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Poll: Starmer loses almost half of 2019 Labour voters – to gain just 3% of Tories

Johnson’s guilt in more than 100,000 needless deaths is not enough to persuade voters to back dreary Labour right-winger

The latest Ipsos MORI poll suggests that Keir Starmer’s lurch to the right in pursuit of Tory voters has – unsurprisingly – seen him shed almost half of those who voted Labour in the 2019 general election.

For the gain of just 3% of those who voted Tory.

The polling question asking which party “has the best team of leaders to deal with the country’s problems?” saw only 56%, barely more than half, of 2019 Labour voters say they think Labour is best equipped:

And only 3% of Tory voters in the last election now think Labour is best placed to run the country, despite Starmer’s desperate posturing to appeal to what his focus groups and advisers tell him are the basest instincts of the working class.

Boris Johnson’s recklessness, arrogance and mismanagement in the pandemic crisis have led to the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people – in fact, judging by the example of New Zealand’s 25 deaths, Johnson’s decisions and delays have killed more than 113,000 people so far.

And yet Keir Starmer still can’t make a dent – let alone lead by the twenty points that the Labour right always claimed would be the case with ‘anyone but Corbyn’.

Starmer has abandoned opposition and sold the principles and values of the Labour movement down the river – and all for nothing except a net loss of more than 40% of voters, give or take a handful.

Small wonder that unions, members – and even his erstwhile cheerleaders in the centrist press – are turning against him.

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      Which of the issues are unrelated in your opinion?

      1. David – Don’t be silly, the poll results are what they are and the deaths the Tories have caused due to their dithering inaction are a matter of record. If you want to be a cheer leader for Sun like ‘journalism’ then that’s your choice. I’m simply pointing out that the article is crap. I you want to argue different then knock yourself out I can’t be arsed wasting my time with such nonsense at the moment.

      2. If you’d stayed silent the question of whether you actually had an answer might have remained open.
        Instead you attempted a weak non-answer that removed any doubt.

      3. Two nil there David….with davidh and his goalkeeping unable to kick the ball out of the penalty area…I think the knight needs a new goalkeeper for the Squawkbox.

      4. Joseph – I find it very difficult to have much respect for the musings of someone who supports the oppressive, authoritarian & dictatorial Chinese state with its genocidal tendencies.

      5. My God you’re a hippocrite SteveH. You always use polls commissioned by the right wing press to attack Corbyn but dislike it intensely when the boot’s on the other foot.

      6. lundiel – What have I said that is hypocritical. I haven’t passed comment on this poll other than to acknowledge the results that were carefully selected for publication above. When I get around to reading it in full I may choose to comment on it. I suggest you save your accusations of hypocrisy until I’ve actually commented on it.

      7. stevedavidh / SteveH / SH – “I suggest you save your accusations of hypocrisy until I’ve actually commented on it.”

        1️⃣ – What are your steaming lumps above, if not SreveH et al comments ?
        2️⃣ – So SH it is clear you intend to be hypocritical “when you GET AROUND to reading it”… no?
        3️⃣ – Yours are the first comments as White Flag Man could confirm if he resists fiddling his logs. So why comment BEFORE reading it in full?
        CONCLUSION – SH it is a steaming pile of inconsistencies concentrated in your deposits above. BUT, like White Flag Man, you certainly shamelessly excrete your peculiar stuff⚠️⚠️⚠️

      8. windchimes – Forgive me if I don’t share your faux outrage.

      9. SH you have admitted that you failed to read the post, yet you rushed spouting negative hypocritical comments. As said before i will never be surprised or by Tories in their party, Tories infesting Labour like you and your Keith. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

      10. never be surprised by Tories in their party or by Tories parasitising Labour eg you and your SIR Keith Starmer⚠️⚠️⚠️

      11. The world according to SteveH. Chinese are evil Commies who created Covid-19 in a lab. Assad is a monster, Al Qaeda and ISIS are “moderate rebels” and the white helmets don’t make propaganda films and harvest organs. We saved Libya from Gaddafi…..(and made it the world’s only modern slave market and brought terrorism to Manchester and Reading). Saudi Arabia and Qatar are our allies, we don’t talk about how they Fund Al Qaeda and ISIS. We don’t talk about Yemen, it has nothing to do with us that a quarter of a million people died, we only run the air campaign.

