Tory Bradley deletes Czech defamation as Corbyn instructs lawyers

Tory MP Ben Bradley has been no stranger to controversy, having caused a furore with comments about unemployed people that were described by critics as akin to eugenics, as well as making comments about ‘splatting chavs’.

This morning, when challenged about ‘congratulat[ing] a homophobe’ he responding withi this tweet about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

bbrad libel.png

Not even the S*n and Mail, who have run ‘laughable’ stories about Corbyn’s contact in the House of Commons with a Czechoslovakian diplomat, tried to stretch their nonsense that far.

This afternoon, the SKWAWKBOX sent Mr Bradley a press enquiry:

bradley enq.png

The Radio 4 piece mentioned in our enquiry had explained at length that the codings allocated to Czech files on Jeremy Corbyn showed beyond doubt that he had not been any kind of source to Czechoslovakian intelligence – rather, they made clear that, while the Czech intelligence services were interested in him, he had never given them any reason to think he would co-operate with them:

bbc czech2.png

Mr Bradley did not respond by the time of publication.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has instructed lawyers to write to Bradley about his tweet, which now, coincidentally or other wise, appears to have been deleted.

Tory front-bencher James Cleverly has been quick to defend Mr Bradley in the past, speaking to BBC Radio 4 after Bradley’s ‘eugenics’ comments. He also defended Bradley today when the MP was criticised for tweeting congratulations to a Tory activist who allegedly used homophobic language:

oj bb.png

cleverly oj bb.png

Interestingly, Cleverly’s tweet also appears to have been deleted. Are the Tories beginning to see Bradley as toxic?


Tories often behave as if they’re immune to the consequences of their actions. Mr Bradley’s deletion of his tweet may suggest he realises he has gone too far and has left himself open to legal action.

It’s a disgrace that Tories – including Cabinet-level front-benchers – have felt free to propagate a smear that was ridiculous from the moment it was published, in spite of the obvious risks of inciting violence by the hard right as evidenced by the tragic death of Jo Cox and the recent revelation that the man who attacked Muslims at Finsbury Park mosque also planned to target Corbyn.

Shame on all who have joined in.

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  1. I have today asked a Bradley supporter whether there are any sane Tories left in this country?

  2. It is important for the sake of our democracy and decency in public life that an example is made of the libellous liar, Ben Bradley.

    Sue him for every penny.

    Squeeze him until the pips squeak, Mr Corbyn.

    1. Unfortunately I think that his “mates”in the Tory party will probably bail him out in any case.
      Best hope is that his constituents realise the momentous error they made in electing him and start asking the awkward questions as to how he has soooooo much spare time to indulge in this behaviour rather than getting on helping them .
      Tories at their best , well done Ben thanks for all the ammo we need .
      I wonder what state his local NHS hospital is in , what was the A&E wait times there . How’s the number of homeless people in his constituency doing , how many in work but waiting on the housing list in pvte rentier rooms , local academies failing ,,,,, all of no importance plenty of time to xxxk about and to hell with the constituents.

  3. Why do people like him do and say these stupid things. He must know he’ll be challenged so why say things you’ll have to apologise for. Apart from that it is libellous and I certainly hop JC sues him. He belongs with the far right mobs who dirty our streets

  4. I’m glad this time Jeremy has risen to the bait, the Tories have had it way to easy lining up lie after lie against Jeremy pretty safe in the knowledge he wouldn’t get into a slanging match, now is perfect timing to go after one of the latest miserable offerings Mayhem has inflicted on us

  5. Interesting related article over on the Canary right now re right wing press attacks on Corbyn . There appears to be an orchestrated timed tsunami of attacks right now , I wonder just what the Tories are trying to bury hide or distract from ( besides the cluster xxxk called Brexit amongst a 1000 others ) . I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for this Govt and the speeding flaming ball of a train wreck is about to hit the buffers .
    Attack , best form of defence and the dogs of the gutter press are off the leash well and truly .It feels like there is something coming soon and they are softening up their enemy with carpet bombing fake news and bullshit lies.

    1. I wondered if they are scaring the faithful from voting Labour in the May local elections?

      1. yep you are probably right , I was getting carried away hoping for something bigger like a GE .Still one can dream

    2. The Tories expect very bad local election results, and that T May will be sacked, replaced, and her successor will call an election in Autumn to get that “electoral mandate” they need to finish off a hard Brexit. So they are getting their shots in now, and it will get worse. One can only hope that it has the same effect as last year, when the smearing hyperbole was so obvious it became counter productive.

  6. The Tories are becoming terrified at the thought of losing control of the sheeple as their #Brexitshambles unfolds.

    The notion of a Corbyn government having enough MPs to push through real left-wing policies for the first time since Thatcher is driving them to extremes of disinformation and lying.

    They really are unfit for office. Venal scoundrels, the lot of them.

  7. just heard this clip over on Novaramedia twitter
    ” Ben Bradley openly admits the government is ‘having to make it up as they go along’ on BBC Radio last ni… 39 minutes ago”
    Ben Bradley the gift that just keeps on giving ,,,,, priceless ,,, wonderful !

  8. Bradley and Cleverly, fit well in, with the Tories, they are the epitome of the Tory far-right, along with the lies, spoken openly!
    Load em up, they fire em!
    Their masters, won’t blink an eye, when they’re sailing down the “Swanny”!
    Without a paddle!
    I for one, look forward to their demise!

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