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All these are by same company. Guess which is meant to be 10 days’ food for poor kids and which are for private schools. #RightToFood

Scandal of Tories’ treatment of poor children grows as company’s Instagram images of food in private schools are highlighted

Public outrage is growing over an image of a food pack – supposedly £30 worth – supplied by a private company contracted by the government, supposedly to provide ten days’ of nutrition for children in low-income families.

And images highlighted by journalist Dawn Foster on the company’s Instagram page are only likely to intensify that outrage.

The pictures show sumptuous meals provided by the same firm for the children of wealthy families in its private schools – guess which of the ‘meals’ below are for the poor children:

Jack Monroe, who teaches people to create the best meals they can on low incomes, showed what she could obtain for just £20 versus the government’s ‘£30’ packs – and without any ‘bulk buy’ discounts:

Labour MP Ian Byrne, who is working with footballer Marcus Rashford and others on a ‘#RightToFood’ campaign, has called on people to join the campaign and to sign his petition on the government website:

The MP spoke recently to SKWAWKBOX about his campaign, along with paediatrics professor Ian Sinha, who explained how poverty and hunger harm children even down to the level of their DNA:

Byrne is absolutely right: this can no longer be tolerated. Demand a #RightToFood for everyone in this country.

Edit: some are reporting that the parcels are only supposed to be for five days’ food. It’s scarcely less appalling.

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  1. No wonder the Stock Market continues to boom when companies can turn a £5 spend into a £30 payment – from School budgets it seems.

  2. Why are you not naming company and Local Authority
    It is but a pimple on the cheap and nasty Tory party backside, it pails into insignificance compared to Covid19 corruption
    Probably one for young Tories to cut there teeth on

  3. This idea came about due to the righteous brigade who said vouchers were being spent on fags and booze, which you couldn’t because they can’t be exchanged for none food items

  4. Give parents the £30 direct. Vouchers if you must but £25 profit per packed lunch is outrageous.

    1. Criminals all. Disgusting! There will be a reckoning People don’t forget stuff like, do they Red Hands?

  5. Whew!
    We missed a bullet that a Corbyn Government was not elected.
    Imagine how bad it would have been.

    1. I know what you mean different Frank and agree that Jeremy Corbyn would have been condemned at every turn had he been PM at this time. I think he would have been personally blamed for every death, every time there was a hike in Covid cases it would have been his fault.
      However had Jeremy been PM we would not be in the state we are now in. He would not have mishandled the pandemic in the way Johnson and the Tories have done. He would not have left poor families to flounder or presided over the collapse of the Health Service.
      The lies and smears that the PLP, Southside, the MSM, the Tories and the establishment told about Jeremy were believed by many and as a result Johnson was elected by a landslide. These people including all those who believed the anti Corbyn propaganda and voted Tory as a result share responsibility for the mess we are in today.

      1. absolutely agree with you Smart boy. MSM would been monstering Corbyn and his gov 24/7. It just shows how politically illiterate a large proportion of the Brits are. Its going to take a revolution to shake them out their ignorance and complacency.

      2. Of course the MSM would have monstered Corbyn – or anybody else representing Labour. It’s not a reason to give up. Churchill monstered Attlee as the ‘new Gestapo’ and refused to commit to the Report advising an extension of the welfare state. It was ordinary voters who rejected the Tories. If Labour had been weak and almost Tory they might have reacted differently. A warning for Starmer and his crew bu5 also for Labour members; you won’t succeed unless you are bold. Already nobody wants to know.

      3. Yep, the news would have ignored success in keeping infection levels low and would have been all about the “massive” cost and economic damage – far less though that would have been had competent isolation measures been taken at the beginning.

      4. – far less though that damage would have been…

      5. So were they ‘politically illiterate’ when they – the electorate – came so very close to voting Jeremy into Downing Street in 2017 Ian? Or only when a significant minority of them then voted Tory in the 2019 GE? Or was it because the Establishment’s propaganda machine trebled down on it’s smears and vilification and demonisation of Jeremy in the months AFTER the 2017 general election AND right up until the 2019 GE precisely because he DID come so close to winning!

        So the people who were duped and deceived and hoodwinked by the black propaganda lies and falsehoods and voted Tory as such ‘share responsibility for the mess we are in today’ do they Smartboy?

