Working-class Labour figures launch ‘No Holding Back’ podcast this Sunday

Three leading figures from the working-class left are following up on their hit series of video panel discussions over the last couple of weeks by launching a ground-breaking podcast to discuss the issues of the day and the path ahead for the movement.

Former Crewe and Nantwich MP Laura Smith, Wansbeck MP and ex-miner Ian Lavery and Hemsworth MP and former builder Jon Trickett launch the No Holding Back podcast this Sunday:

The podcast will be available on Soundcloud.

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  1. Personally I much prefer written blogs like Skwawkbox to podcasts. Too hard to remember the precise wording of audio if you want to respond to something in real time so the discussion is limited in scope and depth.
    Guessing it’s mostly the same audience as here too, which doesn’t really spread the word further, or at least I assume not.
    Still, if the youngsters like it, why not?

  2. Dont want another podcast,ITs time to dump the talking and get stuck in.Dont forget to wear a mask and “No holding back” ….Over sixtys exempt..!

  3. I’m in. This is exactly the focus that I need to remind me that this is an existential issue about Labour’s values and purpose.

    Ian, Laura and Jon put an article on the TribuneBlog which I found useful. LABOUR’S DECLINE IN WORKING CLASS COMMUNITIES CAN’T BE SOLVED BY MANAGERIALISM:

    “When centrists colonise centre-left parties, and when working people are massively under pressure, it won’t work if the leadership only offers to manage a failing system a bit better. In these days, millions live in poverty, or in communities still recovering from a tsunami of deindustrialisation and now precarious employment. We cannot have a leadership which simply offers more “competent” management of a system which no longer works – if it ever did.

    “Late capitalism is in prolonged crisis. Its only survival technique is to use austerity to bear down on public services, and people’s incomes. On top of the cuts to public services, and the attacks on pensions, working people have lost something like £433 billion in wages and salaries. At the same time, the richest 1,000 people in Britain have gained £588 billion…..”

  4. It was clear from the outset that Rebecca was really up against it when she stood against Keir Starmer for the leadership. If either Ian or Jon had put their hat in the ring -and I know both were urged to run- the outcome might have been very different and we wouldn’t be in the total mess we are in now. In my opinion its a bit late in the day for them to come forward with their working class credentials and their podcast. I feel very let down by the pair of them.

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