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Exclusive: Jewish Chronicle settles out of court yet again

2021 starts along similar lines to 2020 for right-wing paper

Award-winning photographer and film-maker Phil Maxwell. Image credit: Hazuan Hashim

The Jewish Chronicle has started 2021 in a similar way to its track record in 2020 – with an out of court settlement.

Last year, the paper paid undisclosed damages to Liverpool pensioner Audrey White for a ‘litany of lies’ claiming she had: been repeatedly warned by the Labour party for bullying; falsely claimed a right-wing councillor was being investigated by police; lied in order to rejoin the party and aggressively interrupted her constituency’s Jewish then-MP when a recording proved she had been invited to speak and the MP had been able to continue speaking in a relaxed manner. The Chronicle was also hammered by IPSO for its conduct.

Later in the year, the same rag had to apologise and pay ‘substantial’ damages for ‘completely unfounded’ accusations against a Muslim teacher and Labour councillor, after it claimed she had launched a ‘vicious’ antisemitic protest against Luciana Berger, another former Labour MP.

These pay-outs followed an earlier settlement with a Palestinian charity for accusing it of links to terrorism.

And now the paper has had to make yet another out-of-court payment, this time after it used an image – having yet another ‘go’ at Audrey White – taken by award-winning, Liverpool-based film-maker and photographer Phil Maxwell, without his permission.

Following negotiations with lawyers representing the Jewish Chronicle photographer Mr Maxwell has accepted an out of court settlement for an ‘undisclosed’ amount following the unauthorised publication of a photograph he took of Audrey White.

He told the SKWAWKBOX:

Following the offer made by the Jewish Chronicle I’ve agreed not to take the matter to court. When Audrey White drew my attention to the photograph I was shocked that the Jewish Chronicle had breached copyright by using my photograph in an article written by Lee Harpin.

I work closely with Audrey White as a member of the Merseyside Pensioners Association and have been appalled at the false allegations made against her by the Jewish Chronicle. They settled out of court with Audrey and now they’ve had to do the same with me. As a member of the NUJ I’m delighted with this settlement as it shows that publications like the Chronicle are not above the law. Publishing photographs without permission robs photojournalists of their income. I hope this case will discourage the Jewish Chronicle from breaking the law in the future.”

Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard was contacted for comment about the misuse of the photograph, but did not respond.

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  1. It makes no difference. They have unlimited finance for the publicity their lies generate. Without a complicit media they would have gone under long ago.

  2. The likes of Freedland in the Guardian and Cohan in the Observer LBC are all influenced by JC

  3. Yep. Shit sticks, alright.

    Lazy journalists aren’t doing their profession any favours by allowing these lying, thieving bastards to slip by the mainstream unnoticed by the general populace.

    And especially when they’re disingenuous enough themselves to publish untruthful accounts from the likes of ellman, berger and even ‘dame’ (Yes, even trhat bastard got her reward for shitting on its own party) angela illeagle as factual and double down when proved otherwise.

    Long gone are the days of the likes of Paul Foot. An extinct breed, it would seem.

    1. I should also add that their cowardly acquiescence and and almost total abandonment of Assange demonstrates the profession has gone the same way as the careerist politician.

      But then again, I ain’t heard any of them turn on oakeshit, the snake-in-the-GRASS who broke the cardinal law of journalism.

      Like politicians, self serving rats who’d sell their own grandparents for access to spout a load of shite.

  4. Ever the opportunist, Stalin is now calling for a total lockdown no ifs, no buts, no equivocation, schools must stay open, I mean closed.

  5. It was wrong for the Jewish Chronicle to breach copyright laws by using the photograph of Audrey White illegally and I am glad the photographer was compensated .
    However worse by far was the publication of a litany of lies about her by the paper. Audrey is a Socialist, a Corbyn supporter and believes in Human Rights for all including Arabs living in Palestine, Israel and Gaza. It appears that these characteristics have inspired a vicious hatred of her and, like Jeremy Corbyn before her, the Jewish Chronicle feels it can freely vent this hatred publicly. However by vilifying her, Jeremy and others the paper has undermined its own credibility. It should be treated with the same contempt as the S*n and other right wing rags.

      1. Glad to hear it John Thatcher – its about time everybody else did so as well

  6. Stephen Pollard is, perhaps the most repulsive man I’ve ever encountered. He is a positive gift to anti Semitism and would do well to take a course in responsible journalism. I don’t suppose he will though!

  7. Glad to see this article here, well done Sqwarky. Shame nothing here about Phil Maxwells bullying by rt wing councillors and his partner being attacked by the new MP. This was the start of the witch hunt that wasn’t covered by SB.
    This was after the new MP apologised for ‘the anti-Semitism from LP members in Wavertree’, that never happened, reinforcing the rt wing attack blaming religion, rather than politics, as the reason for our differences with the former MP. I’m sure Phil would be pleased to furnish you with all the details.

  8. Labour has so much dead weight round its neck it will take more than a few socialist shy mps to stop it sinking between the waves of the the right wing destroyers.

    1. Without automatic reselection the PLP will continue to be a law unto themselves. For those intent on saving the LP it is essential that they get it through Conference. Of course, now the precedent has been set, CLP’s and party members may well be banned from discussing it by Starmer’s creature, backed up by the bureaucracy the Right control.

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