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Corbyn: I will not lead the party into a future election

Labour leader will stay on ‘while discussion takes place’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has responded to the night’s results by saying that he will not lead the party into any future election – but will stay on while the party holds discussions about how it moves forward.

Speaking after the announcement of his win in the Islington North ballot, Corbyn said that the policies and direction of the party are now part of its fabric and will not be abandoned.

But it will be up to Labour’s members to make sure of Corbyn’s prediction is fulfilled.

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  1. gutted absolutely gutted – we’ve had 4 years of hope, now nothing..

    1. It is up to us as members to ensure that Jeremy’s legacy and policies live on when we elect our new leader.

    2. I am utterly devastated. Johnson has been given free rein and the electorate will live to regret it.

      1. One of the Coalition Criminals that gave us the bedroomn tax. One of the very few pluses is that the FibDems have not prospered.

      1. Talking to the electorate as if she was addressing a class of 5yr olds was never going to go down well.

      2. ”Talking to the electorate as if she was addressing a class of 5yr olds was never going to go down well.”


        In EXACTLY the same way YOU and the other supercilious sanctimonious gobshites spoke to me and anyone else who warned about what has now come to pass.

        And STILL you point the finger elsewhere. OWN IT.

      3. Spot on as always Toffee! Spot on! What’s strange, is a few days ago i thought the S drip of the ARS H bots, seemed EXACTLY like Neil Coyle in BOS CLP. Same condescending tone. Same shameless nasty inability to admit wrong. Same attempts to bully people into silence. The only difference is Coyle has admitted in Southwarknews that he is abusive, of course he used a euphemism to spin it, but in fairness he was at least better than the S ARS H bot drip.

  2. Well said SteveH. It’s the politics which matter. Jeremy has changed LP for the better forever. No more hope 4 wet dreams of Labour right now than in the days of Owen Smith. Corbyn’s legacy must b secured. As far as future leader is concerned, we know who our favourite is: Laura Pidcock

  3. If Labour list the heartlands because of Heremy as Alastair Campbellend squirts, then why fid Ummunna Um Limp Dem lose City & Westminster and before that, the EU REF with his Tinge or CUCKS or whatever they were❓
    Why did Swinson lose East Dumbartonshire … and she’s a party leader❓ Jeremy retained his.

    A past problem is Jeremy & team not presenting many OBVIOUS arguments like these, head on, up front and from the get go. There is a timidity and a tendency to hide. then be on the back foot.

    THIS ELECTION WAS LOST DUE to Jeremy caving in to promote a LAUGHABLE decision to unpack a Tory called Ref, to silence a Tory argument over a TORY EU ENTANGLEMENT … EU entanglement enabled at EVERY STAGE by Tory PMs. A XENOPHOBIC, protectionist racket, that maintains unfair trade, impoverishment of poor countries, and people from countries we have plundered, having to hide away in plane undercarriages and risk their lives on the seas, while any gunrunner or sex trafficker enjoys free movement. WHERE’s the virtue in that⁉️

  4. I am glad to see that Jeremy has decided to stop on as leader through the transition to a new leader. It will give the party some much needed breathing space for analysis and reflection. We need to make sure that we are clear as a party about our way forward.

  5. As the greatest Marxist after Marx, Gramsci, said: “Pessinism of the intellect, optimism of the will”

  6. Will the REMAINICS who kept trying to sell a pig in a poke now accept that our Brexit Policy post September’s conference was plain wrong, and the counts in the Labour Leave seats back up this fact – you were warned by many of us posting on this Blog, but just could not get your heads around the fact that the 2016 EU Vote had to be upheld – hope you are please with this outcome, the loss of a GE and Corbyn destroyed, which, its a Centrists dream outcome as they feared Corbyn more than even a No Deal Brexit.

  7. Thank you from us all, @jeremycorbyn
    , from the bottom of our hearts. You are the greatest leader our Party has had since 1945 at least, changing @UKLabour
    for the better. Forever. Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will: @LauraPidcockMP

  8. Wherever the blame lies for this nightmare,be it Brexit,Mr Corbyns unpopularity with some traditional Labour voters or the malign influence of the media we must not forget that many of those MPs who will be returning to Parliament have been instrumental in this result with their constant undermining and attacks on the leadership. Agent Streeting your mission is completed.

  9. Corbyn had it right when his initial decision to respect the 2016 leave vote was made and he said then that we should respect it , but get a better labour leave deal.
    It was and still is the Centrist /Tory lite MPS who pushed and pushed , like Watson and his ilk , who won this for Johnson with their remain option still being on the ballot.
    Those desperate working class fools in the “North ” could have had a whole cake of a better life but for one single issue of stubbornness , Brexit, they chose a few crumbs instead.
    All to make a point and teach those “southern MPs ” a lesson .

