Starmer writes for right-wing rag with pro-fascist history – and apes Tory fantasy-propaganda

“Hurrah for the Blackshirts”, wrote the Mail – and in what twisted universe is modern day UK, with more than 100,000 deaths and its economic collapse, ‘the envy of the world’?

Keir Starmer has sunk to new depths with a column for the Mail Online – which before the Second World War published a front page praising Britain’s fascist ‘blackshirts’. The Mail’s history since then has been scarcely less vile, stoking xenophobia and utterly anti-Labour – and only last week attacking Labour MP Ian Byrne for travelling 30 miles to support striking workers while ignoring Boris Johnson’s trip to Scotland.

And worse still, Starmer has stooped to amplifying Boris Johnson’s sick fantasy-propaganda, calling the UK ‘the envy of the world’ – and calling yet again for children to be sent back to school, despite the known, major role classrooms play in fuelling the coronavirus pandemic that is taking more than a thousand UK lives a day:

That’s the UK that has seen more than 100,000 utterly avoidable deaths during the pandemic, often with the world’s worst coronavirus death rate and the worst economic collapse in the developed world. And it’s not even working: Starmer is falling further and further behind the man responsible for those needless deaths.

Starmer’s attempt to appeal to the worst instincts and delusions of the right shames the Labour movement and is an insult to the more than one hundred thousand pointlessly dead – and to the millions who have lost loved ones and livelihoods to Boris Johnson’s murderous ‘leadership’.

He has to go.

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  1. Surely even the not very bright majority of the PLP are going to realise what a dud they have as “Leader” before long. There are rumours of discontent already, and who can wonder at it.

    1. ‘Rrhoid itch already, eh?
      If there really are rumours someone must have someone in mind.
      Not Rayner please fuck – she couldn’t lead her own multiple personalities – imagine getting yourself into the position of having to apologise to a slug like Clarkson.
      Not saying this is, but sometimes ‘rumours’ are just media whores desperate for copy on slow news days.

      1. She was alright in ‘Allo ‘Allo, but I don’t see her in a leading role.

  2. Nobody wants mass redundancy ,especially in a job that calls for “little talant” and no skillset.No wonder the rights answer to Corbyn has blown back in their faces with the knights answer to Opposition…now the PLP realise that they’ve virtually made themselves redundent and destroyed the establishment Labour party…..Monday nights for the feasting on the left wing is not the answer anymore and the main victim of the rabble Jeremy corbyn has gone.IT was never meant to be this way,but the public are desperate and the Opposition are gone.!

  3. Why be so surprised ? Didn’t the Blackshirts get rid of the socialists ? There’s an ongoing pattern. A lot of Starmers actions are shedding socialist members in their droves. Isn’t that what his master, Blair, asked for ? He stated publicly that ‘Labour needs a different kind of membership’.

    I’ve always taught my children that every action has a reaction & that every reaction has a consequence.

    Starmer is a completely useless leader. He’s out of his depth. His skill is the goader/ the inciter.

  4. Lee Harpin has tweeted that “Corbynite sites” (Skwawkbox and Canary) feature far right tropes according to a study by John Mann. “the Skwawkbox and The Canary are accused of a “heavily negative coverage of Jewish issues” to audiences that are “associated with antisemitism”. We are told that there are ‘parallels between editorial lines taken by the two sites and that of the extreme far-right online outlet Radio Albion.’
    This is the way things will proceed. The cognitive dissonance of Mann’s ‘report’ beggars belief. There is no analysis or mention of the fact that the far right always have people carrying Israeli flags at their marches and Tommy Robinson, while most likely not a fan of Jews, is a big fan of ethnonationalism. The real left will be lumped in with the far right and probably end up banned under internal antiterrorism law.

    1. Lundiel, you have highlighted a conundrum. The far-right hate Zionists and deliberately conflate them with Jews but some Zionists also associate with the far right, why?

      Racists in South Africa, Israel, Germany, USA and Britain all seem to have a working relationship with each other which is not at all surprising. Nevertheless, some of those groups also claim to detest Zionists and Jews, so why is it that Zionists and the far right, particularly in the UK, can be seen giving each other mutual support at their respective demonstrations?

