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Video: Lavery blistering on Starmer: “Would Johnson or Starmer win a hide-and-seek championship?”

“He’s saying we should be closing zoos and not closing schools – what on earth are we talking about?!”

Keir Starmer: practising his hide-and-seek?

Ian Lavery tore into Labour party leader Keir Starmer during tonight’s dynamite Socialist Telly panel with fellow No Holding Back figures Laura Smith and Jon Trickett, with host Damien Willey.

A discussion of Keir Starmer’s promises in the party’s leadership election – and in particular his seventh pledge, to strengthen unions – was just too much for the straight-talking north-eastern MP.

Exasperated at Starmer’s lack of leadership and abject failure, yet again, to back teaching unions trying to keep members and children safe, Lavery exploded that he struggled to know whether Starmer or Tory Boris Johnson would win a hide-and-seek championship – and was almost beside himself at Starmer’s apparent suggestion that zoos should be closed while schools remain open:

During a Sky News interview earlier in the day, Starmer had again opposed teaching unions – saying that he didn’t want the ‘chaos’ of more schools closing. The chaos of more needless deaths and of children deprived of parents and grandparents was apparently not the main problem. The SKWAWKBOX’s reaction at the time was along similar lines to that of Ian Lavery:

The responses to the tweet suggested Lavery and SKWAWKBOX had plenty of company:

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  1. That Opposition Front Bench – to a man and woman – are piss-poor communicators.

    Just what’s needed, with the government we have, at the moment.

    1. Piss-poor communicators, no George, it’s just that what they have to say doesn’t belong under the banner of a Socialist Party.

  2. We should sing Boy Georges Song . StarmerStatmer Chameleon .

    He cannot be Trusted and is very Happy To Attend Right Wing Jewish Events but will not go and Talk to the Teachers Unions .
    All Trade Unionists should Demand that Their Union Stop Funding Starmers Vile and Poor Leadership of the Labour Party .

  3. The Unions should put Starmer out of his misery by closing the schools.
    What does Rebecca think? We know what she used to believe.

    1. I voted for long Bailey,thinking that at least she talks to Jeremy,but like all of them shes more interested in advancing her career in parliament than any form of ideology of the left.I would probably still be in the Labour party if we after 4 years of so called socialism we had at least a list of candidates worth voting for.The fact that so many members voted for that dogs dinner starmer knowing he was the establishment man and even had a title to prove it.Where was all the plain speaking tell it like it is in the Labour leadership contest.I will not use the word election as it was rigged from the beginning.PLP god help the people..disgusted..!from the jungle out there.!.

      1. So when did you conclude that ‘all of them’ are more interested in advancing their careers in parliament than any form of ideology of the left Joseph?

        And needless to say, anyone on the left who voted for Starmer – and I have little doubt that it was a relatively small percentage anyway – were obviously duped and deceived by his promise to continue with Jeremy’s agenda etc. He said THAT precisely SO as to dupe and decieve them – ie left-wing members.

    2. RLB, Starmer, Rayner and the rest of the Israel Lobby crowd will be left with egg on their faces when they see that the racist State they defend is no longer even being defended by some of its more wise and enlightened Jewish citizens such as Avraham Burg.

    3. What a spurious and disingenuous question bevin! You know damn well what she thinks….. Exactly the same as she did BEFORE, which of course was the REAL reason why Starmer sacked her.

      NB It’s amazing the amount of people who post on here as supposedly left-wingers who are forever trying to discredit left-wing politicians in the party! Including Jeremy! I mean it’s relentless, every single day, and in practically every single thread!

      1. Politicians, whatever label they might like to stick on themselves, only have themselves to blame when they act inconsistently when it comes to picking and choosing when and when not to apply basic principles and standards.

        Its all very well putting out statements in support of following the science and, implicitly, the principles and standards of objective evidence based approaches and decision making. However, these are indivisible and it does not help to defend those standards and principles when any politician of whatever self identified label they pin on themselves very publicly reject those same objective evidence based principles and standards in favour of subjective allegations based on opinion and feeling being sufficient for an automatic guilty verdict with no right to a defence.

        An act which has contributed to many decent members being thrown under a bus and which most normal people will conclude that when due process, right to a defence and objective evidence are jettisoned for internal political posturing those principles and standards will also be dumped if they vote the same people into Government.

        Its not exactly quantum mechanics is it Allen.

      2. It’s called having the courage of your convictions. Allan.

        It’s that simple.

        What can stammer do? Remove the whip?
        And for what?

        It’d leave RLB free to stir plenty shit in the same way the likes of backbench nobodies like austin and woodcock did, wouldn’t it?

        Also leave her free to speak out about the real reason she was binned by Easter Island bonce, too.

        I’m sure piers moron’d like to know more about that… And kuenssberg…either of who could take some of the pressure off the govt and pile it onto stammer and reveal to the great unwashed just what a bellend he is..