    Well I guess the only positive thing is that it is now down to the Tories and their new Tory MPs representing these ” Northern ” Towns to make things better for their newly acquired constituents . I doubt it !

    The responsibility is solely on their shoulders and Labour , is thankfully in the clear, when the tsunami of destruction pours all over the folks in those Northern Towns when the hard Tory Brexit they so wanted hits them ……really hard .
    I would wish them good luck but can’t as this is a totally avoidable and self inflicted stupidity of the highest order .

    Time … I hope will be a great healer as well as a very harsh lesson teacher .

    1. You’re bang on. The Brexit vote broke us. Nothing about Jeremy and his policies, Brexit ! Ex miners, ex-miners !! we just couldn’t convince to back us – we lied to them in 2017, we told them we would back the ref result, that is what was being shouted at us on the doors in Brexit central.

    2. Rob being originally from one of those northern mill towns Bolton I can tell you the writing has been on the wall for many years and the people have been left behind by poor centerestt mps that have finally brought destruction to the Labour party..Watson bailed out before the electorate chucked him out.and I now believe that Corbyn has a duty to stay on as leader.Too many rash off the cuff decisions on the future of the Labour party.made after no sleep and a campaign.We deserve better.

    3. “I would wish them good luck but can’t as this is a totally avoidable and self inflicted stupidity of the highest order”

      That attitude Rob, is EXACTLY why it lost our election. The attitude of Hilary Clinton, ignore and insult the already suffering “rust belt” and “fly over country” You are doing precisely as she does. “BASKET OF DEPLORABLE” Clinton dismissively said. Rob, can we not learn? If we lack natural insight and an ability to reflect plus a touch of humility, can we not at least observe the errors near and far??? What makes you feel that you are smarter and better than millions of people who are suffering now? Right now? Explain why your speculation about anything, is more important than the suffering of people in the heartlands now??? Please explain. Why is guess about the future smarter than the hardships of people SINCE 1975??? Why do you think they should just suck up being ignored??? WOULD YOU? DO YOU and the McNivARS H bots suck up even other views here???

      When people have COMPARATIVELY little to lose, and ignored or condescended to, tell the rest of us Rob what should they do??? Tell our traditional Labour what you do when you are told you are stupid. You are wrong. Just accept what you are told. Tell us Rob, what do you do???

      1. Signpost , I well understand your point of view and theirs, and having been in Bolsover last night campaigning and out the week before that message came over ,,, just Brexit our sellout and nothing else simple as. They hate Johnson but want Brexit.
        However, no matter how much you think I am being condescending to those I am not , I am taking as far as I am concerned as someone with a mining history and thus knows what poor is , is what you don’t do is make things worse no matter how much the frustration , but then not all of us are the same and that’s my failing .
        What would I do you ask , well I think I ve made that clear .
        Now more than ever the Left MUST come together and make dam sure the bastards in our Party who caused this , and we know who they are , don’t get to dictate the new leadership

      2. Rob i agree with your last paragraph. And am glad you posted the feedback in Bolsover. THAT needs repeating as the nasties are all over MSM trying to paint it as Jeremy and AS lies, while ignoring Brexit. We need to be on the front foot presenting that FACT or more lies will stick. MORE evidence that Jeremy must stay and be his true historical EUROSCEPTIC self, or is he a racist, xenophobic or stupid. That EUsceptics are racist is an MSM LIE.
        Please all should read up on the timeline of how we got this entangled in a Protectionist, Xenophobic, Franco Germanic project.

        EU entanglement was and IS a TORY will since the 1950s. I’m not that old but read. None can be excused for not knowing. Plus it is illogical to assume leaving will make things worse. Just this week Norway was voted AGAIN to have the most satisfied people, followed by Switzerland. Neither are fully in the EU. I’v already posted re British Steel collapsing while far flung nations like South Korea pour steel into Europe. Then Turkey offer to rescue it. Eventually rescued by China.
        Speculation of something that may certainly not be delivered by Johnson and not for the the next 9 years. So the hysterical fever is rabid speculation plus grossly misplaced.

        We are soaking up the blame for a Tory called Ref. How crazy is that???? And all the while ignoring issues with traction on the ground like rampant homelessness that even rightwing presenters have expressed horror and got abused for that. We need to get a serious rest, step back and think. Get out if our usual bubbles. Go to Bolsover. I’m heartbroken for Dennis and puzzled. Did he take his reputation for granted? Did he struggle to explain our lamentable laughable fraud of a policy? which was our Withdrawal Agreement or REMAIN??? Who ever came up with that, and “constructive ambiguity” should be dismissed at once. It tried to take people for fools. If we keep that, we will lose again.

