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Scotsman mocks Starmer with ‘keep left’ photo – and Starmer, oblivious, tweets it himself

Classic self-awareness fail

Keir Starmer has failed to notice a barb from the right-wing Scotsman newspaper – and used it in a painful attempt to promote his unbelievable campaign message.

The paper quoted Starmer’s claim that he and new right-wing Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar will secure a recovery for Scotland – but used a Getty image of Starmer in front of a ‘keep left’ sign that first seems to have appeared in the hard right Daily Express.

The mockery of Starmer’s lurch to the right was unmissable, yet astonishingly Starmer seemed blind to it – and used it in his own tweet:

Worse still for Starmer, anyone clicking through to read the article will see him and Sarwar pour scorn on the idea of Scottish independence – a position that more than half of Scots now support according to the latest polling, with the SNP determined to push for a new referendum if the party performs as strongly in the elections as many expect:

At this election we will be prioritising unity over division. After everything we have been through across the entire UK, we can’t return to the old arguments.

Starmer, of course, recently opposed tax rises on the wealthy and corporations, despite the overwhelming popularity of the idea even among Tory voters. His ‘tin ear’ to the real feelings of voters is as deadly to his prospects as his faithless, helter-skelter rush to the right – and Scotland is about to become the archetypal example.

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  1. Let’s not forget that the call for Scottish independence became much stronger after Tony Blair’s cooperation in the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    1. you do understand why it’s the opposite of what Starmer is about though, right?

      1. Because Starmer’s purge of left-wing activists and his effective abolition of internal party democracy can only mean he is going to end up moving the party’s policies sharply to the right- nobody would purge Left party members without abandoning Left policies. He might not move them exactly as far to the right as Blair did- everyone now knows that Blair never had to move Labour THAT far to the right or go that far in silencing debate and dissent within the party to win in ’97, that it would have won without moving to the right of the ’92 policies at all- but he will take it far enough to the right that the youth vote will be lost- young centrist voters simply don’t exist- and no one else, based on the current polling- is swinging to the party even in numbers to match the huge number of young and not-young-but-socialist voters Starmer is driving away.

        It’s all turned out to be a massive, nasty and ultimately tragic betrayal with no “pragmatic” justification. The party is no more “electable” than it was for most of the Corbyn era- and Starmer should be ashamed of the fact that he has come nowhere close to the “twenty point lead” the PLP insisted Labour would move into as soon as Corbyn was gone.

        It’s time to admit Starmer had no justification for breaking his promise not to suppress dissent and internal democracy.

        It’s time to admit Starmer had no justification for launching a purge of leftwingers and that he’s done nothing but damage in carrying that purge out.

        It’s time to admit Starmer had no justification for breaking his promise not to move the party to the right- that’s what insisting that the policies would always be based on the 2017 manifesto meant- no significant rightward swing on anything.

        And it’s time to admit that, even if it didn’t involve a campaign promise, Starmer had no business punishing Corbyn for issuing a statement on the EHRC support which he had sent to the LOTO office in advance for approval- and, having heard no objection, which Corbyn had every reason to believe he had Starmer’s approval about making, and in which he said nothing at all that was objectionable or wrong- we all KNOW the incredibly tiny incidence of AS within Labour- an incidence of which was no larger under Corbyn than under any other Labour leader- WAS exxaggerated for political gain- look at the despicable Simon Heffer column, look at the ridiculous and indefensible assertion that the UK Jewish community would actually be in physical danger if Corbyn were PM- what can you call things like that if not bad faith exxagerations?

        It’s time to admit that Keir needs to stop the nastiness towards the Left and focus on nothing at all but fighting the Tories- Labour’s only enemies, after all, are the capitalist Right.

      2. kenburch – As usual your reply is very long on supposition but a bit light on facts.

