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Wallasey Labour members defeat motion to congratulate Eagle on damehood – and vote to affiliate to Corbyn project

Members endured months of smears by media and the Labour right during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership

On Friday night, Labour members in Wallasey on Merseyside were asked to vote on a motion congratulating the constituency’s MP Angela Eagle on receiving a damehood. The motion was defeated.

The same meeting voted in favour of affiliating the constituency party to Jeremy Corbyn’s Project for Peace and Justice, which launched last weekend.

Wallasey members were subjected to prolonged and groundless smears over the ‘brickgate’ fiasco, which the media regurgitated endlessly despite police eventually admitting not only that there was no evidence that Labour members had thrown a brick through Eagle’s office window or that the window was in Eagle’ office at all – but also that there was no evidence there was ever even a brick.

The CLP was also suspended for a lengthy period over claims of homophobic abuse toward the MP. These charges were also found to be groundless.

The Labour internal report that leaked last year showed that members had been stitched up in order to give Eagle time to avoid deselection. Ms Eagle did not respond to the SKWAWKBOX’s requests at the time for comment on the revelations.

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  1. More evidence, (if we need any more) of the utter corruption at the heart of LP and wider politics in the wretched UK. This ghastly, and talentless woman receives recognition, for what services is a matter for speculation, whilst her CLP and the Labour voters in that constituency continue to have to put up with a third rate time server.

    1. Why are these people selected? It’s baffling because there are so many sitting on the benches, seats the voters believed would fight for improvements for the poorest, weaker citizens. They should have been booted out as soon as the CLP recognised them for what they truly are, tapeworms! Her performances in public were close to hysteria. She believed that the public would translate that dementia as empathy. Thoroughly vile. Give her the baubles and geegaws, we know that it’s all meaningless.

      1. There are a variety of devices employed to maintain the character-or lack thereof- of the PLP. Among them are all female shortlists- designed to ensure that female anti socialist time servers are properly represented. And BAME shortlists designed to ensure that among those betraying the working class there are plenty of MPs with African and Asian ethnic heritages.
        All such lists, designed to appeal to identity politicians and invariable used to prevent local parties from choosing their own representatives, ought to be ended: the basic principle of democracy cannot co-exist with a leadership which knows that it knows best and uses ‘elections’ to create self perpetuating hierarchies.
        The Labour Party has a choice either to become really democratic or to join PASOK, the Socialist Party of France and the Italian Communist Party in history’s overflowing dustbin.

      2. This is what Keir Starmer has said on the subject of PPC selections. It’s hard not to agree with him.

        Local Party members should select their candidates for every election. The NEC should not impose candidates on local parties. More widely, we must improve our selection process. The current system is impenetrable with too much reliance on who people know rather than what they can do. It costs too much and takes too much time, effectively ruling out potentially excellent candidates. We must make sure that our selection and accountability processes improve the interactions between candidates and local parties and help promote good relationships within our party.

  2. Presumably her supporters proposed and seconded the motion?
    How could they not anticipate the embarrassment of it being defeated?
    Not another stunt to claim a “Marxist cabal” is “bullying another decent, long-standing, sensible Labour MP” – or is that the game?

    1. And what in Hell are the Labour party doing in supporting a corrupt and archaic system of titles…The hypocrisy is glaringly obvious to any working-class person along with the private education and health provision.You can only lead from the front and having a knight led Labour party just about says it all.

      1. Never met her but heard her interviewed and she does spout some crap. You are right Joseph, it is hard to argue against cronyism and Ruritanian privilege if you aspire to be referred to as Dame (or maybe Duchess next if Starmer promotes her).

  3. The following is a clip from an article in The Canary in 2016:

    If Eagle is twisting the truth when it comes to her allegations, it wouldn’t be the first time she appears to have fabricated abuse. In mid-July, she claimed a hotel had cancelled a Labour meeting because it had received threats. But a statement from the hotel later revealed that it was cancelled only because the company was unaware of the “nature” of the meeting.

    As for the broken window, how very fortuitous for the forces ranged against Jeremy that such a thing should happen when it did, as if any left-wing Jeremy-supporting member would give a flying fox about Eagle standing against him, or think that she stood a chance in hell of winning the leadership election. I have no doubt whatsoever that the conspirators – which included Eagle of course – planned it all the way it happened and, as such, had a gay female MP challenge Jeremy in the leadership contest so that they could then claim that this, that and the other happened as a consequence of her doing so, and that she would then stand down once it HAD all played out and hopefully – from their point of view – lead to Jeremy losing the leadership contest.

    No doubt the damehood was for services rendered!

    1. Afterthought: Then again, the conspriators no doubt knew that very few JC supporters would be taken in by all the claims of abuse and homophobia etc AND that Jeremy would win with a big majority anyway. BUT, it was an opportunity to smear and damage his AND his supporters AND Momentum activists further prior to a snap general election being called, as it inevitably would be, just as it was the following year at the point when Labour/Jeremy were twenty-plus points behind the Tories. Perish the thought that THAT had anything to do with Theresa May and the Tory Party’s decision to call a snap election though!

