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Breaking: Trickett follows up with new attack on Starmer’s weak opposition, mistreatment of members and ’embrace’ of ‘austerity-lite’

New statement from Trickett blasts Starmer’s small thinking, weakness toward Tories and injustice toward members

Senior left MP Jon Trickett has Keir Starmer’s tepid failure to oppose Boris Johnson’s horrific regime and his abuse of party members firmly in his sights this evening, just 24 hours after the working-class Hemsworth MP called ‘Enough!’ on the dire leadership and drone politics of Jeremy Corbyn’s successor.

Trickett has put out a further statement, this time blasting Starmer’s small thinking, ‘abstentionist’ inadequate opposition and embrace of ‘austerity-lite’ – and the Stalinism of his treatment of Labour members:

Trickett’s tweet this evening

Unite’s Howard Beckett, the only prospective candidate for the leadership of the union who has vocally taken on Starmer’s dreary politics, today backed Trickett’s ‘superb’ commentary of last night, opening a new front on Starmer – with the Labour right already preparing their own coup and lining up Yvette Cooper as their candidate to replace him.

Trickett’s new blast establishes him firmly as a voice for the large majority of Labour members already deeply disenchanted with Starmer’s contempt for them.

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  1. You’re a fucking middle class troskyite twat Skwawky. Shame really because such characteristics combined with those of a scouse gobshite are really very unattractive. Bit like Derek Hatton…

    1. Fuck off labrebisgalloise! Derek Hatton was a far better man than the fool that led labour through the 80s, neil kinnock!

      This is a left wing blog, something you obviously despise!

      1. Deggsy was a real Opposition to a true”witch ” IF we had more like Derek Hatton and more Scousers in the Labour party then people like me wouldn’t have walked away from this shambles.of a tribute band for the Tory party.

      2. Hatton had his flaws, but he was right on the big thing: It was the duty of Labour councils, especially big-city Labour councils like Liverpool and the GLC/ to defy any and all aspects of Thatcherism, since everything Matron was doing was a calculated and intentional assault on urban Britain. Instead of attacking those councils and telling them to abandon the fight for socialism, as Kinnock demanded- and as he did himself after 1987, when he reduced himself and his party to standing for nothing but the most timid, meaningless, non-transformational forms of “social democracy” possible- Kinnock should have defended those councils and used his platform in the HoC and, now and again, party political broadcasts to explain to the nation that what the Tories and the press called “loony left” was simply decent, sensible, achievable democratic socialism at its best.

        The 1992 result proved that the voters were never impressed at all with Kinnock’s war against the Left- just as they are not impressed with Starmer’s modeled-on-Kinnock tactics today- and that the 1992 defeat had nothing to do with any vestigal remnants of socialism Kinnock had somehow forgot to delete from the manifesto, but solely and entirely with the massive distrust the electorate felt in Kinnock himself- distrust made far worse by the fact that, after 1987, he abandoned everything he had ever claimed to have stood for.

      3. Not a fool Richard – a scoundrel. I will never forgive him for betraying the Miners. A despicable individual with the personality of a pig – snout always in the trough.

      4. Whatever anyone on the left thinks about Neil Kinnock, he did NOT lose the 1992 GE because voters weren’t impressed with his ‘war against the left’ Ken. He lost the election – and it was a close-run thing – because HE was personally smeared by the right-wing press, not least of all the Kinnock’s Kremlin Connection black propaganda piece in the Sunday Times (when Andrew Neil was editor), which the Mail and the Sun and the Express etc all joined in with, and the many massive big lies the right-wing press and the Tories dissembled in respect of the LPs manifesto and their policies – eg that working class people would be taxed to the hilt etc.

        But for all the Big Lies and disinformation being churned out on a daily basis during the election campaign (and the months prior to it) he and the LP would undoubtedly have won.

