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Trickett aims even bigger blast at Starmer with ‘strategic genius’ list

Gloves are off as working-class back-bencher hauls party leader over coals

Senior northern Labour MP Jon Trickett has aimed his most explosive blast yet at the party’s leader, after two interventions last week led to talk of a potential leadership challenge.

Last week, Trickett took aim at Keir Starmer’s ‘diktat’ leadership, lack of vision, abuse of members and inability to oppose Boris Johnson – but today he has poured a torrent of sarcasm on Starmer’s ‘strategic genius’, listing a string of blunders and misdeeds:

Leading Unite officer Howard Beckett again backed Trickett’s comments, describing Labour as a ‘bad employer’ as he ‘quote-tweeted’ Trickett’s comments:

Both interventions come after a thread on why Labour needs a new leader spent hours leading Twitter’s UK trends.

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  1. “Tony, I’ve done everything you said and they still hate me. Are you SURE a massive shift to the right is what everybody wants?”

  2. Well he might as well have a go..whats to loose the Labour party is effectively stuffed.All a bit late for people like me who have lost all belief in the Labour party including the better late than never socialist group.Good luck though and I hope I am dead wrong with my loss of faith.

    1. Well if the rest of them afford Trickett no assistance then anyone calling themselves a socialist ought to f**k those alleged leftist MPs right off forever and a day.

      We all seen how the shithouses chipped away at Corbyn, both individually and en masse; it’s time the left grew a set of bollocks and showed these leeches just who’s party it is, else that iron that’s now reached molten (nevermind just hot) is only gonna end up as a blob of useless slag on the floor, instead of being forged into the ‘Mjolnir’ it should be.

  3. By way of a contrast, we have this, from earlier, this morning :

    Ben Bradshaw :


    Have seen some nonsense said & written about Labour, patriotism & the flag.

    Anyone who wants a @UKLabour Government should welcome the fact that we are finally listening to the voters again for the first time for more than 10 years.

    I know, right!? It’s instructive to check out Bradshaw’s gain/loss%, in GE’s since he was first elected, in 1997. He had a stellar year in 2017, for some reason.

  4. Trickett’s doing his bit – where’s the rest of them? Corbyn had a shitload of ‘moderates’ on his case, day after day – even on THE most trivial of matters.

    It’s about time stammer got the same courtesy…Only this time there’s a fucking plethora of reasons – all valid, all pertaining to good opposition/leadership/governance.

    Pull your bastard fingers out, and get stuck into stammer you alleged leftist MPs – Or forever be held in the exact same category as the careerists. You simply cannot go on in silence and expect to be viewed any differently to the parasitical right.

    1. Agreed – the right were united in undermining Jeremy and the left.
      If the left don’t unite against them the chance of winning anything is diminished.
      Remember though – they can as easily accuse us of subversion as we accused them – and they have the media on their side.
      It’ll be little use us pointing out that they used damned lies and we told the truth – when the MSM is done twisting it we’ll be the antidemocrats and Starmer will be the poor victim – and “if not for the rabidly antisemitic left Labour could have won in 2024” will be how history tells it.
      We NEED to PROVE that we’re honest and they’re the liars.
      The MSM will NEVER tell the truth about socialism or socialists until honesty is forced upon them by the Courts.

      1. I hope there is a chance the truth will out. Peter Bourne has just written s book about the lies told by Boris Johnson. Though he writes from the perspective of the damage done to the Conservative party and democracy as a whole, he also writes about the lies and smears against Jeremy Corbyn. There is some kickback against the conspiracy between politicians and media to control the narrative and feed the rest of us propaganda.

      2. DM
        Can we knock the MSM and toilet paper debate into a cocked hat
        Starting position is you are all corporate scum and there is not a journalist worth their salt amongst you
        Then tell them in no uncertain terms what to expect from a Labour government
        Prince Harry, Hugh Grant and Max Moseley should sort the fuckers
        Enjoy watching them go out of business, most are practically bankrupt now anyway, whats left we will milk and give proceeds to independent journalists and local press

      3. Go to Truth Defence, they have just published report on GE19 and role of cheap and nasties and corporate media
        Labour List has article on Cambridge CLP being suspended for NOT debating a no confidence motion, its getting funking weirder and weirdo
        Coordinate the challenge, you want unions and members to urge supporters to join and vote in leadership election
        Avoid cut off point
        I’m tempted to ask JC to do a caretakers job, until there is a proper leadership contest

      4. Doug, would “tell them in no uncertain terms what to expect from a Labour government” …
        be anything like threatening them with ex post facto legislation to jail them for lying to subvert democracy …
        you know, the thing I’ve been lobbying for here and elsewhere for a year or more?
        Or not – and if not that, what is YOUR plan to scare them honest?

