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Trickett surges into pole position among left prospects to be next Labour leader as odds shorten after multiple interventions

Working-class MP holding Starmer to account appeals to members and bookies notice

Northern Labour MP Jon Trickett has surged into the lead as bookies’ favourite left MP to be the next party leader after a week of interventions on behalf of members and democracy.

The Hemsworth MP ‘took the gloves off’ last week when he hammered Keir Starmer’s dictatorial approach, abuse of members and lack of vision, followed it up a day later with an attack on Starmer’s weak opposition and embrace of austerity – and then on Thursday sarcastically blasted Starmer’s ‘strategic genius’ and listed the current party leader’s blunders and failings of the last few weeks.

Trickett now stands at 28/1 to be the next Labour leader:

Trickett is ahead of:

  • John McDonnell and Ian Lavery on 100/1
  • Richard Burgon at 50/1 and
  • Clive Lewis at 33/1
The odds on other potential party leaders

The bookmakers have probably also noticed that Trickett’s pointed comments have attracted the support of senior Unite officer and potential next leader of the union Howard Beckett on more than one occasion. Beckett praised Trickett’s first intervention as ‘superb‘ and has quoted the working-class MP on several occasions in his own broadsides at Starmer’s dire performance and decisions.

Note: this article originally said that Trickett was the ‘bookies favourite’, which should have read that he was the favourite among left MPs. The article was amended 1 March 2021.

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    1. hesbells2022 If we wish to be seeing as a Party of government we need to consider Clive Lewis before the other three. Don’t get me wrong, I can support Trickett, Lavery and Burgon too, I see all of them to the left of Clive Lewis. However, should either of them three be elected as leader of the Labour Party the attacks from the MSM would be relentless it would be deja vue and we will stand no a chance of forming government after the next GE.
      Although Jon Trickett, I believe is Jew himself you can expect to be label self-hating Jew, Lavery and Burgon would be labelled antisemites straight away.
      Clive Lewis would prove a more difficult nut to crack, a man who served his country with a tour of duty in Afghanistan (dare to call him unpatriotic) and a proud black man (dare to call him racist) a man that support workers struggles and isn’t shy to attend their pickets. Hence, Clive represents a move in the right direction as he could deliver an alliance with the Greens and LibDems that would see Labour in government.

      1. The sad truth is that there is not one MP in the Labour Party who has the honesty, integrity, intelligence and genuine Socialist background, coupled with the strategic capability to lead it and beat the Tories. If there was, we would see the same people who targeted Corbyn going after them now to begin the destruction. The only person with the qualities to lead the Labour Party after Corbyn was Chris Williamson, which is why Corbtyn’s enemies made sure he did not even get the chance.

      2. Which is why Trickett would be a Temporary leader to come in and clean out the stables
        The candidate for GE needs to be a BAME Women to take head on the racist misogynistic and corrupt corporate MSM and toilet papers
        JC and the manifesto created clear Red Water, a BAME Women would make it a simple choice between Base Instincts or a Quantum Leap forward in our culture and country
        Neanderthals v Humanity

      3. Doug – Most of the electorate are inevitably alienated by identity politic.

      4. SteveH, most of the electorate wouldn’t know the meaning of identity politics yet the canny advertising people push identity to them all the time as a way of marketing products. What turns the electorate off most is split Parties and ones which do not appeal to their baser instincts.

      5. The corporate media and cheap and nasty racist national white peoples party are kept alive by dog whistle politics and the race to the bottom to appeal to their base
        The greatest disinfectant is light
        Maximus Peak got it right
        If you don’t vote Labour then your a Tory
        Time to shine a light on the fuckers, not least so called centrists

      6. JT Williamson supported the invasion of Syria and Libya. Sadly that is all the credentials I need to rule him out. Actually most of the socialist group didn’t support those wars. I agree most don’t have the abilities to put people before their career, i think it would be foolish to think Williamson is any less of a charlaton. All MPs are (generally speaking) are mediocre people after easy mediocre but well paid jobs.

      7. The best thing about clive lewis which to me is possibly THE most important thing for the future of all society and esp socialists in the UK is that he strongly favours PR.

      8. Jack T, I agree Chris Williamson would have made a great leader. Shame on McDonnell et all for not supporting him. Perhaps they didn’t like Chris competing with them.