        It’s amazing how so many of the regular posters on this blog blame the victims (or the victim, as in Jeremy’s case, for example), and Smartboy has done precisely THAT on more than a few occasions since the 2019 GE, as have OTHER regular posters such as SteveH and RH, to name just two of them!

        I mean will the MSM be informing their readers about the above story? I doubt it somehow!

      6. Do you think the demand from Starmer and others to have a 2nd Referendum on Brexit had anything to do with the 2019 election result? It’s odd how he now is 100% Brexit, just a year later

      7. Without a doubt. Starmet & co ambushed Conference to get the change in policy (supported by the block vote of the RW unions and PLP). Most constituency delegates were appalled – I was one of them. We knew it would come to this.

  6. The Tory view on the food parcels will be ‘at least the plebs didn’t have to go rummaging through Tesco’s skip for it, we did it for them’.

    1. Allen I take your point re 2017 election.
      But it was because the MSM and the billionaires who own it suddenly realised Corbyn might win. They than went into over drive. The political illiteracy was than demonstrated by the great British public. Their so called political education is the right wing press. This plus the likes of James O’Brian at LBC the Guardian [ Freedland] Observer [ Cohan Rawnsley ] all undermined Corbyn at every opportunity. There was no support from MSM in any shape or form. There was a a con man called Johnson well funded by billionaire Brixiteters . Mistakes By Corbyn re strategy and approach , agreeing to December election.
      The point is Allen however you dress it up the UK has the most politically illiterate electorate in Europe. There may be hope in the future when my generation and the ones below me start to die out. The young at the last two elections mostly voted Labour. Those above 60 Tory. The young tend to be more international socially aware and not really effected by empire and the second world war.

  7. Not remotely surprised after they pledged 7p for school breakfasts.

    Dummkopf-schitt claiming £39 for his…The equivalent of FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN…around TWO full primary schoolkids’ breakfasts worth.

    But like that, this will soon blow over because there’s celebrity ice skating on the telly for the meeja to cover…

  8. I honestly don’t mean to diminish the value of pressing the Tories as hard as possible on food poverty – I do worry though that for any temporary measure they might take, their boast will be “job done” – “we fixed poverty, Labour didn’t” – and nothing else will be done for a decade on housing, healthcare or anything else.
    Marcus Rashford humiliated the Tories heroically.
    Mobilising Labour activists at branch level to expand his project nationwide – while giving him ALL the credit would have been the intelligent move for Labour.
    That would have helped the hungry, boosted activism at the grassroots and worked to Labour’s benefit on many levels.
    Sadly (depending on your point of view) Starmite’s too fucking dull to see such an opportunity. He’s totally self-absorbed – a donkey hypnotised by its own reflection in a puddle of its own piss.

    1. Nice metaphor! Maybe Starmer’s real problem is he doesn’t have a politician’s mind. One suspects he only became Labour when pals in Chambers got him a safe seat in 2015. Only five years ago! No doubt they didn’t realise how he’d sabotage the 2019 Election and then become Leader to finish the job. Or maybe they did of course!

      1. I was quite pleased with it…
        I dont get anything like the literary acclaim I deserve you know 😉

  9. We can only thank providence the posh boys food suppliers were not asked to supply a budget funeral for our starving kids….This type of reporting exposes everything that lot think is good enough for the peasants..Talk about callous indifference to poor kids with a bumper profit from those who are in a rush to return us to the Victorian hey day of punish the poor.IF only starmers kids could enjoy one of those bumper supplys for the working-class unworthy..he would soon be whining.

  10. Unbelievably it’s just been on BBC News 24 – whether it’ll be repeated later when most people are up and about remains to be seen.
    Typical corporate written response from Chartwell – “blah – not up to our usual high standard blah” – exactly what you’d expect.
    No editorial value judgement from the BBC, like what real people might make seeing such shocking images, like “What the FUCK, Tories?” – again, just what you’d expect from the Tory cocksuckers at the BBC.

  11. What we need is more Premier League Footballers to provide our political agenda & moral compass.

  12. No idea why any Tory is surprised, let alone outraged. This is what “profit maximisation” and “greed is good” look like.

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