Corbyn’s CLP’s open letter to Starmer calls out his campaign betrayals and challenges him to change course

Islington North Exec’s damning letter

The executive officers of Islington North constituency party (CLP) – Jeremy Corbyn’s home CLP – have issued an open letter to Keir Starmer about his conduct and the betrayal of his leadership campaign promises that it represents.

They make an appeal to Starmer to change course – tragically for the party and the country, this must surely be considered a forlorn hope, but it demonstrates yet again the good faith of left-wing members so lacking on the right:

An open letter to Keir Starmer from members of the Executive Committee of Islington North Labour Party

25th November 2020

Dear Keir,

During your successful campaign to win the leadership of the Labour Party, you were asked to mark Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership out of ten. You declined to do so and simply replied ‘Jeremy Corbyn is my friend’.

In that same campaign, you issued ten pledges in which you promised to continue and build on the socialist policies and
principles of the Corbyn leadership. And you promised to restore the unity, integrity and authority of the Party.

Now, amid the turmoil afflicting the Party around the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and of constituency officers and members up and down the country, we urge you to make good on those promises, promises that won you the leadership by a large margin.

The Corbyn project, of which you yourself were a prominent member, was always going to meet fierce resistance from the
vested interests it challenged and hostile media working in support of (and often owned by) those vested interests. But we believe the Party might well have faced down those interests in the 2017 election and would not have lost so heavily in
2019 had it not been for sustained and relentless attacks from within the Party itself.

Prominent Labour MPs, several of whom later abandoned the Party for lucrative jobs in the private sector and two of whom
Boris Johnson elevated to the House of Lords, played a leading role in those attacks. It is therefore distressing to see some Labour MPs continuing, under the new leadership, to drag the reputation of the Party through the mud and we now fear a repeat of the self-destructive behaviour that has cost the Party so dear in recent years.

We therefore call on you to make good on the promises that won you the leadership and to prove to the membership that they made the right choice.

We are proud of the achievements of the Corbyn leadership and of the policies and values it inspired. We worked incredibly hard to make that vision a reality and were hugely disappointed by last year’s election defeat.

Over 34,000 voters in Islington North placed their trust in Jeremy Corbyn as their Labour MP at that election, the sort of people whose interests the Labour Party was founded to fight for.

We now urge you, as Leader, along with the General Secretary, to bring together shadow cabinet members, Labour MPs, Party employees, the trade unions and the entire membership to build on the gains and to learn from the mistakes of the last five years.

We urge you to lead the Party in a way that will allow it to devote its entire energies and resources to attacking and defeating this corrupt and incompetent Tory administration and to render it fit for the task of winning power and providing the capable and forward looking government the country is crying out for.

Signed by 27 members of the Islington North EC

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  1. I guess it must have just slipped their minds to urge Keir Starmer to reinstate the Labour whip to Jeremy.

    1. You imply that “it must have just slipped their minds” but the 27 were generously saving Starmer’s embarrassment by phrasing their open letter as encouragement to do the right thing, instead of spelling out his pathetic pretensions to ‘leadership’ in public.
      I have no such desire to save your embarrassment, you useless, transparent fucking cretin.

      1. David – Thanks for taking the time out to explain this to me but I was already all too well aware that it is a very carefully crafted letter. You’ll just have to hope that Keir interprets the letter in the same way as yourself.

      2. Or else he’ll do fucking what, dummy? Double down on the Fascist dictator act?
        You should tell him that’s what the real members want – he’ll believe whatever suits his own agenda – you might even get promoted to under-troll.
        By the way, how Keir interprets the letter won’t be the criterion that counts in the end – what he does about it will be what counts in court.
        Taken together everything he does contributes to a pattern – evidence, see? Maybe you know a lawyer who could explain the concept to you?

    2. And can you explain why your hero, who did everything he could to remain, has just voted through a Tory brexit?

      1. lundiel – That’s interesting.
        Do you have a link for that?