      9. M, Chris Williamson bitterly regrets those decisions and the decision to apologise for his comments during the Momentum meeting. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t support him either. He’s a much wiser person now.

  1. We are in for a long wait before we find out whether the bookies dot it right,. I wonder if he will be able to maintain his pole position until after the next GE, I have my doubts.

      1. Joseph – Where did I say that? It doesn’t do much for the veracity of your argument when you have to resort to making stuff up.

      2. ITs the “party behind not Sir starmer?Are you being serious whos in front then Likud the knight?You are becoming increasingly confused 😕 and a embarrassment for the likud party.

      3. Joseph it is self evident that you are the one who is confused.

    1. You’re assuming Starmer gets to stay on through the next GE. Given that he’s dragged Labour down to being six points behind the Tories- a deficit he can’t erase if he stays with his “attack the base/blur the differences/keep fondling the flag” strategy- It’s possible a leadership challenge could be forced this year. Given that Keir has no achievements and has done nothing but damage, what’s the case for letting him fight the next election? What’s happened so far proves that demonizing and exiling the Left cannot be the path to victory and that Labour can only win with a leader who focuses solely on attacking the Tories, not the Left.

      1. kenchurch – The latest poll shows Labour 2% behind. If you check the polling results between Johnson becoming PM in 2019 and the 19GE you’ll find that Labour were consistently around 10% behind the Tories. (as reflected in the GE result)

        As for their leadership approval ratings Starmer is currently
        8 points ahead of Johnson. Since the beginning of the year Boris has averaged -6.6 whilst Keir has averaged +8.1.
        It is worthwhile noting that in contrast to Keir’s positive ratings Jeremy consistently had a negative approval rating of around -40 whilst he was LOTO against Boris. In Dec19 we went into the 19GE with an average of 65% of the electorate actively disapproving of Jeremy. (this was also inevitably reflected in the GE result)

      2. Wee steven… Turn it in will a for Christ’s sake?!

        Since WHEN was being behind in just about ANYTHING something to brag about, oddball?

        THE worst government in history and stammer can’t even best them … But you persist in extolling the utterly redundant and repugnant gobshite. And you continue to do it without any self awareness that you’re appearing as ridiculous as the object of your unhealthy obsession.

        Even piers moron is ahead of stammer in the polls; and he hasn’t even been elected, you stammer-infatuated freakshow.

        For your own good, pay heed to some sensible advice…

        …Best you merely be considered an imbecile than type your garbage and prove people undeniably correct.

        Seek help for your neurotic fixation. Seriously.

      3. Toffee – As can be seen from the figures that I have highlighted above it is the party that is currently behind not Starmer. Unfortunately Jeremy failed as a leader and hankering after what might have been isn’t going to change that. You need to look forward rather behind you. If you don’t look where you are going you’ll crash and burn.

      4. Get you with your ‘look where you’re going or you’ll crash and burn’

        I seem to remember handing you and your precious 70% that very same advice a while back; and look what happened because you ignored it?!

        Therefore I’ll be accepting NO lecture from you on ANYTHING.

        Off you pop, divvy.

      5. Well Labour likud party are still behind despite the Torys murdering the elderly in their beds and a economy retracting at nearly 5% unemployment going into overdrive.Abuse of the law,and human rights,collapsing the NHS and the welfare system.Record number of homeless and the child poverty levels and hunger would shame the 3rd world even…but apart from that small matter the knight and the likud are very popular and the Labour party arnt very popular according to Mr H ,sh,davidh and Steve H.So the deluded clown doesn’t realise that the party wins the election,not the so called leader.I think sh really needs a good rest and take advantage of the NHS before the knight votes with the Torys again.Even Dougs dog 🐕 could do better than the knight.and would be a dam site more popular….Does he roll on his back and has his tummy tickled,then stand up and beg?…Not starmer,the dog I meant…..but then again? Steve H might know

      6. Joseph – Make sure you cling onto those straws really tight.

      7. Joseph – It was interesting to hear on the news this evening that 3 Chinese journalists were expelled from the UK in 2020 for spying..