      ‘Racial purity’ is what they all strive for, therefore they support each other’s endeavours to achieve it. In supporting far right racists, Zionists ignore the anti-Semitism of those groups because they know they can reap a trade-off in so far as it associates the anti-Zionist left with the anti-Zionist far right. This is why anyone on the left who campaigns against Zionism is sometimes asked by others on the left, not to speak of ‘Zionism’ – ‘the hate whose name we dare not mention’ for fear of being associated with the far right.

      The way around this conundrum is to explain to the public exactly what Zionism is and why Zionists can be seen in the company of the far right and vice-versa. If this was done effectively, it would spike the guns of Starmer and all those other ‘bandwagon Zionists’ such as Rayner and RLB in the LP whilst at the same time supporting Jewish comrades in the JVL and elsewhere who do not accept the racism of Zionism.

      1. JackT, “explain to the public” via WHAT mass medium? Exactly?
        Are the tabloids publishing your comments regularly?

        BBC was all over the proud condemnation by the Commons of Putin over Navalny’s detainment.
        If any of ‘our’ MPs pointed out the similarity between that and Britain’s detainment of Assange – the BBC are keeping very quiet about it.

      2. Problem is there are several different types of Zionism and many Zionists do not agree with what is going on.
        Also unless you are very careful your words will be often be deliberately misinterpreted as antisemitic.
        Far better to unambiguously spell out & specifically identify any illegal behavior of Israeli state (or any other state) and their forces.

      3. The ridiculous thing about Navalny is, before he was ‘posioned with novichok’ he had only 3% support in Russia from far right nationalists. And even more ridiculous is the way western press have bought into his nonsense about ‘Putin’s mansion’ even though it’s a hotel.

      4. Frankly it drives me mad qertboi. Our media and almost every politician sitting in Westminster are either totally stupid or lying through their teeth and the worst are journalists from the left, people like Owen Jones.

      5. David McNiven, don’t give White Flag Man anymore excuses to say we or Corbyn could not do anything to fight back against the smears.

        I went to one of Corbyn’s first public meetings after he was elected Leader and someone made the point you have just made. Corbyn’s response was “you are my media” and with social media, great numners of the public can be reached by those with even a few followers. We all have friends and relatives who do not have a clue about the racist nature of Zionism and even if we do not have a media presence, unlike some ‘left’ MPs who could do much more, we can all do our bit.

      6. Iain Crawford, please don’t fall for the old Zionist three card trick. There are NOT different types of Zionism, it was well defined by Nathan Birnbaum who coined the term in 1883 but then abandoned Zionism in 1887.

        Zionism is plain and simple racism, which is why many Jews on the left such as JVL, JVP, Jews Against Zionism and many others, including the Bund at the time of Birnbaum rejected it. There are of course Christians and others who proclaim themselves to be Zionists, they are useful fools who are collaborators in the ethnic cleansing and apartheid being waged by Zionists in Palestine.

      7. And the establishment Labour party were cast out into the wilderness were there was much gnashing and grinding of teeth?.

      8. So have YOU been spending time on social media platforms enlightening people about Zionism Jack? Surely you would have said as much if you HAD been, but you DIDN’T, so I take it you HAVEN’T!

        Too busy posting spurious and malicious stuff about Jeremy Corbyn and socialist MPs on here and JVL, eh!

    2. Horrific isn’t it lundiel? This ‘cognitive dissonance’ is history being rewritten by the centrists. They cannot allow the democratic left’s criticism of apartheid policies and practices in Israel to be seen as anything other than nazi-like anti-semitism.

      At least it makes the “wrong type of Jew’ issue easier to understand. It is any Jew who opposes the apartheid policies of the likudist state in Israel

      1. Just saw this in the Jewish Chronicle about the wrong type of Jew: “In the UK, benefit fraud appears to be endemic in parts of chareidi communities, with housing benefit in particular being manipulated through bogus shell companies and the like in order to support an otherwise unattainable lifestyle. This is incompatible with the fundamental Jewish principles of truth, yashrus (being straight) and avoiding falsehood of any kind. The biggest problem in all this is that Charedim look so very Jewish. Their obsession with the externals means that to themselves, to the outside world, and even to many other Jews, they appear to be the quintessence of Jewish life. In fact, many of them are the antithesis of fundamental Jewish principles in so many ways.”

