Right-wing coup overturned as left takes clean sweep in national SHA elections

Right’s manoeuvres reversed democratically

Months of right-wing manoeuvres to block the left from influence in the Socialist Health Association – including the expulsion of the elected treasurer after she tried to obtain details of financial transactions – have been reversed, with the left taking a clean sweep in the SHA’s national elections.

The result comes on the heels of a similar clean sweep for the left in the London SHA elections. Congratulations to all who organised for this outstanding result to bring the SHA back to a true position of working for the permanent and complete renationalisation of the NHS.

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    1. Is that the Northern Independence Party whose leader lives in Brighton ?

      1. David I live in Britain, have a British passport but I still feel very much a Spaniard. Does it matter that much were a person lives?
        If the only think you can say against the Northern Independence Party is that the leader lives in Brighton, it isn’t much to stop me for considering them as an alternative.
        The Labour incumbents in my ward they are New Labour, I am most likely going to abstain and hope that the Tories don’t win it. But if their is a change to elect socialists Cllrs, I could be persuaded to vote for them, never mind the leader lives in Brighton.

      2. Idiot walsher,that Brighton is the home of the largest Labour party in the UK and some of the best activists of the left.ITs a radical town.This is 2021people dont move round the country on horseback anymore and they even have a twice daily rail service to Preston stopping at all the stations North.west.(gods country)

  1. Tottenham and the SHA good examples of how membership feel about Temporary Embarrassment

  2. It’s good to learn that the Labour right LabourFirst campaign in the SHA has come to nothing. It is encouraging too, for party members who face an onslaught of chicanery and anti-democratic shenanigans from Starmer-and the Labour Right. It didm’t work in the Socialist Health Association and it won’t work in the larger Labour Party.

    Let’s not forget, Starmer is a billionaire-supporting Atlanticist. We cannot trust him with our NHS. We cannot trust him with our Labour Party. We cannot trust him.

    Well done SHA members.

  3. Waste of time socialists being inside Labour now, as the party does not want to win elections, and if they did are clone Tories in belief.

    The SHA could have helped the National Health Action party in its admin, made up of doctors and nurses as candidates and executive.

    Certainly helping in these local elections, to beat Tories in their council areas.

    1. Grey Swans: “Labour…..the party does not want to win elections, and if they did are clone Tories in belief.”

      It looks like that for sure GS.

      The perfect time for Anna Rothery to stand as a non-trilateral Labour Independent Labour Party (ILP) independent candidate in the Liverpool Mayoral election, for some bigish money (or crowdfunding) to announce the possibility of financing Peace and Justice candidates trading as ILP and for a good few hundred severely dissolutioned trilateral Labour members to F*ck the Few and threaten to leave the We Love Sir Keir act that sed to be Labour?

      Not this weekend maybe, but it would flumox the Knight. We might even win an ILP seat in your part of the world (before too long).

  4. Some people have suggested that people unhappy with Labour might be interested in the Green Party. Interesting developments there – certainly seems to be a more democratic structure though same old problem can arise:


    1. I have warned about Lucas before,shes dangerous and under the influence of JLM the home for radical Zionist ivor caplin ex chair and ex Labour mp for Hove,Brighton.Very friendly with miss posh frocks Lucas whos anything but a socialist or working class.The whole green movement is made up of some decent people,but basically a bunch of flip flop dreamers.are in the ascendancy.

    2. Tea Lady – your tenacity is admirable. I suspect I’ve seen you at a few places trying to draw Starmer’s democratic socialist war casualties to the Green Party.

      The thing is, several former Corbynista Labour members in my area have become GP activists, and – it is clear to me from talking with them – third-way neoliberals are in the green party too. Seems to be a postcode issue how quickly you run into them.

      No, even with the billionaires non-free press and FPTP, rebuilding a new Independent Labour party and Movement from the ground-up is the better option.

      1. qwerboi, I agree with you. Changing from Labour to Green Party isn’t a solution. The Green Party is very much in tune with New Labour as they too wish to manage capitalism rather than moving towards socialism.
        Hence two possible solutions:
        1-take over the existing Labour Party as in 2015 and this time don’t attempt to placate its neoliberal wing.
        2-build a new independent Labour Party, as you are proposing.
        Personally, I prefer the 1st option as without PR a newly created Independent Labour Party has very little chances of success, unless the Trade Union movement abandon the existing Labour Party.
        The Baker Union and the FBU appears ready to stop their affiliation to the Labour Party but the big Trade Unions like Unison, Unite and GMB no so much.
        Hence, in order to create the material conditions for the 1st option, I am going to follow the advice of the Black Socialist Group and the example of the JLM during the General Election of 2019 and would only support and vote for candidates of the Labour Party that are linked to the SCG of MPs and Cllrs.
        The JLM & friends managed to retake the Party, I don’t see why we cannot managed to do the same, once Labour under Starmer loses big time at the next General Election in 2024 Starmer and his side kid Evans would be gone. The way I see it the more seats the neoliberal MPs within the PLP lose at the next General Election, the more position to be filled by socialist MPs at the next General Election in 2029.

      2. You have thought about this a lot. I suppose, just as improved air quality is a benefit of the completely inappropriate and in fact counter-productive economic curfew and miscelaneous lockdowns the centrist and hard right capitalists are inflicting on the working people so that GloboCap and the billionaires can increase their wealth and power and affect a “GREAT Davos Reset” (and I believe the charlatan starmer is an insider to this ‘cunning plan’), the ONLY BENEFIT of Sir Keir’s Trilateral takeover of Labour is that we are all thinking about it.

        I agree with every single word you wrote! Reclaiming Labour as-is does make a lot of sense, but centrist control freakery will make it hard work and very unpleasant for us.

      3. qwerboi, I agree it would be unpleasant for us, but it would be more unpleasant for the right wingers. For years my CLP has counted on the good will of members like me to put boots on the ground and retain the seat.
        Let’s see what happens when the boots on the ground stop been available to the point that we aren’t going to the ballot box preferring to abstain than voting for their candidates.
        The right wing needed the MSM to destroy Corbyn’s chances. We don’t need the MSM to destroy Starmer, just withdrawing our help and votes would do it,

  5. Months of right-wing manoeuvres to block the left from influence in the Socialist Health Association – including the “expulsion of the elected treasurer after she tried to obtain details of financial transactions” –
    This is a blatant lie. Check it out. Your credibility is sorely tested.

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