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“One of most irresponsible, disgraceful public health things I’ve ever seen.” If you only watch one thing on Johnson’s new lockdown, make it this expert’s take

Health expert Adam Hamdy, who has provided numerous reports and analysis to the government on the pandemic and the steps needed to fight it and who is in constant contact with other leading health experts and epidemiologists, was live on Socialist Telly on Monday evening as Boris Johnson made his announcement of England’s new lockdown.

It was no surprise to anyone, as the change had been thoroughly leaked by Downing Street to the media. But Hamdy spontaneously tore into Johnson, when the news was confirmed, in a way you will rarely if ever see on the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

Hamdy zoomed in on the fact that only yesterday Boris Johnson had been encouraging parents to send their children into school this morning – and that in doing so, he shattered the period of isolation that would have made grandparents and other vulnerable relatives safe to care for them, only to reverse that position on Monday evening and expose them to the greatest risk.

And in shattering that safety, he has fuelled the lethal spread of the virus that is already so far out of control by World Health Organisation standards that it is barely imaginable:

If you only watch – and share – one thing about Johnson’s announcement, make it this. You will not see its like elsewhere.

Hamdy was joined on the programme by front-line teachers, teaching union representatives and parents, in an unmissable discussion that also laid bare the stress and anguish of teaching staff. Watch the whole Skwawk Talk episode here.

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  1. I remember during the first lockdown seeing Wuhan and then other Chinese cities under strict lockdown with all movement tightly controlled with, msn here describing the ‘opression’ by the Chinese government. I wonder what the Chinese would think of our teachers being forced to carry on teaching through lockdowns with announcements like ‘schools are safe’, then when the virus gets out of hand in east London and councils decide to shut the schools early before Xmas, they’re threatened with legal action. Parents deciding to keep their children home because of the infection rate are threatened with fines and court action. Not oppressive?

  2. I have a question. I know that viruses are different to bacteria, but both mutate – to reduce the possibility of resistant bacterial strains developing it’s important to kill ALL the bacteria in a treated individual.
    Survivors develop resistance to antibiotics
    Hence to avoid resistance we take the COMPLETE COURSE of antibiotics.
    As I understand it all organisms including the human race develop resistance in the same way

    Now these parsimonious dumb-arsed fucking Tories are telling us that a 12-week spacing between vaccine doses instead of the 4 weeks recommended by the manufacturers will be fine.
    A more efficient use of limited supplies..
    What nobody has said – in my hearing anyway – is that there’s NO chance of resistant strains developing because of that greater interval between doses.

    A vaccine-resistant strain – A BRAND NEW TORY SUPER-COVID – is the worst possible scenario.

    1. I’d prefer to rely on what the manufacturer says rather than Hancock hoping he can stretch the vaccine out. It’s a cheap trick that may be disastrous. You’d think by now they’d listen to the people who designed and market it.

    2. Excellent question which requires an independent expert to answer it. Evolution has shown there is no such thing as an improbable coincidence. If it is possible for something to occur, over time it will, even more so when there are millions of chances for it to happen, as now.

  3. Even worse is the cheerleading and consent approval of the Cult of new Labour 2.0. This is beyond parody the endless we approve this message BS throughout the pandemic. Barely any decent of the Tory scum and when that arrived there was so little passion behind the denouement he might as well have been reading the dam shipping forecast at them.

    No support of the unions of the workers forced to work in unsafe conditions. Nothing about the mountains of extra deaths of both the elderly and especially disabled communities. Silence is this all this cult is good for?

    FFS Starmer seamly is only good for being Bozo’s official fluffer. We need a socialist party to help not make things worse with this no opersision party.

    1. Correct DG, Starmer is to all intents and purposes a bleddy tory. How on earth did he get elected as leader is the question that needs addressing. See web. sums it (the starmer problem) up quite well.

      1. In what sense does it need addressing Butties? What purpose would it serve? No doubt a relatively small percentage of left-wing members were duped into voting for him, and especially younger people who were not aware of his background. The point is that given the candidates, I have little doubt that many left-wing members didn’t vote at all.

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