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Even centrist hacks going for Starmer as right prepares move SKWAWKBOX told you was coming

‘Hacks’ living up to term as knives sharpened

Over the past few weeks, SKWAWKBOX has exclusively been making readers aware that the right of the Labour party is preparing a move on Keir Starmer – with Yvette Cooper the faction’s likely ‘stalking horse’ and Rachel Reeves the right’s preferred replacement for the abstention-addicted incumbent.

Now it seems Starmer’s natural allies in the centrist media have also caught on – and are joining in the knife-sharpening, turning on the man who less than a year ago was their group’s blancmange-textured saviour.

The move even includes such figures as Matt Chorley, Marina Hyde and Stephen Bush – all of whom seem to have had an epiphany that Starmer can’t cut it:

Even the likes of Paul Mason are getting in on the act:

If Starmer can’t impress even that lot, his days look numbered. The main question seems to be whether enough left members have retained their membership to make his successor a left-winger – and whether the right’s plans to change nomination and election rules in their own favour will have come to fruition by the time he goes.

Meanwhile, working-class MP Jon Trickett has become the front-runner among left MPs to make the challenge. Will the left unite behind him or another genuine left-winger – or will the soft left insist on backing a Raynerite and preventing the left making a serious challenge to lead the party out of ruin?

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    1. Your last four words are, possibly, the most telling (and the most worrying). However (while Ed Milliband has a certain nostalgia, his cut-and-run brother hasn’t), much of the country would erupt in a sort of spontaneous bilious attack were Bliar to get within a light-year of power.

      1. if just one person of the “Left” still hope we can have even one creature from the Right in ANY post in OUR Labour Party after tomorrow 8th January 2021 then there is zero hope for that one person, our party and our country. SIR Starmer and ALL his collaborators are beneath contempt, odious in the extreme, disgusting frauds and WORSE than Blue Tories. The Blue Tories hardly try to disguise their repugnant greed and cruelty towards those most in need. Starmer, Bliar, Cooper, Falconer, Straw, Reeves, et al on the other hand try to disguise their devious intent. They will NEVER be fit for any position in a true Labour Party⚠️⚠️⚠️

      2. windchimes – Unfortunately that’s what comes of spending so much of you time living in the past dreaming of what might have been.

      3. windchimes – It has obviously escaped you notice that we are now in February.

      4. windchimes – Instead of trying to destroy the Labour party you should grow a pair, have the courage of your own convictions and team up with the other self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ to set up a party that reflects your collective views. (if you can ever agree what they are).

      5. SteveH, davidh or whomsoever u r tdy, go join your chums in your Tory party. Take Keith and the other Right wing trash with you on your way out.

      6. windchimes – Throwing insults at me isn’t going to change the fact you are in the minority.

      7. SteveH
        Your confusing the putrid PLP with the Labour party
        internal Report means their is only one direction of travel for Red Tories

  1. Have they turned on the chocolate fireguard then? Hell slap it up him. Only thing is who will be replacing him? Something worse? Hope not.

  2. Reeves would be worse than Starmer if that was possible. The Left have already left the party so Part 1 of the plan is working. The LP has knifed itself and has only itself to blame. Pathetically they have the gall to hope left of centre will save them; it won’t, it’s gone!

    1. Predicted by most on AHEAD of the curve as always🌟🌟🌟

      1. ie Starmer is a complete waste… a waste of time, waste of space, waste of £3000+ clobber, waste of money, waste of almost everything. His only use is as a tool of the establishment to destroy any glimpse of positive change🥀🥀🥀

      2. Starmer believed the hype one percent threw down to him. He is nothing but a dispensable poo bag. HINT – Where’s Ummuna? LibDem PM what’s her name… et al. BUT, note very well – There’s an odd obsession that Starmer’s controllers are worried about money and membership. They’re not‼️‼️‼️

      3. Absolutely this is a guy with little or no political experience. Labour leaders like the leaders of most parties have had years in the business dealing with the day to day cut and thrust of politics and in fighting making their way gradually up the greasy pole. Starmer had has next to none of that and is basically a career Civil Servant. As LOTO he seems to dislike the exposure has no political nowse at all and little idea what to do . He’s heading for disaster with the Forde Report Corbyn’s litigation decreasing Party funds and the May elections all coming his way. Frankly I think he will be glad when his backers pull the plug and he can revert to back benches. He looks as if he’s had more than enough already and its not even been n the job for a year.

