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Louth and Horncastle Labour members vote no confidence in Starmer, Evans – and demand apology and investigation into attack on free speech

On Friday night, members of Louth and Horncastle constituency Labour party (CLP) joined the growing list of CLPs voting no confidence in party leader Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans. Members also condemned attempts to restrict their freedom of speech – which was upheld by the recent EHRC report – passing the following by a large majority:

  1. This CLP welcomes the news that Jeremy Corbyn MP has been reinstated as a Member of the Labour Party and stands in solidarity with him. The CLP calls upon Nicholas Brown (Labour Party – Chief Whip to House of Commons) to formally reinstate the Party Whip to Jeremy Corbyn.
  2. This CLP has no confidence in Sir Keir Starmer as Leader, or in David Evans as General Secretary of the Labour Party.
  3. This CLP deplores the attempt by the General Secretary to prevent the exercise of free speech and discussion by CLPs, which has no basis in Labour Party rules; and calls for an investigation into the suppression of freedom of speech, how the instruction was disseminated and under what authority.
  4. The CLP requests that Sir Keir Starmer formally apologise to Jeremy Corbyn MP for his treatment over the last few weeks and begins to work with the Left to restabilise the Party.
  5. This CLP believes that any disciplinary case against a Labour MP or member must be heard under a properly constituted independent disciplinary process, free from political interference or influence from the Leader’s office, the office of the General Secretary, or the Chief Whip.

The vote went through in spite of escalating attempts by the party’s hierarchy to prevent members having their say – including declaring solidarity with Corbyn to be racist and an order from Evans that motions of no confidence in himself are not legitimate CLP business.

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  1. Looks like the best model motion of the ones I’ve read so far.
    Maybe better for each CLP to write its own though? I don’t know.

    1. Excellent🔆 We must NEVER return to oneway compromise. NEVER. I’m still nervous though. There is a sense, decent “Left”, those with true “Labour” values are OBSESSED with pursuing what cannot be achieved. Not even by the nasty Tories who win elections. They never aim for some mythical “unity”. That obsession is an amateur pathetic trait that flies in the face of reality. The obsession also indicates impotent stubbornness and self-indulgence.
      Society, counterintuitively, would collapse and die if we all calmly agreed with each other. It produces stasis. Unrefreshed. Possibly that is why great civilisations died. NB “Just when men say peace and security, the end will come”. To lie back and take opportunities for granted is irresponsible. In adults, that comes from being surrounded by a tiny unified clique. No good ever comes of that. Read about Thatcher at the end. Or Bliar’s “Sofa” government. Or May and now BloJonson. Once you become myopic and blinkered, especially shutting out challenging views instead of facing them, we’ve had it.
      We should welcome the gift of disagreement with the Right and amongst ourselves. That’s how people in all other PRODUCTIVE areas of life, sharpen arguments = logic … reasoning. Clarify views, test them as scientists do ALL THE TIME.
      That’s why you never hear me calling for posters to be banned. Yes some are tiresome and best ignored. But others eg SteveH / davidh / dick makinnon etc should be used as material on tap to develop our arguments. They are useful bits of tinder … coal to fuel our rebuttals.
      Anyway as ever, only meant to say EXCELLENT votes of ZERO confidence in Starmer & Evans 🔆 No confidence in the other traitors either. Keep steering our good ship with determined direction. No more drifting on the currents of others 🔆 WE must make the currents 🔆 The others have PROVEN they are up to NO GOOD.
      It is WE who at last must pursue our SOUND policies to transform this country!
      REJOICE 🎉🎉🎉

      1. “Clever” if the subtext is to praise competition and greed, capitalism and exploitation as human nature and therefore natural and good – and by inference that unity and solidarity are mythical and that socialism is just one more thing that, sadly, “cannot be achieved.”
        Tories sell their snake oil using exactly the same arguments.

    1. We need three hundred more Horncastles and another three hundred more on in reserve

  2. Part of the pattern of behaviour Jenny Formby put into a letter to Chris Williamson before his suspension was “Sharing platforms and giving public praise to people with a history of ‘allegations’ of anti Semitism against them” [Williamson MP v Formby, High Court]. Think about that, doesn’t Corbyn have a history of Anti Semitism allegations against him. The Salem witch trials described in A Millers play ‘the Crucible’ used the same methods as some in today’s Labour party. What is happening in the Labour Party today is straight out of The Crucible, when denial of being a witch was itself proof of one’s guilt. People are scared of discussing Israel or Zionism for fear of being pounced upon by ‘investigators’ from the Compliance Unit.
    When Arthur Miller explained why he wrote the Crucible, he used the Salem Witchcraft Trials as a metaphor for what was happening in the America of Joe McCarthy.
    “I was motivated in some great part by the paralysis that had set in among many liberals who, despite their discomfort with the inquisitors’ violations of civil rights, were fearful, and with good reason, of being identified as covert Communists if they should protest too strongly”.
    ‘Anti-Semitism’ is the new anti-communism. Now we have the preposterous position where anyone supporting Corbyn, or sharing a platform with him can be denounced as a witch, if you are silent, that could be proof that you may become a witch.

