Right-wing NEC member beaten to MSP selection by woman abused by right-wing staff in leaked Labour report

Bad day for Baxter – and reportedly a bad week

Johanna Baxter

Johanna Baxter, the right-wing National Executive Committee (NEC) member who once tearfully stood in front of cameras to complain that she and fellow right-wingers were intimidated because Jeremy Corbyn voted against making a vote on whether he could stand as a leadership candidate a ‘secret ballot’, has been beaten to selection as Labour’s Scottish parliamentary candidate for Cunninghame North – by former Corbyn staffer Katy Clark.

The leaked Labour report on sabotage by right-wing former staffers revealed that Ms Clark, a former MP, was the target of disgusting personal abuse by headquarters staff unhappy that Labour finally had a left-wing leader – yet on Tuesday she outperformed Baxter.

According to Labour sources, it has been a bad week for the Labour First-backed NEC member who once tweeted about an evening spent weeding out undesirables among Labour membership applications. They say that she was what might kindly be called ‘visibly upset’ at being passed over for the position of NEC vice-chair during preparations for last week’s ‘coup’ in which two right-wing members were installed as chair and vice chair against normal practice.

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  1. When I read “Right wing NEC member beaten” I almost ran outside to dig up the pitchfork.
    Oh well, maybe next time.

      1. Yes, and with 264 views (at the time of writing) no doubt the ‘right and the Israel Lobby’ will be shaking in their boots.

        Now if ONLY Jeremy Corbyn had stood up to them, well their’s no way they would sling HIM out of the party on a false pretext as they did with Chris, is there!

    1. Careful are in danger of being accused of vile A.S. Amusing sarcasm! Out vile jelly. X

  2. BRILLIANT that Katy Clark, a “victim of disgusting personal abuse” by the pathologically wicked Right Wing Thugs, won๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

    Wishing Katy every success!!! Here’s hoping that your colleagues will always stand by you and be alert!!! Be on guard. The Right Wing Thugs will be breaking every rule to prevent you changing the same old same old, so watch them !!! ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡

  3. baxter’s got quite the cherie bliar grimace about her, hasn’t she?

  4. I well remember Johanna’s performance on Ch4 News, standing with a bemused Angela Rayner.
    It was Oscar- winning in its intensity, but not quite enough in the end!
    It is encouraging to see that at key junctures, the politics she represents is being blocked.

    1. I agree with everything you say except that Angela Rayner was ” bemused”. She was not – in my opinion she was a willing participant in spreading the fiction that Left wing bullies “threatened” Johanna Baxter at an NEC meeting. The truth was that legal action was threatened against anyone who sought to keep Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader, off the 2016 Leadership ballot and this was put across on national TV by Baxter as a “threat” against her.

    1. Yes Joe, I think everyone should read that, it should remove any lingering doubts as to Starmer’s true nature (not that I had any from the start, but he obviously took plenty of folk in.) It was depressing to listen to the Novara Media take on the latest evidence, they are still pretending to themselves that Starmer is in some way a victim of circumstances.

    2. This latest piece by Jonathan Cook is not unrelated:

      Establishment journalists are piling on to smear Robert Fisk now he cannot answer back

      Leading journalists in the corporate media have suddenly felt the urgent need not only to criticise the late, much-respected foreign correspondent Robert Fisk, but to pile in against him, using the most outrageous smears imaginable. He is suddenly a fraud, a fabulist, a fantasist, a liar.

      What is most ironic is that the journalists doing this are some of the biggest frauds themselves, journalists who have made a career out of deceiving their readers.

      1. Yes, it just goes to show what sort of low lives we have masquerading as journalists, and left wing journalists at that, scum that they are.

      2. Only the dregs of society, the scum of the earth , would smear a dead man so the attacks on Mr Fisk say all you need to know about the people concerned. The only way to teach these despicable creatures a lesson is not to buy any newspaper that publishes their filth and lobby companies not to advertiser in them.

      3. So, given that MSM journalists already lie their very best to keep Left-Labour out of power, and that we can’t out-lie the liars, and that we have no legal means to stop them lying, what do we do?
        I’ve argued to threaten them now with jail next time we’re in government for lies they told yesterday so they’ll think twice before lying tomorrow.
        All I’ve heard back is the free speech argument, which sounds reasonable until you consider that it’s only the freedom to lie that we’d be threatening.
        If our MPs can’t sell that argument we need new MPs not new arguments.

        Any other suggestions how to stop the media smearing us? Asking them nicely didn’t work.

  5. @ Last night’s CLP ‘Zoom’ meeting Labour Party members were forbidden to debate EHRC & Votes of No Confidence “for fear of making the Labour Party an unsafe space for the Jewish Community”. We were stopped from discussing such things amongst ourselves on ‘chat’. I don’t think George Orwell could have imagined such a scenario…….no talking; no conversation unless you are on message; as directed by threats from David Evans. You raise your hand & mention the ‘forbidden agenda’ & you are conveniently muted & our local MP is taking notes. The CLP Exec. have been so traumatised, they live in fear of any protest. I have been asked not to name this CLP.

    Makes you so proud.

    1. So Steve why do you keep on supporting a organization that has no rules for them incharge. Hates the membership and instructs them what they can and can’t talk about like this is the dam soviet union.

      So why are you paying membership to them and supporting them as they hate and despise your morels, politics and outlook. I see no purpose in assisting them with support. money or even a dam vote because I will not support this affront to what I believe Labour represents.

      But hay all I ask is you to think why am I supporting this and don’t pull well we can turn this around. The cancer is to deep there are just New Labour 2.0 cultists in every position of power and the so called socialists are silent or scared and that annoys me even more where is there fight, morels and desire to see Labour actually represent it’s founding socialist principles?

      Silence…No action…Just a bit of talk is this what Labour has been reduced to. My whole family was socialist and I believe in socialism it’s the Labour party that has walked away from us. So until there is a socialist organization to help and vote for I will never support this zombie with a labour rosette!

      1. I walked away B4 when Bliar bombed Iraq & the cancer is now embedded in the Labour Party. I am in my 70s & find walking away from anything more difficult & will rage into the night!

    2. Maybe if the left contingent picks an insulting comedy name for each of the two principal characters, and the Stasi dude with the button doesn’t know those names, the disruption will be total. Stasi dude might be too embarrassed to repeat the names to his masters so the next morning’s headlines will be a nice surprise.
      Comedic humiliation can be a brilliant weapon but it’s got to be funny enough that the media can’t resist using it – one person changed history with the “will the last person leaving turn the lights out” headline.
      If we throw an election it’s not the same as the Labour right throwing one.
      We’ll always be the good guys and they’ll always be the bad guys..

  6. In a week of scumbag racists millionaires paying money to the party. The rulebook being ripped up and ignored. Membership attacked and a purge of socialists, let alone the hounding of JC.

    We are meant to celebrate one tiny win? In a sea of new Labour 2.0 cultists what is this lady meant to achieve? Nothing we are fighting over tiny wins that in the end mean nothing.!!

    So good for the lady but let’s be honest compared to the rest of the bad news regarding Labour there is nothing to be celebrated here. Plus do I hear strident demand s for the reinstatement of JC? Do I hear no confidence in the leadership being called from the NEC? Do I hear anything except the same silence I hear from these so called socialists that are more interested in keeping their heads down than doing something useful to help the socialist Labour party.

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