      8. “As can be seen from the figures that I have highlighted above it is the party that is currently behind not Starmer.” Oh dear God, save us from idiots. Starmer’s had the most lubricated introduction of any post war PM by a mile, you can see the media squirming as they ease his passage. They desperately want to help him but Mr Personality makes even John Major seem interesting and colourful. Your ‘Keir and Angela’ hero worship would be touching if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      9. Kenburch, I believe the results of the next round of elections this oncoming May, would be the deciding factor in whatever Starmer stays as leader or goes before the end of the year.
        I believe that since the results in Scotland are going to be catastrophic for Labour, if we were to lose the control of several LAs in the red wall for the first time ever, Starmer would find it impossible to hang on. It would be the right of the Party, Stella Creasy, Yvette Cooper perhaps, that would challenge him and hope that Sir Keir don’t resign and fight on to make more difficult for the left to file a candidates as right now we don’t have 20% of the PLP.

    2. SteveH ” I wonder if he will be able to maintain his pole position until after the next GE… ”

      The next GE, which, if Sir Keir is still Leader, we lose.

      When Labour turns itself into a neolib Lib Dem party, it either has to out-Tory the tohries, or give-up on power.

      And we know what Sir Keir’s strategy is…

      1. I served as a councillor in Surrey with a lib dems coalition against my better judgement.and to say it was a nightmare would be a understatment.We need to out the broad church brigade before inviting more problems and another bloody knight.into the mix.

    3. Steve H… “ITs interesting that 3j chinese journalists were expelled” The the real story is “three journalists from Chinese global news agency were expeled last year and it has only been reported now by BBC government propaganda machine after Ofcom the independent Tory run regulator cancelled China global news agency,because they are suspected of being the mouthpiece for the peoples Republic of China.The BBC were staggered that 3 investigative” journalists even existed anymore and supported the decision of the Bannana British State.IN nearby police statelet of ocuppied ireland journalists were arrested and held in custody for making focus of RUC and crown forces collaboration with UVF and other loyalist murder gangs in murdering Catholic civilians.Investagative reporting is frowned upon in Britain today and some like sh davidh Steve H think it should be illegal to report the truth….funny old world innit?

    1. felixross – If there was a challenge for the leadership after the council elections in May what makes you think that Tricket would make it past the PLP stage onto the ballot paper. The Blairites aren’t going to make the mistake of lending the LW a few nomination votes again.

      1. Look Steve H..No messing around you know the Labour party are in a and membership bleeding away and dissatisfied PLP worried about party finances and getting support to fight elections.They have very good jobs because of the members and there really is big problems in HQ,the leaders office and the PLP…The final nail for many mps has been the black ops specialist spy,the war in the constituency and now I hear of real discontent amongst councillors who also fear loosing their salarys and expenses because they have a leader that picks a fight because hes obsessed with the left wing and and anything that threatens his Israeli sympathys.Even his former supporters are unable to fund him anymore.Theres nothing to be ashamed of when you voted for starmer especially with the choice the PLP gave us…You backed a looser Steve,but weve all fallen for the rhetoric and hype.Time for change methinks Steve H.?

    2. Agree
      Need to get folk back into party to vote in good time
      You know Red Tories will try and stop folk joining

  2. Has anyone asked if he would, at any point, put himself forward for Labour leader ?

    If he would, I think it would stop many members from leaving or, for those that have already left, join a union so as they could then vote for him.

    He’s get my vote without a shadow of a doubt.

    1. Foggy I think Jon is making his position very clear and if there is a challenge to Starmer I think he will definitely want to be in the running

      1. Smartboy, unless Starmer resign his position as leader I am afraid John Trickett wouldn’t get the necessary 41 nominations for the PLP that he needs to challenge Starmer for the leadership. Then, it is the little inconvenient that John would be in his 70s at the next GE.
        Hence, we have to start looking further afield, Clive Lewis although no as left as Trickett still a member of the SCG and a Corbynista. I believe he would have outperformed RLB and perhaps it was the reason why the PLP ensure that he didn’t get the necessary 10% nominations. The SCG should seriously consider supporting Clive Lewis this time as a few MPs no members of the SCG but afraid of losing their seats at the next GC could be persuaded of supporting Clive Lewis if it looks that he is on the way to get the 20% nominations.