      12. lundiel – You are welcome to try and prove your empty rhetoric.

    2. All that humiliation but still pathetically adrift. No ifs, no buts, Starmer has to go.

      1. Jon – For goodness sake grow up, to be replaced with what?
        Even SB acknowledges that the left don’t have the numbers to get a candidate on the ballot paper.

      2. SteveH
        PLP are largely of the gutless and spineless variety who would sell their grannies to keep snouts in the trough, pretty much like real Tories

      3. Steve H…you must be aware of the establishment BBC governmentpropaganda machine smearing the Chines people RE morning star covering the campaign of lies.How much do you mean get?

      4. Joseph – I guess in your circumstances you would say that, wouldn’t you.

      5. Joseph – Apparently its a worldwide conspiracy against the Chinese state.

      1. As soon as I saw this BRILLIANT photo I thought at last something for that belly crawler SteveH to put on his bedroom wall.

      2. spiderider – OMG how juvenile, do you really have pictures of politicians on your bedroom wall.

      3. windchimes – I just thought it was disappointing that the article needed propping up with poorly photoshoped images.

      4. It is an excellent image. Print several to adorn your homes here and in the Caribbean. That photo is art. It captures some of the sickening distressing repellant essence of your SIR Keith. ahead of the curve again an incisive with political art also🏅🏅🏅

      5. … ahead of the curve again, and incisive with political art too🏅🏅🏅

      6. windchimes – Are you another one whose bedroom walls are adorned with posters of your hero.

      7. CORRECTION -” … ” I’m convinced that keyboards are deliberately calibrated to make errors to encourage the use of spellcheck, predictive text etc. Please accept a bulk apology

    3. Have u read itSH ?
      SH it’s u and your SH method isn’t it, to spout b4 reading? What analysis is that? No wonder your SIR Keith Starmer was such an odious failed DPP. No wonder he is now a toe curling pet rat to the murderous Covid-19 Tories. No wonder he repeated at every opportunity his “full support” as 113,000 to date perished and MILLIONS GREIVE.

      Contemptible acts have been done by YOUR SHithian stupidity of commenting b4 reading and thinking. SIR Keith Starmer, like you, are injected with instructions then you blindly follow. No matter starved of logic and justice. Not even a hint of shame. You and your SIR are utter disgraces, and useless for anything needed to erase the rotten Status Quo🥀🥀🥀

      1. windchimes – Oh dear, your desperation is showing again. I thought it was obvious to anyone (even you) that I was referring to not having read the full poll yet (have you?).
        This is what I actually said
        “I haven’t passed comment on this poll other than to acknowledge the results that were carefully selected for publication above. When I get around to reading it in full I may choose to comment on it. I suggest you save your accusations of hypocrisy until I’ve actually commented on it.

    4. Re signpost’s 10.03am comment in which he refers to me, please check out the following – ie a big Nazi type lie that signpost disseminated about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown – taking legal action against Cummings, so that he could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison:

      And in the post under this one is a link to the post in which I questioned signpost about his claim AND then signpost’s response.

  1. Remember he is their wrecking ball and they already have someone lined up to replace him, it’s a very old and tested contrick and it’s being played out on You!

  2. Just so you no I no longer support this vile right wing party! I’ve seen all these tricks before during my 50 years supporting this dreadful party.

  3. I would normally be dismissive of the polls,especially as a lot of those people must have voted for the public schoolboys party the conservative and unionist party.but Quite frankly the Torys are guilty of murder and you would think that people would be begging for a Opposition party to replace the torys.But thats not happening because they really are all the same and the laughable titled clown knight proves it to many people who previously voted Labour.We are bleeding away members funding and voters.So mr judas H what do you think you misfits will do?…Knife in the back time,favourite weapon of the right wing destroyers of the Labour party…and replace another gutless Numpty with another misfit.