        But no… Being in the labour party more or less ensures she’ll be sat on her arse in the next parliament, grumbling about sunak making unemployed civil engineers and astronaut candidates stack supermarket shelves or clean lavatories in hotels for their dole (Because the way these clowns are going, that’s odds-on to make a comeback).

    4. Tweets from rebecca:
      “. Education unions need our support today. Everyone wants children in school but with rocketing infection rates it is time for


      to do his duty:follow science and close all primary and secondary schools for a few weeks to all but keyworker and


      Jan 2

      2. If we don’t reduce the rate of transmission now schools could eventually be closed for much longer. It didn’t need to be like this. If Gov had acted on concerns of education staff months ago it wouldn’t have been. Now they must stop procrastinating and do the right thing.”

    5. I posted a reply to your question, yesterday. Why are you asking, exactly, the same question, again?

      That, simply, tells me, you have an agenda.

  4. Caitlin Johnstone:

    ‘Never Forget How The MSM Smeared Assange’

    The frenetic mass media propaganda campaign against Julian Assange was easily the creepiest and most Orwellian thing I’ve ever witnessed….

    The smear campaign pervaded every political faction in every part of the US-centralized power alliance.

    NB The British MSM did THEIR bit as well of course!

  5. Isn’t it Starmer and Evans plan to distance themselves from TUs.
    I mean what does it matter if there are more Covid cases as long as he is showing MSM and his backers he’s being tough on the unions by not supporting them. Shameful behaviour on his part

  6. That’s going to go down really well in Edinburgh… BBC >

    “Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas may have to return to China next year because of financial pressures.
    Yang Guang and Tian Tian cost about £1m a year to lease from China.

    The zoo, which had hoped to breed the pair, is nearing the end of its 10-year contract with the Chinese government and may be unable to renew the deal. Covid lockdown closures led to a £2m loss for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, which runs Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park.

    David Field, chief executive of the society, said the charity would have to “seriously consider every potential saving”, including its giant panda contract.”

  7. Ian Hollingworth….Blustering !…The blistering should have been to the right wing destroyers of the PLP and especially when Corbyn was leader…he might have survived had he had more up front and blistering attacks on his enemys in the PLP and he might then have had the confidence to stop the sacrificing of loyal comrades under his watch..All futile now but ask yourself where are these shy leftwingers now?….waiting for the chop no doubt when even a ounce of bravery in the closed doors PLP weekly arena may have produced some backbone and a election win on the first try…There would not have been the shambles we see now in the Labour party and just when the country needs a real socialist working class party..

  8. The objective all round has been to crush all opposition to the Neo-Liberal agenda, that means killing off the Labour Party and Starmer is Like Blair before him the stooge to bring that about.

    People generally need to understand that this is even bigger than personal attacks on one leader, namely Jeremy Corbyn, it is about those working for the Neo-Liberal agenda and those against.

    What is that agenda? This is it in a nutshell:

  9. What leadership all I see is a weak man with no talent or ideas in charge of a cult that hates its own ideology.

    More important than this is I am so tired of so-called socialists finding their voices to attack Starmer on this but silent about how he is treating the membership and especially JC?

    We get a few nice soundbites then silence. So socialism seems to have limited compassion or interest these days. Where are the daily denouncements of this cult and how it’s treating socialism?

    It’s all well and good commenting on safe things like this but I want to see real fire, commitment and sticking to you damn principles unlike what I see now as gesture politics. I want to see them truly stand by us socialists now silent becase that is accepting this BS in my book.

  10. The Problem UK Labour is facing is that they will not admit or see that there are two parties, UK Labour Party and Blair’s Parasite Party Neolabour Party. Everyone sensible wants a UK Labour Party not very many want a Neolabour Party, just another Tory Party. Currently Ian, Laura, Dennis, Laura P etc stand at 10% PLP, and dwindling CLPs vs 90% Neolabour TORY Party.
    It will only be the Neolabour Blairites & Die Hard “Labour” brand obsessives who will vote Labour at the Next GE. Take that 10% PLP out, where people can vote for 100% politicians they trust, rather than 10% of the Politicians they trust and watch the Difference.
    We will NEVER have another Jeremy Corbyn moment, they allowed him to ‘slip the net because they wanted to mock him and his ideas’ but in the end THE PEOPLE had the Power, have we learnt NOTHING from 2015 to 2020?
    Even when Jeremy was LOTO he only had 20% PLP vs 80% PLP, that is one of the biggest reasons that he is not our PM today. Even with a smaller but much more powerful & vocal party for THE PEOPLE and a well organised CLP we could have a Democratic Socialist Government, but for as long as we have a Majority Thatcherite Neoliberal Party we can forget it. People wont vote for the sake of 10% Democratic Socialist MPs if they will still end up with just another Tory Party, we need to split and we need to form an alliance with UNITE and as a Hardieist Labour Movement, Democratic Socialist Party, maintain links with the international Labour Movement.
    Or we can spend another 41 years of this Tory or that Tory!

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