Labour Black Socialists’ ‘campaign strike’ gains traction with Labour Party members across the UK

More than 35,000 people tuned in to see the broadcasting launch of the Labour Black Socialists’ (LBS) ‘selective strike’ campaign on Socialist Telly with Howard Beckett, Andrea Gilbert, Maurice McLeod and Ekua Bayunu. The group has announced that its members will not campaign for Labour candidates it does not believe are fully committed to fighting anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, racism against Gypsy Travellers and transphobia.

The group has begun weekly broadcasts on Socialist Telly to help members understand the issues and fight for policies from Labour on a range of issues impacting communities up and down the country. The series kicked off with programmes on homelessness, vaccinations and domestic violence.

LBS believe they are offering leadership party members need – and say that the response has been tremendous with members reporting back on meetings inside and outside party structures discussing the group’s statement and pressing motions through constituency parties from local party branches and union delegates.

Members of the Labour Black Socialist group have decided they have no alternative but to selectively down tools in 2021 election campaigns. The group is still in the Labour party and has chosen to stay and fight for and within the party that they support.

The Labour leaks document and the Labour Muslim network report on Islamophobia have shown that the current leadership is not taking these issues seriously. The group says there is a culture within the Labour party that looks the other way on anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, prejudice against the GRT and trans communities. It believes that there is a hierarchy when it comes to dealing with Racism within the Labour party and point out that the Forde inquiry is not a commitment from the current leadership.

LBS say they do not want the leader to resolve these complaints with the same ill conceived and undemocratic way identified by the recent EHRC findings and will be raising their concerns with other like-minded members of the party. They will be requesting that those who support them also put down their tools and campaign selectively for candidates whose commitment to justice for all is clear, irrespective of differences in class, race, ethnicity and religion.

A spokesperson for the group said:

The Labour Party will not get away with dismissing members’ concerns about racism and the group hopes action will be taken swiftly against those within the party who are found to be racist.

Across the Labour Party, members are welcoming this action from the Labour Black Socialists. Members are desperate for leadership on racism and how to actively fight it and that is obviously lacking from the current leadership. Labour Black Socialists are serious about providing that leadership. We ask those who support us to watch our launch show with Howard Beckett and to support our regular online tv show Socialism and Strawberries supporting action on issues in ethnic minority communities!

The group can be reached/followed at the addresses below:

Email :
Instagram: @labourblacksocialists

The group’s statement, motions, interviews and articles are available here.

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  1. I doubt they’ll lack for support 🙂
    JVL and everyone on the left for sure.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Starmorrhoid holds a press conference to launch an ‘inquiry’ to assure everyone that “lessons will be learned.”

  2. A glaring omission is sexism. Despite their claims to the contrary and token efforts to correct it, misogyny is rife in the Labour party. The party like their token women, BAME and LGBTQ members, but the power base on most executive committees will be overwhelmingly white, male, heterosexual.

    Every executive committee I have ever been involved with will pay lip service to diversity. But frankly their ingrained attitudes to members who fall outside of their “normal” is as far from their moral radar, as Starmer is to democratic accountability.

    Having a male, white supremacists, Zionist fanatic as leader can never appeal to the wider public.

    1. Nemtona, I agree with what you say above except – “Having a male, white supremacists, Zionist fanatic as leader can never appeal to the wider public.” Really ? ? ? What makes you say that ? ? ?

  3. These people don’t speak for me with their list of “isms” – I’m a socialist feminist and women hold up half the world but I’m a socialist first and foremost: somewhere down their list I also count as one of their minorities.

    Misogyny is not on their list but misogynists are: as a former leader of Labour in Scotland put it: “Cross-dressing is at best a fashion statement, and at worst the public enactment of a male fetish to wear women’s clothing, particularly lingerie. We do not think it should be protected in law.”

    The 16 member executive of the Labour Party’s LGBTQI committee has 8 places reserved for women (to preserve gender balance): 4 of these women’s places are taken by idiotic men like Eddie Izzard claiming to be lesbians! Through the looking glass or what?

    I speak to people across the political spectrum who will not countenance voting Labour whilst it kowtows to a mass psychosis imported from the USA, which is offensive to women and a downright danger to children and young gay people.

  4. Another mechanism for bourgeois liberals to signify their ‘progressive’ personal ideologies. My father’s family were Irish traveller catholics; not Romani nor Sinti. & classified as white. The IHRA has a problem with any & all recognition of the history of gypsies. Where are the museums; where are the statues, the monuments; where is the recognition of the gypsy holocaust, jaffas are the only fruit?

    An extension of ‘see me see my colour’, people who see themselves as a colour have a problem with the colour of their skin, or to put it another way, their racism causes me & my mixed race family problems. When my son was @ Primary school in Liverpool he got into a fight because he wasn’t black enough. The joys of ‘Black History Month’ & he’s the wrong colour, because his father was a ‘gypo’ who rode a motor bike & blacks didn’t ride motor bikes. He then was accused of lying by the ‘black’ head teacher, when he said his mother was black & accused of racism when he punched a black lad in the playground who also accused him of lying. I went to the Police who refused to investigate a school matter.

    I eventually persuaded my son’s mother to talk to the head teacher & they agreed on the colour of her skin, but no apology. My son knows “the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes.”

    1. Very sad to hear your son’s story Steve – my children are bi-racial, mixed Afrikan, Caribbean & Caucasian European heritage too. Despite the torture of Delivery I suffered – Twice without any pain relief – my GP, who had met me before, assumed I was my daughter’s “Nanny” and I was always referred to like “The Help” when my son received academic or political public praise.

      But the appalling Prejudice, Intolerant & Discriminatory way Romani and Traveller communities are treated, the Anti-Semitism that still Excludes and other Religious intolerance(s) made “acceptable” in a post-religious society DO NOT lessen Our Call above!
      Please do not be fooled into their “divide-and-rule” tactics – Join Us Brother.

      Your experience Does Not justify, take anything away from or make it acceptable that Black people of Afrikan heritage, Caribbean, Asian, Arabic and LatinX peoples – The Global Majority living & working here – are not just Excluded but structurally Disadvantaged in EVERY matrix measurable in British society – Yes – I will say it – 400 years after we were bought & sold and Still treated as Less-Human.

      “One Race the Human Race – We all Bleed Red & We have more Gene’s in Common than divide Us” are fluffy anecdotes that pale in comparison to the reality We live with – When we wake or try to sleep, not just when folk see our name or a chat in the pub; Our Black-ness is in Your Face and Racism Kills – and We didn’t need the Pandemic to show any of their Communities that reality!

      But for Labour Black Socialists like Us, the tragedy is realising that, Systemic Racism is not just a Tory throw-back, but how Labour & the Labour Movement has been complicit in turning a Blind Eye to Our Racial Trauma & Injustice.

      Despite the Equality Act 2010, History of a Party speaking for the “Exploited”, Social Justice Lead campaigns and the reams and reams of Reports, Investigations and Disparity Data – Labour Party wants the Black Vote, will continue to take Us for granted, may appease one or two of Us in our Communities now and again, but sees Black Power as a threat to “their power” – not a struggle we should Unite & Fight.

      Inclusion on their terms is not Empowerment and if Black-led Policy and Self-Organisation is constantly squashed, 70 years on we will still be Keyworkers holding up the NHS etc while still being number One on the Death list & Bullied into accepting their one-size fits all approach to Our Health and Wellbeing.

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