    1. That is a real worry Sandra. Most of the PLP apparently don’t want Starmer but most of them won’t want a Left leader either.

      1. I fear you are correct. Does anybody ask the question these days; “How did we end up with a OLP that doesn’t represent the views of the membership?”
        And JC not pushing through mandatory reselection was a grave error.
        Do to the right what they would to you!

  3. The sound of hollow laughter that we can hear is coming from the house of the actual next Labour Leader were there to be a contest. Ms Cooper is chuckling, whilst Mr Balls is rolling round on the floor……..

      1. Hes not far wrong Joe. Cooper will be in the running all right. No abstaining on this potential power.

    1. Ps joining a union would enable us disillusioned by donkeys years of right wing misfits to vote for a leader of the Labour party.despite having bailed out good advice from foggy and we could actually influence somthing whilst pissing outside the tent….we could direct it on the knight and his misfits..

    2. If Starmer is the Tories wet 2nd referendum dreamboy
      Wtf do you think Blair babies balls and Cooper are, which part of Remain Fantasy Island do you inhabit

  4. If I had his home address I might send Starmer my condolences on the sad and untimely death of his political ambitions.
    I’m a little concerned that he might not see my sincerity shine through and that he might take my best wishes for his new career as sarcasm.
    As if.

  5. I noticed that mr Trickett spent some years as a plumber…so he obviously knows were his bread is buttered.At seventy years old he should know how to wipe a joint using a mole skin cloth on the burning lead pipe,so he should know how to wipe the knight and his misfits out.The man has come through the ranks and even survived being leader of the council.I might just join a union because I don’t know of any old plumbers who would take the sort of crap that our slimey knight dishes out.When Trickett started off as a plumber you had to be strong enough to handle heavy loads so the PLP should be no problem…

  6. Why’s Clive Lewis second favourite? For me he’s average at best, mediocre at worst.

    I just don’t get what it is people see in him. And I have very little faith in him or his ability to maintain and/or advance a socialist agenda, neither.Just doesn’t cut it, for me.

    As for David Walsh… balls rolling around on the floor? Has mizz balls told the utter weirdo and media whore (because he’s good for piss-all else other than to make a complete cunt of himself on national TV all the time) they’ve ran out of custard, or summit?

    1. Toffee – Probably because more people disagree with your opinion on Clive than agree with it. Now there’s a surprise.

      1. Do they?

        Do they, really? Am I remotely arsed?

        Not really. See, you’ve always had a problem with numbers. You think 48 is bigger than 52 and that 17.4 is smaller than 16.1.

        And now you claim more people agree with Lewis than do me….

        Where’s your poll to prove it, weirdo?

        Commission an official poll to back up your claim, or forever speak out of your arse.

      2. Toffee @4:58am – “Not really. See, you’ve always had a problem with numbers. You think 48 is bigger than 52 and that 17.4 is smaller than 16.1.

        That is a lie, you are welcome to try and prove otherwise.

  7. Oh, and talking of your problem with numbers… You think stammerism being 2% BEHIND the worst government of any nation in all history is something the party should beat its collective chest about.

    Enlighten us, oh weird one….If stammer should lose the election by a mere 2% (You should be so lucky!!) should we all wail and piss our pants about demanding a re-run in the name of democracy… Like you did when the nation voted to leave by DOUBLE that margin?

    Just go away, soft shite.

    1. Toffee – Jeremy was 40 points behind Boris when he was LOTO. you numpty.. Did I miss your comments about Jeremy’s poor performance against Boris? Did I miss your comments criticising Jeremy for being unable to ‘best’ Boris when the Tories didn’t even have a majority.

      1. Dickhead, your words are clear as day.

        You are putting up a case as though we ought to be ecstatic that stammerist labour is ONLY a mere 2% BEHIND THE worst government there’s EVER BEEN.

        It’s plain as fucking day you total bollockite.

        And I remember QUITE CLEARLY that labour was AHEAD in the polls before stammer shithoused his 2nd ref bollocks with YOUR FULL BLESSING.

        And look what happened… But you disown that particular bastard don’t you, you utter shithouse?!

        Moron is being far too kind in describing you. Hurry up and croak so that decent people can at least have visions of a making a socialist government a reality, unfettered by dull, lying uninspirational treacherous millstones like you and your dear leader.