        You claim
        “Starmer had no business punishing Corbyn for issuing a statement on the EHRC support which he had sent to the LOTO office in advance for approval- and, having heard no objection, which Corbyn had every reason to believe he had Starmer’s approval”

        BUT this is what was reported at the time
        “Angela Rayner and her team were in touch with Corbyn and his team about his response to the EHRC statement before it was posted – and warned that it would be problematic.”
        It was also reported at the time that Keir Starmer personally telephoned Jeremy on the evening before the EHRC reports release to make sure that Corbyn was in no doubt about the party’s stance on the report.

      1. yes A/S has become a form of McCarthyism has it not? Kenburch /Toffee It was very small in LP . It was fanned into life by the right wing of LP labour friends of Israel right wing MPS like the extremely nasty John Mann Hodge Smeeth Berger Streeting Woodcock Austin the LP governance unit . It was political and the weaponization of A/S was a strategy to undermine Corbyn after he nearly won the 2017 election. The right MSM fanned it into life for obvious political purposes.
        Starmer supported Corbyn and was seen saying Corbyn for PM. HE has been taken over by right wing backers who supported his election as Labour leader. Starmer it seems knew this so he is two faced. He has done the opposite of what he promised that he would unify the Labour party. He is driven by the likes of Blair Mandelson Hodge his wife who I believe is a Zionist . The question now is how long can he really remain Labour leader after he has alienated the young and the so called left in favour of focus groups and the likes o0f Hodge LFI JC BOD .????.

  2. Who lost Scotland in the first place, Red Tories standing shoulder to shoulder with cheap and nasties
    No matter
    The SNP are a sitting duck, agree to a referendum on one condition , minimum 60% threshold to hold it and win it
    Back it up with a Labour government would offer all the help an Independent Scotland would need, our position is its up to the people of Scotland to decide, we won’t stand in your way
    Independence is for the heart, Labour is for radical devolution, give Scotland the powers they need to escape the dead hand of Westminster and the Tories
    Then see what happens to the SNP, wee Jimmy is a gonna anyways, so time to call their bluff

    1. Are you joking Doug..So Annas Sarawar leader of the Scottish Labour party is effectively the answer from the Labour party.So Starmer is a Temporary embarrassment,what do you think the Scots will think of what Labour have dumped on the people of Scotland.A classic example of the unacceptable face of Capitalism in the Sarawar tradition of business.Previous leader an Englishman…Sorry the only solution for Scotland is a independent Nation,with a Celtic tiger across the water being a example of throwing off the shackles A republic and a clean break from monarchy and “subjects” of colonial rule.The Labour party abandoned the working-class in Scotland and England with Wales not far behind being buried in the slag heaps of Labour party rule.Like the slag heaps it wont be long before it all comes tumbling down.

      1. Joseph – So apart from the independence issue what specifically do you have against Anas Sarwar.

      2. Joseph
        I was born in Stirling played in Bannockburn as a bairn, raised in Newcastle now live in Bamburgh
        My auld man is on his last legs in Treorchy in the Rhondda, haven’t seen him in over a year
        If we are lucky I will be attending my friend of 40 years, his daughters wedding in Ennis Co Clare, later this year, the lads will then go on the lash in Waterville Co Kerry, where another friend is a gilly on one of the best salmon lakes in Europe, Lough Currane
        So my heart and soul agrees with everything you say
        What my head tells me is Britain and Europe need a socialist Labour party in power for the next 27 years, then the world is our Lobster 🦞

    2. There’s the fact that he keeps whipping the MSP’s to vote as the “Scottish” Tories do. Even you can’t justify Sarwar doing that, Steve- Scottish Labour is never, in any future election, going to win votes from people who vote “Scottish” Tory now.

      1. kenburch – That obviously depends on what the vote was about. Unless you list some specific instances then I can’t comment. .

    3. Dough, it isn’t going to happen, no with Starmer at the helm and Evans as his side kid. Get use to the idea Scotland is lost to Labour and it is a matter of time before it leaves the UK.
      Ironically, I trust the Tories more than I trust the present Labour leadership to offer Scotland an increased level of devolution that could help to keep Scotland in the UK.