      2. I think Squawk box needs to look at the paid troll davidh because his deliberate use of two made up names on the same report underlines the arrogance and contempt thisi man has for the posters,but also any left wing site including Squawkbox….I think hes playing games but with who I do not know but beware expelling him it could be what he wants and maybe a trap for steve walker and Squawkbox.

      3. Joseph – You are more than welcome to address any of the points that I have made instead of begging to hide behind SB’s skirts.

      4. “Rachel Reeves (who, as Michael Gove’s opposite number as shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, takes responsibility for the Brexit and outsourcing briefs) led a discussion about all three options at last night’s PLP. She emphasised that she and the Labour leader intend to look at any deal in detail before reaching a conclusion, and sources emphasise that a decision hasn’t been made, but the bottom line of the discussion is that “at the moment, the inclination across the board, led by Keir, is leaning towards voting for a deal, rather than abstaining”, per a Labour source.”

      5. lundiel – At last we can agree on something. Just like when Corbyn voted for A50 instead of abstaining it will come back to bite us. This is a Tory deal and we should insist that they ‘proudly’ own it.

  2. I think it is a brilliant letter. And in response to Steve H. I suppose/assume/would hope/think, that reinstating the whip might be a logical thing to happen anyway.

  3. Genuine question to Steve Walker. Have you ever consisted explaining what your comment moderation duration is meant to be? (Asking for a friend %/)

  4. Great letter, but Starmer will just completely ignore it of course, as will the MSM. In the letter it says the following:

    We therefore call on you to make good on the promises that won you the leadership and to prove to the membership that they made the right choice.

    Only problem is they were FAKE promises, made for the obvious reason, and the very fact that Starmer had the MSM endorsing him was a dead giveaway, but then there were also full-time paid shills all over social media and on left-wing blogs such as skwawkbox reiterating the falsehoods and supporting him for leader (during the leadership contest) and duping and deceiving members.

    1. Allan – Even Jeremy’s own CLP (the authors of the above letter) were ‘duped’ into nominating Keir for the leadership.

      1. Still pa-trolling then! Yes, and no doubt many of them have long since realised they were duped!

      2. Allan – 🥱
        Oh If only they had all been as wise as you think you are. I wonder if Jeremy’s CLP members consulted him before they deciding to nominate Keir. The whole situation does present some intriguing dynamics.

      3. Ok gobshite, seeing as you refuse to tell us what stammers opposed since shithousing his way to the leadership, or telling us the difference between stammer ism and conservatism, how about you name one of his ‘oromisrs’ stammer hasn’t broken.

        I’ll repeat that.

        Name ONE promise stammer HASN’T broken?

        And kindly stick to the question rather than go off on an entirely irrelevant tangent.

      4. Promises**

        (I hate this tiny phone keyboard as much as I despise stammer ffs)

      5. I am still waiting to hear what Starmer has done about antisemitism in the Labour Party that Jeremy Corbyn had not done. A simple question but one that apparently has one answer – nothing. So why aren’t the BOD attacking Starmer?

    2. Anyway, I just came across the following article a short while ago, and it is definitely a must read, and can I also urge readers to share it as far and wide as possible:

      ‘Revealing the real names of undercover spycops who ruined lives is the only way they can be held to account’

      By the autumn of that year, things had got more serious, at Soracchi’s instigation – he told Lindsey he loved her, and surprised her with a holiday to Venice in December. She let her guard down significantly and threw herself into the relationship, introducing him to her family and politically active friends in Liverpool.

      Like so many other spycops, Soracchi consciously endeavoured to spin false narratives of his own vulnerability and victimhood in order to deepen their deceptive bond. As with Donna, he mentioned he had a son from a previous relationship, although to Lindsey he claimed they were estranged, and he was agonising over whether to re-establish contact. He enlisted her help in making that decision, swearing her to secrecy.

