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Fightback continues as Mid Beds Labour members – who supported Starmer for leader – vote to tell conference delegate to vote AGAINST Evans’s confirmation as general sec

Evans’s position is ‘acting’ unless and until confirmed at Labour’s sovereign annual conference

David Evans

The number of constituency Labour parties (CLPs) voting no confidence in Keir Starmer and David Evans continues to mount, while signatories to a letter published by CLP officers demanding respect for members’ free speech have doubled in just a day.

But now Labour members have begun a new tactic to their fight-back – and taking on Evans’s position directly.

Evans is still only Labour’s acting general secretary, because Labour’s rules require a general secretary appointment to be confirmed by a vote of the party’s annual conference, its sovereign body, before it becomes permanent – and on Thursday evening, Mid Bedfordshire CLP voted to instruct its conference delegate to vote against endorsing Evans’s appointment at the party’s next annual conference.

If enough CLPs do likewise and Labour’s left unions back the move, Evans could be removed by next autumn, or even earlier if a special conference is called to vote on his appointment by Starmer, as many expect.

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  1. Well the votes better be on camera and not via some smoke and mirrors machine because rigging elections is very much a part of modern politics now.Like I have said before I wouldnt trust this bunch with my cat 🐱.I am frankly astonished that nobody questioned the knights election although I realise plenty questioned is hidden foreign funding till after the election farce.I remember RH questioning the bunch of parasites we were offered by the plp and still I voted for the worst option of double barrell Bailey and burgon..all lawyers and professional liars. Thats what modern day Labour offered us curtusy of a seperate PLP…and all after a socialist revival that never was..No sane person could remain in the Labour party and continue to fund a party of lawyers,lawyers and spivs…thank you I feel better already after that rant?

  2. Evans can do an awful lot of damage between now and next year’s Conference.

  3. I bet Starmer thought outshining Jeremy would be a piece of piss for someone like him with his brilliant forensic analytical and legal skills and his winning personality.
    This is what comes of believing everything your Mummy and your staff of sycophants tell you.

  4. Outstanding idea , get all the ducks in a row ready in case the twat springs a emergency Conf on us . Also suggest that a motion be added at that COnf such that any new GS selected must be by OMOV from the rank and file and that there is open selection for that position .
    Better still lets go the whole hog and mandate our delegates to demand that open selection is mandatory for MPs at all elections and any party member can put themselves forward at their CLP for that position

  5. Fat, greedy Tory bastards right at the heart of Labour make me question whether democracy really is morally superior to defenestration.

      1. Democracy will only exist if/when we have a truly democratic system of voting. As a supporter of Jeremy my voice will never be heard because I live in a hard Tory supporting constituency.

        We need a voting system where every individual voice can be heard. I hope it happens before I die, as I’ll be 81 yoa in January 2021.

  6. It started to go pear shaped when Wandsworth, Greenstein, Livingstone, Walker, Williamson etc were suspended, expelled, sidelined.

    Appeasement NEVER works.

    A crocodile will continue to eat if it’s constantly fed.

    1. Oh, right, SparkyBadger, another one of the shills secondary personas, and needless to say, the shills HAVE to keep repeating the Big Massive Falsehood about ‘appeasement’ EVERY single day, and often as many as half-a-dozen times a day or more in different threads.

      If you are a covert organisation like the Integrity Initiative trying to influence and manipulate the thinking – or the feelings – of the left, then of COURSE you would infiltrate blogs such as skwawkbox and JVL, and if you want to indoctrinate readers with certain beliefs, as with the falsehood about Jeremy appeasing his enemies and being weak and cowardly – ie if your objective is to discredit Jeremy (and other left-wing MPs) – then FIRST you establish yourself – your persona – on the blog, and once you HAVE, you can then start doing your dirty work to inculcate the readership with falsehoods, and do so by repeating the falsehoods on a daily basis AND by having a number of infiltraitors and their secondary personas all saying the same thing, thus creating the appearance of there being a wide consensus among posters that such-and-such is true.

      And of course you ALSO give the comments that you are discrediting people like Jeremy with a bunch of Likes so as to further reinforce in readers minds that ‘readers’ agree with what was said. Yep, nasty little poisonous black propagandists getting paid handsomely to monitor and post their maleovelent propaganda falsehoods on here every single day all day long so as to dupe and deceive the readership of skwawkbox. And needless to say, the reason the poisonous little shills keep attacking me is because I am the only poster on the site who is exposing them for what they are.

      1. White Flag Man “keep attacking me is because I am the only poster on the site who is exposing them for what they are.”

        No WFM, it’s because you are paranoid.

      2. Youve exposed yourself too much white flag man.More attacks on enthusiastic Socialist…..from the fruit cake white flag man Allan Howard.Just what is the point in attacking Labour party supporters ?To de motavate?too undermine the working class…just whats the hell are you doing shill?..and stop the character assassinations..Now.

    2. Sparky, true and along with Corbyn, what do they all have in common? – they are all anti-racists.

      Labour under Starmer and Evans is now a pro racist Party where the racists cry their eyes out on telly, moaning about how hurt they’ve been whilst turning their eyes away from blatant racism against Palestinians in a attempt to take the focus away from Israeli racism.

      In Starmer and Evans, they have recruited their ideal bedfellows to silence anyone in the Party who is alert to their conspiracy.

    1. And yours SH ,but soon you will have nought with the money gobbled up by starmer to fellow AS scammers curtusy of the dwindling membership.

      1. Joseph – Oh dear, have you fallen under Allan Howard’s spell.

  7. Labour Grassroots presented the ‘The David Evans No Show Show’ he was invited then declined.

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