        Meanwhile, celebrate the dumping of CHUKKA UMMUNNA, Soubery, Swinson and the failure of Blair, Arstair Campbellend, Gina Miller … and ALL the MSM and super-funded groups that FAILED AGAIN to change the verdict of a democratic exercise.

        And all the who concocted the ridiculous line of “bringing in the country together” … compromise with losers, they should be made to go to Johnson and ask him to compromise with us, compromise with the the remainiacs here , compromise with those who have lost the argument.

        I’v asked before here, When was any country ever together? And when did being windchimes ever point the way ahead? Jeremy must stay but must change that. Channel his mentor TONY BENN.

        If it were true

    4. I take exception to your comments do not tar all with the same brush, I am nobody’s fool. I’m as gutted as anyone else at what has happened, do not put the blame solely on northern towns for this.

  10. I am devastated, been crying for hours but we must lick our wounds and quickly regroup to stop the Blairites taking it back again. We need to strategize and get a left leader who will stick with the socialist policies and platform.
    I know we’re hurting but please, move quickly because mark my words they will have started already !!

  11. “ok people, you can have a better britain that works for everyone with plenty to go around or you can have what we are holding up in our hand here”

    ” Ooh, that big nasty stick looks nice. Can we have lots more of that, please!”


  12. Forgive them for they no not what they do? Laura paddock ,well we have lost a good potential leader,and I cant forgive the half wits that were offered everything and rejected Labour and laura…I suppose that the cap doffing must be contagious.

    1. “I cant forgive the half wits that were offered everything and rejected Labour” Et tu Joseph? Now i’m dumbfounded. Plus “offered everything” . What would you think if anyone “OFFERED YOU EVERYTHING”?
      Wouldn’t you think too good to be true Joseph?

      I posted about the blizzard of policies, crammed into a 6 week campaign… especially in the last two weeks. It was a leaking reservoir of trust, believability. Plus throwing about unimaginable figures instead of the concrete problems that need solving and HOW? Problems are not just about money. There is lots of money but going to foreign companies, vast subsidies to private companies, PFI, ATOS, OUTSOURCED, Lots money creatively accounted away. Long before nationalisation should be accounting reform. The cosy revolving door clique of the big Accounting and Law firms that oversee the daylight robbery of our country.

      There are glaring deficits in the NEC, policy formulation AND explanation, no obvious prioritising nor sequencing. No sign of thorough prep for media appearances. I have read glowing praise here for Gardner. On first hearing him soeak, my impression was THAT’s the cause of Jeremy’s inaudible muffled slow delivery in early media performances. We tend to copy people we admire. Jeremy either copied him or hot no advice to change. Jeremy communicates BRILLIANTLY when out amongst the faithful so he can do it. But Gardner is DREADFUL until pushed. He is slow unless pushed. He stretches out his answers without saying anything. Dreadful in my opinion. I would be amazed if anyone in the seats we lost were impressed with Gardner as contributors here. He symbolises the well meaning but WORST image of our party. We need to think how WE failed rather than call our traditional voters, as Clinton… that other centrist…
      “a basket of deplorable”.

  13. I also originate from the North (Teesside ) And I am now almost ashamed of it, I have just had to unfriend a cousin for being a Tory twat . The Tory press have done their job spreading lies about JC and we will all pay the price. The turkeys just voted for Christmas 🙁

  14. The apparent decision to ignore the opinion expressed in the EUref and to offer another has cost Labour dearly. In 2024 that will be a weapon denied to the neo-lib cuckoos in the party, Whoever the next leader is, be prepared for the smears to start on day one!

    1. and the smears must be rebutted firmly from day one‼️ NOT by disappearing up some foggy mountain and hoping the smears disappear. The failure to demand EVIDENCE for allegations, highlight different views of Rabbis and distinguished people did not make accusations disappear. By allowing the slanders to flow, this very morning Hodge and all MSM are repeating the same lies. How is it that at no point, the NEC did not assess that caving in is morally wrong and ineffective?
      I feel Jeremy should remain and change that but if he decides to go, the text leader MUST be on the front foot and NEVER leave a blank space, for others to fill with lies.

  15. Interesting : the number here endlessly repeating the Tory Brexit line.

    There was no intelligence in this vote, I’m afraid. It was a knee-jerk to the establishment – as, indeed was Brexit.

  16. After the 2015 defeat, Harriet Harman gave a totally fact-free explanation of why Labour had lost.

    Tim Ross of the Daily Telegraph wrote an excellent book about how the Conservatives had won that election. He told us the mistakes that Labour had made. Absolutely nowhere did he say that Labour lost because it was too left wing or something similar.

    A sober analysis is now required. I read an article by Andrew Rawnsley a while ago in which someone in the Labour Party told him the party was not ready to fight an election. So why vote for one?