      Deception is second nature to psychopaths and an endless source of amusement to them (AND their psychopthic buddies and colleagues), and they don’t give a toss about the mental and emotional damage they do to their innocent victims, AND totally shattering their abilty to trust people again, something that is inherently at the core of our being.

      1. Allan – I think we can probably all agree that these covert operations weren’t justified.
        Surely the route problem here was the lack of any legislation to govern the authorisation and supervision of undercover investigations.

      2. Steve, would you kindly fuck off and stop stalking me you fascist arsehole. And I say it without anger, just total contempt for paid fascist shills like yourself, the very people I was referring to in my initial post above that were doing everything they could to help dupe members into believing that Starmer was a good guy.

      3. Allan – Instead of hiding behind these rather childish accusations you could address the point I made.
        “I think we can probably all agree that these covert operations weren’t justified.
        Surely the root problem here was the lack of any legislation to govern the authorisation and supervision of undercover investigations.

    3. , but then there were also full-time paid shills all over social media and on left-wing blogs such as skwawkbox reiterating the falsehoods and supporting him for leader

      Except everybody howled with derisive laughter at our resident twat’s plea that he was only going to vote stammer because he claimed stammer was: ‘best of a bad bunch’ (And at the time, even claimed he might NOT vote for stammer….how we laughed!!)

      The soft shite still expects us to accept that, even though he creams himself over the greasy bastard’s each and every sell out and lauds him as doing better than Corbyn did, despite both claiming to have been a Corbyn supporter and refusing to:

      A/ Mention a single ‘rag policy stammer’s opposed.

      B/ Mention a single difference between stammerism and conservatism, and

      C/ Will change the subject when asked about either, PLUS when asked to nominate and explain a single one of the ten so-called promises stammer made in order to hoodwink people into voting for the repulsive slimeball.

      Oh, and D/ Invariably takes cover under his rock when threads explain stammers latest bout of shithousery because wee steven has no defence of his master; then reappears when he thinks the storm has passed.

      Hard to tell just who’s the bigger shithouse, really.

      1. Tpffee – Could you attempt to be little more succinct and a little less repetitive.

      2. ‘best of a bad bunch’

        Glad you mentioned that, Toffee, because I distinctly remember that was the exact response I got when I questioned him month’s ago over his choice in the leadership contest.

        It was in the context of all the candidates acquiescing to the BoD/JLM demands, which prompted me to leave the party as I could not support anyone with ties to external (let alone conservative) organisations that also have links to a foreign government.

        How someone can go from that position to one of putting them on a pedestal is totally beyond me.

        I did try to find the article recently but it was taking far too long to wade through all the comments, so I gave up.

      3. PW – The solution to your problem lies in your own hands, teach yourself how to use Google more effectively.

      4. I distinctly remember that was the exact response I got when I questioned him month’s ago over his choice in the leadership contest.

        It’s one of his (Very limited) default responses, PW; that’s to the questions he does have the bollocks to answer…

        …Or rather it’s because someone’s scripted the answer for him, because if you ask him any of the ones I always ask him. he’s completely fucked and will either run away, or go off on an irrelevant tangent.

        And when fronted with his own words he pathetically denies all use of them, and risibly tries to claim you put those words in his mouth – even though it’s in black & white a post or two above.

        He really is that lamentably (Bordering on criminally) gormless.

      5. Toffee – I’ve told you on a number of occasions that you can find much of the information you seek by looking at the exchanges during PMQs.
        I don’t recall denying my own words in the manner you describe, could you provide the links to some examples that support your ‘assertions’ 😏

      6. Forget my lack of Google expertise (which isn’t a ‘problem’ as far as I’m concerned), are you denying that was your response?

      7. PW – Of course I don’t deny it, I’m quite happy to repeat that Starmer wasn’t my ideal candidate but I still believe he remains the best of what was on offer and is doing a far better job than either of the other 2 could have done.