    1. Joseph – It is disappointing that the above article neglects to mention that in the same poll Keir Starmer’s approval rating of +5 is 14 points ahead of Johnson’s -9.

  4. Another small but important victory for Labour

    “Ministers are poised to announce billions of pounds in extra support to address the cladding crisis that has left homeowners bankrupt and distraught, though key questions remain over how much leaseholders will be expected to contribute.
    Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, will announce the new measures in parliament on Wednesday after reaching a deal with the Treasury, the Guardian understands.

    1. This paltry disgusting Tory move to bail out CRIMINAL cladding bandits, instead of prosecuting them and seizing ALL their assets to cover BILLIONS to remedy, is no victory SH. Once again like the bankers, bail outs for bandits at tax payers expense‼️‼️‼️

      1. windchimes – I agree the Tories proposition falls well short of what is required but at least we now have a firm commitment on part of the issues. Labour will be keeping up the pressure but the reality is that with an 80 seat majority there is little Labour can do but try and embarrass the Tories into doing the right thing. Some progress is better than non.
        The easier times of Jeremy being up against Johnson when he didn’t even have a majority are long gone.

    2. “The government must go further than today’s offering on cladding, which falls way short of the needs of my constituents and others. I stand by the principal that no one should have to pay for living in a dangerous building”.
      Jeremy Corbyn.
      I think the government’s response is pitiful given a friend of mine has been paying for a security guard to perform a waking watch for nearly 3 years. He’s almost bankrupt all because of anti-regulations politicians, lazy developers and lying manufacturers.

  5. Starmer’s sad sycophantic surrogate is showing signs of stupidity surpassing his standard silliness. Seemingly the signs as his hero stumbles towards a shambolic end scene are too strong for his thick skin. SteveH the simple is stymied.

    1. John – Unlike you I don’t indulge in hero worship and wishful thinking. Your comment says far more about you than it does about me.

      1. It was because of a Tory revolt. Nothing to do with NuLabour’s Thangam Debbonaire or whatever her name is.

      2. lundiel – Don’t be a numpty. You should be welcoming the support of the Tory rebels,

  6. The lesson here is…… You should never regard “Question Time” as a focus group

  7. Steve H, another own goal me thinks. In respect of supporting people/ countries that do genocide. Just tell me which country with same said ‘tendencies’ is Starmer suppirting ‘unqualified”?

  8. ‘Unlike you I don’t indulge in hero worship and wishful thinking.

    Pull the other one, soft ollies – it’s the one that’s got stammer’s italian hand-made shoe on the end of it. Told you what happens when you insult other people’s far superior intelligence.

    Just think…It could well be that your beloved knight of the realm could turn out to have an even shorter and more of a failur of a tenure than the woeful ian dummkopf-schmitt had as toerag leader of the opposition.

    Just fancy being labelled a second rate lawyer AND then turning out to be every bit more of a failure as your party’s leader than dummkopf was of his?


      1. SteveH10/02/2021 AT 10:26 AM
        Toffee – I don’t tend to take much notice of anything you say.

        But you reply all the same. You just can’t help but contradict yourself, can ya?

      2. Is there not? Then WHY the absolute F are you replying to me if you’re not taking any notice of what I’m saying, genius?

        Still, I guess stammer’s gotta be grateful to accept support from any quarter these days.

      3. Toffee – If I had said that ‘I never take any notice of you’ then you might have a point, but I didn’t.

      4. You may not take any notice of what he, or anyone else has to say but you always try and have the last word in your pathetic trolling of this blog.

      5. lundiel – Trolling, can you give some examples?
        No I’m simply posting my opinion and responding to others’ posts just as others like yourself have responded to mine.
        Although unfortunately most seem to prefer a tirade of personal insults to actually addressing the point(s) I’ve made if you disagree with me then you are more than welcome to argue with the substance of what I’ve said.
        Whether you choose to respond to my comments is entirely up to you.

  9. What is the medical term for having a Union Jack inserted up your arse
    Do you think its a vote winner
    Considering Temporary Embarrassment is about to take a long walk off a short plank

    1. Doug – I very much doubt it, the Blairites aren’t that stupid and who would replace him?
      Even SB recognises that ‘the left’ hasn’t got the numbers to even get a candidate on the ballot paper.
      So how do you imagine it would help serve your cause if there was a leadership election this side of the next GE?