      4. I absolutely agree. 5 years as an MP and it was more a sort of semi retirement for an ex-DPP already knighted for his services. Almost every decision he has made has been clumsy and now he’s up to his neck in insoluble problems; he’s got himself in a right tangle. You can see in his face the knowledge that it’s al over, he looks defeated and isn’t trying to hide it. To save some face maybe a nasty May election result will give him the excuse to go? He should give up politics and go back to the bar or land a nice job like David Miliband to keep him in the style he’s used to.

    2. Paul, it’s the left which has knifed itself, the right is doing what it always does.

    3. The usual suspects will be rewarded with cushy jobs in the private sector- non voting members on company boards, useless think tanks supported by finance capitalism to ‘advise’ govts (i.e. lobby) or a place on the red seats of the over subscribed House of Lords. It won’t matter a jot if they destroy the Labour Party, the ruling class will assure their futures.

  3. You should be careful what you wish for. If there is a leadership challenge it is doubtful there will be a candidate from the left on the ballot paper.

    1. It’s surely certain there won’t be a left wing candidate. So you suggest the Party sticks with the knighted policeman? Great idea Steve, I don’t know where you get it from! ‘There’s nothing we can do about it – so let’s not do anything about it’.

      1. Paul – You’re the one wanting rid of Starmer, not me.

      2. You believe Starmer can win in May and then again in 2024? We’ll see.

    2. When the choice is between identical rats why would anyone care which was on top of the shit pile?

    3. Hahahahahaha! No shit sherlock? What would we do without your cunning razor sharp analysis SteveH??

      1. spiderrider – You have obviously mistaken me for someone who cares what you think.

    4. Stevie boy 👦 you’ve shown yourself in all your slithering colours.You have been “off” message a long time and fatigue is showing.Perhaps now is the time for a dignified exit to your island in the sun 🌞.God speed and remember there are no ice bergs in the Caribbean waters.

      1. Joseph – You’re the one that is forlornly bleating from the next field, not me.

  4. I’m not sure anybody yet appreciates just what damage has been inflicted on the young who felt Corbyn was for them and are now left homeless and without hope. The hurt is so deep they can scarcely speak about it. They’ll be the last to be vaccinated and will never be housed or usefully employed. And they know it! It’s the saddest thing about what the Labour Party has done.

    1. It’s not just the young, albeit these are the people Labour should be pinning their hopes on, it is those who rejoined the party with the return to democratic socialism and also feel homeless.

    2. So very very important point and that is why the PLP will choose old right wing dogs and bitches to continue the rudderless ship.Thankyou paul for highlighting the only solution for a working-class movement of all the people.

  5. ps – “Odd obsession” OVERWHELMING evidence shows that there are £$€ hundreds of millions available to that lot. Has anyone heard Amber Rudd’s brother, or other funders of “People’s Vote” moaning about the millions spent trying to overturn the democratic vote??? No, me neither.

    Then member numbers: With a handful of members, both Farage and Cummings’ Johnson were able to achieve what we failed to do with nearly 600,000 members… the largest party in Europe⚠️⚠️⚠️

    1. Has anyone heard Gina Miller weeping for the millions down the drain frustrating the democratic vote??? Or the other funders???
      The key problems of the “Left” are neither money nor membership numbers. I believe they include a desperate lack of self-worth / self belief to BRING about change with us as the engine and instruments and drivers.
      YES, i have been receiving the begging emails too. But those are akin to the Blue Tories snatching milk or food from the poor, not through necessity. If the Tory parasites in Labour really needed more money, Bliar would use a tiny portion of it’s accumulated millions before despots realised it was a fraud.

