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Breaking: UK Statistics boss rebukes ONS for data used by Tories to claim schools safe

UKSA head of regulation criticises lack of clarity and context

The UK Statistics Authority’s (UKSA) director general for regulation has today sent a letter to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggesting that the ONS’s data on the risks associated with different occupations lacked clarity and sufficient context to be used properly – and that the ONS failed to respond properly to concerns raised about its analysis on schools.

The data were exploited by the Tories to support their now-discredited claim that schools were safe environments:

Teachers and other school staff have now been shown to have suffered far higher infection rates than the general population, but for months the Tories claimed there was no greater risk. Deaths will certainly have occurred as a result of the misrepresented data, both among school staff and the families of pupils – and in the wider population, as schools drove the second and third waves of the pandemic higher.

The Tories have not published data on deaths among school staff since June last year, at which point approaching 200 had already died.

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  1. Emails between Downing Street and the ONS might be illuminating – there would almost certainly have been “guidance” from No 10 on the spin they wanted from the ONS.
    What a shame there are apparently no more heroes like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

    1. I would hope that Skwawkbox, The Morning Star and similar would publish any arm-twisting emails from No 10 to the ONS, let alone the ONS themselves.

      Thank you Skwawkbox for publication of the above email, which gives very good insight to this mathematician on how careful one must be with data such as sample size and the effect of one statistic on another.

      I’ve saved the above email and will post it to my social media accounts.

  2. There was one particular school building in the news today that was apparently VERY unsafe, since it hosted 400 people at a WEDDING FFS, most of whom ran away when the police turned up.

    400 represents about 0.13% of “the community” if we assume it to be, say, 300,000 strong.
    Bit antisocial of the 400, but we don’t blame the community.
    Spokesperson for the community quite reasonably called the 400 “a tiny minority,” and hoped the community wouldn’t all be condemned as antisocial.

    Somebody remind me what percentage of “the Labour community” was found to be antisemitic, leading to half a million of us being tarred with that brush?

  3. And it must never be forgotten that people of the Jewish faith were treated abysmally by the BOD who stigmatized them in their own community.Being a person of Irish Catholic decent I fully realise the very real repercussions for being considered a traitor amongst your community.The bravery of these people who defended the Labour party and the leader Jeremy Corbyn against the AS smear campaign by the enemy within must be acknowledged.

  4. There are Tory statistics and statistics And damm lies from the mouth of professional liars Now thats how the establishment system works and I for one dont believe one word of propaganda from this government.and neither should any socialist.This whole stinking swamp of entitlement has led to billions given away to Tory chums in the corperate sector.I once new a guy from Bolton ,he started off in security systems in the NWest ,he moved in Tory circles and advanced into the corperate world and formed carlisle holdings.,drank in the carlton club and manouverd to take over Blue Arrow( cheap labour supplier to the corperate sector in the city.Health care,consruction.,Office systems…You name it he did it.My last drink with him was in the carlton club and Hesaltine was there.Mrs Thatcher was the first woman to be allowed to cross the threshold.Now my friend who became my enemy lives in Belize and has is own bank that he owns.My drink with Michael Ashcroft was in 1979i in the UK.Hes become a Lord and saviour of the establishment conservative and unionist party,chairman even and Hoovered billions up of my and your money in Tory handouts givaway since Thatcher raised her evil head.Ashcroft still hoovers up billions and the pandemic has filled his Belize bank(tax free).Hes a old man like me now,but a country that allows corperate pirates to expand and multiply at the rate he has done is downright dangerous and totally corrupt and both the Labour and conservative party are guilty in allowing it.The pandemic has been exploited by the conservative government just has I predicted and aided and abetted by the Labour party.They couldn’t have done it without a compliant Opposition.Remember that when you go knocking on doors in the next election.and delivering leaflets for your friendly socialist Labour mp?.

    1. Okeefe spouting bollox again I see, and saving the key line until last, as black propagandists DO! Yeah, sure Joseph, as if any socialist Labour MPs could have done anything about it. Of course they couldn’t, and YOU know it, and yet AGAIN, you have just come up with some totally spurious and unfounded way to discredit socialist MPs.

      But then that’s what you get paid to do, along with discrediting Jeremy in dozens and dozens of posts since you first started commenting on here about sixteen/seventeen months ago. Funny, isn’t it. how you supposedly work for a charity, and yet you seem to have lots of time EVERY single day to post lots of comments on skwawkbox!

      Two posts in succesion, one attempting to discredit Jeremy, and then one attempting to discredit socialist MPs (of whom Jeremy is one of course)! And Okeefe would have readers of this site believe he’s a socialist and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter. Yeah, like fuck he is!!