      1. SteveH
        The members, unions and supporters are a bit keen to get rid of Temporary Embarrassment and my 🐕 would beat your man

      2. Doug – I note you have attempted to sidestep my questions about who would replace Starmer and given that it is unlikely that there would be a ‘left’ candidate on the ballot how a leadership election would further your cause.
        Unfortunately we’ll never know how good a job your dog would do unless you can get your him on the ballot paper of your mythical leadership election.
        In spite of your assertions it doesn’t look like there is the clamour for a leadership election.The IPSOS Mori Poll also shows that 58% of Labour supporters are satisfied with Starmer as party leader and that 54% think he has made the party better whereas only 8% believe he has made it worse.

      3. The latest YouGov/Times voting intention figures see the Conservatives gain a four-point lead at 41% (+4), with Labour dropping 4 points to 37%.
        Keir Starmer has dropped his lead over Boris Johnson on our ‘best Prime Minister’ question. Britions are now tied, with a third (33%) thinking the Labour leader would make the better head of government, compared with the same number (33%) for the incumbent. Three in ten voters (30%) remain undecided.
        This on the day that government approval stands at 33% and DISAPPROVAL IS 48% you do the math Einstein. 🤣

      4. lundiel – What on earth do you think that proves.
        I don’t remember you getting so animated about Corbyn’s polling going into the 19GE when his nett approval rating was -40 (69% of the electorate actively opposed Corbyn) and Labour were consistently about 12% behind.

  10. Another thing Starmer has been mysteriously silent on after his time as director of public prosecutions at a time when emails passed between the CPS and and the Swedish director of public prosecutions urging them not to come to London to interview Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and urged her – “don’t you dare get cold feet”.
    Starmer, unlike Corbyn, has been silent on the plight of Assange and the implicafions for press freedom.
    ( Ken Loach calls out Sir Keir Starmer, what were his dealings in the Julian Assange case)

    1. And, surprise surprise, Ken Loach is in turn accused of antisemitism by the JC who attempt to get him deplatformed.

      1. Reply to Lundiel
        Ken Loach is a great man, a lifelong Socialist who has not got a racist bone in his body.
        It has become increasing clear that that the term antisemitism has been devalued and trivialised by publications like the Jewish Chronical and groups like the Labour Friends of Israel , JLM etc who use it to discredit anyone who believes in human rights for all including our Arab brothers and sisters living in abject misery in appalling conditions in Israel Palestine and Gaza because of the actions and omissions of the Israeli government.
        People who refuse to condemn the Israeli government ‘s human rights abuses of Arabs are by default condoning them and are therefore fling the term “antisemite” about in order to deflect attention away from their own disgusting anti Arab racism.

  11. I do wish the feuding so obvious in the comments above would stop, Skwawkbox deserves better.

    1. There appears to be a common denominator in this “feuding” you wish to stop? Well apologies to your sensitivities Paul Smith @ 1.43pm but if you actually gave a damn then you might consider how irritating it is to have this pathetic excuse for the right wing of the labour party continually trawling this site and denigrating good comrades worthwhile and welcome opinions. Skwawkbox can get rid of either of us any time he chooses to. I would like to know what reason the hamster has to come on here? Surely our very being and the content is anathema to him? I know that’s why I don’t frequent the Gurniad anymore.

      1. stevedavidh, Keith’s photo above is spot on.
        How many copies have you hung around your haunts so far? Did u make a few posters as a gift for your Sir? SH it must please your hero to have posters of himself. Print more

  12. DUH!!!! Well if you search to the right become the cult of new Labour 2.0 and Tory Lite BS and wonder why no one who is remotely socialist wants to have anything to do with you.

    We ignored Blairs BS but I won’t ignore this Bs twice and now we know the numbers and surprise surprise even Torys don’t believe this cults BS!

    Here is a suggestion for a supposedly socialist party maybe they might like to try and go back and beg forgiveness..

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