    1. The real problem is there is nothing to fight for. Today we see a so called Left MP’s true colours in denying the left of the party, sticking the boot into Jeremy and acting like a damn Starmer cultest….

      The whole structure of 99% of the backroom of the party is right wing. The PLP is what 95% right wing. Let’s be honest we have been falsed out of our own damn party. By these right wing scumbags with Labour rosette and Tory politics in there hearts.

      We have a ruler book ignored at best and blatantly broken my the so called leadership. Who are now telling us we can’t vote NO flipping confidence?

      Sorry this mess is broken and you can pull the fight we can change it BS all day long and believe it it won’t make a jot of difference the cancer is to damn deep. There is nothing left of Labour bar a name there is no socialism left here apart from some pf the membership and a handful of MP’s maybe…

      The only choice is split or start again! But to try and change this mess it’d now just a pipe dream it will never happen. My parents were socialists and so am I and I will never again vote Labour until it is socialist or I have a socialist party to vote for.

      I will never again give money, support or my Vote or anything apart from contempt! Because this party has nothing but contempt for us!

    2. Harry Law01/12/2020 AT 4:33 PM,
      That is a good comparison, McCarthy’s rise to power, his anti communism ‘enemies within’ dialogue and the anti semitism.allegations that dogged Jeremy Corbyn during his leadership of the BLP.
      This wikipedia page is a must read. The similarities in the two narratives are remarkable.

      1. Joseph – Why are you afraid of your views being challenged. 😨

    3. Harry Law – re “The Crucible” – spot on analogy. Do we learn from reading, theatre, history… life? Do we extract wisdom and learn? Has oneway concessions / compromises / appeasements / SACRIFICES / ever worked? Are they appetisers for monsters? Do they signal desperation and naivety. Is DESPERATION the larger portion… and the driver to sacrifice more? Does the desperate naive craving for “peace” & “unity” with war-criminals, fantasies? Do fantasies snuff out PLAIN reality i.e. Right Wingers have their priorities and we have ours? That is that. Is that NOT that? Have the Right wing hid their aim? How can one be “duped” or “tricked” by those who proudly boast from the get go – “wake up everyday thinking of new ways to undermine him”? OR Jessica Phillips saying she would “KNIFE JEREMY IN THE FRONT”? Have “the many” benefitted in any way by the determination to appease guard dogs of warmonger Blair instead of respecting the many? Are we more “unified” now or less? Should we carry on as before, failing to fight back from the get-go❓❓❓

      1. Im certain that Stillettos’ vile remark was illegal. Who cared?

      2. I cared but, alas it was one of the many atrocities that AH badgered Jeremy to ignore.🚨🚨🚨

  3. Declarations of no confidence are banned huh? Then so is my subscriptions and any voting for you scum!

    No say, no interest in your cult thanks. Labour I am afraid is dying with scumbags like Starmer and Evens just the latest in a long line of Blairite clones. Infesting Labour like cancer everywhere then the membership is treated with contempt. But stay and fight for what? Party machinery is rotten, MP’s are a joke, rulebook ignored that is the Labour party. My father and mother if still alive whould be so disgusted in what Labour the party of the working man has turned into.

    The so-called socialist MP’s are cowards or have no solidarity with JC or any interest in standing up for the rules of the dam party. At this point I see no future for Labour and please don’t pull the wishful thinking of stay and fight for what. more of this but with a different face?

    I see no light here only darkness left. Until we have a socialist party, run by socialist and only for socialism with absolutely NO right wing especially in any party backroom staff allowed. Else nothing is ever going to change…

  4. 4. The CLP requests that Sir Keir Starmer formally apologise to Jeremy Corbyn MP for his treatment over the last few weeks and begins to work with the Left to restabilise the Party.

    Another clause iv they’ve got no interest in. Nor should the left’; especially after what the centrists did for the entire duration of Corbyn’s. teunre….and continue to do to the present day.

    (And don’t expect tomorrow to be any different.)

    1. @ our CLP meeting on Monday night,the membership were not allowed to debate any such motion, let alone debate on ‘chat’. Looks like ‘mute’ is a powerful weapon in pandemic Labour Party.

    1. And the paid trolls go on and on trying to drive out the Socialists in the nu Labour party.ITs going to be a very lonely minority interest for the tory tribute band and a membership drained away leaving just the flotsom and jetsum washed up in the tide going out for good…How could you do it judas H for a handful of silver,Slither on judas H and realise that your treachery is for nought the Conservative and unionist party have already taken your hole.