      After all we have seen and experienced in the last four years, there is little sign of reflection of what went wrong … STILL. It was extraordinary to read hear on someone implying that X candidate would be a good choice as they would not upset the MSM etc. QUESTION – If we must choose leaders and policies to please the MSM, then why bother? Why not leave politics to the MSM and Status Quo??? Why??? Perhaps because too many are still content to hope for crumbs.

      1. … CORRECTION – “… to read HERE on…” Shame on me💐💐💐

      2. windchimes.- Or to put it more succinctly you lack courage in your own convictions.

  6. Will there be an arbitrary cutoff date for new members voting in the leadership election again this time?
    “So sorry, you just missed it. You had to have joined a month ago to be eligible to vote.”

    If they really believed “the majority” were milk-Tories like them they’d want every new member voting. Obvious, innit?

  7. Imagine the Labor party with Yvette Cooper as Leader and Rachel Reevesas Deputy. Suddenly, ANY new party with a few hundred thousand members that called itself Real Labour , True Labour or even The Independent Lbour Party would be in with a chance!

    The centrists need to be told that History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce.

    1. It would take a hell of a lot of chutzpah, on Cooper’s part, considering she was thrashed by Jeremy Corbyn in his first Leadership Election. Can she live that down, or would it merely be an attempt, on her part, to regain some lost credibility?

      My view is, as a politician I like her. She’s shown she’s very competent. I can recall her humiliating May, on a number of occasions.

      Her Achilles Heel is, the company she keeps indoors – and, by extension, the company he keeps.

      Reeves? A thousand times – no!

      1. George, ambition is a great healer, at least for politicians. As for Reeves a thousand times no indeed.

    2. They’d need to rename a Reeves-Cooper grouping “The Parliamentary Labour Party Party”, or perhaps just “The Parliamentary Party”, since it would have no policies that are even vestigially “Labour”.

      At the next election, the PP would be reduced to the level of the old Liberals after 1924.

      1. Sorry for the nearly-duplicate posts, everybody- it looked like WordPress wasn’t taking my posts.

      2. Each of them got likes, SteveH, so somebody noticed. Your posts have become progressively nastier and more arrogant lately, btw. Strange that you feel entitled to take that tone, as you are hardly winning any of the arguments here.

    3. A Cooper-Reeves led party would need to renamed “The Parliamentary Party”, since it would contain no one but the right-wing of the current PLP. plus Akehurst and MacNicol.

      At the next election, the PP would be reduced to the showing the old Liberals made in 1924, with no one campaigning to re-elect the sitting PP MP save the PP MP herself.

      It might even replicate the ’19 showing of TIG-CUK.

    4. qwertboi – Off topic but “…first as a tragedy, then as a farce.” think that is a line from Anna Nicole the opera. Anyway u’ve oft been in mind when i’m listening to music. Amidst these peculiar times it was v special to hear Trovatore č Leyontine Price debut at MET in 1961!!! Extraordinary that we could hear tremendous stuff from before we were even ideas in our parents’ minds!!! U may have heard the broadcast was followed by Callas’ first live MET broadcast from 1951 or 52!!! Crystal clear+++ A much needed relief from everything else and thoughts of how to get rid of the parasites from our party. I’m hoping when people hear what Falconer has said, then once and for all people will realise that the idea of Starmer & con in our party is an obscene idea.
      Our next leader MUST realise that.🆘🆘🆘

  8. Skwawk: “The main question seems to be whether enough left members have retained their membership to make his successor a left-winger – and whether the right’s plans to change nomination and election rules in their own favour will have come to fruition by the time he goes.”

    I was under the impression the rules were already massively in the right’s favour – that the PLP had the nominations process sewn up so tight another “Corbyn accident” couldn’t happen anyway?

  9. The labour tight appears not to have learned that being Tory light isn’t getting them anywhere

    1. They’ve forgotten that Labour lost solidly in 2010 and 2015 on exactly the kinds of policies they want the party to go back to- and that the 2015 result was THEIR Westminster-centric arrogance killing the party in Scotland.