      5. And as for Starmer – and his ‘war on the left’ – given that the MSM have more-or-less completely blanked it all, voters could hardly be unimpressed with him for doing so if they don’t know it’s going on. Yes, they’ve heard about Jeremy being suspended etc, but the majority of voters believe the EHRC is a legitimate and ‘independent’ organisation, and don’t have a clue that they have been duped and deceived, not only by the EHRC, but also by the MSMs fraudulent coverage of their so-called report.

      6. kinnock was useless . He had no idea how to lead . spent most of his time running down very good left wing MPs Just like Starmer come to think of it.

      7. Which left-wing MPs did Neil Kinnock spend most of his time ‘running down’ Ian?

      8. I just did a search re >neil kinnock and the left<, and the following wikipedia entry entitled 'Looney Left' was near the top of the results, and is well worth taking the time to read. Here's a clip from it:

        Three of the most famously recorded instances of "Loony Left" activities – the renaming of the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep, of "manhole covers" and of "black bin-liner bags" – were myths, outright fabrications by the press. Other stories, such as reports that London councils had insisted that homosexuals be placed at the heads of the waiting lists for council housing and that London councils had spent £500,000 on "24 super-loos for gypsies" were found to be highly misleading upon investigation by the Media Research Group of Goldsmiths' College, University of London.

        The report of the MRG investigation estimated that some 3,000 news stories about the "Loony Left" ran between 1981 and 1987 in the British tabloid press alone. It determined that a large proportion of these stories were either partially or wholly fabricated and that their targets, against whom they aimed to inflame public opinion, were a small number of London local councils that were under Labour Party control.

      9. Back in the 80’s I was on a course in a hotel in Liverpool and found myself at the hotel bar sitting next to……. yes Degsy we sat and chatted and he was a decent nice bloke much maligned in my opinion, next day the hotel was full of politicians very nearly bumped into Edwina Curry urrgh

    2. Just what is your point with these sudden attacks on Skwawky labrebisgalloise, where are you hoping to take the debate?

      1. Allan Howard
        Temporary Embarrassment is a dead man walking then, MSM and toilet papers will destroy the poster boy for the second referendum

    3. Shame on you for your language. This site needs moderating on the lines of Jewish Voice for Labour. We need respectful debate.

      1. For the avoidance of doubt, my comment refers to labrebisgalloise’s post, which abusive.

  2. I am beginning more impressed by Mr Trickett by the day.I love the ouote “A house divided” ,.Now we need a rump of aspiring socialists mps to stop this witchfinder lunatic the knight and his misfits and provide a real Opposition.and voice for the working-class movement.

    1. Real opposition like this?

      Review of workers’ rights after Brexit ‘no longer happening’ in Tory U-turn
      Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said he made it ‘very clear’ that work to look at issues like the 48-hour week and overtime holiday pay must stop after fury from unions and Labour

      1. I have some straws in a drawer at home. I could send them to you, so you can clutch at them.
        Starmer Supports the Tories in everything he does.
        If he fought the Tories the way he fights the left in the Labour Party.
        But he won’t.

      2. frank – Perhaps you could list the ‘numerous’ successes that Jeremy Corbyn had against Johnson before the Tories had an 80 seat majority. Before Corbyn lost the election the Tories didn’t didn’t even have an overall majority.

      3. SteveH.
        So you agree that Keith supports the Tories then.
        Corbyn was the Most effective opposition leader since 1945.
        Do you want the straws?

      4. frank – Just 3 days ago you were the one encouraging Keir to emulate Boris and get out and about more. Given your reply I’m guessing you will have no problem supplying a long list of Jeremy’s successes against Johnson.

      5. The gobshite perpetually asked to name a single toerag policy stammer has opposed, is questioning Corbyn’s opposition to the toerags…

        I guess stammer’s opposition’s been made far harder than Corbyn’s by that EIGHTY SEAT MAJORITY that Corbyn didn’t have to face, eh, knobhead?

        Not that stammer’s in any way shape nor form responsible for their EIGHTY SEAT MAJORITY, is he, prick?

