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Unite’s Beckett backs ‘superb’ Trickett as new front opens against Starmer’s dire leadership

Senior left MP’s criticism of Starmer’s Stalinism and political bankruptcy backed by Unite general secretary favourite – as right also sharpen knives for Labour leader

Last night, senior left Labour MP Jon Trickett tweeted what amounted to a declaration of war on the rule by ‘diktat’ and Stalinist tactics of Keir Starmer and his allies in the party. Trickett posted a video of his 2017 interview attacking the ‘command and control’ approach of the Labour right, alongside a condemnation of the inability of ‘top down’ leadership and ‘robocop canvassing’ to get Labour into government.

And Trickett’s blast was publicly endorsed by Unite’s Howard Beckett, regarded by many as the favourite for the leadership of the union when Len McCluskey retires – and certainly the only contender who is visibly taking on the Tories and the failed politics of the Labour right. Beckett described Trickett’s comments as ‘superb’ and called for a ‘movement for change’ and a better society:

The endorsement opens up a new front against Starmer’s leadership – and comes as reports strengthen that the Labour right is also sharpening its knives for Starmer, with Yvette Cooper lined up as the preferred successor by right-wingers dismayed at Starmer’s failure to register much in the public’s consciousness, let alone impress.

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  1. – “political bankruptcy”.
    Yes, that’s Keith all over. And, ethical bankruptcy through and through. A horror for us, but the ideal choice of matter for the deep state. Without a moral compass, types like Keith can be made to do anything. Not too bright but with superficial trappings like £2000+ bespoke suits stitched and sewn up to hide the vacuum of ideas within🔴🔴🔴

    1. Keith Starmer will never change. Not because he can’t, but because he is glued to the status quo. It suits him. He suits it🔴🔴🔴

      1. The future is dead with Starmer. Hope is dead with Starmer. Deceit of the many for the greed of the few. That is the story of SIR Keith Starmer🔴🔴🔴

  2. PS. A virus like Starmer is able to destroy, mainly because those BEST able to flush it out, hope it can be curbed with threats and timidity🔴🔴🔴

  3. I think Starmer should do a crowd funding for a charisma implant for himself because at present he could not make an impression on a pillow. I would sooner vote for screaming Lord Such [RIP]

    1. i second that Harry. Starmer was worse than ever at last PMQs. Very odd. Not as if he was suffering a cerebral episode like the other establishment tool across the pond. All the words seem to be intended … by his masters… but was as if Mandelson was feeding them to him one by one. Excruciating. Think “Mandy” as SH fondly calls the scheming one, may be undermining Keith exactly as he did Brown and as he confessed to undermining Jeremy. Would love to see how Keith disentangles from Sabotage Supremo’s tentacles. Keith has ZERO ideas of his own. He’s only a gaping pathetic hole into which the deep state feeds codes. Interesting times ahead for which sadly, the many will pay the price🥀🥀🥀

    2. Harry, in line with your views above, IPSOS Mori poll showed the young man Marcus Rashford is by a long margin, doing the job of holding this awful Johnson Tory govt to account, instead of soul destroying, gouge your eyes out, water torturer, Keith Starmer.

      The public believe, after Marcus Rashford, the Morgan man and EVEN Tories, all demonstrate that dull tiresome Starmer and his lot are positively irrelevant and a political burden… an obstacle to improving anything.

      NB many on expected Starmer to be as much a waste of space as he is proving to be. He may lack competence, but he definitely lacks positive purpose. So desperate he is to suck up to bandits, note well he has not uttered a single word of clear condemnation of Radnox, SERCO, G4S, ATOS renamed, CARILLION now most likely morphed into something else, AND now cowardly failing to name the TORY connected bandits re the flammable cladding crime.

