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Former MEP Griffin ‘given unadvertised role in Liverpool mayor office’ on undisclosed salary

Mayoral press office fails to respond to press enquiry

Former MEP Theresa Griffin

Former Labour MEP Theresa Griffin has been appointed to a position in the Liverpool mayor’s office, according to Labour insiders – who also say that the position was not advertised for other applicants and that the salary associated with the role has not been disclosed.

The mayoral press office was asked to confirm the nature of the role and the salary involved but did not respond.

Ms Griffin was recently associated with a bid to replace three shortlisted councillors as Labour’s candidate in the mayoral election due to take place in May, but subsequently announced that she was not applying.

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  1. The Right of the Labour party are not only deadly enemies of socialism and democracy, they have shown themselves again and again to have the full panoply of corrupt practices making up their approach to the political world.

    1. Show me a political party that isn’t corrupt or enthralled by private finance/money please

  2. I presume it’s the Liverpool council tax payers and not the Labour party who are paying for this? If so, are Labour breaking the law on the requirement to advertise for vacant positions? I’m not sure, perhaps somebody can advise? If so, then this must be open to legal challenge.

    I used to think Blair was a spiv, but Starmer and Evans would make private Walker (Dad’s Army) blush.

  3. Does anyone know janet of hartlepool CL P fame.?I am thinking of a starting a@findjanet campaign for Hartleypool mp as opposed to Doctor paul of Neatherandel neo Labour party.I notice that the internet is down at the clp office and excited Secretary and the other 2 supporters of our doctor are coming in to plan stratagy today saturday.David Walsh our resident neo Labour is coming in to advise on how to be a councillor and will finaly clear the attic..Press reports on “Laddish behaviour” are being strenuously denied and thats only about the former mp not the new candidate whos frequently aired comments on one part of his anatomy and length are considered a Health professional and Doctor the anatomy is part of his lifes work.Hes hoping to combine the two interests of mp and Doctor as a increasingly important part of his life if elected to Westminster.were private consultation will be welcomed with open arms as well as….erm!

  4. Another strand to the Liverpool Mayor saga. I found this an interesting read. Written by Liam Thorp, of the Liverpool Echo.

    There’s an outside chance, Ms.Griffin may not hold her job for very long. Stephen Yip appears to have many of the qualities, disaffected Labour members could bring themselves to vote for :

    1. As an afterthought, he’s someone who may have fitted in, very well, in a Jeremy Corbyn administration.

    2. I knew ‘Yippie’ from many years ago; good lad; great cricketer & NOT a politician.

    3. Seems more with charisma are appearing against the scumbags.

      Search Bonnie Prince Bob on YouTube. Discontent I believe the channel is named.

      If I was Scottish, I’d be voting for the man. He seems to have a firm grasp on current affairs.

      Here’s wishing Yippee all the success he needs!

  5. Why do they always believe Labour members vote fir the lesser evil. Why vote for people who don’t cut it?

    1. @Sabine

      Because thats what people have always done in the past. They (rightly or wrongly) assume people will continue to do so.

      Truth is, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. Nothing seems to change…

    1. Reading your link. “5 thoughts on “Worse and Worse”” reminds me why, despite Kilfoyle’s accusations against it, I appreciate Skwawkbox and how easily friendly journalism can become part of the problem. Thanks George P.

      I hope Anna Rothery decides to stand as an independent, and if she does not, then Stephen Yip would seem a next-best option.

      Labour in Liverpool is beyond the pail and is not even sufficiently self-critical to see that maybe its own incompetence or sectarianism is the problem they present to Liverpool .

      I sincerely hope that Anna stands.

  6. The Neo Labour Party are as fascist as the Cabinet they fail to oppose. The grassroots have been ignored and sidelined ever since the Zionist Apologist took office. Starmerfuhrer spent those opening weeks of his tenure holding meetings with Zionist leaning groups and released an article with the Jewish Chronicle, which to this day has been held to account over its spurious articles and diatribe.

  7. At least she’s not a fully trained, biochemically-aware GP who’s administering an experimental and far from safe mRNA drug into the arms of thousands of people, some of whom above the age of 60 or with autoimmune issues or with a set-list of other illnesses, would be recommended NOT to take the jab in France and Germany and, now, many other European countries.

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