Walsh – there isn’t any. I’d honestly like to know who you’re talking about and if you can’t name names, why. Otherwise the piece reads like the sort of innuendo you find in the MSM, leaving out germane detail and inviting people to draw conclusions, which may well be false, shedding heat but no light. Thanks.

    Regarding Spellar, nothing would surprise me. The PLP is infested with backward right-wingers but the law of probability says that at least some of them are not only convinced reactionaries but also agents of foreign powers or organisations whose express purpose is to undermine the organised working class in Britain. It’s very often difficult to distinguish the former from the latter – but in most cases it hardly matters because objectively they serve the same function.

    Spellar was political officer of the EEPTU under Frank Chappell and former MP John Golding details how they and their allies went about driving the left out of the Labour Party in the 1980s in his book “Hammer of the Left: My Part in Defeating the Labour Left” – a useful read for anyone for anyone wishing to understand what is most likely going on behind the scenes right now and an illustration that their are no depths to which the Labour right will not sink.

    1. For the sake of accuracy, Golding was the full time political officer of the Post Office Engineering Union (POEU) (now part of the CWU) not the old EEPTU in case anyone is getting confused.

  9. Forgot to mention Kincora boys Home connection with Paisley blackmail tactics on various figures in Parliament,MI5special branch and last but not least the Shankill butchers gang….John Spellar was in the thick of it including judges,lawyers Army Chiefs and our very own friend and acomplice of Enoch Powell in his NIrland days John spellar and our recently paid up I nearly went bankrupt Harvy “Wallbanger (nick name)who Tom Watson stumbled across then ran a mile when he found out boys were being brought into central London and Toms constituency..That would have been the most useful contribution he could have made to public life,.to expose the Westminster paedophile ring…..but it will all come out one day after the criminals are gone

  10. SUSPENDED Labour MPs.

    Could someone please post a list of current MPs returned as Labour party representatives that are currently suspended?

    Jeremy Corbyn
    Cluadia Webbe?
    Any others??

    1. qwertboi – There’s just the two of them (at the moment).

      Claudia Webbe was due to be tried at Westminster Magistrates Court on 16/03/21 but the trial was suspended until 27/09/21 because of her barrister’s ill health

      1. Thanks, SteveH. It’s more than possible that Claudia is happy that her barrister’s ill-health caused an adjournment whch, of course, becomes extended by te austerity level funding our legal system endures.

        Hopefully, by September, the end of trilateral PLP leadership will be on the cards and hundreds of 1000s former members can consider rejoining.

        Every day Sir Keir and Evans are left unchallenged is a day wasted.

  11. To my knowledge the only person currently suspended from the party is Claudia Webbe. She was suspended around September 2020 and I haven’t heard anything since. The useless Complaints and Discipline Policy (note: with the absence of Appeals) at it again. Should have been sorted out by Christmas.
    Jeremy Corbyn is, of course, not suspended from the party but has had the whip withdrawn by the Dear Leader.