      1. Says ‘different frank’ the fascist piece of shit, who is of course a secondary persona of one of the shills who posts on here every single day, all day long, their agenda being to discredit and trash the left – ie socialist MPs and members – and most of all Jeremy Corbyn, as they have done on literally hundreds of occasions during the course of the past eighteen months or so, repeating THIS falsehood or THAT falsehood over and over and over again, Repetition being a subtle form of brainwashing and a black propaganda technique that propagandists use all the time. For example, the Big Lie that Jeremy threw ‘good socialist comrades’ under the bus, and they’ve done so on numerous occasions knowing damn well that Jeremy (when he was leader) had no say whatsoever in the disciplinary process.

      2. Allan – But his appointee undoubtedly did, she even boasted how she’d changed the disciplinary system to make it more efficient. The current disciplinary system (thankfully soon to be changed) was put in place by Jeremy’s team.

      3. And what has THAT got to do with posters on here endlessly repeating the falsehood that Jeremy ‘threw good socialist comrades under the bus’? Oh, right, and notice how the SteveH shill says that she ‘boasted’ about over-hauling and improving the disciplinary process, referring to Jennie Formby. She DIDN’T ‘boast’ about it of course, but black propagandists can’t resist adding something so as to discredit someone in the minds of readers of skwawkbox.

        Yep, so now a process that Jennie overhauled so as to deal with allegations of A/S quicker amounts to HER throwing ‘good socialist comrades under the bus’. Needless to say, SteveH knows damn well that such complaints/allegations are dealt with by panels of NEC members (three to a panel if I remember correctly), and if they believe there is a case to answer it is then passed on to the NCC.

        As with Jeremy (when he was leader), the GE – in this case Jennie Formby – has no say in the outcome of disciplinary hearings.

  4. Can’t be very long now before we have Dame Jess Phillips for her services to leaflet distribution.

    1. Albert swift…I think titles and the whole privalage system is anti democracy and certainly not socialist.Although I admit it doesnt seem to bother many on here.I presume that they feel that talking about the root of all corruption being titles monarchy and privilege is fiddling whilst the ships sinking..My thoughts would be start at the main infection and cut it out,but again that might be pissing in the wind .

      1. There must be a chance when Betty pegs it, no one wants Chatlie boy except us
        Let’s hope he gets the job then we have a chance to bring the House down

    2. Let us not forget the ‘wily fox”, she who promised to suspend thousands of LP members

    3. Let us not forget the wily fox who would suspend a thousands of LP members.

  5. I wish I’d have had my phone to hand when it came to my door canvassing just before the last election. I still remember the date and time – 8/12/2019 @3pm almost on the dot.

    Even tried to tell me Paul Davies HADN’T been suspended from the party! Needless to say, illeagle was sent packing with a flea in it’s ear, feigning inorance when I shouted after it if it was still receiving money from sovereign strategylobbyists for disabiltiy deniers, maximus..

    Anywho, I digress. Congrats on finally growing a set of bollocks, Wallasey CLP. Now to trigger the parasite – Something you should’ve done a loooong time ago.

    1. Is Paul Davis still suspended Toffee? I think what happened to him was a total disgrace and was deeply disappointed that he appears to have been hung out to dry by the CLP as well as Angela Eagle.
      Furthermore Angela Eagle she has never withdrawn her vile and untruthful allegations that we Jeremy Corbyn supporters are vandals, bullies and homophobes. I am glad Wallasey members had to courage and decency to defeat a motion to congratulate her on her damehood but I would think a lot more of them if they had stood by Paul Davis and the rest of us and deselected this unpleasant woman who for personal ambition smeared us and scapegoated him. Wallasey CLP should hang its head in shame.

      1. Don”t know, mate.

        Haven’t seen Paul for perhaps 18 months or more, nor have I in that timeframe** seen (Former mayor of Wirral & leader of Wirral Labour Group) Pat Hackett – who used to divulge certain tidbits of information to me…From an entirely neutral perspective, of course; and nothing that was bound by any party and/or confidentiality rules, you understand…

        **Other than when he was canvassing with the dame when it came knocking at my door.

      2. Thanks for replying Toffee and good for you for sending the canvassers packing.

      3. Maybe our comrade @wirralinitogether can fill us in on Paul Davies’ status, but AFAIK he hasn’t been reinstated.

      4. I’m hearing good news. Paul Davies is back in and currently chair of Wallasey CLP and vice chair of the Wirral Party. So these results were great leadership!

      5. Reply to Wirral in it together
        Thank you for checking and sharing the good news about Paul Davies- I am absolutely delighted that despite the lies smears vilification and long term suspension from the party Paul is now chair of Wallasey and vice chair of Wirral. He is a fine socialist who refused to be beaten by a vicious cabal of right wingers – we all need to follow his example and stand our ground now more than ever. Thanks again for the info.

      6. Paul Davies was not hung out to dry by the CLP. Wallasey CLP has always worked with Paul and supported him during his unjust suspension.

  6. My daughter (former member – took at least EIGHT months to “leave”) received an email from Lisa Nandy (ostensibly), about rejoining …. yeah right!

