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Labour’s Hartlepool by-election candidate broke party rule requiring auto-expulsion

Paul Williams also slated for sexist tweets, mockery of Muslims and support for NHS privatisation

By-election candidate Paul Williams

Labour’s candidate in the Hartlepool by-election candidate – imposed without giving members a chance to vote on who they wanted to represent them, despite misgivings about his local knowledge – broke a party rule that requires automatic expulsion (the ‘auto-exclusion’ rule), SKWAWKBOX can reveal.

Labour’s rules ban any promotion of rival parties by its members. However, the Politwoops website that records MPs’ deleted tweets shows that, during the run-up to the 2019 general election, Williams retweeted a call on the party to stand down in ten seats to allow LibDems a better chance of success:

In 2017, Labour expelled three members after a Surrey branch of the party voted to back the NHA party’s Dr Louise Irvine to stand against then-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and for Labour not to stand a candidate against him, in line with a similar call by the UK Progressive Alliance movement.

Williams has also been slammed – and has apologised for – a tweet about discussing choosing a preferred ‘Tory MILF’, a sexist reference to sexually desirable women with children and for calling Saudi Arabia a ‘progressive’ nation.

Williams has also praised the Tories’ plan for ‘Integrated Care Organisations’, which NHS campaigners say is cover for further break-up and privatisation of the NHS:

Labour has supposedly introduced a new system for excluding potential candidates if they say anything controversial on social media – a move that many believe is designed to block working-class and radical candidates from elected positions. It seems clear that no such filter was applied to Williams’s candidacy.

But members will be entitled to ask why, when ordinary party members were ‘auto-excluded’ under the rule about supporting other parties simply for retweeting a tweet about a Green party policy – or simply for swearing about a rock band – a former MP is allowed to stand as a parliamentary candidate when he shared a request for Labour to give ten LibDem candidates a clear path at the last general election.

Dr Williams was contacted for comment but did not respond before publication.

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  1. Hes young enough to remember that a GP has been turned into a good business under years of the market system by the torys and the Labour party.Nothing quire like having a “captive audience” to exploit the public taxes .ITs very much the new fallback position of grow your own buisness without risk on the backs of the working class..Mutated capitalism..?

    1. Yes, so selfish and short sighted. While his own surgery might be safe for now, 500,000 patients in London are in an amalgamated group run by an American health care group.
      We were warned this would happen as the same thing happened to American GPs 10 years before the Lansley ‘reforms’. The best you can expect no matter how big the healthcare budget in the future is 8 minutes of a harassed and underpaid locum’s time.

      1. Lundiel I did notice the a few years ago he called for nationalisation of GP surgerys.Unfortunately thats probably his best contribution as a mp.He went very quite on the subject especially when the British medical association contacted him.I assume that his ideology like his carreer in medicine is flexible.I don’t see the Tory party holding back on a dirty negative publicity campaign .IT does work especially if its not lies.Luckily he has a proper job he can go back to unlike the majority of our lot in the acting iProfession who are neither any use or ornament..

  2. ON that basis, Skwawkbox should be calling for the expulsion of Clive Lewis M,P, who is well known for his views on electoral pacts (although I would disagree with him). Indeed, in a Q and A session with Somerset party members recently, he was quoted as saying “The Lewis route to this is to offer Electoral Reform as part of an electoral coalition based on co-operation with LDs, Plaids, Greens and ScotNats. In Somerset this would entail Labour candidates standing down in favour of LDs. While older hands related familiar tales of local LD skulduggery, these were dismissed by Lewis, because the goal of replacing the Tories is considered too important.” Fir more see;

    1. Well, you have certainly made it clear where on the political spectrum you are walsh. Labour headquarters must have decided that little davie was in need of support, and have sent you in to help do battle with the forces of the Left. In other words another scumbag to be ignored.

      1. They have a oddball tory mp thats surname and equivalents ryme with DOG…and yes the rural poor have had worse time living amongst the likes of the Dog mp….I assume you were being sarcastic regarding our comrades in the S.west …excluding the idiot liar from Bristol ginge.

  3. The only question to ask here is why were democratic selection procedures not followed? The bye election has not been called. there is ample time not only to canvass the Labour Party in the constituency, draw up a short list, select a candidate and begin to campaign.
    This is a clear and obvious ‘fix’ a measure of the total corruption of a careerist cabal at the centre whose only principles are a hatred of socialism and a fear of democracy.

  4. Walsher the bigger more destructive enemy within is people like you who have brought the Labour party to the edge of oblivion..We can fight torys on a even plian ,but how could we ever protect our backs from the corrosive ideology of the enemy within whos only complaint with the Torys was “theyve got more money than me” .Dont be emboldened by your short but effective destructive leader the knight,his pension and future will be in the promised land in Israel.Your future will be kicking cans down empty back streets of a industrial waste land,left by neo Labour curtsy of the conservative and unionist party.