      6. Toffee.
        It seems, that to get rid of the Tories, we have to support the ones, like Keith who put them in power.

    2. The press gives Starmorrhoid a free ride compared to what they did to Corbyn, you fucking little stoat.
      Johnson causes c80-90,000 needless deaths and STILL people are undecided between them.
      And what if he DOES edge in front – will he have to contend with the party hierarchy fighting him?

    3. SteveH, Corbyn’s success over Johnson is that he built the Labour Party into a far larger Party than the Tories and would have gone on to win the 2019 GE had it not been for the combined attack of the Israel Lobby in the LP and the media. Major criticisms of him are, he was a woeful tactician and a poor judge of character. Cue White Flag Man.

  3. Go to British Medical Journal
    ‘Have we reached ‘peak neo liberalism ”
    Tears apart Covid19 response by cheap and Nasties

    1. Sorry, couldn’t bear to watch. Like that old joke about two blokes in a pub. Young one is overjoyed and told his older friend that he had been at the birth of his new child. The older man replies, “good lord. I was at the conception and that was bad enough!”. Re the picture of Max.
      Regards ☮️

  4. Further evidence that stammer is trying to win the gammon vote.

    Case closed.

  5. Further to the BMJ ‘Peak Neoliberalism’ rebuttal/warning – wouldn’t it be a hoot if AstraZeneca winning their case caused the EU – or maybe just its electorates – to rethink the love affair with neoliberalism?

    Yes, of course it’s wildly unlikely, but… remember how optimistically the markets celebrated the fall of the USSR / German reunification / the Arab Spring / winning Iraq / winning Afghanistan / China opening up… all brilliant, unmitigated successes, right?
    Did any one of those events benefit anyone but A FEW of the very richest?
    It must eventually sink in to their greedy, stupid minds that neoliberalism – unrestricted competition – if nothing else is massively wasteful.
    Only first, second and third count in any competition – the rest just wasted their time – in commerce as in sport.

    More importantly, we’re all one population now and we all face the same global challenges. At the heart of all of them is the deregulation that birthed neoliberalism.
    We should have argued the EU out of it, not run away.

      1. Catchy soundbite but like most soundbites it’s wrong. And puerile.

        Neoliberalism’s not dead – it almost died – it SHOULD have died – but if the rich had let that happen they’d be finished and we’d be living in a socialist utopia.

        Neoliberalism is half alive and that’s enough.
        Alive enough for the rich to throw half the gross product of the world into keeping it on life-support – because if it dies – they die.

      2. “Neo liberalism died in 2007, its just that they refuse to release the body”

        Until it has a RT-PCR Test, then it can be yet-another Covid19 death.

      3. They should have taken the haircut in 2007, but were saved and rewarded by Obama and Brown
        Now its 10 times worse
        The price will be the debasement of the Yankee dollar and a new world order, with gold backed currencies and Bitcoin
        Neo Liberalism died when they ran out of other people’s assets to sell in 2007
        Best recent quote I heard was
        Foodbanks are only popular because they are free
        Much as you would like to line them up against a wall, why not sit back and let it all fall into our laps

      4. The banks should have been allowed to fail, as capitalism dictates they must.
        Then they should have been bought by the government at rock bottom – nationalised as ALL banks should be.
        Pure capitalism operating exactly as advertised – the well-managed succeed and the badly-managed fail.
        No bailouts ever again for privately-owned (big) business.
        SME’s are different – they get free government loans for good ideas with good business plans, or for expansion – until they grow too big to qualify as SME’s.
        Then they’re broken up into worker cooperatives and the ‘owner’ becomes a titular chairman in a purely advisory capacity – with remuneration but not voting rights.

      5. Doug…so you don’t believe in “Zombies” ..Haiti have a real problem with,that and being robbed by Clinton foundation , “Stormtroopers”

  6. So how long has this latest BS is going on six months?

    It’s taken him long enough to find his voice and passion again suddenly want to complain! After for what I can see as doing bugger all for his Labour comrades railroaded out of Labour. Silence on his x-leaders treatment for way to long a time as usual a few comments then silence. On how this cult has taken over Labour like cancer… Yup you guessed it acceptance and few comments.

