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Video: Poverty, social exclusion and falling life expectancy in north are ‘balderdash’, says Tory old Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg

‘Lord Snooty’ thinks reality of northern working-class life in north is made up

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg – personal fortune in excess of £100 million, according to the Spectator – thinks poverty, social exclusion and falling life expectancy in the north are ‘made-up’ and ‘absolute nonsense’.

Challenged by northern working-class MP Jon Trickett to a debate on the plight of millions in the north (and of millions in other parts of the country), the man often compared to the beano’s ‘Lord Snooty’ responded that Trickett’s claims about the harsh reality of life for many people is ‘balderdash’:

This country has more than four million children in poverty, with many thousands even of poor working households dependent on the mushrooming number of food banks for even basic subsistence. Life expectancy in the poorest parts of the UK had fallen by more than a year long before the start of the pandemic – and the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor is more than ten years. Rather than wanting to improve life for those people, the Tories recently flirted with slashing terms and conditions.

Yet Lord Snooty, sitting on his piles of cash, thinks that’s ‘senseless, stupid or exaggerated nonsense’:

Trickett’s response was straight to the point:

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  1. If Rees Mogg did not exist, you would have to make him up – if the Beano & the Dandy hadn’t already.

    1. and that is what the saboteurs, plotters, traitors, collaborators, self-serving careerist, users, snouts in troughs and all round Tories in poor disguises preferred than a Jeremy led Labour government.

      We all knew what to expect from Reece-Mogg, Johnson & co, yet Blair, Twatson, Cooper, Brown, Hodge, Streeting, Coyle, Ashworth, Jess Phillips, Trevor Phillips, David Lammy, Blunkett, Straw, Falconer, Berger, all that disgusting lot OPENLY endorsed Johnson and OPENLY boasted of working for Labour to lose.

      Anyone with any grasp of reality and TRUE commitment to transform society must by now be determined. We must see that the only option is for once to think, plan, organise and INTELLIGENTLY work to drive the parasites out. Not with limp threats. NO threats. Action to drive them out. PLANNED thoughtful action or what’s the point???

      No sensible person could believe that we must repeat what has failed over several decades. Why would failed pathetic cowardice work now when it failed before?
      Organise discreetly and vote them out. Make not a single call. Lick not single stamp. Knock on not a single door. Return their “loyalty”. They are NOT Labour. They are NOT Socialist. Anyone who helps them is part of the problem. The present situation is more than enough proof.

      If we face reality, we can return their type of loyalty in concentrated form. They WILL lose their seats and follow Ummuna through the money making revolving door. Then we build afresh with NEW blood. NEW ideas. NEW approach. New ideas may fail but it is not rocket science that the OLD failed ones will fail again🌹🌹🌹

      1. i’m yet to see enough reflection of why our predicament is as is🌹🌹🌹

      2. there’s lots of blaming the MSM, blaming, fascist, blaming zionist, blaming this that and the other but almost no will to think – is there nothing we can do better? Organisation? Attitude? Stealth? Strategy? A reservoir of talent, expertise to SUSTAIN victories? … If there is nothing we can do except hope for crumbs from the status quo, the what exactly is the point ? ? ?

    2. We must change our methods, thinking and culture. It has failed. It is failing. It will continue to fail.

      The longer we take to see what we can do differently, the more difficult it becomes to change the system.

      1. to repeat the same lame damp pathetic disorganised culture is irresponsible. It is NOT virtuous. It is NOT Socialist. It is NOT decent.

        To repeat what has failed iver and over again eg the silence, timidity, victim culture, bunker mentality, “confrontation” averse head in the sand, the OBSCENE idea that we can even consider working with the likes of Blair, Falconer, Starmer, Hodge, Reeves, Cooper et al could be an aberrant error once, an inexplicable bout of insanity twice but needs a proper explanation to justify why we should repeat the same unforced errors of DISGRACEFUL WONTON APPEASEMENT. There is no excuse i can see for that. Our predicament is the result of an irresponsible failure to face reality and to refuse to act as if the welfare of the many is THE priority and URGENT🌹🌹🌹

      2. ie an irresponsible failure to ACT. A failure to see that improving the welfare of the many is THE priority and is URGENT.

        The many have waited LONG enough🌹🌹🌹

      3. As Daniel Fooks said on Twitter.
        “The left take a knife to a gun fight”

      4. Different Frank: The Left doesn’t even take a knife , even a wee butter knife, to a gun fight . That would obviously be soooo aggressive as to annoy the other side. No , the ‘Left’, the PLP ‘Left’ anyway, just takes along a nice pot of tea and some fine china cups to the OK Corral – so that they can perhaps sit round a nice wee table and talk with the armed thugs about why they aren’t getting on. So when the aggressive gunfighter accuses the Leftie of being a “racist, anti-Semitic scumbag, who is going to get his ass well whipped” – the Leftie just winces sadly and says , “I’m so very sorry you feel that way ” – — and then gets shot !

      5. snw, I’m not entirely clear on all of your plan – I get the part about driving the parasites out by not canvassing for them and letting them lose the next GE – excellent – what I’m not so clear on is how you plan to get socialists elected in their place instead of Tories?
        Unless of course you assumed a new, genuinely socialist party was understood by all so there was no need to mention it?