  5. Even if the party felt it HAD to make sure the PPC was from the Labour right- was this really the only person who could possibly fit THAT bill? I refuse to believe they had no one available, within those paramaters, who could at least avoid being openly sexist and openly Islamophobic. How on earth could THAT be too much to ask?

    1. It shows their absolute contempt for the membership kenburch. If only we could get the membership to see it.

      1. Perhaps they think that everybody in Hartlepool is actually a character in Andy Capp and therefore too drunk to care who the Labour candidate is.

  6. I still want to know whats in the attic at CLP office in hartlepool,.after the local “on board” Secretary warned “dont go into the attic” in his masterpeice “leaked letter” on the Labour selection process and how to spring clean the local constituency office.I still don’t know what happened to janet after her mamoth clean up before venturing into the attic with our very own Doctor looking for the shredding machine..So wheres Janet and has the doctor been “dried out” from the 5star blow out in the notorious romp in Saudi that seems to somhow made the pages of the MSM..We all knew that neo Labour would attract the headlines when it comes to a first class conservative and unionist party or a second rate tory tribute band neo Labour party…

  7. So ,Laddish behaviour is okay in the Labour party..?Comments on Twitter verge on obscene when he braggs about the length of his anatomy.This was when he was a mp and even more laddish comments about women.that are straight out of the mouth of a netherandel and a obscenity considering the charges against the former mp that has led to the rigging of the selection process to install another of the Laddish wing of the neo Labour party.ITs clear that there is very little consideration in morality of candidates and even less were the consideration of womens safety is concerned in the knight led rigging of the Labour party.

    1. All Keith cares about is that Williams hates socialism and socialists. That’s the only criteria. Keith would be willing to lose every local election, the Scottish parliament and Welsh Senedd AND the mayoralities in London, Liverpool and largely everywhere else where there’s an elected mayor just to make the party a socialism free zone.

      OH, and before steve replies, there isn’t a distinction between “socialism” and “democratic socialism”. Socialism is not a euphemism for Stalinism, or Maoism, or even Trotskyism, and Stalinism and Maoism have been extinct since the 1990s.

  8. Just to point out that Mr Walsh either hasn’t thought his comment through, or is being disingenuous. Whatever you think of Clive Lewis, or his argument for an election pact, his case is different from that of the current candidate for Hartlepool. Lewis argued that the party should have such a policy. That’s entirely acceptable, even if you disagree with the policy. This is very different from flying against party policy by encouraging individual candidates to act against party policy [incidentally, this was done through the medium of the “People’s Vote” campaign that included people from other parties – including the LibDems, who would have been the beneficiaries of such a strategy.]. Almost as bad as the disgusting advert placed by Mandelson and the other reprobates, advocating voting against Labour.

  9. No-one on the socialist left should waste their time or shoe leather trying to get this vile specimen elected, even more so when Labour haven’t even restored the whip to JC and is 1 month overdue !

    1. Keith and Steve know Williams will lose. When he does, they and their allies will claim he lost because he wasn’t nasty ENOUGH- that his life wasn’t a sufficient display of contemptuous derision towards feminism and LGBTQ+ people, that he wasn’t spitefully Faragist enough towards immigrants, that he was too close to being one of those trashy little Labour Party types(remember, this has all been about destroying Labour and giving Keir and his MPs the chance to launch The Progress Party(Brownist-Blairist), guaranteeing their Tory mates a sharply increased majority at the next GE and then giving Keith himself the chance to take his dream job- figurehead prime minister in National Government 2.0- imposing all the austerity and means testing the anti-Corbyn wing of the PLP dream of, while making sure the Tories never lose their numeric majority just to make sure democracy never breaks out.

  10. Labour Black Ops on the offensive again! Why can’t the left leaning MP’s instigate a leadership challenge? Or are they too, comfortable with their over-inflated salaries, expenses and business contacts?

    1. You got it! Why rock the boat and risk getting tipped out! The PLP is a career choice! This is why significant change will never come via the LP.

    2. Barrie, I’m not sure that there’s enough numbers for the left to instigate a challenge.

      Myself and others have asked this question on here many times but can’t get a definite answer or breakdown as the rules since 2015 & 2016 leadership contests were changed.

      1. I understand that 20% of sitting MP’s are required to instigate a challenge. In my humble opinion, politicians long sold out the public they claim to serve. Same with the police.

    3. They wouldn’t reach the threshold ……….. and, with this lot in charge, they might have the whip withdrawn.

  11. They probably just had a list of names and pulled him out of a hat because any suggestion they made any great effort to find the best candidate and came up with this eejit has to be a joke.

    1. You can all huff and puff, but he was endorsed by the local CLP, is being backed by the local CLP and on that basis, should be supported against the Tories, the Faragists, the Lib Dems and whoever else stands. That is elementary Labour Party principles – the first clause in the party rule book.

      1. What rule book? Starmer and Evans threw that out months ago. They’ve chosen war, so be it they’ve got won.

  12. Yes, indeed. Whosoever is chosen should get the full backing of all in the party shouldn’t they, just like everyone backed Jeremy Corbyn to the hi…………….. Oh, hang on.

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