  3. Sarwar & Starmer: Self-important people who feel inadequate and emulate their “betters” to alleviate this, rarely recognise when they’re being putdown/snubbed/insulted, especially when it’s by their “betters”.

    These two people – and the army of centrists who are like enterists in Labour and support them – need to realise that the deregulated economy they prefer pees in their cornflakes and values nothing except obscene wealth accumulation by the Few and (to achieve this) unrestrticted exploitation of the Many (whether they be customers or workers).

    Democratic socialism, anybody?

      1. To unregulated capitalism? Please, go away (at least for a while).

      2. The message from the right wing is , “I am not political ,I am a conservative.” …smug, aloof, and destruction..but wave the flag.on a forlorn hope of empire on were the sun 🌞 never sets..

      3. SteveH:”qwertboi – No, your alternative to democratic socialism.”

        My mistake, well, off the top of my head….
        properly regulated capitalism,
        taxation of apple, google, facef*ck et al,
        removing new labour and theresa may’s mass indiscrimate surveillance whereby my ISP has to record every site I visit and provide the data to people like Assif Kaplan at GCHQ/NDA, and
        taking some of the licence fee away from the BBC and funding a real free press that values journalism and wouldn’t be using the 0.33% covid ‘pandemic’ to foster mass indiscriminate fear and panic to help the billionaires affect a WEF/Davos ‘Great Reset’

        The good stuff (proper socialism) could come later as and when the Many democratically requested it.

      4. Starmer is moving Labour to the right- Sarwar is moving Scottish Labour to the right. That means neither of them has any legitimate right to claim to be “democratic socialists”.

      5. kenburch – Perhaps you could explain what they’ve done to move the party to the right and how this conflicts with Chapter 1, Clause IV of the rule book. (what they have actually done as opposed to what you ‘think’ they’ve done)

      6. He’s purging left activists. What else can that be called but swinging the party to the right. He has repeatedly whipped the party to abstain on Tory bills-THAT can only be about moving to the right- it’s not consistent with Labour values to settle for offering tiny, meaningless amendments to Tory legislation, none of which are ever accepted by the Tories- the only reason a Labour leader would do that would be to blur the differences, which no significant number of voters wants Labour to do.

      7. kenburch – “it’s not consistent with Labour values to settle for offering tiny, meaningless amendments to Tory legislation, none of which are ever accepted by the Tories”

        Would big grandiose but fruitless gestures that have zero chance of getting past the Tory’s 80 seat majority be more in keeping with Labour values. Perhaps you’d like to remind us of the many outstanding successes that Jeremy achieved against Boris when (before we lost 61 seats) the Tories didn’t even have a majority.

      8. As watered-down to nothing at all by Blair, Chapter 1, Clause IV means nothing at all. It cannot be taken to mean that there is actually an indefinite distance to the right Starmer can take the party to the right and still claim the party is “democratic socialist”. There was nothing democratic socialist in the 1997-2010 policies, for god’s sakes.

  4. “Not much point of the polls at the moment” @boxcartrend aka Steve H centrist Dad aka SH davidh stevedsvidh and other aliases under the “Rat motif” ..the sooner we wipe out the neo liberal alliance then the World will be safer from nuclear weapons and the inevitable Armageddon approaching.Mr Steve Hall from Bristol now Caribbean bolt hole will not escape from this terror that he spreads like poison across the internet.

      1. Steve H the “bit of a kid” with an ego that is larger than his brain.Ginge youve been go take a run 🏃..and …

  5. Vote Scottish Tusc anti cuts party MSP candidates in Scottish parliament elections in Labour, Greens and Lib Dems voting areas, in Scotland.

    Scottish Tusc equally for Scottish independence, it would make Scottish parliament viable, which needs at least two parties for parliament to function.

    Scottish Tusc offers now to WASPI women –

    – non means tested Hardship Fund of £137.60 per week to 1950s and 1960s ladies, years yet away from state pension age.