      1. I wouldn’t assume the PLP or Starmer even want to win an election. Their ideology is destroy the left. If labour don’t win an election ever again, but the left can never get into power and we have permanent neoliberalism and Tory rule what exactly is the downside for the right of the party? Given everything we know about Starmer it makes no sense to think they are focused on trying to win the next election over getting rid of the socialists in parliament.

  10. SteveH will have to tear down those posters in his bedroom. How can he continue? Easy. Just transfer his devotion to next limp-wristed wet from the right.

  11. I honestly despair. I remember one interview in which Rachel Reeves could not bring herself to agree that there was any good in anything Jeremy did. She is not a centrist – she is to the right of many Tory members and voters. She would be one of the worst possible leaders – thats probably why her name is being touted- so that we say “we’d better keep Starmer, He’s not as bad as Reeves”.
    Same with Cooper, an nasty right winger who sounds like a Munchkin but is in fact an embittered Brownite. Her leadership campaign in 2015 was a fiasco but it served to exposed her true character- she is a very ambitious person who is so stupid that she still thinks she has what it takes to lead the party to Downing St. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    1. Even if the centrists put another one of their people up,the left can get rid of them! They didn’t realise how many they were fighting when they got rid of Corbyn! 10m voted for him and they were all left wingers! Starmer lasted 10 months and so will the next one!

      1. helsbells, yes, Unite community is affiliated to Labour. There are lots of helpful things Unite community do for the unwaged ( help with benefit problems for example ) so it’s a win win.

        I’ve been with Unite community for many many years.

      2. He hasn’t gone yet, and remember, we are dealing with a man who though entirely lacking in talent, is not short of ambition.

      3. patrob428 – You forgot to mention that for the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory rather than vote for Corbyn.

      4. Steve H- that would be of interest if everyone here was pushing to restore Corbyn to the leadership, but you can’t extrapolate that result- a result caused, as much as anything else, by the relentless and unjustified hate campaign the PLP waged against Corbyn- to claim that that is what would happen with ANY Left leader. Beckett is a Northerner and clearly working-class- those facts, by itself, would make a massive difference.

        In any case, you would agree that, if Starmer wants to unite the party, he needs to end his war against left activists, I hope. Nobody’s cheering him on for that and it isn’t gaining him votes.

    2. Sorry, Trickett, not Beckett. Trickett would do miles better than Corbyn, simply because he wouldn’t leave personal smears unchallenged,

      1. kenchurch – It doesn’t bode well when his supporters can’t remember his name.

      2. It bodes far better than believing that repudiating Corbyn’s policies and moving back to a “centre ground” that essentially no voters occupy anymore- as demonstrated by the pathetic TIG-CUK showing in ’19-10,000 votes OVERALL- and the defeat of all the former Labour MPs who tried to get elected as LibDems- none of whom came anywhere close to winning as LibDem campaign utterly collapsed.

        Face it Steve, Labour has nothing to gain from Starmer continually kicking the Left in the teeth and wrapping himself in an Imperial flag virtually no one in the whole of the UK worships to the absurd degree Starmer thinks.

        What Labour needs is unity- which Starmer needs to earn by ceasing to treat the Left as the enemy, readmitting Corbyn to the PLP- the man did nothing to deserve exile and was largely exonerated by the EHRC, which found that he was not antisemitic and the party wasn’t “institutionally” antisemitic, which means for all practical purposes not antisemitic at all- and doing what he SHOULD have been doing from the start: keeping his pledge to honor the 10 pledges(i.e., no swing to the right on any major policies) and defining his identity in purely positive, inclusive terms, rather than solely by trashing his predecessor and his those connected with him. Keir simply never needed to be nasty about any of it. He wasn’t elected to be Kinnock 2.0

    1. If that Union is affiliated to the Labour Party then yes, but only to nominate the leader, no votes on NEC elections etc

      Unite community is just over £2 a month if you’re unwaged

      1. Thanks. I’m surprised as I didn’t think there would be.

      2. yes!!! Paul and hellsbells, many too many to name. The known and unknown. But be quick🚀🚀🚀

  12. Temporary Embarrassment gets into leadership election automatically thanks to JC and his travails
    Red Tories have to pick a single challenger to avoid splitting the vote
    If this is another right wing coup then left candidate needs to inspire, its got to be Dawn Butler, natural wild card
    What can unions do to get PLP members on board and left to get behind single candidate

    1. Doug – You mean like like the ‘LW’ did with RLB, that worked out well.
      As the leadership elections are run under an STV system splitting the vote is not really that much of an issue.