    1. I stand corrected. It was legal matters that delayed the Webbe situation. Makes a change.

  12. Hardie created the UK Labour Movement and UK Labour Party. He knew that at least the majority of the people chosen as Labour’s Parliamentary representatives were not class conscious Socialists, yet he thought they would keep together as a class, and that the Parliamentary conflict would increase their fighting spirit. Sadly he was mistaken off the bat there were right-wingers and Tory infiltrators, who did not then and does not now fit with the true class struggle Hardie said: “Socialism will abolish the landlord class, the capitalist class, and the working-class. That is revolution; that the working-class, by its actions, will one day abolish class distinctions.”
    We have moved on ‘a lot’ from this, what is the class system today? Essentially one group of people who abuse another group of people and one group of people who protect another group of people, from that abuse. Barbaric Apathy vs Empathy. As the ‘under the Breadline Classes’ grow The People are Uniting, soon we will have a party to represent us and overthrow this evil.
    The UK Labour Movement is who we are, the UK Labour Party was a Brand Name, Those who could not align with the UK Labour Movement did not belong in The UK Labour Party or it’s Unions. 2015 to 2020 we saw what happened when a Democratic Socialist takes the UK Labour Party and align it with it’s original and true values, those Parasites who infiltrated the Party displayed just how deeply connected they are to the Elites/Establishment and what loathing they hold for Democratic Socialism/ts.
    Blair [The Colonising Parasite] & Co, aggressively, brought Thatcher’s Neoliberal Toryism into the UK Labour Party since he gnawed his way into the Party in 1983, with The Neolabour Party/Neolabour Tory Party and elements of Neoconservatism with lust for war and a preference war machine funding, over hope for British Children.
    2015 to 2020 The Neolabour Tory Party went so far as to kill the UK Labour Party, and this is a thing Democratic Socialists must deal with, The UK Labour Party is Dead, Long Live OUR Democratic Socialist, UK Labour Movement, wherever we end up moving to, wherever we once again Unite in time.
    The “Us and Them” is not the Working Class/Left Wing vs MSM created “Centrists”/Right Wing! The “Us and Them” are Democratic Socialists vs Neoliberals and Neoconservatives. The UK Labour Party was a Democratic Socialist Party, Centre Left, The Neolabour Party are a Neoliberal going on Neoconservative Thatcherite Tory Party! Two Polar Opposite Parties, not the Left and the Right of the same Party.
    Let them keep their Plundered UK Labour Party Corporate Logo/Brand, without The Democratic Socialists they are no more than just another Lib Dem/Tory Party. The UK Labour Party was the very last Party to offer people from the Struggling Classes Real Hope with Real Long Lasting Change and it was not the “UK Labour Party” Brand/Logo that did that, it was Democratic Socialism and allegiance to The UK Labour MOVEMENT. It was the 20% Democratic Socialist PLP vs 80% Neolib PLP/ vs The entire Establishment/Elites/ vs The entire UK MSM/ vs International MSM and Gov’s/ etc, etc, etc!
    We were on the Brink of Real International Change with a minority 20% PLP of one Political Party, because The People, The Many are hungry for change. Granted many cocked up through MSM stupidity OR we were robbed by the powers that be, UK PM first words “We did it, we Pulled it Off!”.
    Forget about all those MSM keywords Working Class, Left, Right, Leave, Remain, etc, etc, just accept that the UK Labour Party used to have 2 Parties and Ideologies, Neoliberals Directly working for the good of the Elites/Establishment/The Machine and Democratic Socialists Directly working for the good of The People! Everything else is fluff and not worth arguing about, not when we need to find a home and representatives with impenetrable security from the Pestilence of Neoliberalism, it will be the only way Democratic Socialism will once again become significant in the HoC. This time we need MSM education efforts, because sadly the general population have become like Americans, we need to educate people that Socialism wont eat them up!
    The Long and Short is:
    The UK Labour Party is Dead, The Unions on their last legs and beyond salvation.
    Democratic Socialists need a New Party and Union.
    There are a great many Democratic Socialists ready and waiting, we just need the remaining MPs to make the move!
    Neoliberals can NEVER again pretend to be Socialists or “Centrists”, they are Tories and nothing else. You can’t say I am Yellow when you are Green, they are not and never can be Socialists, “Centrists” or UK Labour MOVEMENT, they are merely Neoliberals and Neoconservatives who Killed the UK Labour Party and held on to the Corporate Logo “UK Labour Party”, which will remain meaningless no matter how much they polish it up or how much neon and LED they slap onto it!
    Understandably many are furious about this, but once we accept it we can move on and get a truly Democratic Socialist Party and Union without the Parasites, the Saboteurs, the Coups, let all that come externally, we can deal with that, it is the sting of the internal vermin that killed The UK Labour Party and we have learnt our lesson well!
    We must not allow the Brand “UK Labour Party” to entice us into voting UK Labour Party, that is voting Neoliberal, Tory, only you could be fooled into believing otherwise! Then we end up with another 41 Years of Neoliberal Tory Hell, let’s use our energy to fight for a New Party and Union instead!
    Let’s spend our time to recuperate, regroup and unite. Spend our time and efforts on worthy Democratic Socialist causes/groups/projects until we see the Phoenix rise from the ashes, it will as there is no opposition to a HoP now occupied by 100% Neoliberals, The People need representation, forget the Rights and Wrongs of the past and unite under one umbrella Democratic Socialism one fight the fight for the good of The People, the rest will follow eventually, but now we need to bring the poor and destitute to a decent standard of living.
    Unite Comrades, Brothers and Sisters, together we will overcome the injustices inflicted on us!

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