      2. Good post. Cogent answer to the question of good and bad Jewish people. Cheers.

    3. ….and most antisemitic stuff is actually done by the red tories in the labour party and especially by persons on the front bench without any consequences to them. Starmtrooper is in my view trying to show his new besties that he would make a great tory….. He does nought without a reason, or it serving the purpose of giving him street cred with right wingers. Most people with any sense wiill see him as an opportunistic, selfserving……….. person.

  5. New Zealand and South Korea are the envy of the world.
    The Lawyer has bought into the delusion of ‘World beating Britain’ and goes some………….
    Trying to target Middle England voters again – so transparent

    1. Yes, it’s weird isn’t it that over 40% of the world’s covid ideath has hapenned in only TWO countries which produce less than 6% of the world’s population (UK and USA).

      New Zealand and South Korea targeted their SARS-CoV-2 policies better than most countires, but CONSIDERABLY better than Oceania (USA&UK).

  6. Ten hours since the story breaks and no-one (SteveH) has pointed out that our beloved MacStarmer NEEDS to do this; he needs to talk to the middle/little-englander tohries to persuade them that Labour under Sir KeirRodney is a ‘trustworthy’ friend of the billionaires, their likudist apartheid in Israel, their MSM and – of course – the continued and ever-strengthening hegemony of the Billionaires.

    Somebody HAS to do it (they will say) now that ‘for the Many not the Few’ has been shown to be nothing more than a cover for extreme anti-democratic socialism, economic regression and ferocious anti-semitism.

    We’ve got a NEWNORMAL to create and democratic socialism cannot be allowed to challenge it.

  7. So writing for this far-right hate rag shows he thinks he can impress racist asshats and moron readers of said rag.. Spoiler it won’t work!!

    Starmer’s efforts to convince these stupid people he has something to offer with his BS like on Schools. Just comes across as desperate and rather sad with no credibility just like him!

    So he is still carrying on the BS about schools must reopen to kill even more people what a smart and clever idea or so he thinks. Maybe he thinks his non challenge vacant style of leadership will appeal to the right wing loving readership?

    Who knows like all his wonderful ideas it’s bound to backfire and him and his cult sink ever lower in the polls.
    Without any credible socialist left in Labour who will be there next bogeyman to blame for their ineptitude? You got rid of JC… Dam do we need a credible Socialist party in the UK to offer real hope not this right wing shades of red parties and the Cult of new Labour.

    Wake me up when there is some hope..

  8. Baroness Falkner (New Chair of EHRC) said the international definition is ‘extremely poorly worded and probably unactionable in law’ while it ‘directly conflicts with the duty to protect free speech’

    JVL website original source

    Interesting times Mr Evans does this apply to CLP?

    Does this mean that the Labour Party are going to be referred to the EHRC again???

  9. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote several years ago in which I mention the Daily Mail, known for its blatant anti-semitism in the years leading up to WW2: “Britain had its Vidkun Quisling in Oswald Mosely and his Blackshirts. And it also had its own Aftenposten. In the 1930s, along with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, British high society fell in love with Nazism. But few grew more infatuated with brutal fascist dictators than Lord Rothermere. The influential newspaper proprietor, who numbered Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler among his personal friends, used his popular title The Daily Mail to win support for Mosely’s British Union of Fascists, and to vilify British Jews. As Viscount Rothermere he wrote an article in 1934 headlined Hurrah for the Blackshirts! in which he praised Mosely for his “sound, common sense, Conservative doctrine”. There can be little doubt had Rothermere got his way Oswald Mosely would have been installed as Hitler’s puppet in Downing Street.” Though the article covers Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper at the time of the Nazi occupation and was written shortly before Trump won the US election in 2016, it’s just as relevant today as it was back then.

  10. Jack, you mustn’t say that! Heaven forbid, you might get expelled. If you are remember to check your d/ds.

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