    2. Butler would be excellent- but, out of interest, what are your reservations about Beckett?

      1. kenburch – It doesn’t bode well that with less than 11% of the vote Dawn was eliminated in the first round of voting for the deputy leadership election

      2. kenburch
        Nothing against Trichet, just think its time to take party to another level and time for us old white folk to let go
        On a practical note the biggest difference DB would make is to confront how low cheap and nasties, MSM and toilet papers go
        Labour is the future, demographically we should be cleaning up in years to come, so time to make the leap and appeal to youth and progressives
        Maximus Peake
        If your not voting Labour then your a Tory
        Bring Green party into the fold, double six the SNP and fuck the rest of them to Kingdom come

      3. Trickett. The reason I got the names mixed up was that they rhyme and share most of the letters, btw. People make minor mistakes like that.

  13. Dear god……………….Rachel ‘Labour will be tougher on welfare than the Tories’ Reeves !

    We seriously need the Northern Lights man, Jon Trickett, to give us some hope, to be upfront and get behind him. He’s outspoken/ doesn’t pull his punches, has vision and realistic working class solutions not to mention genuine compassion.

    1. Totally agree Foggy. We need people willing to speak up and out REGULARLY!!! What’s to lose??? We need someone focusing on basic issues right here right now at home.

  14. On the other hand – this could be some right-wing hacks, having a bit of ‘fun’ with the’Hard Left’. The ‘Corbynistas’. The ‘Corbynites’.

    We all know they possess, what passes for, a sense of humour – especially, Chorley and his schoolboy charm.

    Hyde? Never had any idea what her problem is. Can’t be bothered thinking about it.

    That guy on The Times – never heard of him, or read any of his articles behind a paywall.

    Paul Mason? Impression I get with Paul is, he’s in the middle of a mid-life crisis, with no end in sight.

  15. The thought of redundancy and a party in deep financial trouble is what has started the right wing destroyers on the path of dusting off the old skeletons and dragging them out of the cupboard for a so called election.The members need to realise that they brought this about with a little urging by the likes of Swuawkbox and the Canary,socialist telly and Tory fibs.Let them field another looser from the tried and failed neo liberal alliance.IT will not work,so keep up the pressure and hope that a real socialist leader comes from the ashes of the Labour party.Well done Squawky and membership but make sure you finish them off by withdrawing your fees and work..ITs the only way to finish the parasites off.

  16. I have no idea how many left wingers have stayed in the Labour party but I am one of them and my hubby another. This is the only reason we’ve stayed – the hope that there will be a leadership election and we can vote for an actual socialist.

    1. Thanks Lynn Dye💐💐💐 I can understand people who have done magnificent stuff in years gone by, leaving, but it is difficult to understand those who see it as a virtue to jump ship in times of trouble as if change will come by accident. A positive future is not secure with fair weather “comrades”. They are burdens rather than help⚠️⚠️⚠️

      1. Sign post….The Labour party have been “in trouble with the right wing destroyers” for over half a century and for the greater part of that I was a member,activist and councillor that donated large amounts to feed a corrupt party that had deserted the working-class movement..The eletist one thousand club of bliars and the dinners in Brighton and downing street all corruption..can you really see a future for any socialist just because a Jewish fanatic has been pushed off the conveyor belt by the right wing destroyers.?I praise members few members that support with blind faith especially the younger generation,but an old Catholic like me doesnt need any lessons on surviving the generations in one peice despite being on the outside looking in.But the Labour party are not a religion to most people and if they were they would burn in the fires of hell for what they are doing to the working-class people.The socialist revival came and went,a chance so near and yet so far removed from the establishment Labour party by force whilst we were sleeping.IT was the last chance saloon for the working-class movement inside the Labour party.That chance has gone.