    It icludes this ….

    “We’re breaking from the past and building our future. Will you join us so we can build it together?

    Let’s say goodbye to the politics of hate and division.”

    Well, hate and division does seem rather a specialism, and it is notable that it follows on from a rather distatseful “We’re breaking from the past” …. they just can’t help themselves in demonstarting quite a bit of hatred there.

    However, I clicked on their “Privacy [sic] policy.” Well that privacy policy gives plenty of room for anyone with the “right” credentials to know everything about you ……………… It’s worth a read!

    1. My membership lapsed in July 2020 I have been buried in emails last one yesterday asking me to not loose my valuable membership and help rebuild the country.Well I never but at least I wont be a socialist target for black ops central or called a f…ing antisemite by some old hag.or get suspended by a pill popping kangroo court.ON the other hand I am still interested(desperate)like many others to continue as a socialist in a movement of the working-class people and not some organised tribute band that feels titles Dames and Lords are acceptable in the 21st century.I am confident that this economic \political RESET will produce a answer to my prayers but rather before I enter the departure lounge on a one way ticket to ?

  7. Lord Scabby Mann Lord Scabby Woodcock Lord Scabby Austin Dame Scabby Eagle Dame Scabby Hodge all been promoted for destroying peoples lives Labour will never be the party for the working class as long as these parasites are in labour it wont be long before streeting /nandy/phillips and a few more will be made Dames/Lords fuck voting labour

    1. Brian61…thankyou Brian I thought I was pissing in the wind for a moment,not being able to understand why people are not enraged at this titled farce in a so called working class Labour party.yes its supposed to be the 21st century.!

    2. BRIAN61 – Whilst I share some of your distaste for the people you mention (some of whom were ennobled by the grateful Tories for services rendered) it is questionable whether Labour can still claim to be the party of the ‘working class’, sadly we lost that crown in the 2019 GE.

      Labour vote
      ABC1 – 33% (without the ‘middle class’ vote Labour would have faced annihilation)
      C2DE – 33%
      Tory vote
      ABC1 – 43%
      C2DE – 48% (for the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour, they even outvoted the Tory ‘middle class’ vote)

      Unfortunately it was the ‘working class’ that gifted Boris an 80 seat majority.

      1. Unfortunately because of the activities and visibility of Labour middle class metropolitan elites (aka wine bar socialists and their obsession with wokeism and palestine) the pragmatic working class voter abandoned Labour at the last GE. Starmer is turning the ship around but to what effect we shall see. His contempt for natural justice annoys me and it should apply to all (even an idiot like Jeremy) but you can see why he wants to completely sever in potential voters minds any connection with the regime of Corbyn and Abbot, a partnership that makes Laurel and Hardy look far sighted and competent.

  8. ‘The motion was defeated.’ – pure ‘homophobia’, of course, will the CLP be shut down again, I wonder. Wait for the headlines in thecDM etc, fed by high up in the LP. ‘MP suffers homophobic bullying – again at Wallasea LP meeting – again! ‘. I am still seeing ‘brickgate’ reported as fact in recent msn articles.
    This creature (A Eagle) who is gay thinks nothing of exacerbating the hate gay people receive by exploiting homophobia to further her own political aims. But then we’ve all seen that with antisemitism and mysogny being exploited for political ends.

  9. Re – Labour in Exile –
    ‘A group of suspended members just put Keir Starmer on notice’

    We the undersigned members of the Labour Party demand:

    • the restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn;
    • the reinstatement of all Labour Party members wrongly suspended or expelled since the appointment of the current general secretary;
    • a review of all previous suspensions and expulsions imposed during the previous leadership;
    • a root and branch reform of the deeply flawed complaints and disciplinary processes of the party;
    • and an immediate restoration of the right of constituency parties to freely discuss and pass motions on political issues as they see fit.

    Until these demands are met we will pursue a policy of non-cooperation with the party’s general secretary, regional officials and the governance and legal unit, and we will absolutely refuse to comply with any advice, guidance or instructions from any of the above which we consider unfair and discriminatory.

    As members of the labour movement we are taking immediate, collective action in solidarity with our comrades who have been unfairly punished.

  10. Fine words butter no parsnips. As the old saying goes. A
    Actions speak louder than words.

  11. Wait a sec! I’m just throwing a brick through my window! All the glass is on the floor outside the building ffs. I detest this Labour Party. All we have is insult after insult after insult.

  12. Seen that a while ago, Paul, and was mightily impressed that you managed to remain objective as I’d have lost my shit the second ‘the dame of blame’ opened her lying, whiny-voiced grid.

    Grrrr… But everything about illeagle boils my pish, so it does. Absolutely ZERO redeeming features.

    Not one.

  13. I’m hearing good news here. Paul Davies is back in the party, currently chair of Wallasey CLP and vice chair of the Wirral Party. So these results were great leadership!

  14. Heheheh….a classical olde-wolde description of modern-day Birkonia

    Beirut-next-the-sea pretty much on the money! It’s one grim town, that Birkenhead.

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