Next Monday’s Skwawk Talk on Socialist Telly: Prof Ian Sinha and Ian Byrne MP expose how hunger and poverty hit kids – even at cellular level

Live questions will be taken from Socialist Telly Twitter feed after unique and ‘mind-blowing’ presentation

Next Monday night’s Skwawk Talk on Left Media TV (Socialist Telly) will feature what Liverpool Labour MP Ian Byrne has described as a ‘mind-blowing’ presentation by professor of paediatric health Ian Sinha on how poverty and hunger impact poor children’s development and prospects – even down to a cellular level:

Byrne, who has seen the presentation and will also participate to talk about his ‘Right to Food’ campaign – and in a new step for Socialist Telly, both will take questions that viewers can submit to the Socialist Telly Twitter feed.

Millions of children in the UK are living in poverty and will face a bleak Christmas, so don’t miss the chance on Monday evening to find out more about what they face and how to help them. Tune in live to Socialist Telly on Twitter or the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page – make sure to follow the accounts on all platforms and share this article to raise awareness.

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      1. ps been meaning to say – should anyone ever come across Starmer, ask him the cost of his suit and insist on an answer🛑

  1. We could be seeing kids with rickets if something’s not done.
    Yes, I know there are cases anyway, but I think kids need more time outdoors than they’ve been getting, even before covid.
    Yes, I also know vitamin D can make up for it but can all families afford it?
    My mother grew up in not especially extreme poverty (for the 1920’s) and was slightly affected.

  2. Somewhere there is a massive investigation/research into destitution and quality of decision making. The poorer you are, the lower quality of your decisions – actually experienced that personally. Inexplicably rubbish choices.

    1. Unfortunately there are far too many voters willing to swallow the Tory bollocks that poverty comes from making poor decisions – rather than the truth, which is that poverty limits people’s choices to the least-rubbish of a very few options.

  3. Since this lot have been they changed the system of social security to universal credit Blair brought us ESA which also seen cuts but UC has brought about those who claim it doesn’t matter whot benefits you claim you can be sanctioned leaving many with out no money yet stammer the spammer hasn’t attacked the Tories with more food places opening getting more like America each day but to allow the people to go without and their children traitors gate needs reopening

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