Mail repays Starmer for his craven ‘envy of the world’ article – with a same-day hatchet-job on his shadow cabinet

The saying of Starmer’s apparent hero Stalin seems to hold true: ‘Gratitude is a disease suffered by dogs’

On this day in history: Starmer’s appalling Mail article – and the same rag’s attack on his team

Today, Keir Starmer shamed the Labour movement and party by not only writing for one of the UK’s worst right-wing rags, but using that article to parrot Boris Johnson’s delusion that the UK – with the worst COVID death rate of any country and the worst economic collapse among developed nations – is somehow the ‘envy of the world’.

And then trying to force children back into schools as if keeping schools open is not one of the main reasons, by scientific consensus, that the UK is suffering such horrific, needless deaths.

Did the ‘Fail’ reward Starmer for such a betrayal? Well, as one Josef Stalin – whom Starmer appears to be trying to emulate in his treatment of Labour members – put it:

Gratitude is a disease suffered by dogs.

It’s not a disease suffered by the ‘Fail’, however, which promply launched an attack on Starmer’s excuse for a Shadow Cabinet for their excessive ways during the lockdown:

Of course, if the unthinkable happened and the rag turned its lens on the Tories, it would no doubt find worse – but Labour is the party supposed to be standing up for working people, who are suffering the shittest time imaginable under the clumsy and dishonest hand of Starmer’s bestie Boris Johnson.

If only ‘Keith’ would learn his lesson that the Tory trash press will turn on him at the drop of a hat no matter how much he tries to be one with them, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s surely only a matter of time before his pursuit of Tory voters sees him popping up in the vilest of the Murdoch press, the unmentionable ‘Scum’.

Starmer may have said he wouldn’t talk to them during the party leadership campaign, but that’s all dim and dismal history now.

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  1. Surely Starmer is only a caretaker. The Labour Party are only joking? After another 36 months of Boris the Bad; the electorate will be true and ready for Corbin style socialism.

    1. What’s sad and difficult to understand are many of the claims for cash made. Many of the many would pay their taxi fares themselves eg. Their scrounging grabbing acts show Starmer and his gang eg Rayner’s true nature ie unfit for any office let alone a Labour party. They are out of touch. Totally unconnected to the many enduring the most uncertain and tragic times.

      1. At least the Blue Tories are in their Nasty Party as Theresa May alluded due to their open heartlessness, greed, mean and spiteful nature eg Smithy Duncan man hysterically jubilant when they win votes to inflict more misery on the many. Problem for us with Starmer, Ashworth, Rayner et al, is they are not all sleepers. They love deceiving. It gives them a kick. Think Bliar, Starmer, etc, they feel good if they can deceive the electorate.
        Lets hope more of their crassness, and greed is exposed.

  2. Skwawk, you and your spineless, white supremacist, anti-internationalist, bourgeois exceptionalist, pathetic, insipid scouse, trotskyite trash are why there will never be socialism in Britain in my lifetime. Pity really.

    1. What would you rather see Skwawk do? There’s no way to get socialism by either fighting for Rejoin or supporting what Starmer is doing to Labour

      1. Ken burch you are correct,but it would seem more appropriate to use a right wing fascist like Franco,Hitler than the hero of the Russian revolution and the saviour of the west by sacrificing many millions of his own people to fight the Nazi regime.Uncle joe was a strong fearsome leader with a bloody reputation for dealing with Royals aristocracy and traitors to the new USSR.To compare him to the leader of the Labour party and rank Tory is to insult Socialism and the fellow comrades the Communists.

    2. You seem to have had an abrupt personality change labrebisgalloise, and your reason seems to have fled in the process. Perhaps we should all look the other way until you, hopefully, make a full recovery.

  3. The schools debate is lost
    ONS ‘Statistically Insignificant ‘ and as much evidence that infection is taken into schools by adults
    Bottom line is schools are vulnerable to hysteria not Covid19

  4. It’s the ‘rrhoid’s wife I feel sorry for.
    She’s the one has to listen to all the whimpering, pissing, moaning, bleating, whining and blubbing.
    I bet she thinks his lack of libido is her fault – does she despise him yet?
    If I was his father in law it’d make me feel queasy seeing my daughter’s husband shrivel in stature under the BoD’s daily ‘guidance’.