      2. AT QT, Corbyn did well enough against Johnston. No one was listening and QT is irrelevant except to Whitehall/Westminster watchers.

        Labour’s problems go much deeper than any single leader or policy. Its electoral base needs painstaking reconstruction; this will take much time and effort (not just ‘new’ policies). The non-renewal of the community organizer’s contracts is not a good start. The new jobs advertised are, in the main, HO based.

        I witnessed the degraded state of the LP organization in an east midlands constituency. It was a salutary experience in so many ways. But it has to be said that without the enthusiasm of external Corbyn-inspired activists, the result there would have been even worse. Time to move on, agreed, but how we move on is the question.

      3. “The latest poll shows Labour 2% behind. If you check the polling results between Johnson becoming PM in 2019 and the 19GE you’ll find that Labour were consistently around 10% behind the Tories. (as reflected in the GE result)

        As for their leadership approval ratings Starmer is currently
        8 points ahead of Johnson. Since the beginning of the year Boris has averaged -6.6 whilst Keir has averaged +8.1.
        It is worthwhile noting that in contrast to Keir’s positive ratings Jeremy consistently had a negative approval rating of around -40 whilst he was LOTO against Boris. In Dec19 we went into the 19GE with an average of 65% of the electorate actively disapproving of Jeremy. (this was also inevitably reflected in the GE result)”

        These figures sound impressive in isolation, Steve, but in the context of the last six years, they only underline how damagingly Starmer has under-performed. He is getting an embarrassingly kit-gloves easy-ride from the press, in absolute 180-degree contrast with his predecessor, who was never given a quiet hour or the benefit-of-the-doubt on ANYTHING. The press right now are practically doing the job of Starmer’s press secretary for him, so gentle are they being with him. He has been getting the kitty-kitty treatment since before the leadership contest started, and with so much unearned positive press, and with the Tories making such a lethal (literally!) pig’s ear of handling the pandemic, Starmer has no excuse for Labour to be anything less than 10 points ahead.

        With press coverage this kind, Corbyn would probably have won GE2017. And yet Starmer can’t even get a simple LEAD!

      4. How was Jeremy 40 points behind Boris before the GE, they were neck and neck! You are also forgetting that Jeremy was odds on favourite to win the last GE! If the right hadn’t deflected tens of thousands of ££ away from marginals it would have been a very different result we lost 52 of 59 of the them.

        If Starmer as Brexit sec hadn’t advised taking the people’s vote off the table “ as it would lose us votes,we wouldn’t have lost remainers who felt let down,as well as Brexiters to the “Get Brexit done mob”. The post election polls showed that Labour voters asked why they voted Tory this time was to “get Brexit done” ,2% because of Corbyn!
        Twitter is massively political socialists have groups on there huge groups,on socialist Sunday’s lists are shared to get socialist followers to be all joined together; it’s been happening for 5 years,so imagine how many like minded people speak and support each other? Share thoughts and get “twitter storms”trending worldwide. There are hundreds of thousands of socialists in contact. And I hate to disappoint you, but Starmer is loathed by them all. His biggest mistake to date was suspending JC, his second was for being backed by Israeli activists to the tune of £50k.Then bringing the BOD rules into the party,giving 600,000 of membership money to whistleblowers when they had virtually won the court case.
        Now it’s suspending any socialists in the membership on scurrilous crimes,he’s so stupid,he hasn’t mentioned once all those lies about antisemitism that stopped the second he was made leader and promoted all the people who accused JC of it!

  8. Oh…and I doubt the next election would see a turnout on a par with the referendum…No difference between the two main parties, see?

    …And in that event I know you’ll class all those refusing to vote as stammerite votes; just like you claimed all the non-votes in the referendum classed as leave votes, because not only do you have a serious deficiency when it comes to numbers, your idea of democracy is exactly the same as an entitled spoilt little bastard.

    Now I’m off to try to get an hour’s kip before my daily grind starts all over again.

    The difference between you and me, wee fella, is that when I wake up I’m back in the real world.

    1. Toffee – You are confusing me with someone else I have not said any of what you accuse me of above. You are welcome to try and prove that you are not telling big fat porkies again.