      8. Yes he denies it PW. His refusal to answer promptly (While desperately trying to think of an excuse that will be plausible to him but nobody else) is an admission of guilt.

        No doubt his excuse now will be that I’ve given an answer as his denial – so it’s not really his denial, but one that I’ve attributed to him….Yet ask him to give his own denial or confirmation and he won’t.

        He’ll keep referring to what I’ve said because he’s got fuck-all because he deludes himself that he’s a politician.

        This is exactly how the gobshite operates. Post after post. Thread after thread, day after day… It NEVER changes.

      9. SteveH26/11/2020 AT 2:51 PM
        Toffee – Did you miss my response above

        You mean the one written at 2:32 – four minutes AFTER I wrote my piece at 2:28 that you had plenty of time to read AND type your short response ??

        Not the first time you’ve failed with THAT trick, too, is it soft Ollie’s?


        Tell you what, why don’t you have YET ANOTHER go, bellend…And let’s see you flip then as well.

        Told you before – you’re not even close to being a challenge. You’re just a shite joke. Do go away.

      10. Toffee – But I didn’t, and what would it matter if I had. You are mistaking me for someone who thinks your opinion counts for anything.

  5. “I may fundamentally disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”…….I think Voltaire or Abraham Lincoln said that. “I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours”, Bob Dylan said that.

    If we are going to swap hatred & insults rather than differing opinions, can we do it with a sense of humour? I am an old hippie who is easily upset by such aggression. “Come on people, smile on your Sister & Brother, everybody get together try to love one another”……or else!

  6. How can Rayner et al say it is not about numbers, of course it is about numbers, the poll about what the general public’s perception of Labours anti-Semitism problem [according to the academic book ‘Bad news for Labour’] was 34%. Whereas the number of members actually expelled from the Labour party in 2018 was 10, the number of Labour party members expelled in 2019 was 45.
    The total membership around this time was approx 550,000. this works out at 0.01% of the total membership, is .01% an exaggeration.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn said the accusations were exaggerated and Angela Rayner agreed with him and told BBC’s Newsnight she agreed with him… “I believe that the statement around the small numbers and to suggest that it is a small number in the Labour party WHILST THAT MAY BE TRUE is completely unacceptable to not understand the hurt and the distr END. Telling the truth in the Labour party is now an expellable offence.
    Now Starmer is telling everyone denialism or minimizing the numbers should be nowhere near the Labour party. I think this autocrat should be nowhere near the Labour party.

    1. Nobody needs to deny or minimise the number of members found by the party to have said or done something anti-Semitic using the IHRA definition of antisemitism which we adopted in full.
      It was was 0.01% of members – one in every thousand – taken over a two year period.
      This is an extremely small percentage and we can say with confidence that 99.99 % of our members are not anti-Semites as defined by the IHRA. Given that we are not anti-Semites it is ludicrous to suggest that 60% of us would elect an anti-Semitic leader – Jeremy Corbyn – twice.
      Like the other 99.99% of us Jeremy is not an anti-Semite. I would go so far as to say he hasn’t an anti-semitic bone in his body.The abuse and false allegations he has had to contend in respect of this would have broken a lesser man.
      Jeremy is respected and admired by many Jewish people – Charedi Jews ( who make up a quarter of British Jews) and Socialist Jews such as JVL . Unfortunately the views of these people are completely ignored and some have even been called anti-Semites themselves in a disgusting display of narrow mindedness and bigotry against them.
      All Jewish voices count even those supportive of Jeremy Corbyn. The Board of Deputies do not represent 60% of British Jews yet theirs appears to be the only view that matters.