    Heh heh heh – kidding 🙂

  5. labrebisgalloise, Skwawky is one of your lot, a Lexstremist, so why the hate?

    Anyway what have you got against Scousers?

  6. What do you expect from the mail? There is however, a grain of truth that MP’s are claiming for electric, gas & water for their homes. Their actual homes. This shouldn’t be allowed it’s your own home, I’m not paying for your utilities bills just because you’re working from home.

      1. Terrible worry having two homes,do they have Q for food and clothing?IF it takes the mail to expose how deep the establishment Labour party have their Honourable noses in the trough…so what..!ANYBODY SURPRISED by the picture of these particular parasites.?This is the knights nu Labour entitled cabinet.

      2. There is a great case to be made for a solution borrowed from the Swedes. Their MPs are provided with accomodation in Stockholm if they need it.
        Expenses became an issue because during Thatcher’s premiership she baulked at the idea of effectively reforming MPs salaries and a setup that treated Parliament like a Victorian London club, and bring it into the modern age. She thought the public would not wear the proper cost of providing MPs with proper facilities to do their job, and it could rule out employing relatives at inflated salaries – a favourite perk of, particularly, Tory MPs. Her solution was to put the weight on expenses and we all know the consequences.
        As with many problems in our failing system of government, the issues come down to careerist professional politicians of all parties. Sad to say, all the Labour MPs mentioned in the Fail’s report are no surprise to me. They all belong with the LibDems.

      3. I know – why don’t we crowdfund their utility bills?
        They are our MPs and they do work for us after all – we can’t just sit by while our employees have to choose between heating and food, now can we?

      4. David – Or we could do something really novel and set up a properly regulated and closely monitored expenses system.
        As long as they keep within the rules I don’t really care. the DM article is a manufactured fuss about nowt.

    1. I agree with Christopher Fox about MPs claiming for electricity etc It is an absolute disgrace that they get massive expenses on top of massive wages. MPs people like Rayner deputy leader of our party claimed more in expenses than the average worker earns in wages. Despite this she and the others are happy to bite the hand that feeds them by treating members like dirt. However I am consoled by the fact that there will be a day of reckoning once the pandemic is over.
      Regarding the Mail turning on Starmer – He has learned a valuable lesson – when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

      1. Smartboy Starmer isn’t as bright as he thinks he is. Let’s see him cope with the MSM assault Jeremy had to put up with. There’s been quite a few “Labour MP’s” getting fleas. There’s talk that the right of the party are unhappy with Keith (they should join the Tories where they belong) as well as a challenger from the left. We will be crushed in the PCC & Mayoral Elections, also local elections are dodgy. LOTO’s office are trying to manage expectations for the elections.

        No one is interested in campaigning, Starmer will reap what he has sown. Not forgetting the party is in financial difficulties because Keith being forensic and so clever, gave the far right donors what they wanted for peanuts. Why should they pay into the party when their man has done what they wanted? They’re not paying twice, they’re not stupid but Keith is!

      2. Reply to Christopher Fox
        I agree with what you say .
        The right of the party being as thick as the proverbial short planks may indeed try to oust Starmer because they think he lacks what it takes to win an election. But no matter who they put forward, they will do no better – it is the policies not the personalities which are the problem for the right.
        The PLP may select a more personable man or woman – though its hard to think of any of them that you could like or admire- but it will be no good. Starmer has alienated the majority of the membership by his vindictive and spiteful behaviour and none of the others have the capacity to win us back. If the activists are fed up to the back teeth , and most are, who is going to campaign in the elections you mention- nobody. As you say we will be crushed.
        I genuinely despair and can see no future for the party under the present leadership.

  7. racism isnt only about colour and can be directed against geographical groups such as Wales Ireland etc

    1. Bill do you mean the enforced enslavement of Irish Catholics who were ethnically cleansed by transporting to Barbados Montserrat and Virgina in the late 1600s to start the Slave industry by the British government.A Quarter of a million women and children were rounded up in Ireland some Fifty years later to “mate” with the new slaves from Africa to produce mulattos who fetched a better price than the Irish or the African.This is a little known tyranny of British rule in Ireland…The British eventually gave up on trying to tame the troublesome Irish Catholic and concentrated on the more valuable and compliant Black African.Thats a bit of Irish Catholic history that was buried for many centuries and was only brought to the attention of the world by the civil rights movement in Ireland and the black civil rights movement in the USA.