  9. Yeah, right, soft ollies

    Next thing you’ll be pleading you didn’t claim that the 30 odd % that didn’t vote in the referendum meant the result was invalid.

    And how we wouldn’t have the NHS if it weren’t for remainers.

    Some things you never tire of denying even though I’ve copied & pasted them ad nauseam on many different threads since then.


    1. Toffee – You are welcome to try again, please don’t forget to supply the links and please resist the temptation to selectively quote half a sentence.

      1. Steve H I am hardly nieve and filthy language doesnt help you.I know many Chinese and living were I live I meet many of them Catholic,moslem and mainly Buddest and obviously those of no faith.The problems that China have is a resurgence of Islamic fundamentals who make their beliefs political and religious in a very violent manner.You never hear about the butchery that goes on with litterly thousands murdered,tortured and often raped by western backed Terrorists..China is a fact so stop the propaganda and understand that it is irreversible for the peoples Republic of China to dominate the future.of mankind.,so get used to it and grow up.

      2. No thanks. You’ve already proved – off your own bat, and beyond all reasonable doubt – you’re a stammer-infatuated oddball fantasist, many many times before.

        Going through the motions of doing so again would add no more forceto that fact than a fart would add to a hurricane.

    2. And off message China global news has had its broadcast licence removed by offcom because the ultimate control of this broadcaster is not under its control..Now I watch quite a bit of this very professional news agency and especially with its documentrys and news discussions are unbiased and various panel members with marked political difference are allowed…IF the BBC are allowed to opperate under the same terms then why not China who are possibly the most powerful nation on earth?Can this be right or even sensible to ban a particularly good top class news channel with so much dross like CNN NBC and the pathetic government propaganda machine the BBC and ITV

      1. Joseph – F’ing hell Joseph how dumb and naive are you. Does your wonderful Chinese media report on the gang rapes and torture of their own citizens by the Chinese state.
        Are you one of Xi’s many puppets.

      2. Steve H…you will be pleased to know that Swift international currency transfer has despite being US owned come into the modern world and made a deal to set up a new internationally recognised system shared ownership between the peoples Government and the US directors.OF course the tried and trusted system will dominate trading in the most populous region on earth S.East Asia and the Pacific region..So Steve H next time you transfer your swag to the west Indies,be happy that you will be helping comrades across the other side of the world.

      3. And a good article in the morning star covering the threats against free speech by Ofcom the government mouthpiece when China global had their licence cancelled to broadcast in Britain.China global are on top of their game in investigatory journalism.Probably this is what frightened the right wing government and the corrupted opposition Labour party.

  10. I’ll believe it when I see it happen. All I can think is if it does not happy Labour is Dead and we all know it,
    this party is rammed with fake lefties and true Tories! People have had enough of all the fakes and the trickery.

  11. I have known Jon for years ,and like him immensely but I am puzzled by the fact that Skwawkbox always describe him as “Northern Labour MP” yet never use the same epithet for ,as an example,Lisa Nandy. Is there a reason for this?

  12. My ha’penny’s-worth is that I think Starmer is the Neil Kinnock to the next leader’s Tony Blair. I don’t think the right wing of the party really see Starmer as a Prime Minister – he’s so utterly boring and mechanical – but they want him in charge to do all the unpopular and unscrupulous stuff required to clear out the left from the party membership. Then, when Starmer is overthrown, he’ll be replaced by a fellow right-winger, but they’re hoping that everyone will be so relieved to see the back of the dictator that even the residue of the left will get behind the new guy.

    As for Trickett, I’m fond of the fellow, but he’s too old, he won’t get enough PLP support to be nominated, and he’s not really leadership material anyway.

    It’s sad, but I fear that the door to power via the Labour Party is closed to the left wing for at least another decade. Maybe Laura Pidcock will be the next figurehead of the left, if she can get back her seat. But she needs to gain years more experience before she’ll be ready for what will be thrown at her should she become leader.

    1. internal report changes everything there is no way back for Red Tories, they are history
      Tricket needs to be the horrible bastard who clears them out then hands over to one of our up and coming socialist superstars

    2. MO, who is the “fellow right-winger” – the one with all the sex appeal and charisma?

      How do ongoing/upcoming/hoped-for High>Supreme Court actions factor into your predictions?
      ie if the MSM, Tories and other actors have to make MASSIVE restitution for 4 years’ worth of serial defamations amounting to subversion of democracy – including 72-point front page and primetime 6 o’clock news retractions and humble apologies – what then?

