Video: Labour parliamentary candidate on the importance of new left media

If the UK were another nation, this country’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media ‘would be calling it a failed state’, yet instead is complicit

During Sunday night’s Cornish Damo round-up of the year on Socialist Telly, the topic turned to the dishonesty and corruption of the UK’s supposedly ‘mainstream’ media – and Labour’s candidate for Truro and Falmouth in the 2-19 general election, Jenn Forbes, hit the nail on the head:

She said that if the situation in the UK was happening in another country, the ‘MSM’ would be calling it a ‘failed state’ – and highlighted the essential role of the left independent media if this country is ever to hear the truth about what’s really happening:

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  1. Yeah, I’d just taken a gulp of coffee when Patel said they’d been consistently ahead of the curve on Covid or some such shit.
    I nearly choked – I could’ve died – I owe her one for that.

  2. so far ahead of the curve that they heading towards their own backsides. This woman is brainless How come she is Home secretary

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