        Nobody canvassing for the fake-Labour parasites when there’s no socialist alternative just gives the Tories a massive majority.
        It could even be big enough they’d claim there was no longer a need for more than one party because the people were unanimous.
        “Why waste money on parliamentary democracy that nobody wants when it could go to the NHS?”

        If you actually have a plan to get all the right wingers deselected in good time for the next general election that’s different – unless you’re pinning all your hopes on piss-poor local results in May leading to overwhelming demand for a reselection motion this September?
        Problem then, see, is finding 620 brilliant genuine socialist candidates, checking them out, getting them all fully prepared and with plenty of media exposure ready for May 2024 – massive job.

        You’re right that a new party would be just as much work, maybe more – the advantage as I see it is that the work could start right away – just as soon as Jeremy agrees to lead it.
        Otherwise we’re wasting our time pissing about with democracy – let’s just have the fucking revolution and be done with it.

      6. David McNiven, thanks 4 your reply. It caused a reminder ah ha moment. i.e , think of it. How easy is it for the deep state to have u by the short and curlies … if things r set up to make u feel “caught as between a hammer and an anvil”,… and by LEARNED BEHAVIOUR… u grow to believe that the anvil will cause a bit less agony than the hammer or vice versa, SOME … a majority, choose the hammer out of habit because it has an image of dynamism… oddly.

        A minority, a bit more tuned in to the reality that something is wrong, choose the anvil out of hope and it seems so “peaceful” just sotting there … getting pounded over and over. That majority ASSUMES a difference in outcome DESPITE REPEATED evidence. But out of frantic fear / paralysis / distraction / false hope etc , decide to act just as you imply. That however makes ALL those with offices of power feel no urgency nor even need to act differently. Things never change. The insurgents ie the Left remain hoping that the passive anvil will not be as bad as the hammer. Without reflection, those offering the dead anvil are treated as the least worst option. They and it are not. We must let them fail. Melt the anvil and forge our own new hammer.

        Lick not a single stamp. Phone no one. No door knocking. Not a threat. ACT. Things must not carry on as before. Bim and Bam, two cheeks of the same backside. The REAL “Left” should ALREADY be preparing alternatives, not waiting. We must be AHEAD of the curve. Active not passive virtue signallers.

      7. What’s yours❓ Mine is FIRST STEP – MELT THE ANVIL and its constituent anvils. I’m positive that will sharpen many minds. Some will go off to snout elsewhere. Good riddance to bad rubbish. INFINITELY better than carrying on as now.

        STILL , what’s your plan❓❓❓

  2. Lord Smoggy Bogg wouldn’t no what its like to go without food gas electric after working all week on minimum wage obviously with the wealth that Bogg has im sure he will live to a ripe old age


    For anyone who thinkas that’s out of order then just imgane how he’d get on canvassing in the likes of Norris Gren or Rock Fery on a winter’s evening. Just the mere look of his face’d be enough for the locals to take out their boredom and desperation on him.

    …That’s before he even gt to open his mouth! Because there are people there so pissed off they’d make mincemeat out of him for telling them they ought ot be grateful for their lot.

    And he’d get a lot worse if I was within sight and earshot.

    May many coachloads of squatters (Like the love activists that occupied the unused former bank in Liverpool, for example) take over his country pile(s) and his london pied a terre(s).

    ..And destroy his ‘Victorian ankle porn’ collection.

    1. Clever post Smartboy. Love it.

      But the Animal Farm’s allegory causes me a bit of a problem here though. Tohries as just the class warriors of the oppressive class; they’re not pigs as such; they are the (bourgeois) jailors and enablers of the billionaire class enemy.

      The Pig allegory of Animal Farm truly applies BEST to right wing faux democrats like Ramsay MacDonald, Tony Blair (Brown, Miliband, Reeves,Cooper et al) and Sir Napoleon Starmer.

      1. The comment is one my old Irish granny used to make – I don’t think she ever heard of Animal Farm- she meant that we should expect despicable people to say and do despicable things.
        However I am very sorry to say that your comments about the “pigs” in the Labour party are equally valid. They are a disgrace and have dragged this party (and continue to drag it )into the gutter in their mad scramble to get their snouts on the trough.

    1. Looks more Walter the Softy from Dennis the Menace.

      IIRC Didn’t the Beano issue a cease and desist to smogg about copying the character?

      CBA checking.

  4. Just for one nanosecond you posh, privileged pratt take your snout out of the trough and join the rest of humanity
    The cheap and nasty Tory party at their best, posh privileged pratts starving children to pay for their tax cuts
    What exactly do they teach posh privileged pratts like you at public school
    Is this what the Red Wall voted for, their ancestors must be spinning in their graves
    Well your all in it together now, meet your new Uncle, posh privileged pratt Jacob Rees Mogg

  5. Mogg is the worst of a very nasty Tory government. He is a real creep is he not.?

  6. So everyone is telling lies about these reports and you only have to listen to Mr Hyper rich Mogg maybe his nanny told him it’s balderdash!!

    Who knows what his sick mind has concocted this warped reality. Maybe him and his fellow scumbag Tory MP’s rather than trying to gaslight and lie should I don’t know actually do something to fix the problem?

    Now there is a unique idea…

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