      1. Joseph – You are the one that chose to resign your membership, don’t blame me for your own stupidity.

  5. Presumably “This CLP declares it has complete faith in Sir Keir Starmer, Evans etc” would also be ruled out of order in case it inexplicably failed to be carried.
    I’d bet they have a general anaesthetic for a back sac and crack.
    Chickenshit – like all aspiring fascists.

    1. Britain are the first to approve a big pharma vacine…I wonder why theyve been back of the line with everything else?I think Owen Smitty has approved it so thats reassuring being a Phizer lacky…..I would like to pass a motion that Rodney plonker the knight and his misfits stand first in line for the Vaccine and the whole Conservative government…OH and SH and his mum that hes volunteered for the jab…I don’t think theres anything man made that can alter their DNA.

  6. Keir Starmer personally wrote to David Abraham’s asking whether he would consider donating to the party [the Times Nov 2020]. Starmer received £50,000 from Israeli firsterTrevor Chinn only published after his election as Labour leader he said he would be happy to give more “if Labour committed to “the right policies”[Guardian 2020] Now I wonder what those right policies could be? “Recently published data shows Labour leader Keir Starmer received a £50,000 donation from pro-Israel lobbyist Trevor Chinn – information which was not disclosed until after polls had closed in the leadership election”. [the Canary]
    British Labour Party under police investigation over illegal donations
    4 December 2007
    The police investigation into Labour Party funding, launched after Prime Minister Gordon Brown admitted that donations by property developer David Abrahams were illegally funnelled through middlemen, will not be a re-run of the “Cash-for-Honours” scandal.

  7. A property tycoon who funnelled donations to Tony Blair’s Labour via his builder and secretary has resumed his support for the party, as Sir Keir Starmer seeks to reduce its financial reliance on trade unions.
    David Abrahams, a reclusive millionaire property developer in Newcastle, found himself at the centre of a scandal in 2007 after it was revealed that he had been secretly giving money to Labour via intermediaries. [pay wall]

  8. Surely Starmer should know that accepting money from a known racist like David Abraham’s would let the proverbial hit the fan.The ISlamaphobic tweets by this right wing crook..are only part of the sleezy background that the knight likes to encourage along with ready cash.The contempt that this knight from Surrey for the Labour party and the members is breathtaking.

  9. You all remember how they accuse Corbyn of meeting Hamas and say that he is a terrorist sympoathizer? Well, David Abrahams met them too and through dialogue he wanted to find a solution. Weirdly enough that is no ground to tarnish him, but it is for Jeremy Corbyn. And if they think that it is a leftwing rag that wrote about it, no, it was the jewish Chronicle

  10. As a Palestinian and member of the Labour Party for over 30 years, I find the Labour Party leader Keir Starmer’s slavish devotion to Zionism increasingly baffling…

    Of all dates in the year, Starmer could not have chosen one more calculated to gratuitously insult the Palestinians. His appearance coincided with the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, a major event in the Palestinian calendar, held on 29 November each year since 1977.

    Ghada Karmi

    Starmer’s silence on Palestinian solidarity day speaks volumes.

  11. Much appreciate the information I get from this site.. Finally decided to resign from Starmers labour party, after. all with his replacement I can reapply

  12. The mistake in this motion is the acceptance of an “independent” disciplinary process. For the Party to hand disciplinary procedures to an outside body doesn’t rest on any just principle. Imagine the Tories agreeing to it. Why should Labour be the only Party to allow outsiders to be involved? Crucially, what is in the wind is that this “independent” body will include members from the BoD and perhaps other pro-Israel bodies. Independence? Such a move would be suicide. It would be like the Tories allowing members of the CP to sit on its disciplinary panels. Natural justice dictates that the complaints should be handled internally according to rules decided by the national conference and, of course, subject to the law. The “independent” process is a Trojan horse.

    1. Absolutely agree Frank Dallas. As ever all “offerings” to pacify demons, never ends well. IHRA signing, pledges etc. Look at the Incas and Aztecs. Appeasement NEVER ends well. Hopeful intentions, but one only needs to check the response. Always more more, until there’s nothing left to sacrifice

  13. Eight affiliated Trade Unions have written to Keir Starmer. Here is the full text.

    At a meeting with Keir Starmer (Monday 23rd November) unions expressed concerns at the situation regarding Jeremy Corbyn and called for the Labour whip to be restored to him.
    In the face of millions losing their jobs and a disgraceful imposition by the government of a public sector pay freeze, we have been distracted by internal wrangling, which is causing deep division in our party and will not be understood or forgiven by the British public.
    We urge all parties to resolve this matter quickly.

    Dave Ward – CWU, Matt Wrack – FBU, Mick Whelan – ASLEF, Manuel Cortes – TSSA, Ian Hodson – BFAWU, Sarah Woolley – BFAWU, Chris Kitchen – NUM, Roy Rickhuss – Community, Len McCluskey – Unite

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