  5. Acknowledged by who Joseph, and through what medium? It goes without saying that Jeremy and his (former) team are grateful to the likes of JVL and Jewish individuals who have defended and supported him throughout the A/S smear campaign, and it would be absurd to think that THAT wasn’t the case, and obviously JVL and said individuals know that Jeremy is grateful, as I’m sure just about everyone on the left does, so why do you say that it ‘must be acknowledged’?

    And Jeremy HAS thanked everyone for their support (when he was reinstated), and THAT obviously included Jewish members!

    So WHY have you suddenly NOW decided that it ‘must be acknowledged’?! As if it would make a blind bit of difference to anything! And as if the MSM would cover it, except in some negative and damaging way!


    1. Keep taking the medicines,but check the dosage White flag man Allan Howard and dont forget how your lies about me not being an ex Labour councillor and activist made a fool and a liar of you.You are a pathological liar and a very dangerous sick individual whos incapable due to your illness in offering an apology for past libellous comments about me and many others who have been subjected to your early hours rants against true socialists.You are a coward and a anti socialist enabler of the establishment Labour party…..( FACT)

      1. Like the devious and deceitful fascist shill he is, yet again Okeefe makes the false claim that I alleged he wasn’t a Labour councillor! I didn’t at any point say such a thing, BUT, in case you don’t know what happened, having initially asked him where he was a Labour councillor, he omitted to tell me, and did so on each occasion I asked him during the following few months – ie about five or six times.

        Now if someone doesn’t respond to your inquiry, then there are only two possible explanations, one being that he didn’t see my posts, and the other being that he was playing a game of NOT answering so as to arouse my suspicion that he wasn’t a councillor. And I have no doubt that it was the latter PRECISELY because of what he did in the end which, as of NOW – and as he has done on at least a couple of occasions during the past eight or nine months – is to falsely claim that I accused him of lying about being a councillor. I didn’t and, as such, Mr Okeefe won’t be able to provide any evidence that I did so – ie quote me as having said what he claims I said – because such a quote doesn’t exist.

        Yep, and this particular former councillor is such good buddies with ANOTHER lying little shill who calls himslf ‘signpostnotwindchimes’, who dissembles falsehoods on here about the left ad nauseum AND posted a massive big Nazi-type lie about the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown taking legal action against Cummings. and praised him – Robin Lees – for taking ‘ROBUST ACTION’, and then went on to discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison. Yep, he invented something so that he could then falsely criticise Jeremy, who he doesn’t mention by name but is obviously alluding to. Here’s a link to the post in question, which Mr Okeefe has no problem with at all:

        So come on Joe, put your money where your lying mouth is and copy and paste what you allege I said!

        No? Thought not!!

  6. ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž…..Go to bed sunshine ITs another day in paradise and off fishing off Koh rong island and I am enjoying my retirement of nearly a year now…go to bed Allan Howard and top up the dosage.

    1. As I said, Okeefe is lying through his teeth, and THAT of course is why he can’t back up his claim with a quote of me saying what he claims I said.

      And being the shill that he is, he doesn’t give a flyer about the big fascist lie that his fellow shill concocted about Robin Lees taking legal action against Dominic Cummings, and of course, as Joe ALWAYS does, he resorts to personal abuse, as black propagandist shills DO when they can’t back up their claims.

      You see the thing is Joe that it’s precisely BECAUSE of your machinations that I never at any point said – or claimed – that you were lying about having been a councillor!

      Anyway, so why didn’t you just tell me the first time I inquired (as to where you were a councillor), instead of posting a bunch of psycho-babble, as you DID? Given that you eventually did so (about four or five months later), then what reason would you have had for not doing so when I initially inquired? Doesn’t add up or make sense of course….. unless you had some devious plan in mind to try and discredit me in the eyes of readers of skwawkbox! And who but a nasty poisonous fascist shill does something like THAT!??

  7. Just enjoyed watching ‘Wee Jimmy’ getting very Krankie on Andrew Marr
    There’s someone who looks like they are about to take a long walk off a short plank

  8. Testing could become a whole new experience.

    China has started using anal swabbing to test for coronavirus because it’s ‘more effective’ than the nose and mouth.
    Some cities, including capital Beijing, are using samples taken from the anus to detect infections as the country steps up screening ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays.

    Anal swabs require inserting a cotton swab 3 to 5 centimetres (1.2 to 2.0 inch) into the anus and gently rotating it.

    People in areas with confirmed cases, as well as those in designated quarantine facilities, have been swabbed anally, reports state broadcaster CCTV.

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