  5. I don’t know why I do it,but I glanced at the BBC Business section before off to bed.Well the Bank of England forcast a Quick recovery after the success of vaccination programme.The Bank are encouraging borrowing to inflate the economy .The real facts are that the country has been on meltdown due to a reduction of four point five percent and unemployment surging.Looking from the outside it appears that the only surge is propaganda and undertakers with burial plots like basic accommodation unaffordable…and food supplys getting more expensive…I cannot believe we could have hit the perfect storm with no longer any Opposition party and a rampant conservative government.I hope I wake up in a better mood,but at my age every day is a bonus I suppose.and waking up is a bonus point.Solidarity comrades and a better life for the working-class people.

    1. To engineer economic recovery – the way to do it quickly is to make the business landlords write off the whole year’s rent and councils write off business rates, banks write off interest and extend loans.
      Defend SME’s against the vulture capitalists.
      Why should the richest be the only ones who still get paid whatever happens?
      It makes economic sense for landlords too – bankrupt tenant, economy in the toilet, it could be decades before the premises are re-let.
      Landlord takes the hit of a year’s rent and business tenant lives to pay another day – if landlords’ banks make demands, force them and their investors to wait.
      We carried those fuckers for ten years.
      “What about the pension funds” SH/RH ask – “People’s pensions will take a hit.”
      Except Covid has been a windfall for pension funds with so many pensioners dying early.
      MMT’s time might finally have come.

      1. This is spot on. Its amazing how so few people are able to see it this way, because we are brainwashed into a fake morality of always paying debts, no mattter how rich the landlord is. I would include ALL LANDLORDS. As ALL landlords are exploiting excess wealth.

  6. 6) Alienate a large chunk of our old support base by insulting them with flag-shagging policies that treat them like they are all in the National Front.

    1. Are you proud to be British
      No time for flag shaggers and national white peoples party, the cheap and nasty Tory party
      Its only the cheap and nasties who have a visceral hatred of this country and Labour’s greatest achievement, the NHS
      They hate all public services
      Including the Armed Forces, over a third have been paid off, only they would send out redundancy notices to our troops on the front line
      They don’t care a jot about those who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, they only care for cheap votes to keep them in power to keep their privileged snouts in the trough
      They don’t care for black or white, just green, GBP notes in their back pockets

      1. No, I’m not proud to be British. Being British is inseparable from Imperialism, which is abhorrent to me.

        Thank you for asking.

      1. Starmers flag moment emulates Eds anti immigrant mug moment almost exactly. Ed took a punt and had to learn the hard way that it was ridiculous, cringe worhty and patronising. Starmer has no excuse, labour have been mocked for this for years. What a twat.

  7. I’m reminded that it was Labour who started treating the disabled as numbers and introduced assessments overiding GP’s

  8. “I will represent you, I will listen to you, & I will bring our party together.”

    Westminster Voting Intention:

    CON: 43% (+4)
    LAB: 37% (=)
    LDM: 5% (-2)
    SNP: 5% (=)
    GRN: 5% (=)
    REF: 3% (-1)

    Via @NCPoliticsUK, 25 Jan – 1 Feb
    Changes w/ 20-28 Nov.

    People seeing through your lies, Keith.