    Where are the people of convictions that won’t just stay silent in the ranks keep their heads down might shake a fist but next week be a good little clone. If a party like Labour had transformed as radically as now back in my father’s day they whould have noped out of there now no convictions of ideology I can see apart from Jeremy Corbyn hence the witch hunt.

    But like most of these so-called socialist MP’s I see the big talk, small actions and then only if they think it benefits them. If this is socialism? I am glad I left, I won’t bend my convictions just to fit in…

    1. Allan You need to see a doctor!
      You seem to be a danger to people.
      Get help!!

  7. Here we go again…. DGs daily dose of propaganda B/S against socialist MPs. I must admit that when you first started posting I thought you were a genuine poster, but now I know yur just another fascist shill!

    1. Whatever you think of DG, ‘fascit shill’ is entirely inappropriate. Use that label indiscriminately at the risk of not recognising a ‘real’ fascist when you name confronted by one.

    2. White flag man .. “Finder general” .Up the dosage coward and liar numero uno on here…Wheres the Socialist mps?… “Thought not” .. “Shill” ..Thought not “… Fasscist Shill” ..thought not “…break down?…” thought not “” th..ought.Not…?

    1. qwertboi – Keir Starmer’s approval ratings are a very substantial improvement on his predecessor’s abysmal ratings. When JC was facing off against PM Boris then Jeremy’s approval ratings were consistently around -40 (30+ behind Johnson). I don’t remember you commenting at the time about Jeremy being 30 to 40 points behind Boris.

      1. That’s because the shitehawks thoroughly Disapproved of JC and our manifesto, no greater compliment could be paid to our former leader and party

      2. Doug – Unfortunately for Labour a very substantial proportion of the electorate agreed with the ‘shitehawks’ that you refer to, we lost the election by 80 seats.

      3. Steve Haemorrhoid, funny how you never say why when we wave the worst government in living Hystory, the opposition Leader supports him at all times and is not 20 point he 20 points ahead,
        Why isn’t Keith 20 points ahead?
        Your ilk said that all that as needed was for Corbyn to be replaced.
        Why is isn’t he ahead with 100k COVID deaths?
        To busy defending the Tories on right wing forums.
        Now go and play on a motorway, Mr Haemorrhoid

      4. frank – Maybe there’s a clue contained within the article that qwertboi linked to.

      5. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment lost us the Brexit election by failing to honour the vote and he will not be allowed to forget it
        Post Covid19 JC and the manifesto are exactly what is needed, centrists have no answers and no policies

      6. Doug – I do wonder sometimes why you and the other self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ so frequently feel the need to ‘bolster’ your arguments with silly playground name calling.
        You are of course entitled to your opinion but I’m guessing it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I don’t agree with you. Like it or not Corbyn is now history, personally I don’t think he’ll even stand at the next GE. I also very much doubt that he will ever return to frontline politics. You need to start looking forward instead of backwards to what might have been.

      7. Name-calling?
        You are an ARSEHOLE..
        Probably a kiddie fiddler too,
        How’s that for name-calling.

      8. It’s not just the proverbial goose that MacStarmer’s Labour wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to, it’s also likudist multimillionairs like trevor chinn and the Rockefeller billionaires too.

      9. YOU list the election by a 80 seats, arsehole .

        Where’s the figures for membership under stammer? Why haven’t they increased exponentially like they did after 9 months of Corbyn?

        How many CLPs voted no confidence in Corbyn?
        Just answer the questions, and nothing else. If you don’t, can’t or won’t then shut your fucking cave, imbecile

      10. SteveH I haven’t checked but It’s likely that at the same stage of his Leadership, Corbyn’s ratings in the Party were higher than Starmer’s are now. In any event, the damage to Corbyn’s popularity was caused by Starmer and his fellow right wingers plotting behind Jeremy’s back.