    Scottish Tusc offers upon independence reversing women’s pension age rise, directly helping the 1960s born, with pension age 67 from Labour’s 2007 pension act.

    1. Toffee – In which case you’ll have no problem answering my question instead of hiding behind a load of adolescent bluster.

      1. Shame on you, Steve- nobody here has “Chinese masters” or any OTHER masters- nobody has to be a puppet of the PRC to object to the idea of a military conflict in the South China Sea. There can be no decent reason ever to get into such a conflict there, and with nuclear weapons, nobody could win in one.

        It’s a disgrace that you’d actually start reviving Cold War rhetoric when the Cold War has been over for decades.

      2. kenburch – Don’t be silly, Joseph has already told us that he manages a Chinese foreign-aid project to install solar power in small villages.

      3. I’ll happily bet the Chinese aren’t ripping the people off like those M-KOPA bastard’s are.

        I’ll take China over anything the west has to offer.

      4. NVLA – I wasn’t being in any way critical of the project that Joseph is involved in, I don’t have any reason to.
        Much as I disagree with Joseph on many, many things I have absolutely no reason to believe that he would involve himself in anything that he didn’t honestly believe was providing a direct benefit to the community he lives in.

      5. Steve read some your comments not really sure where you are coming from really. As far as LP is concerned if it is not about democracy fairness justice than its not worth being involved. Never clear what you mean by left ? If it means fairness treating people as human being rather than marketing machines. Being kind to those around you seeking justice looking at equality being like a lot of Europe particularly Scandinavia where there very good public services’ excellent pensions where there is a balance between Public and private than I am left wing because that is what left wing means as I understand it . In reality left wing is used to put people down in the UK it is a pejorative term and not really helpful
        Also its use is based on the ignorance of our right wing media which does not really allow alternative views out side the neoliberalism that haS DOMINATED THE uk FOR THE LAST 45 YEARS It has been disaster for the majority. The 1% and a few below have done very well. There has been no trickle down more like a trickle up to the already rich.
        It is sad the UK population is easerly coned due to their political illiteracy. Their education such as it is is the right wing MSM… #
        There is hope the younger generation are not bothered by the MSM many are more aware of politics and
        the media. They are more international and open about their understanding, We oldies will soon die out than there will be massive changes many very painful for the UK if it remains UK

      6. No.

        You’re the ‘enlightened one’. We divs do not possess the wherewithal to divine your supreme reasoning.

        We crave to be instructed. We have a compelling desire for your infinite wisdom.

        You’re alright at shouting your shite, but when push comes to shove…you can’t even back yourself up.

        Small wonder you’re a running joke sore everywhere you post.

      7. Toffee – “We divs do not possess the wherewithal to divine your supreme reasoning. “

        I think you are being a little unkind to yourself.

      8. Reply if you mean foreign aid Caffod and I am retired anyhow.Lies inventions and sleeze are the “stock in trade of mr Steve Hall of god knows how many alaises.Note your pal Chicken joe Biden’s trending mr ginge hall

      9. Abellio ScotRail’s latest filing at companies House shows they are running at a loss. This could be creative accounting but could also be that they simply aren’t making enough profit

        Assuming that they aren’t making enough lolly, what’s the possibilities of corrupt Sturgeon and her posse bailing them out by taking back the company whilst claiming they are doing it for the greater good?

    2. I am deeply concerned about the future and the insane drift to the right by the US war machine and boris Johnson and the unrestricted,unrestrained right wing.Many locals here are begining to talk of western imperialism and the return of the old colonial masters the French..Plans for a visit by the US and UK fleets are not welcome any more than the old mindset of the European masters.The gulf of Thailand is no longer safe for sabre rattling British imperialism any more than European or US warships..The Chinese and most importantly the majority of the population here do not understand why the need to sail through the Gulf of Thailand into the South China sea.from people from the other side of the world?…..for what?oil and gas in the Gulf?..The south China sea and the oil and gas?.ITs all lunacy awakening old fears and hatreds.How quickly we have gone back to the future with no excuse offered for the movement of so many war machines from the West to this part of the world.The British people are even less informed of what path their government have chosen than even the first or second world war.This time I fear that there will be no coming back from the final real World War…I cannot comment on what I have seen in my recent sea trip,but I can assure you that there is “NO”Welcome here for the western capitalist system or the imperialism of the tyrant.