  9. No leader of any party would do the sort of destructive acts listed by Jon Trickett if they had the party’s best interests at heart. I know people can make mistakes but this is not just one action, it is a series of actions calculated to do as much damage as possible. Furthermore its not just about disempowering the party Left as has happened in the past – its about creating long term bitterness and division within so that we spend our time fighting each other not the Tories.
    Remember Owen Smith aided by Lisa Nandy and Heidi Alexander his campaign managers and others did this in 2016 when the Tories were divided and leaderless .
    Although it was clear from the outset Smith couldn’t beat Jeremy, Smith, Nandy and Alexander plunged our party into a 3 month leadership election thereby giving the Tories a chance to regroup and organise. They also pursued what one of Jeremy’s team called a scorched earth policy – knowing they could not win they decided to inflict as much damage on the party as they could during the campaign.
    Smith’s long gone, Alexander now works for Sadiq Khan in a senior position and Nandy is now shadow Foreign Secretary (which says all you need to know about both Starmer and Khan),
    I think that Starmer is now adopting similar Anarchist type tactics – create chaos, destroy all that is there and then in the void rebuild according to your own agenda, which in Starmer’s case will mean that an our party will cease to exist in any recognisable form. We need to stop him and must have a leadership challenge as soon as the Pandemic is under control and it is practical to do so.

    1. Smartboy, the ‘best’ candidate out of the entire , dire, empty-posturing, Socialiist Campaign Group the Labour ‘Left’ could put up against the Trilateral Commission’s vacuous creature, Starmer, last time was the utterly useless, very slippery, Long-Bailey – with the oldie ex Bennite ‘left’ claque around Lansman and co also supporting that dimwit turncoat, Angela Rayner, as Deputy !! Neither the currently pontificating Trickett, or Lavery dared even stand ! So even if a Leadership contest was somehow triggered , who on earth would the Left candidate be ?

      It is sad indeed to see so many on the Left still in complete denial about the utter failure of the 2015 to 2019 ‘Corbyn Insurgency’ , with delusional hopes that ‘it’ll all be different next time’ ! It will never be different – the Left MPs are in the main just opportunist Leftish careerists – who never fought the constant vile sabotage of the Labour Right in any way during Corbyn’s cowardly tenure as Leader; never defended the witchhunted members, or Chris Williamson, never even resigned the Labour Whip when their LEADER for four years, Jeremy, was expelled from the Parliamentary Party on a trumped-up charge !

      The NuLabour Party , and its cowardly fake-Left ‘socialist’ PLP grouplet, is kaput as a party with any chance of government – even as a pale pink Tory-lite flag-waving Little Englander Party . Time spent deluding themselves that a re-run of the flukey ‘Corbyn Insurgency’ of 2015 , is possible again is time wasted in political masturbation. A new Left Party has to be built OUTSIDE of Labour.

      1. Reply to jpenney
        I think you have a damn cheek to refer to Jeremy Corbyn as a coward. He is probably one of the most fearless principled person either of us will every come across. He faced a daily onslaught of abuse from the combined forces of the Tories and their backers in the MSM, the state broadcaster, the BBC, the majority of the PLP, the Establishment and in particular the Jewish Establishment. He never flinched.
        When he was first elected he was likened to a vague Geography teacher but this gradually changed. He was subsequently accused of being spy ,a pacifist, a terrorist supporter, an antisemite, unpatriotic, a threat to National security, simultaneously a Trot and a Stalinist ( an impossibility as they are implacable opponents).This went on day in day out, every move he made was scrutinised and misrepresented and there was always an MP lurking there ready to berate him in the media or in Westminister.
        When they could not trump up any more lies about him he was found guilty by association no matter how absurd eg, he once shared a platform with someone who 5 years later was accused of doing something he shouldn’t . Jeremy was condemned for this.
        His mentor’s son and long term friend Hilary Benn led the coup against him which was a personal betrayal as well as a political one and which must have cut him deeply. Still he didn’t give up .He’s no coward.
        Regarding forming a new Socialist party – thats exactly what someone like you would want. It would crash and burn just like all the other new parties – Change UK. UKIP etc. No Jpenney we will reclaim the party and return it to its socialist roots from within

      2. PS I forgot about Southside – the fulltime officials who schemed and connived to damage Jeremy and his supporters

      3. When he was first elected he was likened to a vague Geography teacher but this gradually changed.

        That almost certainly came from his time teaching Caribbean Geography under the Voluntary Services Overseas scheme in a deprived part of Kingston, Jamaica when he was 18. For more on that see Rosa Prince’s book Comrade Corbyn.