      For me a two-person leader would be perfect – call it a jobshare.
      An attack dog to bite their heads off and a Corbyn to reason with the heads and do the Glastonbury thing.
      Trickett seems a good candidate for the partnership, as does Corbyn.
      That would keep the newly-skint and humiliated Tories on the back foot.
      Yes, I’m aware the 1% would “donate” the Tories’ debts, maybe even buy up bankrupt tabloids – but by then the bulk of the electorate will hopefully be more aware and bullshit-intolerant.

  13. STEVE H – It wasnt Mr Corbyn who lost Labour the election but the RIGHT WING BLACK OPS TEAM, supported by Haredim Kier, who lost Labour the election and its many thousands of socialists, who were either forced out by lies or disgust. As everyone is aware Steve, this also means socialist Jewish Labour members, Black socialist members any socialist members the right wing Zionists care to attack without any evidence of wrongdoing. Hodge is the prime example of a foreign national (Egyptian Jewess) within a British political party who has made some two hundred accusations and withdrawn all of them when threatened with court action. Labour has had three leaders who have stabbed the grassroots members in the back: Kinnock, Bliar and Haredim Kier. WAKEY WAKEY STEVE H!!! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!

  14. I’d like to remind those making electoral calculations and predictions premised on a rational electorate … of the power of a tabloid mockup of Kinnock’s head on a lightbulb to fuck up those calculations.
    If the electorate were rational everyone earning less than 80k would have voted Labour in 2017.
    Most believe the last thing they see or hear.

  15. I agree barriereid Steve I fear does not want to understand what went on in LP and why.

  16. PLP
    Know internal report changes everything and there will a clear out of Red Tories on the horizon
    What would you do if there was a challenge
    Big gamble on membership and unions saving your sorry arses
    Methinks not
    Therefore gutless spineless bastards will jump ship and support whoever stands including my dog

  17. If you’re so certain that Trickett is the man then make it happen.

    I think there is zero chance of Jon being the next leader (and less than zero he would be prime minister) and I severely doubt he would even want it.

    His only role could be to clear the way for more LW MPs with a view to finding a decent leadership candidate among them because right now there is nobody that will attract support.

    1. My dog will do it for a lot less
      Does not matter who challenges this time, there’s a job to be done
      In gambling terms its a shot to nothing

    1. In gambling terms its the left wing candidate you want to back
      As we know with JC they decided it was his turn and for the record he was 500/1 is
      The deal has to be they are Temporary and only there to do the dirty work to reclaim our party and hand over to the next generation
      In good time to fight the next GE

  18. Mug punters then, aren’t they, lab? Nick Thomas-who?

    And wouldn’t burnham & khan have to be MPs to lead? Khan’d have no chance anyway.

    Also, I note Dan ‘Dark Horse’ Carden’s 33/1…

  19. It’s interesting that at 33/1 Clive Lewis features strongly too. Must admit, I respect him a lot.

  20. You people comparing politics to gambling – you do get that politics is way more corrupt than even Indian cricket or football or boxing or horse racing ever were – don’t you?
    Fortunately politics is easier than gambling to enforce honesty upon.
    Complicated, time-consuming, labour-intensive and involving extreme intrusion into politicians’ lives – but not rocket surgery..

  21. For the record my dog would piss on Temporary Embarrassment not least because he does that thing that most of us would like to do if we could 🦴

  22. I had a quick google earlier – slim pickings but at least the 2019 results don’t show any Labour Cllrs in Handforth – one Libdim and the rest independents. Couple of Ratepayers’ Alliance too.