      1. I am not trying to impress anyone,and its about time you grew up and realise that the elder generation have a moral obligation to warn against a very dangerous situation brewing in the S China sea.I do not want to see my grandchildren in the USA or here in Cambodia dragged into a lunacy by the Neo liberal alliance who have taken it upon themselves to dream up a war situation.ITs whats called the Moral responsibility somthing you seem to despise and ridicule.You are exactly the type of people that are digging a grave for everyone.Theres no winners or loosers in the war game only victims.

      2. Joseph
        Thatcher and Reagan lost the war 40 years ago, the neo cons destroyed the post war contract, no matter who wins the election you govern for the whole country
        It takes money to fight a war and we are on the brink of a financial pandemic
        Soon we will own everything by default

      3. Good comment Doug both of them,but it is about the might of the U S that are looking for somone to blame for the reduction in the real economy of the western world …They’ve sold off the assets like the UK and now they are looking to blame the Asian economic boom thats inevitably happening on China.They are desperate in the USA and Britain and they know that they cannot keep printing bits of paper without assets or gold minerals to back it up.This is not the fault of China or S.East Asia.But it looks to me like the rhetoric has stopped and the war machine is being dusted off and moving across to this part of the world.Whilst the western world are distracted with a virus the fascists are on the move.

    3. Managing a foreign aid prospect is nowhere near the same as being the lackey of a regime. You can do the kind of thing Joseph does and without sacrificing your independence of mind, for God’s sakes. And there’s nothing he posted there that ONLY a vassal of Beijing could possibly say- most of the human race thinks it would be a cataclysmic disaster for the West and China to come to blows.

      1. kenburch – I’m quite sure that Joseph is more than capable of defending himself and his support of the Chinese regime.if he thinks he needs to.
        Having said that it is also undeniable that what he posted is just what you would expect a supporter of the Chinese state to say.

      2. I’m sure centrist dad is relishing sending his kids into the mincer over China.

        After all, the Chinese said to Blinken yesterday

        “History will prove that if you use cutthroat competition to suppress China you will be the one to suffer in the end.”

        And let’s not forget that nominalistic behaviour has caused the pushers of “rules based order” to get in a strop over China to begin with.

        The Chinese believe in collectivism. A fact evidenced by their lifting 800 million from extreme poverty. I don’t see any western countries doing that for 800, let alone millions.

        Also, for the record, China has queues of employers miles long. Yes, that’s employers. They are desperate for workers. What do we have?

      3. Ken,I have worked for many organisations connected to real foreign aid ,but unfortunately I have never been offered anything from Chinese based here.They tend not to trust foreigners and always bring their own Labour.Steve H davidh etc is a fantasist and a unconvincing liar.I am actually retired here and although I help were I can at my age there are far more younger people here who carry on the essential work of bringing sanitation and clean water,solar,and electric to the people of Cambodia..I have little time for the destructive effects of people like Steve H who think “everything has a price and people are of no value.Warped ideology …Warped mind..of Steve H…

  6. To be fair to Starmer and the Starmerists, over at The Neolabour Party HQ, they actually and firmly believe that they are to the left of British Politics, so I guess that pun would go waaaaay overhead for them!
    RIP UK Labour Party The Neolabour Party killed it, Thatcher would’ve been Proud!

    1. “NeoLabour party” Nice. Very clever.