  17. A little University,social studies,politics and economics…then a year working freemans off daddy and mummys money for a MP and bobs your uncle another Labour mp off the right wing conveyor belt A choice of what the PLP deem suitable and yet more right wing destroyers and undercover misfits.Do you really want to fund this entitled crooked establishment Labour party?

    1. Joseph – I’m glad that Keir Starmer is not a ‘career politician’ who followed the career path that you’ve outlined.

  18. What happens if Starmer is challenged and (as is most likely) he wins?

    I still can’t see a challenge happening personally, any challenger knows they will be burned.

  19. Skwawkbox: “Even centrist hacks going for Starmer”
    I’ve used the term “centrist” myself despite knowing it’s a lie. I shouldn’t and I wish we’d all stop using the word – it gives them credibility they don’t deserve.
    The word implies a distinction that doesn’t exist – it pretends there can be a middle way – a compromise between left and right – but there can be no compromise with people who relentlessly subvert democracy to steal our futures and those of our children.

    Even as much as twenty, thirty or forty percent more tax on the rich wouldn’t prevent the wealth gap continuing to grow – but it might prevent the NHS collapsing.
    Ten percent less austerity wouldn’t stop kids going hungry – but fifty percent might.
    Reducing MSM corruption by as much as fifty percent – STILL wouldn’t make elections fair.
    No ‘buts’.
    There is no such thing as a centrist – there’s left and there’s right and that’s all.
    The half-measures they lobby for would change NOTHING.

    Those lying Labour Quislings who cheated us out of the win in 2017 are not ‘centrists’ – they’re worse Tories than the ones across the floor – who at least wear the uniform of the 1%.
    Labour’s so-called “centrists” wear our uniform but they fight for the 1% while pretending to fight for Labour.
    Call politics what it is – a war to the death between rich and poor – hang spies, propagandists, false flags and Quislings as one would in wartime.
    So far we’ve been doing all the dying. We should change that.

      1. That phrase aptly describes anyone who still defends the Iraq War and who still wants Labour to support MORE invasions of and bombings of the Arab/Muslim world and more grovelling to Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia.

  20. David…..ditto,spot on.No organisation can survive with constant infiltration and sabotage by quislings.hellbent on fighting a lost cause that the Torys won many,many years ago.ITs all such a awful mess and it never needed to be this way.We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore the Labour party to the people and “we” meaning me as well blew it .I genuinely didnt realise what was going on in front of us and I will never forgive myself for self indulgent getting on the “more important things” abroad.I suppose we are those of us that left the Labour party suffering from a form of depression and mourning for the Labour walking dead party….Did any of us realise that we were surrounded on all sides of parliament by neo liberal alliance of the right wing destroyers.Hope eternal!

    1. Joseph – I’m struggling to see what difference you would have made even if you hadn’t been serving two masters. Why don’t you enlighten us.

      1. I only served one master whos come and gone over two thousand years ago,Your master is focused on the second messia coming to the Chosen people “at the exclusion of all others.Religion and politics are a dangerous mix,and so your slithering knight will fall on his own sword….

      2. Joseph – I have absolutely no interest in your deluded beliefs in your ‘sky fairy’ of choice

      3. Steve H….Would my “deluded belief” be the Catholic church that has a membership of 1.5billion people.,or the billions more including your leader who believe in other faiths.I suppose you feel better able to judge belief due to your superiority complex.Religion and politics don’t mix,but to dismiss the beliefs of billions of people the majority has some mystic entity in the sky is both arrogant and stupid….and frankly typical of you.

      4. Joseph – “to dismiss the beliefs of billions of people the majority has some mystic entity in the sky is both arrogant and stupid…”

        WHY ?
        It’s self evident that you can’t all be right and not one of you can prove that yours is the one true way.

  21. David – How profoundly disappointing. What bigger admission of failure can there be than to impose your rejected dogma on others through violence.

