Video: ‘Even nurses with COVID are going hungry’ – join Liverpool in demanding a #RightToFood

Liverpool councillors are about to vote to make the city the first in the UK to formally back a demand by anti-poverty campaigners for the government to put a universal right to food into UK law. The campaign is backed by the grassroots Fans Supporting Foodbanks group and co-founder, Liverpool MP Ian Byrne.

Today BBC North West broadcast a short segment about the campaign, which has largely been ignored by national media – and it’s not hard to see why: so appalling are the government’s policies and callousness that even nurses who’ve caught COVID-19 saving lives in hospital are being forced to turn to food banks and other food charities to avoid malnutrition:

A legal right to food would force national and local governments to ensure that the millions in poverty in this country – including, shamefully, more than four million children, are properly and reliably fed. No more ‘free school meal‘ or ‘hamper’ scandals, or parents forced to watch their kids go hungry.

Liverpool is leading the way. Contact your councillors to demand that they follow the city’s example.

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  1. In my appraisal of Dave Kelly (COYBB!) and Ian Byrne on an earlier thread, I forgot to give a mention to (Cllr) Gerard Woodhouse who has done wonders for the foodbank setup at the L6 centre, shown in the video.

    A ‘good ol’ stick’ , is Gerard, I’ve been told. May God bless them, one and all.

    As for the nurse with the long covid – do you hinetsly believe anyone of the establishment give a flying one? Do they shite. There’s plenty more nurses to make sure THEY get seen to. It’d only be when there’s not enough nurses to nurse the elitist; plod to ensure THEY get protected, and binmen to cart off their rubbish – that they’d start giving a shite.

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