      First, the labour right pro-capitalism centrists entered Labour after ‘the longest suicide note in history’ and chose to call themselves were New (third-way) Labour, then, once their inherent nihilism became apparent to the electorate, a proper for the Many, not the Few version was tried and tripped-up by the labour right, the capitalist press and BBC pulled out all the stops to get a false ‘unity candidate’, Starmer, elected (but only labout 32.5% of members and supporters actually voted for him) and installed a the ‘new (DNC Definitely Not Corbyn) management’, which is heavily sponsored by the likes of Trevor Chinn and the Trilateral Billionaires, became ‘third way’ ( Tri. – lateral) neolberals again,

      I think of the current Labour party as Starmer’s Trilateral Labour.

      Skellyknelly, I agree with your prognosis: neoliberalism neuters and infects ddemocratic socialism. Trilateral Labour IS Anti-Labour.

      How quickly and how effectively can we separate ourselves from the Anti-Labour pathogen and rebuild an electable party from the ground-up?

      1. Trilateral Labour, too right! A far more dangerous Party than the Conservative Tories.
        2017 and 2019 sealed Britain’s fate for another 41 years of Neoliberal Hell, although it is the Neolabour Party who are edging towards the Neoconservative mark rather than the Tories, apart from Johnson, but he needs urgent psych assessment, they have the lust for screaming and dying of Woman, Children and Innocent Citizens, ugh! I mean “Terrorists”.
        Centrist/Centrism is a farce just as Thatcher/Reagan’s Neo”liberalism” is a farce there is nothing liberal about Neoliberalism there is nothing Centre about Neoliberalism. Centrist/Centrism is a term created by Neoliberals who needed something to hide their evil behind, Blair, Straw, Brown, Starmer, Benn, Lucas, Sturgeon, etc, etc.
        I get mad that people still after 2015-2021 cannot recognise 2 Parties rather than a Left and a Right of the same Party the Left and the Right of “Labour” can only be found in The UK Labour Party, The Hardieist, Democratic Socialist Party of the People, only there exists a Left and a Right of Labour.
        The Neolabour Parasite Party is a Polar Opposite Political Party to The UK Labour Party. When JC was Leader he was up against 80% PLPs Neoliberal, Neolabour Party MPs vs his 20% PLPs Democratic Socialist MPs and even with his tied hands he achieved more than this clown and his now 95% PLP and all the MSM and Elites backing he wants!
        There really is nothing worth saving, fighting for or voting for!
        Democratic Socialists are enemy of the state and can only wait for more people to wake up with them, and they are as they drop below the breadline followed by their rivers of tears.Sadly would rather die than waking up and uniting!
        But Hey!
        C’est La Vie

      2. We Rest. We Rest, Replenish and Pay Attention. We have no “Army” We have no “Leader” We have no Party. We fought a tough “battle” 2015 to 2020. Many Splits among our “Ranks”, Remain/Leave, Brexit Deal Confirmation Vote/No More Voting, the MSM and Neolabour Party created so many splits among us that we are scattered all over the place.
        I would recommend that Socialists:
        100% Commit to a Total Boycott of MSM. TV, Papers, Polls, not even for the sake of CBBs or Cartoon Network, etc [My personal opinion is that putting a child in front of a TV is even more cruel than teaching it religion].
        100% Commit to a Total Boycott of MSSM, there are many alternatives, but it will take our hard drive to make it happen, use Signal instead of WhatsApp, use Mastodon instead of Twitter, user Diaspora instead of Facebook.
        100% Commit to a Total Boycott of Siri, OK Google, Alexa, Microsoft, Android, Google, Apple, etc, etc there are many alternatives, but you have to be prepared for sacrifices, these are created by Open Source and the above by Multi £Billion Corporations.
        100% Commit to a Total Boycott of Multi £Billion Corporations of any kind, take your money and invest it in the Open Source, before they also seek Corporate Funding ie Red Hat, Firefox, etc
        There are so many more things we need to restore to The People, from the hands of the Maniacs, but if we keep living our lives desiring their crap we will do them no disadvantage, we must live our lives on a NEED over WANT basis, we don’t NEED the Latest Phone/Car/TV, etc etc we WANT it! If we reset to use a thing until it is unusable, unfixable or costing more than it is worth and commit to the above we will enter a peaceful war on Greed and make a big dent.
        Then we must pay particular attention to what Jeremy Corbyn, Chris, etc are doing and Find were we want to invest our interest and funding be it a Socialist Party, Union, etc, etc For me there is nothing worthy of Democratic Socialist, but there are many things going on that are worthy of my attention like The Peace and Justice Project.
        OH! And Of Course be careful, we are the Enemy of the State and Deep State, including Neolabour, be careful of what we say and where we say it, be aware of the Law re Protests etc.
        I can’t think of much more to suggest, there really is nothing for us to fight for or against [Party wise that is], however the people vote, like The USA, we will end up with a Dangerous Neoliberal come Neoconservative Government. We’ll have no choice until we accept The UK Labour Party is dead and have a Democratic Socialist Party in The HoP, I would prefer a Socialist Party, but we need a stepping stone and that is Democratic Socialism, we came close, but we were robbed on so many levels!
        Stay Safe!
        Stand STRONG!