      4. Bad Penny
        The internal report sealed in stone the future of the Labour party, there can never again be any pretence at forming a broad church with Red Tories
        I can remembers the Gang of Four who along with General Galtieri saved the milk snatchers arse in 1982, how come lessons were not learnt then
        No matter, fight what’s in front of you, get rid of Red Tories, bring back Williamson and Pidcock, encourage an open and fair contest to see who comes through
        Members only for vote

      5. Reply to PW
        That may have been the case – I know Jeremy did voluntary work among poor communities overseas when he was young and it was seeing the deprivation they had to endure that helped turn him into the campaigner for equality and social justice he became. However I think the geography teacher reference related to his kind and gentle nature. It amazes me that in 4 short years the MSM and the others I have named managed to convince people that this good and decent man was the devil incarnate. Shame on them and on the people who swallowed their lies whole – because of them we now have Johnson whose incompetence has cost tens of thousands of lives during this pandemic and an run down NHS which is now on the verge of collapse.

      6. Smartboy, laudable as “reclaim the party” is as an ambition, it’s just wishful thinking without a plan to achieve it.
        A workable plan. One that enables the PLP minority (us) to overcome the majority (them) – democratically.

        Right wing politicians are not right wingers because they haven’t understood the arguments for socialism – in their position they could hardly not.
        These are people who’ve knowingly, purposefully and with malice aforethought chosen personal advancement over societal advancement.
        “My life is worth all your deaths”
        “It’s about me – the many can fuck off.”
        They think “public service” is stupid – politics is about getting ahead.

        There’s no reasoning with the likes of them, and no negotiation – they’ll ALWAYS renege.

      7. Smartboy

        You object to jpenney’s phrase “Corbyn’s cowardly tenure” in relation to resisting the sabotage from within the party. What word would you use? So many Corbyn supporters were thrown under the bus in a futile policy of appeasing those who could never be appeased. Corbyn had many qualities, but his naivety in treating the attacks on him and his supporters as though they were made in good faith will forever taint his legacy.

        How much better a position we would be in, if Corbyn had done what Starmer is attempting to do: remove his internal opposition starting with its stronghold – in Corbyn’s case the party bureaucracy rather than the activists among the membership. The difference is that Starmer is simply pursuing a vendetta, while Corbyn would have had ample moral and almost certainly legal justification.

  10. Oh, he has found his mouth again whoopie.

    Again we have a few criticisms about the cult of new Labour 2.0. No demands no if this doesn’t change I will leave… Nope!!!

    Just some minor nasty tweet they will again ignore because there is no power behind these so-called socialists words. This so call blast is just hot air..

    Where is the fire about the membership attacks, the sacking of the staff and especially JC.There is so much wrong with this party it’s hard to see how there is any way of ever changing enought to make it what it’s meant to be a socialist left wing party.

    A tweet is NOT good enough now, so enought words where are the dam actions? We need a socialist party, we need left wing MP’s not craven cowards with worthless tweets. Where is the strength the convictions in the socialist movement not just adding the occasional comrade.

    I see nothing to make me want to help any of them out, no desire for membership because there is no party for me and certainly nothing to vote for!

  11. Interesting reading the news on Hotel quarantine.The government has given no indication on who pays for the hotel accommodation(full board).Again I see a nice little earner for the chumocracy here and I bet the Torys go for the Taxpayer funded option.,.I understand from the reports that it will be limited to 100 pounds a day burden for the “taxpayer” with no doubt people like the Britannia Hotel group hoovering up the money as they do with Imigrant accommodation at Gatwick airport and surrounding areas..Here in Cambodia the government has been quarantining visitors for more than a year now at the visitors expense including a deposit of 3000dollers,to include hotel,food,medical,tests and even the cost of a funeral.Unfortunately one of the largest incomes for the country outside of the garment industry is “Tourism” .We very rarely see a tourist now other than Chinese,and they exclusively stay at their own Hotels and restaurants etc.The Hotel and tourist industry is effectively bankrupt now.This is a country with four hundred recorded C19 and no deaths.Most of the casualtys were incoming from abroad or locals returned from Malaysia and Indonesia were many used to work. ..How many millions the Hotels scam in Britain will cost the taxpayer will no doubt be buried along with the siphoning off money to Tory chums.Lord Ashcroft must be laughing all the way to the bank in his Belize tax avoidance kingdom were he even owns the local bank.

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