  8. Off topic but was this just a ‘moment’?

    Rashan Charles: ‘accidental death’ of a young Black Londoner:

    1. Police violence towards predominantly young, male,inner city, working class kids has continued for generations. From Glasgow to Belfast; Liverpool to Bristol, young men are targeted. There is no love for ‘the p…’ in any working class area. & for good reason. I have lost count of the number of times in my life that I was seriously assaulted by the Police. My skin is not black, but I exhibited other signals some Police Officers dislike; I rode a motorcyle; my hair is too long; I lived in inner city areas; I marched in protests, especially during the miner’s strike, but I was ‘badly’ beaten up in custody, eventually being thrown out onto St.Anne’s Street, to stagger into Liverpool Royal Hospital to have numerous stitches for a head wound.

      This incident with Rashid is yet another example of the contempt shown by some Police Officers towards the public. The Police are a Service, not a Force, but the tragedy is that they are protected by a judicial system that is not independent. Ever tried complaining?

      1. Steve, I know exactly where you’re coming from. A mod/skinhead back in the day, long before they became associated with fascists, I’ve had my share of run-ins with the police because of who we were but fortunately not been assaulted by any of them.

        However, many of my friends have. One in particular was assaulted by the local copper without any provocation whatsoever, and who he could have beaten quite easily but chose restraint as he’d done nothing wrong.

        He was arrested and taken to the local nick where several officers beat him with towels wrapped around their hands. Once again, even though he reckoned he could have took the lot of them — which anybody who knows him ever doubted — he again restrained himself and took the beating. He was then charged with assaulting the local officer!

        When it went to court, even though there were no witnesses to corroborate his defence (two so-called mates, who did witness it, declined to appear), it still became obvious to the judge that something wasn’t quite right. Even the copper’s CO could see it once the trial was underway, several times glaring at the officer concerned, who went red in the face.

        But ‘justice’ had to be seen to be done and he was fined £25!! £25 for assaulting a copper!? Since when was that the usual sentence for such a charge, even back then? It certainly wasn’t justice, it was a stitch up, no more no less.

        The problem is that no matter how much we might not like them, without police it would just be a free for all. Moreover, as with all groups of people, there’s good and bad among them — I just wouldn’t trust one to ever be off duty.

      2. Thank yer lucky ones it wasn’t Copperas Hill plod shop, Steve. Very many copped a vicious hiding to within an inch of their lives, there.

        It had that bad a reputation and I once heard that even people reporting crimes were given a kicking for being a snitch and making the fat lazy bastards actually do a bit of work!!

        White people rioting in South Liverpool in ’81 weren’t necessarily doing so out of solidarity with the black population, but because they too were sick of the unjust treatment by the ‘bizzies’

  9. Not often I see any sense at all in that constant tiresome paid Troll, Steve H’s, sneering comments – but on his opening one on this item, it is indeed surely most peculiar that in its long letter , Jeremy’s CLP doesn’t demand the restoration of the Parliamentary Labour whip to Jeremy ! Without that key demand, surely the letter is pure , hand-wringing, posturing, waffle . As ALL of the toothless whining grumbling and expressions of unhappiness have been from the supposed ‘Left’ in the PLP too. Old Comrades , McDonnell and Abbott in particular (and of course , outside the PLP, that back-stabbing double-dealer, Lansman) have been an utter disgrace. The snivelling ‘line’ of most of the. misnamed, Socialist Campaign Group has been that the loss of the whip was Jeremy’s fault – for being ‘bolshie, and daring to accurately state that the extent of the anti-Semitism problem in Labour was bigged-up for factional purposes by the Right.

    Not often that I would recommend something from that old Trot , ex SWP split, outfit, Counterfire, but this one – on the utter cynicism of Starmer and co’s former, now abandoned without a backward glance, knowingly electorally suicidal, ‘Remain and 2nd Referendum’ position on Brexit – and how most of the woke middle class Labour Party Left fell for it completely – is well worth a read .

  10. The nice letter will achieve nothing. Your court case better what would be best is the letter informing Starmer you resign from his cult. That from x date you and all the other socialist MP’s will be setting up a true socialist Labour party as your not needed in Labour and watch the New Labour 2.0 clones panic and beg you to come back…

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