    Personally, I can think of several mistakes that were made but I do not know how important they are.

    The remorseless weaponisation of the anti-Semitism issue was probably quite a big problem. Corbyn and co allowed the purveyors of these stories to set the terms of the discussion. That is not a winning strategy at all.

  17. We ignored seventeen million people who were cheated by our democracy and now we pay.AS was a scam but did not cost us the election.We learn and evolve into a United party purged of the Traitors.We could not have functioned with all the baggage we have carried.Start with the NEC.

    1. The Labour proposal was to *reinforce* democracy by allowing proper consideration of a badly understood question. It was quite open for Leavers to confirm their preference.

      The rubbish about the inviolability of the 2016 result was purely a Tory ploy – which seems to have suckered a number of Labour supporters.

  18. Be sure that whoever is elected as next LP leader, if it is someone the wealthy elites do not like, the smears will start all over again. It has happened to every labour leader that has promised to do different (Wilsion, Foot, Kinnock, Miliband) and even those onside with the wealthy elites like Bliar. Don’t recall any smears against Bliar’s predecessor, whose name escapes me, maybe someone can elucidate

  19. All this bollocks about ‘Brexit lost us the election”. It didn’t.

    What lost us the election is an abject lack of democracy. 4 years of daily media brainwashing, telling us a man of peace was actually a terrorist and racist, and a bona fide racist known liar was ‘Boris being boris’. An ‘impartial’ state broadcaster being blatantly and overtly biased, and even breaking electoral law.

    Democracy is absent and won’t be allowed back. And so is accountability and scrutiny.

    1. Of course, you’re absolutely right. Brexit had some effect – but imagine if Labour ‘Remain’ voters – i.e. the majority and real core of the Party – had been left out of consideration. The final policy was a sensible position – but many Leavers had already had their brains sucked out by the propaganda.

      … and that propaganda across the board, as you rightly say, has been quite remarkable in its visciousness and reach.

      All the apologists here neglect the brain-washing that went into the result.

    2. That may only be partially true. Remember that in 2017 the manifesto was essentially the same and all the same smears were in place and the LP improved on 2010. What wasn’t prominent was Brexit in that GE. In this GE the party was promising a second referendum on a deal it negotiated and was also promising to campaign (against their own deal!) to remain. Inagine yr in a left behind area. In 2017 voters might have just not voted if they didn’t like Corbyn or the manifesto. They didn’t, but add in the percievd perfidiousness of a second ref and a campaign to remain and bingo, they vote tory to get the brexit they voted for. Tories couldn’t believe their luck at this stupidity.

      More stupid than Mr Stupid from Stupidtown doing a stupid thing on Planet Stupid!

      It was about Brexit. All other reasons are distractions.

      1. No, it wasn’t just or even mainly Brexit. Tim Draper (below) points out some of the other factors. Undoubtedly, the campaign against Corbyn was a massive influence.

        The 2nd referendum policy was a sensible way forward – clearly a ‘Leave’ policy would, by definition, have alienated far bigger numbers of supporters, and it was too late for a ‘Remain’ position.

        2017 was a different time and circumstance – you never step into the same river twice.

  20. 1. Brexit, 2.Social media being used by the ill informed and the malicious including paid trolls,3. Labour still not embedded in communities in most parts of the country. 4. Corrupt MSM and TV media. 5. Disgruntled complacent and concieted right wing Labour MP’s, Councillors and CLP officers. 6. Super rich putting money into the tory party and anything that keeps their power and money away from being taxed. 7. Foreign government interference. All together its a shitstorm.

    1. 2,3,4 5 & 6 were all present in 2017 and before. The smears are always there, from Wilson onwards! Although what was new was smears from within the party!

      Brexit was the major factor. hesseltine nailed this on radio today. Northern Labour voters are, like southern Lab voters, economically liberal but, unlike their southern “comrades” are social conservatives. There is a whole syndrome of attitudes and opinions here too, dislike of “foreigners”, migrants, harsh on the poor, disabled “loafers” and unemployed, not happy with equal marriages etc etc. They’d probably vote for public executions given the chance. Thus, they were able to put the NHS below Brexit in terms of priority and vote accordingly.

      Thus it was suicidal to plan for ref2 and a remain campaign. Just bl00dy stupid!

      1. Inadvertently, I think you correctly identify the common denominator in terms of what lost Labour the election.

        Stupidity. The turkeys voted for Bernard Mathews and to get Christmas done.

  21. If the msm hadn’t been so biased the Labour party policy, included coming out of Europe, bickering in party, they would be in power now.
    It’s about time the MSM were held to account, even prosecuted or better still disbanded, tune out of the lies (please wake yourselves from the spell)

    Vic, Lowestoft

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