    1. Corbyn had no “dogma”- he’s just a democratic socialist. And the polls show his policies are popular. The 2010 and 2015 outcomes prove Labour wouldn’t have done better with policies to the right of those.

      1. Corbyns instinct was always correct,he new that the “system” was archaic and a insult to democracy.He was forced into paying due diligence to the cheif parasites the monarchy,lords titles and the most powerful and vile arm of the Royals the Privey council “Front page article in the guardian telling of the power and influence of the monarchy and the personal greed that overrides parliament and PMs themselves at the click of the wrist..The Labour party have never challenged that system,but worked to ensuring it.

    2. It’s called “hyperbole” shitferbrains – exaggeration – a device used to give emphasis to the undeniable fact that right wing policies are killing people.
      Even the UN condemns the Tory genocide.
      I’m implacably opposed to the death penalty, as are all real socialists – talk of pitchforks and guillotines and steamrollers – that’s hyperbole too, you fucking moron.

  22. Starmer is not going to be replaced. This is cloud cuckoo land. I quite understand that thrashing about in despair at what the Labour Party has become (or at any rate reverted to . . . type) the purged defeated left are going to look for any straw to grasp. But delusional fantasies like this are strictly for the birds. The May election results are already projected to be dire, so will be no surprise. And the PLP will stand by their man, who’s lack of honesty, integrity and vision is the very thing so many of its tawdry two faced MPs have been longing for after having had to endure these qualities under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. It will take a long time and the Labour Party’s total collapse before the right wing of the party turn on Starmer. It’s a party very used to failure, and some may say addicted to it, with many of its own inner circle now known to have been actively trying to undermine their own election success under Jeremy Corbyn. And the media love Starmer, (Well love is perhaps too strong a word . . . nobody could love that.)

  23. It’s unfortunate that Skwawk has been obliged for some reason to delete the thread on the FBU’s call for an emergency recall of Conference.

    Because it’s a conference of constituencies, constituencies are definitively Labour’s supreme authority.
    Constituencies instruct via Conference and the NEC obeys.
    Constituencies clearly have never instructed the NEC or the General Secretary or the LOTO or his office to usurp their authority.
    Delegatee is subordinate to delegator. Always.

  24. Wee stevie gettin his arse handed to him once again…Some things just don’t change.

    Tell us, o infatuated one!? What’s the difference between stammerism and conservatism?

    We all of us mere mortals patiently await the benefit of your infinite wisdom.

    1. The Toffee (597)’s Q to steveh, davidH, Hdavid, SH it is any on duty – “What’s the difference between stammerism and conservatism? ”

      HINT – Look at his record. Conservatives are despicable, selfish, greedy, prone to degenerate acts, heartless, vituperative, viperous, parasitic, in short ish, vomitatious.

      Keith Starmer on the same hand, is all of the above but more desperate, to please his masters unlike the casual fleecing as per the other Tories like Bliar, “Mandy” as it is called by SH, Harding, Hancock’s neighbour, et al. Keith is tense, always like a skunk caught in headlights, such is his utter craving to please the 1% and get his turn at the revolving door troughs. 📘📘📘

      1. ps due to angry disillusionment with SH’s hero Max Headroom, amongst Red tapeworm Tories, Keith will try setting out his “vision”. … yes… seriously… no laughing in the back!!! No sniggering you all on left!!! WARNING⛔️KEITHism VISION ahead⛔️ Be not afraid. You and our entire electorate can walk, run, cycle or drive a huge truck right through Keith’s “vision”. Starmer “vision” is even more starved than his conscience… to put it politely… a dead … decaying putrid lump of Toryism.📘📘📘

  25. And a interesting article in the Canary by steve topple on what Labour are perceived to be by the public.IT uses the Joe video of life in knights ” jungle ” and finishes with maybe its time that instead of “Swinging around with Labour’,its time to swing away” ..ominus when even the Canarys becoming increasingly disillusioned with this monkey swinging the Labour party around.

    1. And a couple of good ones on Sidecar by David Finn explaining in very clear and reasonable terms what the fuck the anti semitism scam is all about; a lot of people are confused, (unsurprising as that is the intention).

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