      11. Corbyn was a lame duck when his polls were like that- and his popularity had been destroyed almost entirely due to right-wing attack. It wouldn’t have gained votes for Corbyn to go allout Remain and it couldn’t have been socialist to go allout Remain- the issue you appear to hold the biggest grudge against the man about. In any case, Corbyn isn’t going to seek the leadership again so there’s no justfication for continuing to attack the man- he’s been unjustly vilified enough and he never in any universe deserved the AS Smear.

      12. kenchurch the period I quoted for Jeremy was for the period before the GE.
        As for the constructive ambiguity crap, all that achieved was to loose both leave and remain votes.

    2. SteveH “we lost the election by 80 seats” Could that have anything to do with Starmer undermining Corbyn?

      1. Jack – I would say it had far more to do with JC trashing his own USP.

  8. Oh, and Corbyn was consistently ahead in the polls until the muculent shithouse and your precious 70% decided you’d shit on policy and democracy and alienate the floating vote.

      1. Hahahahahaha YouGov!! I have been a member of this right wing “surveillance organisation ” since 2015 and can tell you in all honesty that once I was self identified as a Jeremy supporter I got NO ZILCH ZERO input on any political surveys for the last five years. So take it as a given that they manipulate their data on political issues.

        Now FUCK OFF SH and go find wherever your deadbeat hero is “playing football ”

        You absolutely ruin my experience here. I dread seeing your persistent belly crawling but equally rejoice in the excellent putdowns you receive on a daily basis. Just give up the ghost though and do one.

  9. And shite as Mays government was, it was still infinitely more competent than the bunch of fuckwitted retards were lumbered with thanks to wee steve h and his europhilic federationist bliarites.

    And stammer can’t even best these cretins. I haven’t seen it read anything where stammers consistently terrored de piffle or even forced their government back to the drawing board.

    Even the MSM are cottoning on that a footballer has provided better and far more effective opposition than Easter Island head ever will.

    1. nearly won 2017 election. The right wing establishment suddenly realised he was not a joke. Mobilised MSM all owned by billionaire’s with their tax heavens . The last thing they wanted was a socialist who might want to carry out what he said. They were helped by the right wing PLP and labour governance unit [ see Forde report starmer is sitting on } Add into the mix the politically illiterate Brits whose only political education is the right wing MSM, You can begin to see what really happened, add in Brexit plus agreeing to December election, the weaponization of Anti Semitism . also LBC and James O’Brian and his monstering of Corbyn . The assault on Corbyn was the worst against any politician that there has ever been .Other factors like get Brexit done to a exhausted naïve electorate, you can see how a election in 2017 which would have been won if it was not for the old Blairites campaigning against Corbyn and acting as a 5th columnist, dedicated to undermining his electoral chances .
      With the assault on Corbyn’s personality, false charges of A/S coupled with the MSM meant that Corbyn could not possibly have won in 2019..
      Another fact re 2017 election. Corbyn achieved 40% of the vote . Blair in 2007 achieved 35% and gained 350 seats.
      so it is not simple it is rather more complicated. Yet Corbyn Gov would be so much better than the shit show we now have. It is alright Starmer coming up with we are under new governance when he agreed that he would carry out the 10 pledges Corbyn had made. Now he has moved to centre and is doing a Kinnock on excellent Labour party members agreeing that Anti Semitism is a major problem when it clearly is not compared to all other parties and in society generally.

  10. How does a Labour politician sell his soul to the devil, does it start with Murdoch and end with Iraq
    Remind me

  11. T Dan Smith
    Sold his soul to the devil and went to gaol for it, where he shared a cell with ‘Dirty Den’
    But at least he had something to show for it, Newcastle took a quantum leap forward and my hero TDan paid the price
    He always said it was worth it
    As a youngun he lead a strike in the shipyards towards the end of war when the government tried to force the Apprentice’s down the mines
    Complete LegEnd

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