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Mail launches disgraceful smear against Byrne – for travelling to do his job (and while Boris Johnson is in SCOTLAND)

You can even travel internationally for work, but right-wing rag displays ignorance of lockdown rules and launches attack on Liverpool MP for travelling to Stockport while Tory PM is in another UK nation altogether

Ian Byrne on the GMB picket line

Right-wing rag the Daily Mail has launched a shameful smear attack on left-wing Labour MP Ian Byrne – for simply doing his job. The attack is all the more shameful for trying to exploit the pandemic for political reasons when thousands are dying daily of COVID – but it also displays a gross and arguably wilful ignorance of what the lockdown rules actually say.

‘Fail’ political editor Jason Groves ‘quote-tweeted’ Byrne’s video of his show of solidarity with striking British Gas workers – who are attempting to fight off an attempt by their employer to slash their pay and conditions – with the sneering comment:

Liverpool MP travels 42 miles to film social media clip on a picket line in Stockport. Unremarkable in normal times, but even some Labour colleagues are raising eyebrows during #Lockdown

But the government’s lockdown rules are absolutely clear that travel for work is allowed during the latest lockdown – and even international travel for work is still permitted:

Byrne’s job as a Labour MP entails raising issues affecting workers and showing solidarity with them – if only his party leader was as diligent! – and he was doing his job in standing with and raising awareness of the situation facing the British Gas engineers.

He was therefore perfectly entitled to travel.

But the Fail’s idiocy is matched by its hypocrisy – since Tory Boris Johnson is not merely 30-odd miles away doing his job, but in Scotland, another UK nation entirely.

A fact that was covered – just today – by none other than the Daily Fail:

Shameful, cynical, hypocritical and downright appalling – but then, it is the Daily Fail.

Solidarity with Ian Byrne and the wronged British Gas engineers.

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  1. Whilst his journey from Liverpool to Stockport may have been legal the question is, was it a wise thing to do?

    1. Same question back to you so Bozo’s endless photo opportunities around the country with his ontranarge of useless wonks is needed? Or just that there useless photo ops in a f’ing Pandemic.

      I see your wonderful great leader Starmer is back in isolation yet again. What’s that for the 3rd time… Maybe your time whould be better spent from being snarky telling him to wear a blinking mask. See it’s annoying isn’t it when it’s done back to you!

      1. disabledgrandad – Two wrongs obviously don’t make a right. But thanks for highlighting part of the problem. When our own MPs are out campaigning it makes it very difficult to be critical of Johnson for doing the same thing.

        We should be leading by example.

    2. Yes, SteveH, it was a wise thing to do. There are Strikes going on up and down the UK, although you wouldn’t think so, if you rely on the MSM for news.

      That’s what this government rely on. A supine MSM, and a soporific public.

      Now, we have a Labour MP doing what he’s supposed to do – supporting the workers – and it got the attention of those billionaire-owned rags. Good!

      For the past year, this Government – and this Opposition – have hidden behind this Pandemic, hoping people will be too fear’t to do anything, leaving – them – to do anything they wish. Times up!

      Solidarity, with the GMB! Solidarity, with Ian Byrne!

  2. Daily fail not only attacking one of the few MPs with integrity, something they obviously hate, but also the working class
    What a surprise
    I cannot understand working class ppl who buy this s***

    1. To be fair they do it in later life, but your right they then go full black shirt
      Fuck em

  3. mentions picketing as a legitimate reason for travel – not something it seems is getting much notice!

  4. Ian Byrne is finding that being a MP is not liberating in being able to do more for “the people” its in actual fact having a chain attatched.I can never forget the brave young woman and mp for mid Ulster Bernadette Devlin enraged by the slaughter of peace and civil rights protesters being gunned down by British troops in the Bloody Sunday atrocities crossed the floor of the house of parliament and punched the despicable home Secretary Conservative and unionist party mp Reggie maudlimg in the mouth..Ian Byrne is finding that rather than being applauded for “doing something” as Bernadette found out there are those who will despise and hate him for embarrassing the sheep and bottom feeders that stalk the lofty corridors of the establishment House of parliament…Tory,lib,or Labour d don’t think that being active will be admired… could end up like Chris Williamson with a knife in the back from your “Honourable comrades.

  5. One can’t argue that government – and that includes the opposition – isn’t essential work.
    When the virus is endemic preventing travel by car is nonsensical. It’s safer than any other mode of travel including walking.
    It’s what people do when they step out of the car that matters, whether it’s at the local supermarket or 500 miles away.

      1. Never had much time for anarchists myself – that’s why I never had any.
        Tying your shoelaces, brushing your teeth, tidying up your toys, the constant bickering, stopping you killing each other.

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