      The despicable deceiving Keith will put on a limp show of concern … by asking the state to pay to address the crime of the DELIBERATE FLAMMABLE cladding bandits. AS EVER A TRUE TORY Bliar’s Keith – Capitalistic tragedies for the many, Socialism to preserve and enrich the few. THAT is the sordid sludge of SIR Keith Starmer🔴🔴🔴

  4. For me Corbyn is to Stalin as Khruschev is to Starmer, the former seeking to democratise politics and empower the masses, the latter to impose the dead hand of machine politicians, crushing hope and change.

    That you use the word Stalinist to describe Sheer Harmer only displays your ignorance of 20th century history and your reluctance to break with middle-class wankers, individualists and anti-communists like Orwell.

    Trickett didn’t use that word, neither did Beckett. You imposed it on you story: in a way you’re not much better than Murdoch, the Torygraph, the Fail or the BBC.

  5. Yvette Cooper being lined up to take over from Stamer. Is that the best they can do?
    I suppose until the other right wing bore David M. is persuaded to leave his highly paid job to come back to be parachuted once again to a safe Labour seat.
    Which if the party right wingers can can get away with doing this it’ll probably at the detriment of a left wing MP.

  6. Suddenly the Labour so called left attempts to grow a backbone and the filthy right wing so called Labour MPs suddenly realises just how much they have fucked this Labour up! Believe me the hatred for this party is absolutely massive and frankly after all the filth we’ve had to put up with as now ex members and supporter during this past five years, most of us just want this p[arty to die.
    It serve no purpose or use for the ordinary people of this country any more.

    1. As I keep saying, the shills post their anti-left rhetoric on this site EVERY single day, their agenda being to discredit the left every-which-way they can – ie socialist MPs and left-wing members! Yesterday – in the Comments section of the article about Jon Trickett – it was ‘too little too late’, and the day before THAT…..

      Oh, and I just came across a post by Okeefe a bit earlier which started by saying that Jeremy ‘caved’ and ‘contradicted himself’, just repeating the falsehood that the shills all piled in with the day Jeremy posted a statement on his FB page saying that the ‘concern’ about A/S (in the party) has not been exaggerated, which is entirely different to what he said in a statement the day the EHRC published its fraudulent report – ie that the ‘scale’ of the problem (of A/S in the party) has been ‘dramatically overstated’ (by political opponents and the media). There WAS no contradiction, and Jeremy did NOT cave!

      Yep, EVERY single day the shills post their black propaganda lies, and YET, they would have readers of this site believe they are left-wingers and JC supporters! They’re NOT!

  7. Why don’t they (the right) bite the bullet and invite the revolting narcissist Blair back? We all know they want to.

    1. I thought David Milliband was their “prince over the water”, or have they given up on him?

    2. He’s too busy advising the Torys about spacing the vaccine doses. Now we have a mass murderer advising the vovernment on vaccines!

  8. Today’s guardian tells us that “a senior source” within the party has said that ” – we are not winning back nowhere near enough Tory voters.”
    Yes, you read that correctly.
    To say that party HQ appears to have lost it would be an understatement.
    If they think that the strategy to follow is to fish for votes in an ever-diminishing number of voters, rather than find out why fewer people are voting and give those electors reasons to vote labour, beats me. Unless the aim is to make Labour a poodle for the Establishment and undeserving rich.
    Non-voters and their reasons are surely the key to a solid foundation to Labour’s future as a proper reforming progressive party.
    Or am I missing something?
    Whatever the case, John Trickett is bang on the button.

    1. Trikett is has you say “bang on the button” But I wonder if this resurrection of the dead and miraculous recovery of the shy socialist mps is too little too late.Starmer has been a bad smell on here from the beginning,but nothing was done in the PLP.Now they are panicking because they are a laughing stock amongst the public and the dwindling membership of the Labour party.Yvette Cooper? .I would sooner dig up Tommy Cooper whos probably more life in him despite being dead.(RIP)…Tired failed neo liberal alliance thats the creative answers to the Tory government.from the PLP.?

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