  8. Yes when you read that sort of mindless ethnic cleansing,then it just shows the fallacy of learning by your own history.And many are guilty of this and very little is done by the UN to enforce even the most basic human rights.The denial of the C19 vaccine is a classic case of war crimes committed against political prisoners.of Occupied territories in Palestine.The Arab spring may one day destroy Israel if they don’t get a grip on the apartheid regime of Likud Thanks Jack for the reminder…!

  9. Sir KeirMacStarmer’s didn’t write his offensive article for the aprobation of the DM or to attract votes from its readership. He did it to prove to likudist multi-millionaire Trevor Chinn and the trilateral billionaire big boys that he’s worthy of their continued support. Trump blew dog-whistles for the ears and votes of the desolate and hopeless. Starmer shows his membership card of the Billionaire-Lackey Club for altogether different reasons (mostly to keep the BBC on-side, which alone will give him a fighting chanceto not lose to the Tories as badly as his predecessor).

    Credit to Extinction Rebellion and others for “occupying an Israeli-owned arms factory in Oldham to protest at the firm’s role in the “destruction of people and planet,” and to the Morning Star for exclusively reporting it.

      1. Thanks for the link SteveH.

        The Terrorism Act 2000 is a mark of shame on Labour (even though it was 6 years into Tony Blair’s neo-con neoliberalism). XR and Palestine Action both claim with strong justification to be targets of the regressive legislation? Jack Straw’s baby should be thrown out WITH the bathwater

  10. Prince Harry has won substantial damages from the Daily Heil
    That’s a clean sweep for my nominations to regulate the MSM and toilet papers
    Begs the question why JC didn’t sue the backsides off the f7ckers
    Allan Howard please for once take it on the chin, he is not the son of God

    1. Doug How very dare you,of course hes the second coming,.and I am going to set up my own personal grotto and the end of my lane in Normandy were both a cross and a derilect grotto have become available…..And don’t you know it already shill ,black ops specialist in counter intelligence and social services..And don’t think I hadn’t noticed that the two likes came in at 2 minutes apart.and you know it.That Okeefe and windmill both at it morning,noon and all hours…You f…g…shill ,Tw…t and your filthy language …go on flag off.!….apart from that everyone ok?

    2. Shills at work! Taking every and ANY opportunity to discredit Jeremy, Doug cites the fact that Prince Harry has won damages from the Daily Mail, and then, in effect, castigates Jeremy for not doing so (and I assume Doug doesn’t just mean the DM). He doesn’t mention anything specific of course, but the most obvious – and most damaging to JC – would be to sue those who have called him an anti-semite. Only problem is – which I have mentioned on a number of occasions (and Doug and Okeefe KNOW that I have but still go on repeating their falsehoods) – that if someone sincerely believes (and who can prove that they DON’T!) something to be true, and THAT is their ‘honest opinion’, then they are entitled in law to say so.

      It’s one thing finding GENUINE fault with someone, and ENTIRELY another concocting and contriving a falsehood so as to discredit someone, which is of course what the shills do on this site ALL the time, EVRY single day!

      In a thread a couple of days ago ‘Doug’ came up with the most fraudulent way YET the shills have come up with to discredit and denigrate the SCG (which has been their ongoing target for the past two or three months), and just look at who replies to him AND builds on what Doug said. Talk about scraping the barrel, and conjuring up something out of nothing:

    1. The other POLITICSJoe videos on that site are good too, but re that one – better to laugh than cry – esp. those who chose to stay and fight. Happily tho, most members are beginning to see through Thanks SteveH

  11. SteveH Tough! They have their home in London that’s paid by us all. Rent/mortgage, gas, electric, water, council tax, telephone/internet. They have subsidised travel & meals. They can afford to pay for Their own home like everyone else! It’s an insult to millions of people who are struggling to pay their way in this crisis. It’s their own home, they should damn well pay for it. Obviously SteveH wants to be on that gravy train? Let’s shunt it into a siding and forget about it. My MP Preet Gill had the audacity to claim for her utilities bill whilst in her home, she’s going to have to explain why!

    Joseph you’re absolutely right.

  12. Begs the question where is Mirror and Guardian doing a similar hatchet job on cheap and nasties, you can bet your bottom dollar there won’t be a shortage of candidates

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