  23. If (yep, a big IF) this exp;osive report today on the BBC website turns out to be accurate : , the ever-flexible Tories are about to TOTALLY REVERSE the last ten years of stealth privatisation of the NHS in England !! Returning the NHS in England to direct overall ministerial control, ending contracting out, the NHS to be partnered with local government operation at local levels – to finally re-integrate social care with NHS operations ! Make no mistake IF ( a BIG if) this is really the new gameplan, at a stroke the Tories will have destroyed the one possible key ‘wedge policy issue’ that Starmerite Labour could have used to offer an alternative to the Tories . In fact the nuLabour Starmerites will have been completely outflanked by the Tories – because Ashworth and his Blairite scum are STILL actually totally bought into the stealth privatisation of the NHS agenda that BOTH parties pursued ever since the Thatcher era !

    If true, forget any hopes of a Labour Government under the Starmer/Blairites – the Tories will have once again (IF this BBC report is true) proven to be capable of stealing Labour policies (like an end to ‘balanced budgets ‘ , and an adoption of neo Keynsian ‘spend the way out of a recession’ policies) , whilst the moronic Labour Right majority are stuck with yesterdaty’s orthodoxy of Austerity and privatisation ! The Tories , in abolishing the dire ‘Lansley Reforms’ are admitting that EVERYTHING the Corbyn-led Labour Party from 2015 to 2019 said and promised about the underfunded NHS and privatisation was 100% correct ! Pity the Labour Right didn’t, and still don’t, agree !

    1. I do. Tories have been quietly dropping free market dogma for a while now while here and in America, the ‘liberal left’ has become increasingly authoritarian with their deplatforming, identity politics and interventionist foreign policy. Johnson maybe a natural libertarian but he’s no ideologue and is quite prepared to poach left wing economics…..It just goes to show how useless NuLabour are.

    2. It seems unlikely the Tories are conceding the advantages of a nationalised NHS at long last – Tories being Tories.
      US insurers trying to apply their model to the UK might actually see advantages in starting with the NHS as a single entity – possibly the piecemeal way the NHS has been privatised doesn’t suit the US model and they need to divide it completely differently.

      For example I can imagine that Clinical Commissioning Groups might be anathema to US insurers used to ruling the roost.
      The divide and conquer principle suggests that individual practices or partnerships – as far smaller negotiating entities – will be weaker and easier to manipulate.
      Easier for giant insurers to dictate costs, premiums and packages if they have confidential arrangements with individual providers too, presumably, rather than the combined negotiating strength of such as the NHS.
      I suspect the Tories want the NHS broken up just as much as ever – just differently.
      Run of the mill provision is logically the bread and butter of health insurance – easier to calculate risk & profit for that than for the more esoteric, cutting edge treatments that cost fortunes per successful outcome – the kind of treatments that are routinely denied by US insurers to all but the most privileged.
      If such specialist services are directly accessed by patients rather than through CCGs the costs to insurers would be easier to control and the numbers of patients denied treatment easier to keep out of the news I’d think.

      1. I’m not sure CCGs will make any difference. In America they bought out practices when doctors retired. CCGs are just bigger practices. Exactly the same has already happened to dentists over here. ‘Mydentist’ is Europe’s biggest dental care provider with 4 million patients.

      2. lundiel, I only used CCGs as one example of possible reasons behind changes.
        My point was only that when Tories talk about – let’s call it unprivatising rather than renationalising – the NHS, it won’t be an acknowledgement that privatisation has in any way failed.
        The Health Secretary having total control of the NHS would definitely make US insurers’ negotiations easier though.
        With the diversity of private provision we have now negotiations and lawsuits could take decades – negotiations with UK private providers might well generate unrest in the US market – negotiations on two fronts would be the last thing big corporate health insurers would want.

        Or the “rethink” could have a completely different cause – it could be intended as a warning to forestall possible legal action by existing private providers angry at not getting what they see as their fair share of Tory Covid largesse – much of which appears to have gone to new entrants in the market, some of it apparently fraudulently.
        If there were such aggrieved companies they’d be in a position to expose stuff the Tories would rather we didn’t know I should think.

        Those are just wild guesses but I’d give either of them better odds than the 100 : 1 I’d give against the likes of Hancock or Johnson having a Damascene conversion.

  24. I don’t for one minute believe that Tory lie about the NHS. You will have Lord Ashcroft and his medacs billions jumping out of Windows in his Belize tax avoidance kingdom.Sorry too many right wing irons in the fire to believe that bullshit..the way will there be any changes till a real Opposition party get in and thats going to come sooner rather than later.Thanks for the info jpenny.

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