  7. Joseph
    Is that the British war machine in the shape of a trillion, squillion pound State of the Art aircraft carrier that has no aircraft
    To many snouts in the trough, the whole 40 year Ponzi scheme is on the verge of collapse, let’s see what rises from the ashes

    1. F35Doug owned and piloted by US pilots on the decks of the new aircraft carrier supposedly representing the British government,but under the control of the US fleet Commander.Authorised by senile molester Uncle joe Biden’ already making Trump look like a peace envoy..

  8. I have an Irish father from Cork; Welsh mother & a half brother who was born in Govan. I was born in Bristol. I am British & would like to remain that way. If Scotland; Wales & Ireland break up, England will be condemned to be forever Tory.

    1. And especially if Labour is continually led by the sort of figure the PLP will always insist on- a bitter, nasty, snobbish reactionary who sneers at the idea of giving the rank-and-file a real say in what the party stands for, how it’s governed, and how it campaigns.

  9. If you find that someone on this site is winding you up please just ignore him. It’s better for your health.
    I stopped watching/listening to BBC news and reading the Grauniad some time ago and I feel ten years younger.

  10. I see elsewhere that Irk Streamer is getting his excuses in.

    Apparently he’s gonna be thrashed cos Boris is good at covid vaccination…

    Denial or delusion?

    1. NVLA -“Denial or delusion?” Both.

      SIR Starmer now NINE or TEN points more UNPOPULAR than Johnson.

      No surprise that the general public finds him as reprehensible as almost all of us on find the deluded and deceitful Starmer.

      Judge Starmer not only by his doings, but by all who support him and all he supports. Eg. It is alleged that Dr W who lost his seat in 2019 after a disastrous 2 years as an MP has as i know been imposed by Starmer with a shortlist of ONE for the Hartlepool election. Just after the Saudi despot had the journalist murdered gruesomely, Dr W visited Saudi Arabia. He told the Saudi ambassador to the UK that the visit blew his mind of preconceptions. Dr W felt the regime “PROGRESSIVE”. He “met many PROGRESSIVE people”. Dr W’s lavish praise of a sordid regime can be bought on the cheap. He was treated to the Eight Thousand plus pound freebee trip. £8,000 +

      That’s the company the Dr W loves. That’s the company Starmer keeps. That’s the depth of ethical standards SIR Starmer is happy to encourage, endorse and impose on the good people of Hartlepool.

  11. I note with some interest that Doctor Paul now in Hartlepool is being accused of Laddish “behaviour.Now I don’t think I am a prude but some of his comments on Twitter verge on obscene and bragging about the length of one part of his anatomy.,and that was just one of his many comments about himself and others especially females.IN veiw of the accusation against the previous mp of sexual assault and the abscence of any apology or comments from the Labour party would it be too much of a stretch to say that the Neo Labour party couldnt give a flying fig about the female of our species in fixing the selection of a netherandel to represent the Labour party.

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