Bradshaw’s u-turn typifies Brexit opportunism of Labour right

While it was useful to remove Corbyn, centrist ‘red lines’ abounded – but now they’re disposable

Centrist MP Ben Bradshaw was one of the most ardent anti-Brexit, pro-referendum voices in the years leading up to last year’s general election. So much so, that in 2019 he vowed he had,

never abstained on #Brexit & never shall.

Fast forward to today – and Bradshaw flatly stated that he was going to abstain on the Tories’ Brexit deal:

Whether in Bradshaw’s specific case it’s simply a reflex reaction to the abstention-addiction of his fellow-centrist leader Keir Starmer – who, ironically, is for once whipping MPs to actually vote on the agreement – or a sign of something else, his absolute determination not to budge on Brexit under Corbyn and his screeching u-turn now illustrate neatly the fact that Brexit was never that much of an issue to the right compared to the primary aim of getting rid of Corbyn.

As neatly as arch-referendumer Starmer’s example itself, in fact: now whipping to vote for a Brexit deal before he’d even read it, but from 2018 onward pushing Labour into the fatal abandonment of its 2017 commitment to carry out the referendum result, even when that meant adding a ‘people’s vote’ promise into his conference speech that had never been agreed with the leadership.

Then again, the Labour right didn’t balk at helping Johnson win the general election and guaranteeing Brexit. Ensuring there would not be a left-wing government was more important to them than anything.

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  1. Admittedly I’m stating the obvious the plot to dispose of Corbyn started way before the 2016 Referendum. The result was just an excuse to set their plan in motion and I’m sure Bradshaw was in the thick of it all.
    Going to be awkward for Starmer will he issue those MPs who ‘defy’ him with warning letters just like he did with the left MPs when they refused to follow the Whip

  2. I don’t understand the point ort he rationale of this post. Brexiteers – backed by the pathetic Lexiteers that SB supports – failed to get a deal that meets the needs of the UK economy or the social support systems we rely on. Now we have this on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. Labour should not back a deal on that basis. It should not allow the Tories to try to blackmail Labour by saying “approve this because otherwise it’s no deal!” Still less should Labour positively call on the Tories to do that! Even if we can’t actually stop the Tory deal now, we can raise a voice against it. Otherwise we will be saddled with this albatross of a positive whipped PLP vote for Boris’s lash up for years to come

    1. “Labour should not back a deal on that basis.”
      In which case it should oppose explaining to the electorate why it was doing so.
      But this is not what the Blairites are proposing. Their plan is to abstain.
      Please explain that.

      1. Well to start with, if I were you I’d rephrase your post. Or believe that MP’s like John McDonnell, Clive Lewis or Nadia Whittome are “Blairites” ? They are all abstaining as are many others across the spectrum. Me – I’d rather they were not, and instead voting against ike the SNP. But we are were we are.

      2. Oh, and news just in; Diane Abott is abstaining on the deal. But then, she must be a ‘Bairite’ too ?

  3. “adding a ‘people’s vote’ promise into his conference speech that had never been agreed”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but at the conference I seem to remember that there was a long overnight meeting of various CLPs with various opinions on Brexit. A compromise decision was democratically agreed whereby when it came to vote on the final deal one of the options would be to Remain.

  4. Free vote for all MPs on anything this important – but make every one of them state on the record the reasons for their votes.
    The country has a right to know who’s clueless and who isn’t, who has beliefs and who doesn’t, and who stands up for their beliefs whatever the political cost to themselves.
    You know – like what real people have to do at work.
    The history of Brexit will eventually be written and there should be no hiding place for the ones who made false promises or stupid predictions whoever they may be.
    I don’t care about who’s screwing whose wife but we should at least insist politicians are held to account for buggering the country.

  5. Another one with a spine of custard.

    Not remotely surprised. The only reason I’m arsed is that it reinforces my conviction that these diehard remain bliarites are nothing more than self-preserving, self-serving shithouses.

    And they tried to make out the reason I wanted out is because I was taken in by the £350m per week on the side of the bus…

  6. A year ago Starmer led the sabotage of the Party in the election by wanting another referendum on Brexit. It was very successful. Now they do the opposite! How can anyone believe or rely on these bastards?

  7. How can anyone believe or rely on these bastards?

    stammer was NEVER arsed about brexit…And there are some gullible gobshites STILL refuse to accept that.

    They maintain they were absolutely right to back his second referendum, and that it was never a ploy to eliminate socialism within the party and ensure a return to a single party state; the likes of which we’d had to endure for all but three-point-something out of the last 40-odd years.

    Well we’ve ALL got what THEY wanted, now.

  8. Well, I am not shocked at the news that the cult of new Labour 2.0 doesn’t have any convictions or really ideology and will just change their minds at a drop of the hat if they think they can fool a few more people in voting for them.

    This is why we need a socialist party to be campaigning against this cult and showing there is a better way because currently there is nothing to vote for I certainly after being a lifelong Labour supporter will not vote for this cult. If there is not a socialist party to vote for I guess I won’t vote and that saddens me immensely.

    1. It’s the Party leaving you, not the other way round. I voted Labour in every single election, National and Local, since 1970 – except for 2019 in protest at the blatant sabotage of the dodgy candidate in Ealing Southall. I can’t see me ever voting for them again.

  9. With regard to yesterdays vote I think it was a reluctant acceptance that flawed though the deal is it is better that leaving with no deal. The current problem is that the LP exercised its right to ignore what was happening in the political arena, to take it’s eye off the ball and have a great time fighting each other and arguing about antisemitism and other issues which whilst important should no have taken precedence over being an opposition party. The Party needs to return to being a LP with policies that are labour and preferably socialist, or close down and let someone create an appropriate replacement.

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